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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 4: Evil Sect?
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: February 12th, 2016

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Chapter 4: Evil Sect?

Morning came and everyone left their rooms.

To us practitioners, sleep is really unnecessary to us as our body and mind are already resting when cultivating. Those who sleep are merely those who wanted to take a break in cultivating or just plain lazy.

Of course, in my case, since Vil and Fen didn’t attempt to do anything this night, I naturally had to use this time to properly cultivate while they sleep…As for the two of them, they are really too lazy to cultivate and would only do so when they felt like it.

Eating is also unnecessary since we can use our divine sense to continuously nourish our bodies, but since there’s a chef in our team, we were forced to eat anyways. Xene can be really persuasive…

“Damn, this is really delicious!” (Bram)

“As expected of Xe-Nee! It’s like having a movable first class restaurant!” (Momo)

Nee-san is commonly used in Japan when calling and elder sister and it can also be used as a suffix, on this case, Momo used a play of words and came up with this nickname. Well, Xene didn’t seem to mind it but none of us used that nickname as it feels weird coming from a non-Japanese.

Still, Xene’s food are really delicious, compared to my random cooking, the difference is like heaven and earth!

In fact, even El is drooling just by looking at it.

“Ughh! Dammit! Let me out! Let me out! I also want a taste!!!” (El)

Needless to say, I ignored her and just continued to enjoy our meal.

After a while, we finished eating breakfast and went out to visit the village chief, Roch Shi, to inform him that we’ll be leaving immediately since there isn’t anything for us here.

When Roch heard it, he showed a reluctant face before finally sighing and nodding.

It seems that he wanted to prepare a banquet to celebrate the rebirth of the sakura tree but after remembering that their involvement should be kept a secret, he figured there shouldn’t be a need for it.

Afterwards, little May came and hugged Momo for a while before reluctantly parting.

Just like that, our little episode in this small village ended without much suspense. To us, this was simply us passing by. But never would we have expected that, years from now, our names and figures will still be engraved deeply in this [Stone Village] but that another story.

We continued to travel the continent heading north-west, to the direction of the capital city, [Crown City]!

Since there is land right now, we didn’t always use our flying swords to fly, at times, we would take a break and enjoy strolling the grasslands.

The route we chose to reach [Crown City] is a simple straight route. After leaving [Stone Village], we arrived at a wide grassland where a few beasts live simply.

If in the [Mortal Continent], there exists the monsters known as demonic beasts, here, though there are also demonic beasts which haven’t transcended into the [Deity Realm], there are also an even more troublesome monsters that does not have a humanoid form even though they have a strength equal to that of a deity.

These are the ferocious beasts, or to some, they are called fero-beasts.

These fero-beasts are divided into three ranks. [Devil], [Demon], and [Hell] rank. Likewise, they accordingly have the strength of a [Demigod], [God], and [Highgod] stage of the [Deity Realm]. But it is also known that fero-beasts are two levels stronger than their counterpart deity.

For example, an early [Devil] rank fero-beast is equal to that of a late [Demigod Stage] deity. Naturally, a peak [Hell] rank fero-beast is stronger than a peak [Highgod Stage] deity.

Since Bram and the others talked to uncle more than me, I asked Bram and the others if it is safe, they explained that there shouldn’t be a problem because uncle and the other supreme highgods always spread out their subordinates in locating early [Hell] rank fero-beast in order to kill them while they can.

They also naturally give out missions in their territories to hunt these fero-beasts and give out high rewards.

Having determined that it is safe, I breathed a sigh of relief and casually continued our journey.

So far, we haven’t met any fero-beasts in the grasslands, only non-deity demonic beasts so there wasn’t any problem.

After a day of traveling, we arrived at the edge of the grasslands and saw a thick forest in front of us.

Before leaving, Roch has already explained to us various things we will encounter.

