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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 2: Deity Lands
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: January 28th, 2016

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Chapter 2: Deity Lands

The next day, figures after another appeared all of the sudden in the central courtryard which shocked the other disciples currently loitering about.

“Alright, let’s go get Lucas and be done with it.” (Bram)

One of the figures is Bram, currently, he looked to be 3-4 years older than when he originally set foot in this world.

His body has grown firmer and muscles well-tuned as if he was carved by a knife.

In his eyes, you can see that he has grown more mature as well. Still a bit aloof, but the feeling he gives now shows that he is always on guard and ready to strike.

“Why bother? He should’ve already sensed we had arrived so we don’t need to go to him.” (Momo)

To his side, Momo commented with a childish smile.

Like Bram, Momo had also matured in appearance and personality. Her hair had grown long so she had tied it on her back with hair ornaments from this world, making her look like a Japanese beauty dressed in a Chinese theme.

Though her figure made her look like a mature beauty, her childishness could still be seen in her eyes and smile which strangely matched together.

“This…th-they’re…Bram and Momo! Two of the mysterious geniuses that appeared 15 years ago!”

“I heard about them. Apparently, both of them were victims of a mysterious expert who erased their memories and cultivation!”

“Yeah, like Grand Elder Lucas, they’re both heaven defying geniuses!”

“H-hey! They’re not the only ones! Look at the others! They’re also part of the mysterious geniuses’ generation!”

Seeing the figures that suddenly appeared in their school, the disciples actually recognized them!

It is true that they did stir the world like Lucas did, and because of their alibi upon coming to this world and they’re talents, they were put into a single group being the mysterious geniuses that were victimized by a mysterious expert.

Everyone worshiped them for their amazing stories surrounding them.

They were found unconcious in the middle of the road, was picked up by a passing merchant, enrolled to a practitioner school, and made their way to the top!

Just this alone wouldn’t be surprising, but if they happen to 4 or 5 other people, then that’s another story!

What people like the most is gossips and concpiracy.

Everytime the topic is brought up in a conversation, it would be slightly diffenrent from the original scenario, creating various rumors, stories, and conclusions which always lead to a heated topic among the common people.

“Hey guys. You sure are impatient for immortals.” (Lucas)

At the side, Lucas appeared with four people behind him, while a horned rabbit sat on top of his head and a small pink snake coiled around his arm like a bangle.

The four people behind him are none other than Elwin, Aqua, the Principal, and the Vice-Principal.

“Nice hair.” (Momo)

Momo laughed as she saw Lucas’ appearance.

Compared to his short hair 15 years ago, Lucas now has a long hair that fall a few centimeters below his shoulders which he had to tie on his back with a string.

Other than that, everything else was pretty much the same. Of course, his muscles had become even better tuned but there are no visible changes aside from his hair.

To this, Lucas just shrugged.

“I never really bothered to cut it all this time.” (Lucas)

“So what are we waiting for? Time to see what the lands beyond looks like!” (Bram)

Lucas nodded and looked ack to the four people behind him.

“Let’s meet again sometime.” (Lucas)

“Haha, yeah! Next time, we’ll see each other in the lands beyond.” (Elwin)

“…Till next time.” (Aqua)

“Sigh…When can I retire…?” (Principal Wei)

“Haha, we old men are already too old for adventures Principal.” (Lao Yan)

Lucas chuckled and looked back to Bram and the others.

“Let’s go.” (Lin)

Lin patted Lucas’ shoulder and teleported away because Lucas still doesn’t know the exact location of their destination.

Meanwhile, the others followed by teleporting as well.

“Luke!” (Mei)

Only a few seconds had passed after Lucas and the rest disappeared, Mei came running from the side.

“L-Luke…Lucas he…” (Mei)

Seeing Mei’s expression, Elwin sighed and shook his head.

“…He’s already gone.” (Aqua)

“It can’t be helped, normally, he was supposed to leave yesterday. It was already lenient for them to give Lucas another day before taking him away.” (Elwin)

“No way…” (Mei)

Hearing this, Mei’s face fell and couldn’t help but turn her head to the east, where the lands beyond the [Mortal Continent] lies as if she want to catch a glimpse of Lucas.

Of course, there was no way she can see him. But she still looked nonetheless.

On her chest, she clenched the letter Lucas had left for her. It is unknown what she is thinking right now.

“Luke…” (Mei)

+ + +


Suddenly, I had this feeling of someone calling for me so I unconciously looked to the west.

“What’s wrong? Forgot something?” (Bram)

“Maybe it’s a girl hehe.” (Momo)

“Alright, that’s enough. Let’s go see uncle.” (Lucas)

Thinking it was nothing, I urged the two forward.

