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FanFic Title: Realm Eternal
Chapter 21: What are you? Know Thyself
Author: NBosega
Date Published: December 19th, 2015

- - -

- - -

Arc 2: The Power of Knowledge

- - -

『』= Info
《》= Attribute
『』= Skill
【】= Sub-Skill
〘〙= Status, Combat Arts & Magical Spells
〚〛= Internal Thoughts
「」= Other

- - -

Chapter 21: What are you? Know Thyself

- - -

Part 1

- - -

Elrick had used Runic piercing arrows with a Steel shaft that have a hole in the centre that allows Steel threads to be attached and when they pierce a target pulling the threads turns the arrow into a type of crude hook since the hole along the shaft’s centre blocks the piercing the arrow made upon impact. In most instances the Runic Piercing Arrows are seriously damaged but often they can be repaired with the use of the 『Repair Magic』 Skill, and even if the current Elrick could not repair the arrows he would be able to do so in the future.

《Durability = 2000》 is about the limit for the Runic Piercing Arrows in Elrick’s possession and to be able to damage something with higher Durability the armour would first have to be damaged with explosives or other means to lower the Durability in certain areas in order to allow the Runic Piercing Arrows to push through. Fortunately for Elrick the Fungal Spore-Seed of the Crystal Plant had degraded the durability of the Army Ant Armour making it easy to pierce.

Once Elrick pulled the ants the over 750m distance to his current position all he had to do is come into contact with the now dead ants and he would be able to put them into his inventory magic chest. Elrick was of-course apprehensive about the Fungal Spore-Seed of the Crystal Plant, and before he came into contact with the dead ants he made sure to put on work gloves and place antifungal, antibacterial and healing ointments and potions nearby for easy access.

Upon recovering the 4 ants he withdrew deeper into the mountain to a cavern he had specifically prepared for animal processing. Elrick’s 『Survival』 Skill has the Sub-Skills 【Survival Techniques】, 【Monster Knowledge】, 【Plant Knowledge】, 【Soil Knowledge】, 【Water Knowledge】, 【Wilderness Knowledge】, 【Mountainous Knowledge】, 【Processing Knowledge】 and 【Dismantling】 already purchased and installed.

The task before Elrick would be near impossible without the 『Survival』 Skill. In fact the Phoenix website skill selection page rates the 『Survival』 Skill as the most important; rated even higher than the 『Magic』 Skill. 【Survival Techniques】 for example allows crude or improvised combat and associated 〘Combat Arts〙. The Recommendation from both Phoenix and the Adventurer’s Guild is that every party has a 『Survival』 Skill specialist.

Elrick begins thought casting.

Elrick : " 『Elf Eyes』. 『Blade』.『Survival』; 【Survival Techniques】, 【Monster Knowledge】, 【Plant Knowledge】, 【Processing Knowledge】 and 【Dismantling】."

Elrick opens the inventory magic chest.

Covered in protective equipment that looks like a Hazmet Suit but is actually a Hazardous Conditions mining suit Elrick looks over the dead ants. The feedback of the 【Monster Knowledge】,【Processing Knowledge】 and 【Dismantling】Sub-Skills shows the joints and paths the blade must travel to dismember the ants. The feedback from the 【Plant Knowledge】Sub-Skill clearly indicates all the areas where the Fungal Spore-Seed of the Crystal Plant is present and marks it red as a warning.

Elrick knew that processing animal carcases would be a lot easier with magic; a 【Dismantling】Spell of 【Psionic Magic】could process the 4 ants in minutes. Phoenix rates 【Psionic Magic】as the most versatile and consequently the most powerful. 【Psionic Magic】along with 【Enchantments Magic】, 【Plant Magic】, 【Alchemy Magic】 and 【Rune Magic】 belong to the Integrated Magic Class. By its very nature Integrated Magic includes effects on elements other than the designated Element; making it versatile in its applications.

But Elrick had no access to Elemental Magic, however it didn’t mean that he had no access to magic at all; he had access to innate Corporeal Magic, and not being able to use Elemental Magic had led him to stumble upon the uses of the Arcane forms of 『Mana Shaping』. Elrick had learned from one of the few books he had managed to find the time to read that before the prevalence of structured Elemental Magic unstructured Corporeal Magic and Arcane Magic were the magical norm, but once the pre-structuring of Elemental Magic became readily available magic favoured the more Mana efficient structured Elemental Magic and structured Corporeal Magic.

