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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 0: Den of Madness
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: January 19th, 2016

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Volume 8: World Transcending

Prologue: Den of Madness

Like every piece of land in the world, this island was once a nameless one.

The name was spread throughout the world by an expert who stumbled upon it. It was said, that the personality of the expert after he went was completely different from his personality before.

He was a humble and quiet one. But when he came back from the island, it seems his common sense was disoriented.

He would pick up weird behaviors like laughing loudly in a weird manner and sometimes, his focus will suddenly divert repeatedly towards unimportant places or objects.

At times, he would act completely out of character and get excited over little things.

Once this was noticed, few more experts tried to visit that island to figure out the cause. Thinking he might’ve ate some sort of mystical herb or fruit which made him that way.

When these experts got back, they all revealed the same behavior. However, they assured everyone that they’re completely fine and didn’t eat any weird herbs or fruit.

Those that knew them of course knew that they have changed…one can say that it is a good change, but at the same time, not.

It’s good that they’re more energetic, but at times…their energetic personalities often led to life and death situations and they naturally worried over that. Not to mention, they would disregard authority sometimes and act against a major sect just because they wanted to.

In short, they became reckless…too reckless…to the point of insanity.

This matter was brought up to the major sect to ask for assistance. Some agreed and sent in a few experts of their own.

Alas, they all came back the same as everybody else. Those that didn’t change was driven mad for the lack of sense that island has.

But it was confirmed that there are some who lived in that island.

It was a den of monsters.

A [Den of Madness].

That, was how the island became what it is now known as, the [Madness Island].

+ + +

“Oiii!!!” (???)

A young man that looked around 20 years old in appearance ran from the forest into a clearing where the entrance of a cave is located.

This cave is gouged right out of the largest mountain of this island which could be said to be the ‘Main Base’ of their group.

Leaning on the cave’s entrance is a guy that looked a bit older, most likely in his early 20s or so. He had a long dark brown hair that reaches his shoulders, deep brown eyes, jade white skin and wore a brownish robe.

He looked very carefree as he checks his long sword that looked to be even taller than him at hand while his glaive rests on the wall beside him.

“Oh, Rick. What’s with the hurry?” (???)

Hearing the shout, he lifted his head and looked towards Rick who came running over.

“Carn! What do you mean what’s the hurry!? Today is the day you guys promised me out of this damn island!” (Rick)

“Haha, chill. You’ve been here for what? 1000 years? Isn’t it too early to leave yet?” (Carn)

“How is that still early you damn ferret! And its 10 000 years! It’s 10-fucking-thousand!” (Rick)

Carn is one of the rare demonic beast [Ferocious Ferret], who transcended into a deity. Though he will use his human form in battle, most of the time, he would rather be in his ferret form.

Today, he is only in human form because he is checking his overly long weapons which exceeded his height.

A ferret…became a deity…

“Oh? Is there anyone waiting for you outside the island?” (Carn)

Rick flinched as he heard Carn’s question.

“S-so what if there isn’t any!? Bah!” (Rick)

Frustrated, Rick left Carn at the entrance of the cave as he ran deeper into the cave.

Behind him, he can still hear Carn’s laughter echoing throughout the cave which made his face sank even more.

“Dammit, if only these guys didn’t seal my cultivation, I would definitely kill these bastards a hundred times over!” (Rick)

Recalling his sealed cultivation, Rick’s mood became even worse. But after remembering that today is his last day in this island, he suddenly became even more motivated and ran faster towards the center of the mountain.

“I’m a happy golem! I’m a happy golem!” (???)

“I mine, I skin; I craft, I win!” (???)

“I’m a happy golem! I’m a happy golem!” (???)

“The veins are mine! So full of shine!” (???)

“So I’m a happy golem! I’m a happy golem!” (???)

As Rick passed through the numerous corridors in the cave, a song was heard in one of the corridors coupled with the sound of a rock being struck.

The first thousand years Rick was stuck in this island, there was no such thing, but recently, this had been happening almost everday.

This was caused by a recent member of the [Den of Madness] who had just ascended into a deity.

At first, Rick was naturally curious about who was insane enough to join this out-of-sense group, but upon seeing the new guy, he found out just how well fitted the guy is in here…

Recalling that time, Rick shivered for a bit and started to walk slowly as if to avoid being detected by the guy singing.

After safely passing through, Rick sighed and was about to run again.

“What’s up?” (???)

“GAAHHH!!!???” (Rick)

Surprised with the sudden voice, Rick’s heart seemed to stop beating for a second but recalled that it wasn’t the voice of the singing guy so he quickly calmed down with a sigh.

“S-Steeve…” (Rick)

“Why so jumpy?” (Steeve)

Rick tilted his head to the side and saw a small hamster standing on his shoulder and broke a cold sweat.

If it was just a hamster, then it might even be considered as cute. But this one…has a weird black tail and a personality that definitely isn’t cute!

This guy, Steeve, is a [Demonic Hamster Lord]…or so he says. Truth is, none of them know what kind of demonic beast this guy is. He might even be a rare variant beast but since he likes to be called that way, so everyone just went along.

Or, more accurately, no one really gives a damn about it.

Don’t be fooled by his seemingly cute appearance, when Rick came to this island, he found out that this guy ate his own parents a few days after birth…and had an evil mischievous personality.

