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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 3: Stone Village
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: February 4th, 2016

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Chapter 3: Stone Village

Above the vast waters of [Zoulang], seven blured figures could be seen flying in high speeds.

The one at the back is me. All of us are now riding in our flying swords in order to travel efficiently instead of flying by ourselves which will be tiresome.

At least, with these flying swords, we don’t have to spend any divine sense and simply ‘will’ the sword to carry us.

When I used [Ore Appraisal] on it, I found a mineral called [Feishi] which has the natural ability to be controled telephatically after being bounded by blood…seriously, the things in this world doesn’t make any sense at all…

It seems that Bram and the others also looked over the mountain ranges on the north, south, and east sides of the world and also saw the boundless outer space beyond it which really concludes that this world is not a sphere. Well, I haven’t done that though but I doubt they are lying.

We are now headed towards the [Sword Crown Continent]. Why was it named so? Earlier, El told me she passed by this continent and saw its entirety from above.

The whole continent is shapped like a circle, surrounding it are thousands of mountain with sharp peaks called the [Thousand Sword Mountain Range]. There’s also a huge sea in the middle of the continent, hence, it looked like a sword crown.

Just this continent alone is already twice the size of the [Mortal Continent]…makes you wonder how big the world truly is.

Also, for reference’s sake, the [Mortal Continent] is as big as Pangea from [Earth].

By our speed, it is expected that we’ll arrive there in a week…and I thought we’re already fast…

Like that, we spent the whole week doing nothing but flying and chattering until…we finally caught a glimpse of the continent.

“So this is the [Sword Crown Continent]…” (Bram)

Although we already caught a glimpse of it, we only arrived a day after. But even then, we’re still in the [Thousand Sword Mountain Range] and after flying past it, we finally reached the nearest human settlement.

“Finally! It was so boring looking at nothing but the ocean!” (Momo)

Even though she said that, she was actually the one who kept saying how beautiful the view is on the first few days after we left.

Well, I guess after seeing the same view for a week, you will really get tired of it.

“Let’s go take a look.” (Bram)

We sent our flying swords away and flew directly to the village.

Some people in the village saw us and called out to the other villagers. Kids from 3 to 14 years old appeared and pointed fingers at us with excited faces.

“Hm?” (Lucas)

Just now, I stretched my divine sense and learned the cultivation of these people.

These kids…they’re already at the late [Beast Realm]! And the teenagers are even nearing the peak of the [Spirit Realm]! What’s more, the adults are already in the [Demigod Stage] of the [Deity Realm]!

If this was in the [Mortal Continent], these guys are already geniuses!

“I thought everyone in the deity lands are all deities.” (Lucas)

I recalled what Mei told me.

She said that my uncle shouted a line that resonated throughout the [Mortal Continent] and the lands beyond.

“The land of the mortals only belongs to mortals! The land of the gods only belongs to gods! Gods aren’t meant to live with mortals! And mortals aren’t meant to live with gods!” (David)

“Ah, your uncle said that he said that just for show and for motivation for the people in the [Mortal Continent].” (Bram)

…Well, if they did know the talent of these guys, I guess it would really take a hit in their own confidence.

“Still, the number of deities far outstrips non-deities here in the deity lands so it’s better not to get overconfident.” (Gabriel)

Ohh, I didn’t think that this german werewolf who didn’t have any problems back in the [Mortal Contient] will say something like that. I thought he would act like a spoilt noble or something.

Well, even though he said that, I can still see a sense of pride in his eyes.

At least he knows when to act arrogant and when not to.

After we landed, a middle aged man came to greet us.

Looking at his cultivation…his body and soul level is at mid [God Stage]! I think, he’s the strongest one in this village.

“Hello travelers. I am the village chief of this [Stone Village], Roch Shi. From the looks of it, you have come from the [Mortal Continent] did you not?” (Roch)

Hearing what he said, all of us looked at each other thinking how he knew.

Maybe this village was also the first stop of everyone who came from the [Mortal Continent]? After all, this is the nearest continent and this is also a village on the east side of the contient, making it possible for the first stop to be here to others as well.

#I can’t sense his cultivation level.# (Bram)

#He’s at the mid [God Stage].# (Liza)

All of us looked at Liza in surprise as we talked through divine sense.