It is therefore unsurprising that there were attempts at structuring Arcane Magic which resulted in the current 『Mana Shaping』 Skill. However depending on planetary environmental conditions Magic spells lose efficacy in relation to the caster’s distance from the target. On Ado and Chaos island the maximum efficacy distance is 1.7m, and the efficacy drops by 5% for every 1.7m after that; a spell fired at a target 17m away will be 59.874% of original power. Structured Arcane Magic spells loose efficacy ten times faster than Elemental Magic and that is why Pure Structured or Shaped Mana became known as Arcane Magic; it became redundant.

Nonetheless within 1.7m 『Mana Shaping』 Sub-Skills could still be helpful to Elrick. Since growing his 『Mana Shaping』 Skill was one of his major goals for his time on Chaos Island Elrick had bought the 『Mana Shaping』 Sub-Skills 【Elemental Spell Focus】, 【Corporeal Spell Focus】, 【Crafting Spell Focus】 and 【Skill Spell Focus】. With every 〘Magic Spell〙 purchased a 『Mana Shaping』 〘Magic Spell〙 is included in the designated 『Mana Shaping』 Sub-Skills.

Elrick had bought a number of spells for Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Ice Magic to practice the 【Elemental Spell Focus】 Sub-Skill in the hope that when he finally acquired an Elemental Symbiote the 【Elemental Spell Focus】 EXP gained for that particular 『Mana Shaping』 〘Magic Spell〙 would reduce the probability of casting failure and shorten the cast time. But Elrick knew full well that such an advantage is meaningless in combat since a MageStaff, Wand, SpellSword, Spell-Rod and others include Elemental, Corporeal or both Spell Focus Runes that allow fast, parallel and multi-spell casting.

Some items go as far as to allow the process to go from Mana to spell-output; removing the need to learn and practice magic as in the case of Mana-Guns, Mana-Rifles and Mana-Cannons. Nevertheless Elrick planned to use the 『Mana Shaping』 〘Magic Spell〙 of the Spell 〘Earth Hand〙 to help him hold down the ants while applying 【Dismantling】. Having been marked by the earth element he could affect Earth enough for it to be useful. Elrick had poured and packed sand into a pair of work gloves.

Tense and unable to relax Elrick continued to work.

Elrick : " 【Elemental Spell Focus: 〘Earth Hand〙, 〘Earth Hand〙】"

A semi-translucent hand made of Mana began to form.

Once the 【Elemental Spell Focus: 〘Earth Hand〙】 was fully activated and the 2 semi-translucent Mana-Hands before him were put into the pair of work gloves that had been packed with sand; moving around the fingers to familiarize himself with the sensory feedback. To Elrick the additional 2 hands felt like the hair on his head had suddenly become limbs; his hair had become hands. Getting used to moving around these new additional limbs was no easy feat and Elrick eventually managed to move them around enough to hold down the ant he was about to butcher.

As Elrick continued to cut through the ants under the direction of the 【Dismantling】 Sub-Skill he made sure to collect samples of the Fungal Spore-Seed of the Crystal Plant. Elrick used heat from a handheld Mana-Powered torch to clean the parts of the Ants infected with the Fungal Spore-Seed of the Crystal Plant because he planed to use even the outer protective armoured exoskeletal shell of the army ants; they could be fashioned into items and used in place of sheets of metal.

By the time the 【Dismantling】 was over Elrick had collected enough Fungal Spore-Seed of the Crystal Plant to serve as a poison of sorts. Elrick began to examine the Fungal Spore-Seed under magnification.

Elrick grinned from ear to ear as an idea popped into his head.

Elrick : " HeHeHeHe! This Fungal Spore-Seed of the Crystal Plant is actually a weapon. I can use this!"

In his excitement at his prospects Elrick made a careless mistake.

When taking off his protective equipment some of the material sprayed outside the cavern; leaving stains at the most inopportune areas. Elrick thought he had been careful but he was no biologist or someone trained in the proper handling of hazardous materials, and so he made potentially disastrous mistakes despite possessing intellectual knowledge on how to behave under this dangerous circumstance. And so he carried on oblivious of the critical error he had made.