This forest is known as [Greenwood Forest]. And yes, the tree trunks are really green instead of brown…

When I used [Wood Appraisal] on it, it says it’s called [Greenwood Tree Wood]…I really want to yell how unreasonably lazy this name is but didn’t know exactly who to yell at so I can only shout in my heart…STOP BEING LAZY YOU DAMN AUTHOR!

After getting it out of my system, I looked at its description and durability.

Unlike normal wood, this is actually a very sturdy one! Normal wood has a durability of 30 but this one has 400! More than ten times the durability!

Then again, it’s still not as tough as the weird ores in this world that has at least 600 durability…on the other hand, this is more flexible than those ores so it would make a great bow. As if it’s natural, I cut down a few [Greenwood Trees] at the edge of the forest while the others looked at me weirdly.

After cutting down a dozen or so trees, I placed them all in my interspatial ring. Including the leaves for me to experiment in pill making.

So far, my pill making and array knowledge is still limited. In arrays, I only used qi to make them. Only by using divine sense will I be able to bring forth an array’s true power. As for pill making, I naturally can’t use ingredients that cannot be found in the [Mortal Continent]. Plus, I don’t have any alchemic fire so I also can’t bring out the true potency of the pills I made.

Alchemic fire can only be found in special places in the deity lands. There was only one such mention of it in Devan Shan’s journal, and that has already been refined by him. After his death, the alchemic flame will remain in his body where I can go and take it. But after asking Mei about the tomb’s location and getting there, I didn’t find any alchemic flame. Most likely, it has already been taken by someone else so I can only use my flames instead.

When I experimented before, mana-infused flames and qi-infused flames brought about different results.

When I use mana flames, I felt as if the pill is a part of me. But when I use qi flames, I felt as if the pill is one with the world.

This proved that my speculation of mana being an essence of one’s self, and qi being an essence of the world is true.

If this is so, what is divine sense?

Surprisingly, it is stored in the soul…could it be the essence of the soul?

Forget it, it is useless to think about these things now. I’ll naturally understand more the stronger I get.

Anyway, Roch had already warned us to be careful in the [Greenwood Forest] as there will be fero-beasts lurking here from now on.

We could just fly over it but after so long of simply traveling, all of us are itching for a fight. Plus, if we fly, we could meet some flying fero-beasts, in that case, we will simply be at the disadvantage as we have no experience in air fights.


Sure enough, we’ve already heard a roar of a beast! And judging from its aura, it is definitely not a demonic beast!

“Be careful, it’s a peak [Devil] rank fero-beast!” (Momo)

“[Three Headed Ape]! Its left head spits out flammable poisonous gas while its right head shoots lightning in its eyes and the center head’s roar has a stunning effect! Just this one monkey can do a coordinated attack that can kill us all!” (Lucas)

“The fur is also tough enough to be fire proof so avoid using fire or lightning based attacks!” (Liza)

Though it was obvious that fire may not work on it, Liza’s precaution of not using lightning based attacks is because one of its head can use lightning as well and there may be a chance that not only will lightning not work, but it may also strengthen it.

Momo, Liza and I have the [Enemy Appraisal] skill, but even that doesn’t show every detail so we can only take caution.

Plus, this guy’s a peak [Devil] rank fero beast so he is at least equal to mid [God Stage] and may be possibly equal to late [God Stage] deity!

The strongest amongst us is only at mid [Demigod Stage] so we cannot be careless in this fight. Luckily, all of us here are used to fighting opponents that are stronger than us so none of us panicked. Instead,

we’re all very excited.

This may be the first time we worked as a team, but I’m sure there wouldn’t be a problem. Though I’m not that used to team play with others, Bram is, so all I need to do is follow his lead.

Bram is, after all, the guild leader of the largest guild in the world or so I heard. His leadership skill definitely surpasses mine.

“Gabriel will be our main tank, Xene and Terry will be our main attacker, Me, Momo, and Liza will support from behind. Lucas, make sure the enemy remains in a single area and not let it escape or roam free. Also, can you do something about that poison gas?” (Bram)

“Already on it. [Angel’s Domain]!” (Lucas)

Bram and the others only knew that I have the [Angel’s Blood], not how I got it so he merely asked in case he also has a way to counteract this poison gas.