#It’s true, since my soul level is at the late [God Stage], I can sense his cultivation, but how come you can too? You’re clearly only at mid [Demigod Stage].# (Lucas)

#Simple, I used [Enemy Appraisal]. Though I don’t know about his soul level.# (Liza)

Ah…I kinda forgot about that. Speaking of which, since Liza’s [Assassin] job came from the [Scout] class, then she should also have that skill huh?

Let’s see here…

Name Roch Shi Level 157
Gender Male Race Human
Cultivation Deity Realm – God Stage (Middle)
Condition Poisoned
Description A roaming traveler who was poisoned and fled to the outskirts of [Sword Crown Continent]. He established the [Stone Village] and become the Village Chief for the past 5 000 years.

“…………….HAH!?” (El)

…Wow, it’s really been a while since I last used this skill huh? Now, it seems to have more information in it. And it even gave me a rough background of this guy…

It even generated a level of experience.

#...Indeed, it works…# (Lucas)

#Well shit. I should’ve chosen the [Scout] job…# (Bram)

#No matter, we don’t mean any harm after all. And this is the teritory of uncle David so there shouldn’t be any problem. Plus, the guy’s poisoned. He shouldn’t be a threat.# (Lucas)

Seeing as we have all agreed, Bram nodded at Roch.

“That’s indeed correct. I wonder if it would be alright for sir village chief to let us rest for a while in this village?” (Bram)

“Hn. Of course it is alright. This continent is after all, a part of the [Lauwers Sect] and the mighty supreme master has told us to lend a helping hand to the people of the [Mortal Continent]. But be advised, supreme master also said to only help in terms of simple information and accomodation. If you were to get into trouble in the large cities here, that would be your problem.” (Roch)

Uncle David had already said these to us so we only nodded.

“But I wonder, usually, those from the [Mortal Continent] that came here are only at the early [Demigod Stage]. But you guys…” (Roch)

Looking at our cultivation, everyone except for me, Terry, and Xene are at the mid [Demigod Stage] already while us three are at the early [Demigod Stage].

“We decided to wait for each other before heading out. Is that a problem?” (Momo)

“Ah…no, not really. I was simply curious. Right, little May, lead these guest to the village guest house and have them choose their rooms.” (Roch)

“Yes chief!” (May)

One of the kids saluted energeticaly. Momo, seeing this figure of a cute little girl saluting, a strange flicker appeared in her eyes.

…This girl…is she a lolicon or what? I guess in the future, its better that she and Aeran don’t meet…actually its better she doesn’t meet my little sister as well…

+ + +

“Chief, it looks like this time, it isn’t one of those arrogant bastards huh?”

“Yeah, they don’t look arrogant at all!”

“Hn, with that teperanment, there shouldn’t be a problem for them when they visit the huge cities.”

After Lucas and the others left, the villagers started to discuss amongst themselves.

Normaly, those who had transcend from the [Mortal Continent] think of themselves as geniuses who are dragons amongst men and would continue to act arrogant here.

Of course, these types of people are teached a lesson after they caused trouble and has somewhat become a tradition.

This time, the villagers have gathered around to see the show but surprisingly, the group this time aren’t arrogant at all and didn’t show any disrespect nor did they looked disdainfully at those who aren’t a deity yet.

Naturally, they can’t pick a fight now that they knew that this group won’t be a problem.

“More importantly, the three girls in their group are beautiful aren’t they?”

“Hey don’t get any ideas! I saw them first!”

“Three girls and four boys, what if they are already paired together? Well, except for one of the boys.”

“Hmm, that’s probably true, say, who do you think is the odd one out?”

“I bet it’s that white haired guy. Look, he has a horned rabbit and a snake, it seems that this guy is only interested in beasts! Haha!”

“Haha, that’s true! Compared to the other guys, that one doesn’t seem to be the type who women will flock towards!”

All the men laughed and made fun of Lucas.

If only they knew how much girls had actually fallen for him, they would probably spit blood from their mouth.

“What are you guys saying? I think he’s attractive.”

“Hmph, this is why guys are only brutes, they can’t even see how special he is.”

“Actually, I didn’t notice what the other guys in their group looked like.”

“Yeah, I only saw the white haired one too.”

The laughing men were silenced when faced with the debates of the women and looked at them in surprise.

How can they possibly know…this is Lucas’ title in full effect, [Lover for All].

“Haha, what the ladies said is right. He is indeed the most monstrous of them all.” (Roch)

“Eh? Chief also thinks so?”