Finished; Elrick decides to leave what he call the processing cavern.

Elrick : " Ehi"

The side of his elbow had come into contact with the edge of the cave.

Elrick : " Aaahhh!"

Suddenly Elrick is accosted by searing pain.

Elrick : " Shit, dammit, fuck! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!"

Elrick now realized the terrible danger he is in; he instinctively pulled out a knife.

Elrick : " Moootheerrffuuckeerrr! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!"

Without hesitation he cut off the flesh from around the side of his left elbow; taking off large chunks of flesh.

Elrick : " Ooooohhh!"

Elrick then proceeded to apply topical ointments including antifungal medication on the self inflicted wound.

Elrick : " Fuck! That was close; I could have died."

Having regained some composure Elrick decided to logout of Realm Eternal allowing the body sufficient time to heal from the wounds. Elrick decided that it was as good a time as any to logout of even Atlantis to eat and exercise.

- - -

After the 5 hour break and a visit to local Starlight Spark VR-Café Elrick returned to Realm Eternal resolved to be more careful with anything he finds on Chaos Island. Elrick was relieved that one of the benefits of a magical environment is that a few hours is more than enough for the body to make a full recovery; in fact according to the notices healing was completed 40 minutes after injury, and as expected there was no permanent damage or injury. The only thing capable of leaving longer lasting damage is magic but even that isn’t permanent.

As Elrick looked over his hand he understood that the Fungal Spores are extremely dangerous.

Elrick : " Conservatively speaking; the Army Ants each yield about a week’s worth of food. The 4 I got can give me 4 weeks, and that means 4 more should be enough to cover my short fall. The big question is do I wait passively for an opportunity to harvest or do I actively create a harvest; use the Fungal Spore-Seed of the Crystal Plant on the nest to trigger an ant calamity? I suppose it’s an opportunity to test the offensive potential of the Fungal Spore-Seed of the Crystal Plant. A potency test!"

Elrick then proceeded to apply the Fungal Spore-Seed of the Crystal Plant on the stockpile of 5000 standard Arrows in his possession.

Elrick : " Well then; Fuck you Army Ants who can kill me with a single swipe!"

He readied the level 2 Longbow.

Elrick : " 『Elf Eyes』. 「Targeting」on, 「Arrow Guide」on. Bow Art; 〘Precision〙. Bow Art; 〘Rapid Fire〙. Bow Art; 〘Long Range〙. Longbow Art; 〘Artillery〙. Longbow Art; 〘Multi-Shot〙"

Elrick began firing the Arrows tainted with the Fungal Spore-Seed of the Crystal Plant at the Anthill until his Mana was exhausted. The 5000 Mana Crystals on the Longbow had to be replaced several times before the stockpile of 5000 standard Arrows was depleted.

Elrick had been aiming at the visible entrances to the Ant Colony, and using observation Runic Arrows he was able to make a reasonable map of all the entrances to the Ant Colony. The 「Targeting」and the 「Arrow Guide」system of the Customized Level 2 Longbow allowed Elrick near perfect targeting though only 27% of the Arrows actually made it into the entrances as intended despite the 「Arrow Guide」system.

Elrick concluded that his skill with the bow was the deciding factor that led to the low 27% hit rate despite the Arts and built in Longbow systems. Elrick understood that the entrances and exits are relatively large stationary targets that are easy to hit, and that had it been a live target his poultry archery skills would hit nothing but air. His eyes however never left the ant-mount as he looked for signs of progress.

Elrick had noted earlier that his lack of skill with the bow might have been a stroke of luck as the worker ants stepped onto the arrows as they hurriedly ran into the ant mount in response to the hail of arrows Elrick was delivering. The ants clearly knew that they under some form of attack since the worker ants ran into the mount and the 10% larger soldier came running out of the ant-mount.

Elrick began to ponder about the habits of the Army Ants.

Elrick : " They’re called Army Ants but I can identify at least 2 types; the worker and the soldier. So the name Army Ants is a fraud; they just look like Army Ants. There must surely be a breeder or queen type and possibly even a queen attendant or pupa caring type."

Elrick continued to look at the ant-mount.