Borrowing the cultivation of my [Earth] body, I can stretch my domain up to around 20 meters around me. That’s more than enough to cover everyone while fighting. Like this, the poison gas won’t be a problem
at all. Of course, we still need to take care not to ignite it.

Thought I will be fine being surrounded by fire, the others wouldn’t. And even if they aren’t hurt by it, it will still obstruct them while fighting.

“Haha, good! Good! I was beginning to worry about our party not having any healers! Like this, we wouldn’t have to waste divine sense in healing ourselves.” (Bram)

“Wow, it feels very comfortable all of a sudden!” (Momo)

“The [Three Headed Ape] has arrived! Everyone, be careful!” (Gabriel)

Gabriel’s fur and armor shone a golden light all of a sudden, this should be a [Paladin] skill, [Heaven’s Body] that buffs STR, SPD, and VIT by 50% for 2 minutes!

Afterwards, all of our body was similarly enfolded with a golden light, [Heaven’s Bless]! With this, all of our stats are increased by 10% for 5 minutes!

Momo also started to activate spells on us, [Fire Aura] which reduces fire damage by 30% for a minute, [Wind Boots] which increases SPD by 20% for a minute, and [Earth Armor] to Gabriel to reduce physical damage by 30%!

Terry also started to buff himself. He stomped hard on the ground and his body was instantly covered with an earthen yellow aura, [War God’s Might] to increase his STR by 30%!

Xene’s body was engulfed with a reddish aura and a surge of killing intent flowed without restraint around her. [Berserker] skill, [Raging God’s Berserk]! This will add 30% to her STR as well and a 70% chance of inflicting [Fear] to the opponent.

Liza’s figure flickered and she disappeared. This should be an [Assassin] stealth skill, [Shadow Hide]. Right now, her image is hidden to everyone while she hides herself in a good vantage point.

A pale bluish light shone around Bram’s body, covering him like another layer of skin. This is the [Gunslinger] skill, [Maximum Point]. This raises his DEX by a shocking 90%! Under this skill, there is absolutely no chance that he will miss.

Seeing that everyone has buffed themselves by at least S rank or higher skills, it made me really appreciate having high leveled party members.

Since they’re like this, I can’t slack off now can I?

[Dragon’s Wrath]!

Black mist gathered around me, the killing intent around me surpassed even that of Xene’s [Raging God’s Berserk]!

Suddenly, everyone looked at me in surprise.

“? What? I also can’t show off?” (Lucas)

“Haha, what showing off? Rather, though I’ve seen it in the movies, actually, seeing it is really something else.” (Bram)

“Yeah, you look really scary right now.” (Momo)

“…Then why are you showing an amused smile?” (Lucas)

“Eeh, look! The monkey’s already here!” (Momo)

As if to avoid the subject, Momo pointed towards a towering figure in front of us.

In truth, the [Three Headed Ape] got here pretty fast, though the activation of the buffs took a while to explain, it all happened simultaneously at a fraction of a second!

Looking at the [Three Headed Ape], it really looks very intimidating. If we were normal people, we would’ve been afraid shitless right now. However, I dare say that everyone of us here already has our fair share of adventures and life threatening scenarios. To me, Denneth is even scarier than this big ape.

“Human brats, you actually dare to call this King a monkey!?” (Monkey)

“Well, [Three Headed Ape] is a really long name. Monkey’s definitely simpler.” (Gabriel)

Gabriel, our tank, started taunting the monkey.

“Wolf brat! You’re just a puny mid [Demigod Stage] deity! My fart’s enough to kill you!” (Monkey)

“What fart? Don’t you mean your bad breath? I heard that your breath’s really nasty!” (Gabriel)

“Hehe, that’s true. Why don’t you have a try!?” (Monkey)

Uwah, this monkey is completely under Gabriel’s pace.