“Though his body’s cultivation is only at early [Demigod Stage], his soul however…I can’t see his cultivation!” (Roch)

A body cultivation of early [Demigod Stage] and a soul that surpasses mid [God Stage]! This…how is it possible!?

Right now, every villager is asking this question in their heads as they looked back at the disappearing figure of the white haired man with wide eyes and they were thinking…if he’s already like this right after transcending…just how high level would he reach!?

“Moreover, this group is definitely different from the previous ones. Right after transcending, the [Lauwers Sect] will send someone to take them away and send them off to their journey after a briefing of the simple rules. Yet…they were allowed to wait for their friends to transcend! This means that even the [Lauwers Sect] treats them well and their background can’t possibly be normal!” (Roch)

The villagers revealed surprised expressions yet again and suddenly noticed.

It’s true, before, there will only be at most three in a group and most of the time, there is only one that will transcend! But this time, there are seven! And they already revealed that they indeed waited for each other!

“Ch-chief, what sorts of background can someone from the [Mortal Continent] possibly have for even the [Lauwers Sect] to treat them this well?”

“There are indeed a few possibilities. First, it is possible that a powerful figure in the deity lands came from the [Mortal Continent] and that a relative of his is transcending so he pulled some strings. He shouldn’t have been able to talk to the supreme master but something as simple as letting them stay for a while shouldn’t need the supreme master’s permision so this man can’t be that powerful. At most, he is only a highgod.” (Roch)

The villagers nodded in understanding.

“Second, they are actually a relative or child of someone from the [Lauwers Sect] themselves! After all, they can go in and out of the [Mortal Continent]. It’s possible that some had met an extremely beautiful woman and had a child with her or a woman from the [Lauwers Sect] met a man. This child then lived in the [Mortal Continent], met some friends and transcended, asked a favor from his/her parent from the [Lauwers Sect], and waited for his/her friends!” (Roch)

Once again, the villagers nodded and thought of this as the most likely scenario.

“Lastly, they are disciples that people from the [Lauwers Sect] picked themselves!” (Roch)

Roch sighed and looked towards Lucas and the others who are already gone from their vision.

“Whichever the case, it’s better not to offend these guys. At most, simply ignoring them will do if they really cause a problem.” (Roch)

Never in their wildest thoughts…that the supreme master himself is actually Lucas’ uncle…

+ + +

“Hey little May, you’re so strong! So little and already at the first level of the [Spirit Realm]!” (Momo)

Instead of walking with us towards the guest house, this little May has been picked up by Momo and is now cuddled in her arms.

May didn’t seem to mind it, instead, she happily talked to this elder sister Momo who kept on chattering as she found her new toy.

“Hehe, elder sister, you don’t know this but this is only considered a bit above average around here!” (May)

“So amazing!” (Momo)

We only shook our heads to this energetic Momo.

We all know that she didn’t really mean what she said. After all, we only spent about 15 years to transcend, and this was me holding back. If not, I would’ve transcended in a year.

In the [Mortal Continent], humans begin to cultivate around 10 years old, where their body is strong enough to gather qi. Of course, there are excemptions like Aqua who began at 7 years old and even she had only reached the 3rd level of [Beast Realm] after 10 years.

Here though, children can already gather qi around 5 years old! And their cultivation rate is naturally faster as they used the cultivation method of deities!

As a result, children around 7-12 is already in the [Beast Realm], 13-18 is at the [Spirit Realm] and naturally, after that is the [Deity Realm]. But even people from here found it dificult to advance from [Demigod Stage] to [God Stage] from the lack of resources and better cultivation method. Especially to small villages like this, hence, they're strongest is only at mid [God Stage].

This little May however, can still be counted as a genius here as she is only around 11 years old but already in the [Spirit Realm].

Before, I thought that people would stop aging after they reached the [Spirit Realm], but their body only age much slower compared to normal. Of course, dying from old age is no longer possible for them as they’re bodies are tougher than normal people.

Only when people reach the [Deity Realm] can they truly stop their body from aging. This is because they can use the divine sense to nurture their own bodies, therebody stoping the aging process.

To me though, I can already do this when I use [Daylight Body]. With the control of light constantly activating the cells in my body, I can also stop it from aging which was why I didn’t look to have aged much despite me supposedly being 36 years old now.

As for my hair, I simply didn’t bother with it. In fact, 90% of the men in this world have long hair as well so I didn’t mind it that much.