Elrick : " Hmmmm; so the effect of the Fungal Spore-Seed of the Crystal Plant isn’t immediate on the ants. Could it be that their higher durability delays the effect? Long enough for the infected ant to take Fungal Spore-Seed to the ant colony? And what do the ants eat anyway?"

Elrick looked around with his binoculars until he came upon a few seemingly unnatural structures.

Elrick : " Now what’s that? It sort of looks like a termite mount but it’s got to be at least 200m high. Wait if the ants on Chaos Island are 50 times those in the Real world then termites may also be 50 times larger. Then a 3m termite mount in the real world could become a 200m tall structure. Is that what the ants eat? But army ants aren’t particularly selective in terms of prey; it could be just one of the things on the menu. One thing is for sure; that Squid-Slime is definitely not on the ant menu."

The gears in Elrick’s mind started spinning.

Elrick : " I don’t get it! Why did that king think that a weakling like me could build a country in a world filled with such monstrosities? I mean according to Arwick’s memories the people who had the power to strike-out in the past and tame the land to build towns and cities had legendary talents. The kings of old either had a natural ability to inspire and lead or wielded such power that the world around them bent to their will; often they had both."

Elrick shook his head.

Elrick : " I’m nothing like the standard Alpha male; not like Mithriliar or Bowden. Heck Lorelei is more of an alpha than me. I don’t possess the natural inclination to compete; I’m primarily passive. Then why does Lord Elron think I’m that capable? I mean I’m more like a matriarch than a king. Wait; why did I compare myself to a Matriarch? It should be Patriarch right? Yes; I’m a Patriarch type."

Elrick struggles to reassure himself about his masculinity; puffing up his chest.

Elrick : " Could it be that Elves of Light are traditionally led by Matriarchs and Patriarchs? There should be plenty of Alphas and Betas out there but a Matriarch or Patriarch would be rare right? Almost as rare as the Elves of Light"

Elrick face-palms.

Elrick : " How could I have missed it? The 『High Elf of Light』 is the support type of the Elven race; supports aren’t supposed to be competitive, and they’re naturally collaborative. That’s why their leader would be a Matriarch or Patriarch!"

Elrick lets out a heavy sigh.

Elrick : " So the king of the Elves of Light is an All-Father type; he’s not a ruler but one who provides Shelter, Guidance and Protection. So one look at the core of my Soul and Lord Elron would have naturally concluded that I’m his kindred in the truest sense of the word; a Patriarch. What I thought I wanted to be and what I am are 2 different things. I see; I can’t fight who I truly am. I am a Patriarch, but that doesn’t mean I’m weak, it just means I have different types of strengths; I can be a father of a nation."

Elrick suddenly realized something.

Elrick : " Shelter! Even with the Immortal Legions of Atlantians it would be impossible to conquer lands and forma country at this point because we are at least 25 times weaker than the average Adonite. Then the only option available is to build where none of the locals want to build, and right across the Commonwealth border is the worthless desert land which would be perfect. Fortunately in front of me a method of construction that the locals would never consider rational, and already in my position is the thing that can guarantee the security of the borders; the Fungal Spore-Seed of the Crystal Plant."

Elrick looked over at the collected samples of the Fungal Spore-Seed of the Crystal Plant.

Elrick : " The Fungal Spore-Seed of the Crystal Plant and the Termites are the primary components in my new country building strategy. What now?"

When Elrick’s attention returned to the ants he noticed that something unexpected was happening.

Elrick : " What’s this?"

The ants were in an uproar.

While Elrick was in contemplation about who he is and what his place in society must be the Fungal Spore-Seed of the Crystal Plant had finally taken effect on the ants. Apparently the worker ants had done more than infect themselves with the Spores; by stepping on the contaminated Arrows they had spread the spores to a far wider area than Elrick had predicted. The infection multiplier had further increased due to the soldier ants returning back into the colony.

Moving around in the colony as it wasn’t sleep time spread the Fungal Spore-Seeds as the ants rubbed-up against each other and stepping on the same places inside a confined space. Thanks to the unexpected events the infection spread exponentially at a far faster rate than would have been possible had Elrick been more skilled with the bow. Had Elrick been more skilled with the bow the ants would have immediately recognized the arrows coming into the entrances as an attack and collapsed the affected entrances while escaping through exits further away in the Crystal Forest; hidden by the canopy.