The monkey’s left head breathed a pale green mist carrying a deathly odor. Normally, whatever this mist touches will immediately die. That includes the trees and grass around us. However, nothing happened and the pale green mist simply lingered in the air.

“W-what!?” (Monkey)

Taking advantage of the monkey’s surprise, Gabriel charged forth and brandished his bastard sword while maintaining his shield with the other hand.

Realizing that he was played, the monkey was immediately angered and roared as he swung his fist downwards. Gabriel simply raised his shield on his left hand upwards and continued his attack, as if he didn’t care about the monkey’s attack as long as it didn’t hit his body directly.

Gabriel’s bastard sword chopped towards the monkey’s left foot, giving a long wound but not deep enough.

“Tch, monkey, your flesh is really tough!” (Gabriel)

Though Gabriel wasn’t content, the monkey was actually surprised! This mid [Demigod Stage] actually managed to wound him!

While he was still shocked, the two main attackers of our party moved on both sides, Xene taking the left while Terry took the right.

“[Asura Rush]!” (Xene)

Xene jumped and reached the head level of the monkey as she slashed relentlessly towards the monkey. Behind her, a seemingly transparent figure of a man with thousand arms also slashed repeatedly.

This looked like a [Berserker] skill called [Asura Slash] but…it seems that Xene figured a way to combine a martial technique to this skill, creating not a slash worth a thousand arms, but a rush attack of a thousand arms!

The monkey still looked surprised, but with his countless years of experience, it still managed to think clearly while in this state.

He used the right head’s ability to stun with a roar. With this, everyone who heard his roar will stiffen up so it should stop this crazy woman’s weird attack and he can crush her!

But…it was truly unfortunate that he faced me, after all, I have [Silent Room]!

The monkey found it weird why Xene didn’t stop at all! Without hesitation, he rotated his body to dodge wholeheartedly.

He knows that one of them can injure him, what’s to say that the others cannot?

Sadly, the direction where he dodged has already been covered by Terry.

With a howl, Terry jumped and rotated his body as he swung his right fist towards the monkey’s chest!


A loud dull sound rang out, the monkey’s face paled and took a few steps back unconsciously which repositioned himself back to Xene’s range of attack!


Enraged that he was repeatedly injured and unable to fight back, the monkey roared and shot lighting in his center head’s eyes which ignited the poison gas that was still lingering around.

With a boom, the whole area exploded and massive flames covered everyone.

This time, the monkey was sure that he killed every one of us but…it truly is a pity.

I’m still unharmed while the rest had light injuries which was immediately healed while under my [Angel’s Domain].

I can naturally choose which to heal and which I wouldn’t heal so in this battlefield, only the monkey was injured.

“Y-you you…!?” (Monkey)

This time, the monkey was thoroughly surprised.

Without even giving him a chance to react, Liza, who was hiding somewhere, began to attack.

A loud bang sounded and the monkey’s head suddenly jerked to the side. It seems that Liza took out a sniper rifle.

Alas, this monkey’s flesh is really too hard! Even that headshot didn’t go so deep. However, this gave the monkey a deep feeling of fear.

Surprisingly, there was still another weird human that can injure him this greatly!

This monkey has been living arrogantly throughout his life. He has fully conquered the [Greenwood Forest] with his might and was determined that nothing can stop him.

Naturally, he wouldn’t think that our human group is a threat at all, I bet that he didn’t even use divine sense to scout the area and simply used his eyes thinking that killing us isn’t a problem.

However, he is now sure that our group has the capability to kill him and it is only a matter of time.

Four of us can already injure him! And the remaining three have yet to move!

Just as the monkey was thinking of fleeing, Momo started to move.

Momo formed hand seals and stared directly in the monkey’s eyes.

[Ninja] skill, [Illusion of the Forest]!