“Little May, what’s that dead tree over there for? Why haven’t you guys cut it yet?” (Momo)

We all looked over at the direction Momo was pointing at as see a dead tree without a single leaf on it. Curiously enough, it was actually placed in the middle of the village.

“You see, when before our village was created, chief still have his wife. This tree is his wife’s most precious tree! But after chief’s wife died…the tree also died! Now, this is all that’s left of it so chief forbid us from cutting it down!” (May)

That’s…an interesting story.

Though I doubt that it happened as she told it, what most likely happened is that there was simply no one who took care of the tree after the chief’s wife had passed. Naturally, it died as well.

As for why the chief himself didn’t continue to take care of it…I feel that there’s still something more to this. Maybe it even has to do with his poisoned status.

“I see, then little May, wanna see elder sis’ magic?” (Momo)

“Magic?” (May)

Little May tilted her head sideways and looked curiously at Momo as if it was the first time she heard the word.

“You see, magic is like this! [Nature’s Blessing]!” (Momo)

This is…magic of the [Nature] element like Aeran’s? Huh, I didn’t think Momo’s element is like this.

Momo placed his hand below her mouth and blew and green dots of light were blown towards the tree.

The green dots multipled and covered the whole tree. After a while, the light intensified causing the surrounding people to cover their eyes in reflex.

After we opened our eyes again, what a dead tree was before is now a beautifully grown cherry blossoms tree!

“Oh! I didn’t know that this tree is a sakura tree! It’s definetely my favorite!” (Momo)

Right, isn’t her in game name [Sakura]?

A sakura tree, or a cherry blossoms tree isn’t supposed to bloom all year round. But thanks to Momo’s magic, this one will now bloom forever.

“Waa! Amazing elder sister!” (May)

“Th-this is…” (Roch)

From the side, Roch who had heard the commotion huried forward and saw the now healthy tree, his eyes then began to be watered with tears.

“Ahh Risa…my dear…your tree is now healthy again!” (Roch)

Somehow, I feel that the situation is now escalating…Seeing this village chief filled with tears while staring at the sakura tree, we all looked over at Momo.

Momo only scratched her cheek and didn’t know what to do.

After a while, Roch appeared before Momo and kowtowed suddenly.

“This one is undoubtedly greatful for the young miss to heal my late wife’s most precious tree! No matter what the young miss wants, I, Roch Shi, shall do it without a shred of hesitation!” (Roch)

“E-eh…no, umm…there’s no need to bow so much. I was just showing off a bit.” (Momo)

…This girl actually said that she was only showing off…at least make a better excuse!

“Even so! I must repay the young miss for this!” (Roch)

“E-ehh…” (Momo)

Not knowing what to do, Momo directed her gaze to us. Only, we all have eyes that seem to say ‘This is your problem, not ours. Who told you to suddenly show off like that?’

However, seeing as Momo was about to cry ‘Traitors! Can’t even help your fellow earthling!’, we sighed and shook our heads.

“This, how about we go to the guest house first, then discuss later?” (Bram)

Roch nodded and lead us to the guest house.

Little May is still being carried by Momo and was very excited as she kept asking questions to Momo.

“Elder sis! Teach me how to do that!” (May)

“This is a bit hard…” (Momo)

“I’ll work hard!” (May)

“Uuuu…” (Momo)

It seems that only now did Momo regret what she did.

#We’ve only just arrive in the deity lands and we’re already in trouble…# (Lucas)

#How so?# (Bram)

#If word of a girl able to heal a dead tree while in the [Demigod Stage] gots out, we will be suspected for carying unfathomable treasures with us.# (Lucas)

#...True, after all, having a weird treasure that can heal a dead tree is more logical than having the powers to do it.# (Liza)

#Hehe, Momo might even get kidnapped and inspect every inch of her body.# (Xene)

Hearing something unexpectedly cruel, all of us looked towards the smiling Xene who looked like she wouldn’t harm a fly.

Momo on the other hand, suddenly shivered.

“Something wrong elder sis?” (May)

“N-no, nothing…” (Momo)

#Of course, it’s only a joke.# (Xene)

#X-Xene…# (Momo)

#Which might also be a possiblility. Hehe.# (Xene)

#G-guys! Help me!!!# (Momo)

#...No matter the case, silencing everyone in the village is the better choice.# (Terry)

Surprisingly, the quiet Terry spoke and his words are even crueler than Xene’s.