As it was; the large number of ants coming out of the ant mount seemed to all be suffering the effects of the infection by the Fungal Spore-Seed of the Crystal Plant. Many ants were already writhing with jerky motions pitifully trying to soothe the pain emanation from the infected areas of their bodies, but the infection was likely already in the bloodstream, and since they lacked the antifungal potions, creams and ointments they were doomed.

The Fungal Spore-Seed of the Crystal Plant is surprisingly easy to deal with for a Civilized society as even the most basic antifungal medicines would stop the progression of the infection giving time for proper treatment to be used. Elrick however noted with trepidation that a mass infection of the Fungal Spore-Seed of the Crystal Plant could probably destroy a densely populated city of even the most advanced Grandeur Countries. Children in particular would prove the most vulnerable to the infection.

When Elrick noticed winged ants about twice the size of soldier ants come out of the colony and begin to stretch their wings in preparation for flight he knew that things must be terrible inside the colony if the breeder ants were abandoning it. The breeders seemed immune to the Spores and were unaffected by the mass infection ravaging the colony. The over 100 Breeders told Elrick about the probable size of the colony; the information from the Encyclopaedia of monsters suggested the colony would be over 10,000 ants. Elrick instinctively knew that the Breeders were infinitely more dangerous than the worker and soldier ants.

The flapping wings created a buzz around the area.

Elrick : " Best to take a look at their stats"

Firing Runic Analysis arrows at the Breeders.

~ Ding! ~

『Ding! 』

『Army Ant!』

「Class」: Breeder
「SubClass」: Monarch
「Gender」: Female

「Descriptive Stats」:

『HP = 41,209』 - 『MP = 1,285』 - 『Atk = 9,190.116』 - 『Deff = 7,104.511』

「Attribute Stats」:

《Strength = 11,253》 - 《Agility = 1,478》 - 《Dexterity = 288》 - 《Durability = 6443》 - 《Endurance = 8841》 - 《Sensitivity = 0》 - 《Vitality = 7584》 - 《Eyesight = 854》 - 《Charisma = 1231》 - 《Leadership = 1154》 - 《Awareness = 473》 - 《Reputation = 0》 - 《Observation = 400》 - 《Knowledge = 156》 - 《Wisdom = 104》 - 《Intelligence = 28》


『Mana Shaping = 246』

『Magic Skill = 751』

Magic Sub-Skills, Affinity & Proficiency

【Wind Magic EXP = 501 ;「Aff = 4」;「Prof = 4」】

「Status」: Evacuation

Elrick is visibly surprised by the difference between the Breeders and the normal ants.

Elrick : " Shit! I guess I can’t harvest any of the ants until the breeders leave. There has to be thousands already outside; the whole forest is likely already in an uproar. Apex predators will soon come to feast on this boon, and I’ll likely not be able to grab anything once they arrive."


Just as Elrick was lamenting the potential loss of the opportunity of collecting valuable food the Breeders began to take off; leaving the area in a swarm and abandoning the rest of the ants to their fate.

Elrick : " Best get to work before it’s too late."

Elrick fired his entire stockpile of steel wire threaded arrows.

Fortunately for Elrick the Army Ants are themselves Apex predators, and few predators are bold enough to challenge thousands of giant ants. Thus since the 7000 or so ants moving around outside the nest were infected and not dead the rest of the forest was moving around and not coming to feast; at least not yet. Thanks to the properties of Runic Piercers 150 ants were hit and were quickly being pulled 5 at a time up the mountain.

After an hour Elrick had safely collected 472 ants but the size of the carnage had yet to diminish. From the looks of things Elrick’s initial estimates about the size of the colony seemed to be a huge underestimation and the over 25,000 ants moving around indicated that the colony was far larger than he initially thought. Elrick now believed that there was at least another 50,000 ants inside the colony, and he knew that he was no longer able to harvest since his Runic Piercers were largely beyond repair after his reckless reuse.

Elrick noticed something coming in at the edge of his vision.

Elrick : " What the ….?"

- - -

Part 2

- - -

Coming into view was something Elrick hoped to never encounter.

Elrick : " Holly Fuck!"