Right now, what the monkey should be seeing is that he is being surrounded by countless leaves. And what he sees next, even I wouldn’t know.

“Y-you! How can there be so many of you!?” (Monkey)

Ah, it seems he is seeing an army illusion of us.

The monkey threw caution at the wind and simply started to wreak havoc.

He roared continuously and shot lightning with his eyes while brandishing both his huge arms. Of course, they’re only hitting empty spaces.

Ah, not good! He’s running around!

I completely forgot my role…oh well, it’s time I do it.

My body flickered and immediately arrived in front of the monkey where I thrusted a palm strike on the monkey’s chest.

[Implosion Palm]!


The monkey coughed out some blood and staggered backwards.

Next, Bram took out two pistols and aimed towards the monkey’s head and waited for him to turn around.

As soon as it did, successive gunshots rang out. If one were to look in slow motion, he would be able to see that every bullet was lined up perfectly and aimed precisely at the monkey’s three sets of eyes!

After the first set of bullets drilled through the eyes, the second set followed and drilled even further, then the next, then the next.

This way, no matter how tough the monkey’s flesh is, his head will still be pierced through!

Silence filled the air as the last set of bullets passed through behind the monkey’s head.


The monkey’s body fell and now motionless.

So pitiful, didn’t even have a chance to put up a fight.

“Hm, looks like peak [Devil] rank fero-beasts aren’t much after all.” (Gabriel)

“There isn’t anyone in [Zoulang] that can perform magic like we did. However, we truly did overestimate it. Sigh, I felt that those numerous high rank buffs we did were completely pointless.” (Bram)

“What are you saying, even with those buffs, we only injured him. We only won since we caught it unprepared. Plus, thanks to Momo’s illusion skill, you were able to get that clear shot.” (Lucas)

“That’s true. We rely on our unfathomable magic, which was the reason why we won so easily. This is why it should remain as our trump cards and not use it unless necessary.” (Liza)

“I agree, this time, we activated high rank spells from the start. If this monkey was able to escape, it would be hard for us to fight him a second time where he is prepared.” (Terry)

“Haah, I thought we were finally going to have a challenge! Let’s go look for [Demon] rank next!” (Momo)

“Hmm, I wonder what a fero-beast tastes like after I cook it?” (Xene)

…These two…

The five of us looked at each other and simply shook our heads. Afterwards, we helped Xene in butchering the monkey so she can use it as ingredient.

The head was chopped off and placed in Gabriel’s interspatial ring. It should be able to sell for quite a bit. I may be rich in the [Mortal Continent], but the currency here is in divine stones not qi stones so we’re all broke.

I also kept the blood for alchemic experiments. The fur, bones, claws, and teeth was also kept by me as I was the only one who can use it to smith weapons or armors.

It was decided that if we didn’t get enough money from the monkey’s head, we would also sell the armors and weapons I made using those materials.

None of us wanted to keep them since the weapons in our possession are stronger and more familiar. Plus, I also think that the product I make with just these materials won’t be much.

“Alright, come on. We just ate a while ago so we’ll eat monkey meat later on.” (Bram)

“Buu.” (Xene)

Xene pouted unhappily but still followed because she knew that it would indeed be pointless to cook now so she can only fight the urge to experiment.

After fighting that monkey, there isn’t any fero-beasts that are as challenging so we simply rotated on who will kill the next fero-beast alone for training. Teaming up was simply bullying after all and we also didn’t get much experience.

After five days, we finally left the [Greenwood Forest] and arrived at the next area. After this, we should arrive in [Crown City].

In front of us is a rocky area with two mountains on both sides. This should be the [Twin Peak Mountains]. Just beyond these mountains is the [Crown City].

“This place doesn’t seem as fun as the [Greenwood Forest]. As I see it, let’s just fly above it.” (Momo)

We all looked at each other and nodded.

It’s true, there wasn’t really any necessary reason why we should continue on foot after all.

Like that, we all stepped on our flying swords and flew.