All of us looked solem and contemplated what he said. It’s true, that is indeed a better option.

#No need for that, this Roch is already indebted to Momo so a simple request should do right? Plus, if I also cure his poison, he’ll be even more indebted to us and wouldn’t make things more difficult.# (Lucas)

#That’s naïve thinking Lucas.# (Gabriel)

#True, but it’s not like we will also be troubled too much as well. I also have the [Lauwers Sect] badge so there shouldn’t be many who would make things difficult for us.# (Lucas)

#I guess, let’s just go with that. I also don’t feel like killing everyone here. Plus, if we did kill them and was somehow discovered, we will have an even troublesome problem.# (Bram)

After everyone had agreed, Momo breathed out a sigh of relief and we’ve reached the guest house.

The house is a simple two storey building with 10 rooms, a living room, 2 bathrooms, and a dining room. Kinda looked like a dorm house in [Earth].

Since we’re only staying for the night, we didn’t have any objections and simply chose our own rooms before meeting up in the livving room again.

“Now, may I know what the young miss wishes for me to do?” (Roch)

Momo looked at us for a brief moment, seeing as we all nodded to her, she looked back to Roch.

“There’s no need to thank me for something so simple. It will be good if you can keep this matter a secret.” (Momo)

“Just that?” (Roch)

At first, Roch was confused, then understood after thinking about it.

Roch is a smart person, naturally, he knew that the ability to heal a dead tree is not normal, and what’s normal will naturally be coveted by other people so it is better to keep it a secret.

“I understand, I will also talk to the others to not tell anyone about this matter. Is there anything else the young miss wants?” (Roch)

“Just keeping it a secret will do.” (Momo)

“Right, I see that you’re also poisoned by something, I have an antidote here for you that can cure any poison!” (Lucas)

Time to strike the iron while it’s hot!

The bigger the debt he owes us, the better the job he will do in keeping everything a secret!

I tossed one of the [Angel’s Blood] vials to Roch who caught it by surprise.

“This is…” (Roch)

“Don’t worry, it will definitely cure you!” (Momo)

Seeing as even Momo urged him, Roch drank the contents without hesitation.

Maybe he believed that if we wanted him dead, that will only be a simple matter so the contents of the vial can’t be any worse.

After drinking that one drop, the eyes of Roch lit up excitedly.

“I’m…I’m really cured!” (Roch)

Roch’s eyes became watery again as he mumbled.

“Mill…that bastard, after he killed my wife, I swore revenge! But he is simply too strong and even managed to poison me! When I returned, Risa’s tree had already died. I, Roch Shi, was only supposed to live for 10 more years! However, heaven has been kind to me! Not only has my wife’s tree been brought back to life, I was also cured of that bastard’s poison!” (Roch)

Then, he looked back to us and kowtowed three times.

“I, Roch Shi, am willing to do anything for the young masters and misses! No matter if it’s swimming through fire or treading a mountain of swords, I, Roch Shi, will do anything!” (Roch)

Seeing this resolute village chief, we all stared blankly then looked at each other.

It seems…that the effect we expected was met…actually, it was over effective.

“As Momo had said, we simply want to keep the matter of the tree a secret. As for the excuse…” (Bram)

“You can simply say that the [Lauwers Sect] is responsoble for this. No need to worry about using the [Lauwers Sect] name.” (Lucas)

I showed him the badge Lin gave me to assure him.

“S-so it’s like that. Then young master need not worry about it. There shouldn’t be anyone who will go against you if you show that badge.” (Roch)

“Better to be safe than sorry right?” (Lucas)

I merely shrugged and put the badge away. In the future, as long as it isn’t really needed, I shouldn’t use such a convinient thing to much.

“Alright, let’s first take a rest. Tomorrow, we’ll set out to find a city.” (Bram)

“Young masters, the capital city of our [Sword Crown Continent] is located north-west of here, by the side of the [Crown Sea], the [Crown City]. Young masters should find that place very satisfying.” (Roch)

“[Crown City] it is then!” (Bram)

[Crown Sea] should be the huge sea in the middle huh? Hmm…I wonder what a city of the deities is like?

After that, we all went back to our rooms while Roch and May went back to their houses as well.

Instead of sleeping for the day, I prepared to cultivate instead. After all, sleep isn’t that needed anymore to us in the [Deity Realm].