The deployed ambient Mana powered observation Runic Arrows were returning information that is broken, and Elrick was to put it simply afraid of firing analysis runes.

The thing making Elrick so afraid was a monster measuring over 100m in length with a head over 5m wide. It looked like a crocodilian on the head but the body was that of a snake with 4 proportionally small legs. Trying to place the monster visually was pointless because the thing looks like part crocodile, part snake and part lizard. Without firing analysis runes Elrick wont be able to understand what he’s looking at, but his instinct told him he was looking at a true serpent; a Mid-Boss level monster.

Finally finding resolve.

Elrick : " Let’s find out; even if it’s a Mid-Boss monster."

Elrick fired 2 Analysis Runic Arrows at the massive monster that had now begun to gorge itself on the ants.

~ Ding! ~

『Ding! 』

『???????? Serpent』

「Name」: ????????
「Class」: ????????
「SubClass」: ????????
「Titles」: ????????
「Gender」: ????????
「Clan Affiliation」: ????????
「Clan Faction」: ????????

「Descriptive Stats」:

『HP = ????????』 - 『MP = ????????』 - 『Atk = ????????』 - 『Deff = ????????』

「Attribute Stats」:


Insufficient Data to complete Analysis.

Magic Sub-Skills, Affinity & Proficiency


Insufficient Data to complete Skills Analysis.

「Status」: Eating

「Prey Status」: Infected Army Ant

Elrick : " What the Fuck?"

Elrick was stunned.

Elrick : " It’s broken! The runes aren’t powerful enough to analyse it, and the encyclopaedia has no detailed records on every variation of serpent. This thing is named right? That means it’s sentient since only sentient creatures have names. It’s alive so it must also be sapient.”

Elrick felt compelled to gain a clear picture about serpent; data on the serpent would be valuable. An so he raised the LongBow.

Elrick : " 『Elf Eyes』. 「Targeting」on, 「Arrow Guide」on. Bow Art; 〘Precision〙. Bow Art; 〘Long Range〙. "

The Arrow released by Elrick belongs to a special class called Penetrators; designed to repel Demon Lords. Runic Penetrators are a bunker busting variant of Runic Piercers.

Each of the 5 Runic Penetrator Arrows in Elrick’s possession cost 2-3 Gold Coins and had 5,000 penetrating power and an explosive power rated at over 10,000; in simple terms it can penetrate 5000 《Durability》 and cause over 10,000 damage. Runic Penetrator Arrows are highly specialized they could have a 10,000 penetrating power with lower explosive power or any combination thereof depending on the materials used to craft it.

The Runic Penetrator is therefore regarded as a type of silver bullet; one shot items too expensive to be used en-mass. Elrick wasn’t about to fire the arrow at the Serpent because he correctly deduced that such an action would be pointless. Therefore Elrick aimed the arrow at one of the ants in the consumption path of the giant monster serpent. As is often the case with Runic Penetrators the one Elrick used has a remote detonation setting.

Elrick then patiently waited for the monster to consume the ant.

Elrick : " Here goes!"


The consumed ant with an arrow stuck to it exploded in the Serpent’s neck triggering a slight coughing fit but the monster was otherwise unhurt.

Elrick : " Well that’s telling; right?"


The powerful roar from the monster rang like deafening thunder stunning everything; Elrick included.

~ Ding! ~

『Ding! 』

『Psionic Attack』

〘Mind Shock 〙in effect:

Due to 〘Mind Shock 〙 《Intelligence》, 《Knowledge》, 《Wisdom》, 《Observation》, 《Awareness》 and 《Eyesight》 are reduced by 21,547 EXP for 30 minutes.

~ Ding! ~

『Ding! 』


Due to《Intelligence》, 《Knowledge》 and 《Wisdom》 dropping to Zero full mobility restriction is in effect.

「You are unable to move」

Elrick had lost Consciousness.

- - -

By the time Elrick regained Consciousness at least an hour had passed.

Elrick : " Motherfucker"

As Elrick groggily got up he picked up his binoculars in order to survey his environment, and what he saw floored him.

Elrick : " Another one?"

What Elrick was looking at was a giant snake; some 120m-150m long with a head that had to be at least 5m wide.

Elrick : " Boa Titana!”

By shape of the head and size alone Elrick was able to identify the approaching monster.