Lin led us to the main hall where my supposed uncle is currently at.

Besides me, Momo, Bram, and Lin, there are 4 more [Gatekeepers] present.

These four are the [Gatekeepers] from Russia, Greece, Germany, and Canada.

The one from Russia is a female named Liza Mikhailov. Her jobs in WGO are [Hitman] and [Assassin]. As her jobs suggests, she is proficient in guns and hidden weapons. Combined, she is even more fearsome.

Guns are impossible to find here in [Zoulang], that’s why she and Bram both struggled in the early years trying to defeat those coveting for their weapons.

Luckily, the people in this world didn’t know of the safety placed on the guns so they managed to trick most of them. Plus, mana is also essential to firing special bullets, so even if the opponent can fire the gun, it won’t be as effective as them firing it themselves.

She uses a small pistol hidden in her sleeves and other parts of her body. The staff on her back also isn’t normal, when certain parts are pulled, it turns into a rifle.

And those are just the ones I noticed.

Basically, she’s a walking arsenal.

The one form Greece is also a female, named Xene Dimitriou. She’s an elf with the jobs [Berserker] and [Master Chef]. This one…is a bit hard to deal with.

On the surface, she has a kind smiling face that seemed to suggest she hate fighting. Coupled by her image as a great cook, she would make the perfect wife material.

But…when she gets mad, she turns into an angry deity.

She would smile while being bathed by the blood of her enemies with the same smile she wears when cooking.

Frankly, she’s scary…

And that should mean something when I say it…

Her long ears were simply explained by saying she had deformed ears upon birth. No one really cared about it. Plus, she does look beautiful with long ears.

And to those who insulted her…well, I think I can already imagine their fates.

Next, is the man from Germany, Gabriel Wolff. Because of his family name, he chose a werewolf character in WGO. His hair and fur are colored light grey. His jobs are [Paladin] and [Lord Knight]. He is one of the rare people who would choose two jobs from the same class tree.

For him, becoming the top in his school is very easy. After all, it is known that only demonic beasts that became deities can turn into humaoid forms.

With his alibi of a mysterious expert stealing his cultivation, it was also easily explained why he’s here with a low cultivation as well.

The people in his school believed that if they were to help him regain his cultivation, their school will receive a backing of a deity in the future so he wasn’t bullied at all.

Actually, he was the first among us to become a deity.

Seeing his fast process, the people who still held doubts about him quickly decreased as well, leading to a safe and carefree years for him.

Lastly, the man from Canada, named Terry Nye. A [Grand Brawler]. He’s one of the few who only has one job.

His gauntlets looked to be twice the size of his fists and looked like it will hurt a lot if it hits me.

I don’t know much about him as he doesn’t talk that much.

These are the current members of the [Gatekeepers] currently present. One can say that we’re a group of all sorts of personalities.

The childish magic ninja Momo, the natural leader gun berserker Bram, the serious martial artist Lin, the kind and scary chef berserker Xene, the mysterious hitman assassin Liza, the easygoing swordsman Gabriel, the quiet brawler Terry, and me, the jack-of-all-trades.

“What a werid bunch. I guess that just suits you.” (El)

“I think a girl trapped inside me is weirder.” (Lucas)

“Hmph! I won’t be here forever. When I’m free, I’ll make sure to remind you just who is more powerful between us!” (El)

“Yeah yeah.” (Lucas)

Ignoring the pouting girl inside me, we reached the door to the main hall where the doors suddenly sprang open.

Inside, there is a long table with all sorts of food and on the farthest end, sat a man that looked about 40 something with a face that slightly resembles my father.

“Uncle David. It’s good that you’re safe.” (Lucas)

“Haha Lucas! To be honest, when Lin told me you’re that White Haired guy that’s been popular in [Earth], I didn’t believe him then. Because the Lucas that I remember, is that kid who can only clumsily punch.” (David)

I smiled wryly and simply shrugged.

It’s true that before WGO, before all this, I’m just one of the guys you see in the background. Never standing out. Well, except in class. Since I’m the only one asleep most of the time after all.

“But I guess you really do have my blood after all. You’re a warrior. A fighter.” (David)

“…Are you really going to stay in this world uncle?” (Lucas)

Feeling that he’s going to drag this on then conclude it with me somehow fighting him again and him training me again, I diverted the topic immediately.

“…Luke. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been practicing martial arts.” (David)

David sighed and shook his head before starting to speak again. His eyes had a hint of nostalgia in it.