“Lucas, in the end, how did that Momo girl do that just now? You should know, even to us sovereigns, bringing a dead tree back to life is not a simple matter!” (El)

“That was [Nature Magic]. Just one of the many magic under the [Nature] element. You have no idea, but I know a girl who can turn every tree in the world into tree monsters!” (Lucas)

…Or so I think…

“T-that powerful!?” (El)

“Right, magic is omnipotent. We just haven’t discovered its full use. Maybe we can even create…huh…” (Lucas)

I think…maybe…I can now fully master the [Elemental Enchantment]!

Every time, for me to fully master them, a new elemental spell is created. So in order to break through this one, I must think of a new elemental spell.

When I create earth out of thin air, it always appears like any normal rock. But…why must it be so?

Can it be that iron is not part of the earth? Are ores not part of the earth?

…Can it be possible that I can alter the type of [Earth] that appears?

Let’s try something simple first. Iron! Iron(Fe)’s atomic structure, if I’m not wrong is like this…

In my mind, I try to remember the structure of the element. After visualizing it in my mind, I activated the spell.


What appeared above my hand was no longer earthen rock, but instead, it was an iron ore! More importantly, it’s composed purely of iron without any mixed elements!


You have learned a new skill, (Passive) [Earth Creation] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)!

You have found another way to use [Gi]! [Gi] has been replaced with [Earth Creation]!
Now, you are able to create all sorts of mineral after knowing its components and atomic structure!

…Well shit!

“%$^&*%&^!!!???” (El)

This…as long as I can figure out their atomic structure and components, aren’t I like God now? Like, a real one! I can create everything!

Gold! Diamond! Ores! Lots of precious ores! And I don’t need to mine them! Mwahahahahahaha!!!

But…how am I supposed to know the atomic structure and components of mystical ores like the ones in this world!? They simple break all logic!

Forget it, I’ll just find a way in the future…more importantly, my [Earth Enchantment] is still not maxed!

Sigh…I guess this isn’t the path for that huh?

Alright, let’s try the other elements.

For water, I simply made salt water and the skill was created.

For fire, I made a blue fire by altering the amount of oxygen.

For wind, I made noble gas elements like helium and such.

For light, I simply altered the colors of it. Light is made from a rainbow of colors combined, by removing or altering one will already change the light and its color. Like this, I may be even able to be completely invisible!

For darkness…are there even different kinds of it? Shadow? How the hell is it any different from normal darkness!? How about dark matter?...Nah, I don’t even understand it, how am I supposed to create it? Since I can’t think of any, I simply let it be for now.

Anyway…this is really OP huh?

The only problem is, the farther the element is from the original or default one, the higher the mana consumption is. Just the iron ore earlier already took 1/8 of my mana pool. And that’s a lot.

Still…is ketchup a part of the water element? Since it’s liquid? But I dunno the components of it…it would be great if I can create ketchup out of nothing. That way, I don’t have to worry about hotdog stands running out of ketchup! FREE KETCHUP!!!

“Lucas you…you are simply no longer human…” (El)

“Hey, I’m still human. Look at my status, see the race? It’s [Human]!” (Lucas)

“But common sense simply doesn’t work on you!” (El)

“I don’t wanna hear that from someone who is trapped inside my body!” (Lucas)

“At least you can explain my situation logically! But you…your elemetal creation magic already surpass the abilities of a sovereign!” (El)

“That’s because I’m awesome!” (Lucas)

Well, even I didn’t know about this until now! And I only tried it on a whim! Even I’m surprised at the omnipotence of magic!

Anyway, let’s ignore this noisy girl for now…even if I can create elements, how is that supposed to help me defeat stronger people?

What I can create are elements from our world, [Earth]! I simply can’t understand the ores of this world! Am I supposed to use diamond to go against mystical ores of [Zoulang]!?

What I can only do for now…is get stronger in terms of cultivation!

After that, I’ll be even stronger! And stronger! And stronger!

So strong, that nobody will ever dare to hurt the people I care about!

Author's Notes

Author's Notes

So...turns out that OJT was a no go. Now, I have a lot of free time...I'll try posting 2 chaps a week, if not, I'm sure I can do once a week.

So...yeah...not much to say...

Till the next chapter!

P.S.: I'll do the tables some other time...
P.S.2: ...I have a feeling there's alot of typos here....
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