Elrick : " The Serpent doesn’t seem to be too welcoming to the newcomer. Let’s find out its stats"

Elrick fired his analysis arrow at the snake.

~ Ding! ~

『Ding! 』

『Boa Titana ???? Serpent』

「Name」: ????????
「Class」: ????????
「SubClass」: ????????
「Titles」: ????????
「Gender」: ????????
「Clan Affiliation」: ????????
「Clan Faction」: ????????

「Descriptive Stats」:

『HP = ????????』 - 『MP = ????????』 - 『Atk = ????????』 - 『Deff = ????????』

「Attribute Stats」:


Insufficient Data to complete Analysis.

Magic Sub-Skills, Affinity & Proficiency


Insufficient Data to complete Skills Analysis.

Territorial Contest

Elrick : " So it’s also a Serpent"

The bewildered Elrick looked on as the to giant serpents seemed to size each other up.

“Growl Gwak Growl”

“Hiss Hashh Hwish”

Elrick : " Are they talking?"

The 2 serpents continued to emit noises and low rumbles in a conversation that Elrick’s translation system was unfamiliar with. But from the looks of things it seemed that the negotiations weren’t going well.

Elrick : " Oh shit!"

Without warning the serpents started fighting.

The fight that broke out was tremendous; shaking the ground and destroying large areas of the Crystal Forest. The 2 Serpents are heavily armoured and the seemed impervious to each others large bites; which Elrick could assume that they are poisonous bites. The fight was happening about a kilometre from Elrick but it felt a lot closer.

The serpents seemed about even in strength and they quickly reached a stalemate and that’s when Elrick noticed a change in the atmosphere. The Boa took some distance from what Elrick called the Crock Serpent and looked to be preparing some kind of ranged attack. Seeing this Elrick quickly pulled out his best healing potions; worried that he might get caught up in the attacks.

In Realm Eternal the higher the Quality of the medicine the faster it works. Basic medicines take 15 – 20 minutes to work, general medicine take 5 minutes, High Cures work instantly and Elixirs can revive the dead. In terms of Potions there’s the Basic Potions, Potions, High-Potions and Elixir of Life. In terms of costs the Basic Potions retail at about 50-80 Copper Coins and all the others depend largely on supply and demand; Elixirs tend to cost over 50 Gold Coins.

Elrick drank 7 Basic Potions and 3 Potions because they have a heal over time ability, and then he held a single bottle of a High-Potion in his right hand because the most efficient use of High-Potions is after taking serious injury. Although it would have been more prudent for Elrick to withdraw deeper into the mountain but Elrick wanted to witness the battle between the Giants; such information held value to Starlight Spark and raise its public profile while rehabilitating Elrick’s own image.

The attack let out by the Boa was an Acid Water type attack and it pushed the Crock-Serpent at least 15m. Elrick was not in the line of fire and the attack could be said to be parallel to Elrick’s position, but the power of the water jet was unmistakable since for the first time the crocodilian was winded. The Acid Water type attack could rightly be called an Anti-Fortress Water Magic Attack.

The crocodilian took in a breath and let out what Elrick can only describe as a Plasma Beam. It was actually a Wind Magic attack, but the air that had been sucked in had been supercharged to the point where the stream of air being released was filled with Electrical Plasma. Elrick drank 4 High-Potions because he thought that wind would likely be much less contained, and he was fortunate to have done that. The power of the attack was beyond predictions.

The Boa was grazed by the attack as it tried to evade but took damage and parts of its body were scorched. The Beam then moved beyond the Boa carving a path through the forest and taking a chunk out of a mountain on its path to its eventual destination. The Boa Titana wisely decided to run; leaving the clearly stronger Crocodilian to enjoy his meal in peace.

The Hunter’s Lear was destroyed, and Elrick had barely survived; crawling back into the mountain. The only reason he survived is that he was wearing Level 2 Armour in a Hunter’s Lear, and had drunk a number of potions including 4 High-Potions. Elrick’s Armour and Customized Bow-Sword were destroyed by the proximity to the attack while in a Shielded Hunter’s Lear.

Elrick now understood why Barrier Magic was so important on Ado; why nations spent the bulk of their budgets on Psionic Barriers for the Towns and Cities.

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