A, uneventful day passed. By this time, we can already see the silhouette of [Crown City] in the distance but we are still far away.

Just seeing [Crown City] from this distance, it is already pretty big. It should definitely a lot bigger up close.

“The scale of everything in this world truly baffles me…” (Gabriel)

“It’s probably because the people of this world have superhuman strength. Not to mention they can also teleport…” (Lucas)

“That’s true…then does that mean our world will soon be overcrowded if we implement this world’s cultivation there?” (Gabriel)

“At that time…they should start figuring out a way to live in Mars haha.” (Lucas)

“Well, with magic technology and cultivation, maybe it will really be possible for people to live in Mars someday.” (Bram)

Everyday, we only continued to have idle talks like this as there wasn’t much to do at all.

However, that changed on the third day.

“Guys. There are people below us.” (Momo)

Looking over at the direction Momo was pointing at, there are indeed a couple of people. What’s more, it seems that there is a fight.

“Ah, bandits…I regret listening to Momo saying that we should just fly to save time. If we walked on the ground, we could’ve encountered bandits and play with them!” (Bram)

“Play…oi.” (Lucas)

“Muu…If I had known, I wouldn’t suggest it as well!” (Momo)

“…Seriously guys?” (Lucas)

“Well, it is indeed more interesting than doing nothing. Forget it, let’s watch.” (Gabriel)

“Eh? We aren’t going to save them? I thought we’re supposed to be [Heroes]?” (Momo)

“hey, we don’t even know which of them is the bandits and which isn’t! Plus, for all we know, the ones being attacked may be the reason why those bandits became bandits. In this case, this will just be a personal matter of revenge. We have no right to interfere.” (Bram)

I merely shrugged my shoulders and watched with them from above.

It’s true that one can’t judge a book by its cover. Before, I slaughtered a whole village which, in the surface, looks like a normal village. But actually, it was a whole village of bandits that constantly raid other villages to steal and plunder!

Looking below, we can clearly see the two sides.

One group was guarding a carriage while the other is attacking the guards. The most powerful only had a cultivation of mid [God Stage] while the least had a cultivation of early [Demigod Stage].

The mid [God Stage] is on the side of the attacking while the early [Demigod Stage] is inside the carriage together with another person who is at the early [God Stage]. I only wonder why this one isn’t together with the other guards fighting instead and simply hiding in the carriage.

It can’t be that this person is the last line of defense because if it truly came to that, with the mid [God Stage] and the others that would remain alive, it would simply be impossible to protect that early [Demigod Stage].

Excluding the two inside the carriage, there are 5 guards and 8 bandits remaining alive.

“Master! Young Miss! We won’t be able to hold for much longer! Hurry and make a run for it!”

One of the guards yelled. Immediately after, the carriage opened and revealed two figures.

The early [Demigod Stage] is a middle age looking man wearing noble clothing. His light blue hair was kept nicely and his beard was also groomed neatly. However, his face shows nervousness and anxiousness which weren’t directed to himself, but to the other person beside him.

The early [God Stage] is a teenage girl with a short light blue hair and a slender figure and a face that can be said to ranked pretty high. Though her chest wasn’t developed and is like a flat board…anyway! This girl is actually an early [God Stage]! She is definitely a genius even from this world’s standards.

Her expression was deadpan but still had a trace of worry on it as well as hesitation.

Judging from their appearance and how the guard called them, these two should be relatives. Maybe even father and daughter which would explain the man’s expression.

The man cared for the girl so he wanted her to escape, however, he didn’t have the power to protect her if the bandits were to gain on them.

The girl was hesitating whether to let the man escape by himself and help the guards to stall for time or she could run with the man and leave the battlefield. As a genius, she still has her pride after all.

Seeing as the scene was in a deadlock, I turned towards Bram and the others.