Once, he caused a kingdom’s Queen to become a slut in the [Mortal Continent] by placing aphrodisiacs in her drinks.

Anyway, it’s better to avoid this one…

“N-nothing. I thought you were someone else.” (Rick)

“Hm? Anyway, hurry up and run for me. Dok says it’s urgent.” (Steeve)

Oh, and he’s also a slave driver…

“Urgent? Could it be me finally going out?” (Rick)

Thinking so, Rick was energized once again and ran towards the inner part of the cave.

Upon reaching the central room, Rick saw the familiar round table with no chairs.

This was the only thing he liked in this place, there aren’t really any leaders here which were why there’s only a round table.

Already in the room were a large burly man and another seemingly normal person in his late 20s wearing glasses.

When the singing guy from earlier saw the large burly man before, he said he looked like a Viking from his hometown.

The large burly man liked the word and called himself the [Viking Penguin] when he’s a demonic beast called [Fierce Penguin]…another seemingly weak demonic beast that somehow ascended…

Though it was said that there aren’t any leaders in this place, it was this guy who mostly decides stuffs just because he’s bored enough to care and everyone else didn’t really care.

All in all, everyone in this place always goes at their own pace and didn’t care about anything else most of the time.

It was also this guy who decided to trap Rick in this place…as for the other guy wearing glasses, he was the one who lured Rick into going here in the first place.

“Dok! The 10 000 years agreement is over! I want out!” (Rick)

“Hm? Sure.” (Dok)

“Now look here, you said that I can be free after te-…wait what?” (Rick)

Rick, who was prepared for an argument, stopped abruptly and recalled what Dok had just said.


J-just like that? It was that easy?

Rick can’t help but remain cautious. From his understanding, Dok has always been stubborn and wouldn’t really care for a promise he made lightly…so what changed his mind?

Forget it, Rick shook his head and just thought it was a good thing.

“A-alright, now. Unseal my cultivation!” (Rick)

“Yeah yeah.” (Dok)

Dok waved his hands and used his divine sense to remove the seal he made in Rick’s cultivation. Afterwards, Rick once more felt powerful and free.

“Good, now. I pray that I won’t meet you guys again! Bye fools!” (Rick)

“Hahaha! Why are you so excited to leave? Wait for a bit, we’re also leaving!” (Dok)

………….What did that guy just say?

Rick turned his head back stiffly and looked at the large burly man called Dok.

“Oh? The whole [Den of Madness] is going to leave? What’s happening?” (Steeve)

“Haha, I just came in and this is the first I hear? What’s up?” (Carn)

From the side, Carn, who was at the entrance of the cave just before, is now inside the central room.

Beside him was the singing guy from before who had a frown in his face. Apparently, he didn’t like being disturbed when mining.

Afterwards, a few more figures came in. All of which are, by no means, normal.

“Haha, you’re all familiar with Hyou’s future visions right?” (Dok)

“Oh? What did you see Hyou?” (Steeve)

Future visions…well, it was only right to call it that. There are very few humans in this place, Rick and Hyou are both humans. However, Hyou had an innate ability which he already got upon being born. Which is to see the future.

This actually cannot be controlled. Until now, he has yet to control it and would only appear in sometimes.

Hyou gave a seemingly werid smile as he spoke.

“A fight that is out of this world! The sky covered in darkness! The earth shaking in fear! A man that belongs to the darkness! A man who was devoured by darkness! And a man who escaped the darkness!” (Hyou)

It was evident that the vision Hyou saw was a fight that made one’s blood boil from excitement.

“A three way fight of different people connected to darkness! Hahaha! I only say bits of it in my vision but I’m already this excited!” (Hyou)

“Haha! You heard him! How can we not be invited to such a party!?” (Dok)

“Hehe, it really does sound exciting. I’m in!” (Carn)

“Boss fight!” (???)

“Bah, why are they all men!? Where are the girls!!!??? Owell, I’m in too!” (Steeve)

The rest of the members also agreed with excited expressions.

Well, everyone except Rick who kept having a bad feeling…

“Alright! Pack up your things! We’ll crash by at Rick’s place!” (Dok)

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!” (Rick)

A demonic bird located outside of the cave shook and turned its head towards the entrance of the cave, surprised by the pitiful sound of a certain man.

Author's Notes


Yes, I'm not dead. And so is WGO!

Sorry for the super late update...there's really a lot of stuff that I had to do these days -_- so....yeah, sorry about that.

On the other hand, most of the stuffs that I had to do are done so I might update another chapter this week. Well, there's about 90% chance of that happening, 9% chance something might come up, and 1% chance I might die haha.

Also, I haven't read any messages yet as well. And John Plume, I also haven't read your comments yet haha, whenever I see it, my mind automatically gets lazy :P Fine, I'll read it.

So...this is the [Den of Madness]! Some other character would also pop out, I didn't include everyone in the den here yet. You might recognize a few characters...which if you do, you know who I'm talking about.

My only worry is whether I got their personalities accurate enough...meh, owell.

Also, I deleted the Illustration chapters -_- yeah, I got lazy to draw another so might as well erase every illustrations chapter haha. If you want to view them, go to the wordpress site Illustrations tab.

Till the next chapter!
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