“I just wanted to get strong. And I’m good at it. I got a lot of trophies, medals, certificates…then what? What’s the point?” (David)

“…” (Lucas)

“Face it, in [Earth], martial arts isn’t that important. Sure I learn how to defend myself, or fight back. But it’s not like I always get mugged or that I can always pick a fight. Learning martial arts gets you no where. Nowadays, [Earth] needs people with great minds. To build new technologies and such.” (David)

“…A world where power doesn’t mean anything huh?...Being born in this world where only the powerful is respected rather makes me look forward to seeing your world.” (El)

“…It’s not that different here. Only, power has a different meaning there.” (Lucas)

Though the two worlds are different, there are still some points that are the same.


In every world, money is always the reason of power.

Here, money are qi stones which you use to cultivate.

In [Earth], money can provide you most of the things you needed. Fame, connections, position, standing…there are even cases where it is possible to buy men and women.

“But here, in this world…I can use the martial arts that I learned. Here, martial arts are respected. Here, I can actually mean something. This is where I belong Lucas. I’m staying.” (David)

“…Well, you’re immortal anyway. It’s not like we won’t be seeing each other anytime soon. After all, we’re just a [World Gate] apart.” (Lucas)

After I go back, I can always just use the [World Gate] to return here so, figuritively speaking, he’s just in a room next to mine.

“Haha, true. You didn’t bring that here did you? I heard that it drops automatically after you die.” (David)

“Haha, what, are you going to kill me for it?” (Lucas)

“Trust me, if I want to kill you, you would’ve been dead the moment you step foot in this world haha.” (David)

I chuckled and shook my head.

This guy…has really grown powerful.

“Well, I left mine so don’t worry. The others too.” (Lucas)

Actually, I left mine with Freya. So that if I ever really need to go back immediately, I can just summon her and take the [World Key].

Of course, they didn’t know that.

I just told them that I gave it to someone I trust.

“So what now?” (Momo)

“Let’s go to the nearest town and gather information.” (Bram)

“Hm? What information?” (Lucas)

“Ah right, we’ve already discussed the next steps while waiting.” (Bram)

What? Here I am, waiting for you guys to finish. Then you tell me that you guys discussed things without notifying me?

There’s this convenient thing called [Call] right? Seriously guys…

Well whatever. Since uncle supervised things, I can at least trust his judgement.

“We’re looking for Sovereigns.” (Lin)

“Huh?” (Lucas)

“Huh?” (El)

Both me and El simultaniously said at the same time.

“I…I thought you guys said that they’re not real?” (Lucas)

David nodded and spoke.

“That’s right. That is, until I saw one.” (David)

Saw?...It…it couldn’t be El right?

“One of the supreme highgods claimed to have found a tomb of a sovereign.” (David)

Upon hearing that, I sighed in relief secretly.

“How did you know it was a sovereign’s tomb?” (Lucas)

“Because it held a lot of dangers inside. After judging that it is impossible for him to go alone in that tomb, he reached out to the other supreme highgod including me. You should know, that supreme highgods are the most powerful in the [Deity Realm]. All of which are at least as powerful as me.” (David)

“As powerful…but I heard you scared everyone to leave the [Mortal Continent]? How can there be anyone else more powerful than you? And even those as powerful, as long as they joined forces, they can defeat you right? Then how…” (Lucas)

David smiled wryly as if it wasn’t the first time someone asked those questions to him.

“Sigh, those in the [Mortal Continent] like to exagerate things. Though it is true that I was the one who shouted that they cannot go in the [Mortal Continent], that was actually agreed upon by us supreme highgods.” (David)

Well, I guess that is indeed more logical.

But still…there are still a lot who are at least as powerful as him huh?...

“The most powerful supreme highgod was the one who found the tomb. We call him Don.” (David)

The most powerful…I can only imagine what kind of monster that guy is…

“When he told us about that tomb, we had already believed that it truly is a sovereign’s tomb. So we all joined forces for a while in order to explore the tomb and split the treasures but…alas, we cannot pass through the outer part of it.” (David)

…Why does this sound familiar?

Wait…could it be…the same tomb as the one written in Devan Shan’s journal!?

It’s possible that he discovered that tomb before them but also couldn’t pass through…

“Sigh…us supreme highgods had always been stuck at the peak of the [Deity Realm] and we simply do not know how to break through. We believed that if there really are sovereigns, then that is the next realm and hoped to find the answers upon discovering the corpse of the sovereign.” (David)

So that’s the case…but is it really so hard to break through? I mean, even El can become one.