#Are we still watching?# (Lucas)

#Ehh fine. Forget it. Let’s go and help. Who wants to fight the mid [God Stage] over there?# (Bram)

#You go do it Lucas. Isn’t it your role to save a damsel in distress? Hehe.# (Momo)

#Hey, I don’t always do that!# (Lucas)

After I said that, they all looked at me in doubt as if I said something unbelievable.

#...Fine, maybe I did. But that doesn’t mean I’ll always do it!# (Lucas)

“…Don’t contradict yourself Lucas.” (El)

“Even you El!?” (Lucas)

“What? I dare say that I know you better than these guys! Plus, aren’t you also willing to save me, the damsel in distress?” (El)

“…Which part of you is a da-” (Lucas)

“AAH!?” (El)

“-aaandy! Dandy! Right, you aren’t a dandy! I said nothing!” (Lucas)

After a moment of hesitation, I sighed and finally nodded.

“Let’s just finish this…” (Lucas)

I jumped from the flying sword, grabbed it, and dived straight from above that mid [God Stage]!


A few meters upon contact, the mid [God Stage] bandit looked up and immediately dodged to the side.

I wasn’t expecting much from that surprise attack so I was already aware of what to do next.


Immediately after teleporting to the side of the mid [God Stage], I slashed towards him and made a deep cut on his shoulder.

Afterwards, the mid [God Stage] gritted his teeth and delivered a palm strike to my chest.

The palm strike hit and my body was blown a few meters away.

I thought that his palm strike wouldn’t do much to me so I didn’t put much guard, unexpectedly, he actually delivered a soul attack!

I felt a surge of energy moving towards my soul, however, it immediately dissipated before reaching it. Thank god that I have a late [God Stage] soul cultivation…

I looked back at the mid [God Stage] with hatred and irritation.

[7 Illusory Steps – 1st Step: Pause Step]!

The world froze as I took the time determining my path. As soon as my foot landed, my figure disappeared and reappeared on the lower right side of the mid [God Stage] bandit.

[7 Illusory Steps – 2nd Step: Flash Step]!

There was no need to continue after this, I only used up to the second step to instantly appear near him.

[Sunset Sword]!

Instead of using an actual sword, I used a chop instead.

Cold air surrounded me and the mid [God Stage]. At this moment, the mid [God Stage] felt as if he was touched by death itself as shivers run down his spine.

Added to that my [One to be Feared] title as I stare coldly at his eyes, his scalps went numb and really did feel death approaching.

Even though it should be impossible for an early [Demigod Stage] to kill him, he was unable to think calmly at all.

Let’s add more fuel to the fire! [Terror Stare]!

Immediately, the face of the mid [God Stage] paled in fright and his whole body was drenched in sweat.

He can only stand there and wait for my hand to pierce his heart.

After a few seconds, his body fell motionless on the ground. The fighting on both side stopped as they all stared at me with stupefied expressions.

There wasn’t even time for them to say anything when six more figures descended and instantly killed every bandit.

“Nice one Lucas. Definitely a knight in shining armor.” (Bram)

“Ugh…this isn’t going away anytime sooner would it?” (Lucas)

Damn these guys! If you’re that bored, go do something other than making fun of me!

“Now now, go greet the damsel in distress mister hero.” (Momo)

I glared at Momo before sighing and just went along with it.

Looking at the two people who were in the carriage a moment ago, they also looked back and walked towards me.

“Umm…right, are you guys alright?” (Lucas)

…It is really weird to say this line with Bram and the others watching me…

“Yes, it’s all thanks to the young hero. My name is Jarrod Lan. Might I ask what the young hero’s name is?” (Jarrod)

“Eh? What, don’t listen to these guys. No need to call me young hero. Just call me Lucas.” (Lucas)

“Hehe, the hero is embarrassed~” (Momo)

“Damnit Momo, if you’re calling me a hero, aren’t you one too!?” (Lucas)


“No no, how can I compare to the legendary [White Haired Hero]? I didn’t save an entire race from slavery, I didn’t fight against a Great Dragon, I also didn’t save a princess from the hands of a wretched king, and also didn’t save a queen from a conspiracy as well as save a fairy who is in the brink of death by taking in the poison myself and also didn’t save an underground princess from the underground battles. I’m definitely not half the hero you are! Haha!” (Momo)

I looked at Momo with wide eyes and slack jaws. Unexpectedly, this girl just summarized almost everything that I did in a single sentence! Though not complete, it’s still annoying!

“You…how did you even know that underground princess thing!?” (Lucas)

She should be talking about Steph and the mafia business right?

“Ehh, I also have connections in that part of the world.” (Momo)

“Connections?” (Lucas)

“Ah! I suddenly remember to loot the things of that guy! Laters~” (Momo)

…She ran away!

What the hell…she’s definitely hiding something…

Whatever, I’ll deal with this later.

I turned back to Jarrod and gave a wry smile.

“Sorry about that. Just ignore everything that idiot said just now.” (Lucas)

“Haha, I never knew the young hero actually had such accomplishments!” (Jarrod)

“Aaand he’s not listening…” (Lucas)

Sighing as I shook my head, I turned to look at the girl who looked around 15 years old only to find that she’s being cuddled from behind by Xene…why are the girls in our group are so weird?

“…I suddenly have this feeling of stabbing you from behind…” (Liza)

“!?” (Lucas)

I didn’t even notice that Liza was already behind me.

Eh? I didn’t even say anything! Please don’t stab me unless you really did read my mind!

“Fufu, look, isn’t she adorable? No matter how I repeatedly pinch her cheek, she doesn’t show any emotions at all! So cute!” (Xene)

All of us were speechless.

There are numerous things we would’ve pointed out but in the end, no one had the courage to say anything. After all, it isn’t good to anger this one girl. Plus, she is in charge of our cooking.

Once, Gabriel said something unconsciously that angered her, on our meal after that, he was fed with something that looked incredibly delicious but is definitely not edible.

“Ahem, this is my daughter, Janae Lan. She is currently a disciple of [Frozen Heart Sect]…which would explain her appearance.” (Jarrod)

“? What do you mean?” (Lucas)

“Ah? You don’t know? It is well known that the [Frozen Heart Sect] is considered as paradise to a certain type of people and hell to the other type.” (Jarrod)

All of us looked at each other with raised eyebrows, unable to understand.

“Do you mean…since the [Frozen Heart Sect] is an all-girls sect, it is hell to gays but a paradise to normal men?” (Gabriel)

“No no no…though that is indeed true, but that’s not what I mean. The thing is…the cultivation method of the [Frozen Heart Sect] is very mysterious and unique. Once you practice it, your…excess fat will all be excreted and most unneeded emotions would also be removed.” (Jarrod)

That would indeed explain the deadpan expression but…was that all?

I was still unable to understand what Jarrod meant when Gabriel suddenly widened his eyes as if he just received enlightenment.

“It…it’s like that!?” (Gabriel)

“Sigh…sadly, yes…” (Jarrod)

“Sadly…truly…it is sad. Arrghh! I can’t understand! How can such an evil sect exist!?” (Gabriel)

Aside from Jarrod, all of us looked weirdly at Gabriel, still unable to understand.

“S-such a sect exists!? It was a good thing I was born in the sovereign lands…” (El)

“What? El? What do you mean?” (Lucas)

Before El could answer, Bram had also asked Gabriel.

“Her breast! Her cultivation turned her into a flat board!” (Gabriel)


Author's Notes

So...I did say I'm going to make a twist somehow regarding the [Frozen Heart Sect] thing. One commenter said I should make them all traps and I did consider it...but I guess it's too much for me so I just settled with this. Imagine a whole sect, full of beautiful kuudere girls...but they're all flat! Haha!

There's also a small preview of some things regarding alchemy and arrays here but I'll add more details when Lucas does it in another chapter.

Next chapter! You will see alot of familiar characters! Who they are, you will have to find out!

Till the next chapter!

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