“Hmph, what hard? What are these idiots been doing all these time? To become a sovereign is easy, especially if you’re stuck at the peak [Deity Realm] for a long time!” (El)

“Easy? Are you sure about that? Even the most powerful supreme highgod can’t break through…How can I free you if I can’t breakthrough as well?” (Lucas)

“You don’t need to worry about that. When the time comes, I’ll naturally help you breakthrough. If I tell you now, it might hinder your progress.” (El)

“Teacher El is so great!” (Lucas)

“Of course! Also, that tomb they’re speaking and the one in the journal, they’re most likely the same. I think the reason that they can’t pass through is because of they didn’t have a d-… because they’re not sovereigns. Anyway, since I’m here in you, that shouldn’t be a problem. You can just walk casually through it.” (El)

“Haha, you’re the best!” (Lucas)

Now, all that treasure will be mine! Mwahahahaha.

Of course, if El wants some, I wouldn’t mind giving her anything. Logically, it is hers after all. I was simply riding along so to say.

As for breaking through to become sovereigns…I can’t tell uncle and the rest. They will naturally ask where I got that information. Besides, El didn’t tell me. And I couldn’t tell them about El too.

Why? No idea. El said she didn’t want to be known so I’m sure there are other reasons.

“Alright. Find sovereigns, ask nicely if they are willing to help, if not, run like hell. Easy.” (Lucas)

David just chuckled at my sarcastic tone.

“Well, it’s not like I’m expecting anything from you guys. Even we supreme highgods can’t find information about them. But there are things that only destined people can aquire. And I’ve heard that you, Lucas, is especially involed in a lot of things…whether you are destined or not, there’s only one way to find out.” (David)

If only he knew that there is a sovereign residing inside me…I bet he’ll be shocked like hell.

“Now, take this jade slip and look at its contents with your divine sense.” (Lin)

Jade slip?...Ah, so that’s how it is used huh?

Basically, it’s like a flash drive that contains a lot of information.

Upon pouring our divine sense, we naturally are able to read its contents.

It’s a detailed map of the lands beyond with various informations about each contnent, island, and such.

“Hm?...Is this real? This…[Madness Island]?” (Lucas)

Lin smiled wryly as if he was expecting my question.

“Yeah. That island…simply put, is a den of freaks. Imagine a bunch of eccentric people with the weirdest personalities gathered in a single island.” (Lin)

“Sigh…I’ve also been there. The other supreme highgods as well.” (David)

“…And you weren’t uhh…infected by…whatever this is?” (Lucas)

“Goodness no. That’s not a disease actually, it’s just…the people in there will always test your patience and break your common sense. It’s mentally tiresome to stay with them. Actually, some of their members are even on our level. Since they don’t leave much, and apart from being nonsensical, we simply let them be.” (David)

Actually, you just don’t want to have anything to do with them right?

Hearing this, I recalled a certain green eyed golem…speaking of which, I wonder where that guy is now?

“So, what now?” (Lucas)

“There are 12 supreme highgods and 5 major sects ruling over the deity lands. One supreme highgod in the [Lauwers Sect], One supreme highgod in the [Mystic Sect], Two supreme highgods in the [Gold Mountain Sect], Two supreme highgods in the [Frozen Heart Sect], Two supreme highgod in the [Burning Oceans Sect]. Then there’s the two that don’t belong to any sect.” (David)

I also noticed these names on the map given earlier.

There was a clear division in the lands which tells which belongs to which powers.

But…he only said 10 out of the 12 supreme highgods right? How about the other two?

As if reading my mind, David continues.

“The other two are from that weird island…” (David)

“The nearest continet is the [Sword Crown Contintent] which still falls in our [Lauwers Sect]. There are a few cities and villages in that place. From there, you guys are free to plan your next course of action.” (Lin)

To the side, Bram nodded and began to speak.

“From there, we’re thinking of going further north then enter the teritory of the [Gold Mountain Sect], then move south as we head west and enter the [Burning Oceans Sect] teritory, then move north again to reach the [Frozen Heart Sect], then lastly, enter the [Mystic Sect] teritory on the far west.” (Bram)

Hmm, that should work. This way, we can visit every territory while searching for information, cultivate, and get connections to various sects.

Well…a new adventure awaits!

Author's Notes

So, in the end, I wasn't able to write another chapter last week...there's also my OJT now so...yeah...I think I can only do once a week after all -_-

Anyway, Mei...I'm still hesitant whether I should add her to the harem or simply ignore her from now on. I just made her character on a whim after all.

Here, I also released 4 more names of the [Gatekeepers]. They haven't had a dialogue yet for now though. The 5 major sects are also released. Haha, there are 5 major sects, it's impossible for our MC to not have any enmity to at least one of them. Guess which will the enemy sect be. :3

[Frozen Heart Sect] is bound to be an all girls kuudere heaven from its name, I've already read alot with that kind of sect/school in other wuxia/xianxia novels haha. Whether I'll add another...maybe not. Who knows? Maybe I'll make them the enemy?

As for that sovereign tomb...fufu, that will be a good chapter.

Till the next chapter!
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