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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 10: Against the Gods!
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: April 5th, 2016

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Chapter 10: Against the Gods!


“Wha-!?” (Crow)

Just as Crow was thinking that Lucas no longer has a fighting chance, a roar erupted from him that caused shockwaves powerful enough to push him back!

The remaining [Death Eaters] and the other spectators were also shocked, thinking how is it possible for him to power-up that abruptly.

“Master!” (Vil)

“AaaAAAAHHhhHH-!!!!” (Lucas)

Vil tried to go near Lucas to calm him down but Lucas was already drowned in his own rage too much.

Black mist started to converge around Lucas, creating a demonic aura that contains tremendous amount of killing intent.

“Is this…also demonic sense?” (Davy)

“…No…this is different…I can feel it…this is something way more dangerous!” (Steeve)

“…Oh no…” (Bram)

“What? Bram, Lin, do you guys know what’s happening to Lucas?” (David)

Seeing Bram and the others’ expression, David figured that they know something after seeing the black mist.

“This…everyone knows about Lucas’ skill as it was shown in his movie. [Dragon’s Wrath]. As the name suggests...the angrier he gets, the stronger he is, only…” (Bram)

“…Only, he loses himself…” (Lin)

David wasn’t the only one listening, the others that are watching are also listening as they wanted to know how something like this happened.

To the [Zoulang] residents, they figured that [Dragon’s Wrath] might be Lucas’ innate ability, but the [Death Eaters] knew better and their faces fell.

“What…isn’t that skill only supposed to power up a little? This…” (Volf)

“Indeed…we miscalculated that skill’s power…” (Skull)

“No good, we need to save Crow!” (Volf)

As they thought this, they started moving towards Crow to assist him but this time, it’s the [Gatekeeper’s] turn to block them!

Because they also know…that despite Lucas being unable to control himself, they knew that the object of his anger is Lucas’ first target!

After that person is eliminated…well, they’ll start to think of ways to snap out Lucas. Until then, they need to let him wreak havoc!

“Bastards!” (Volf)

“I won’t allow you guys to pass through!” (Bram)

“You think you can hold us!? I haven’t even used my other job’s skills before!” (Skull)

Suddenly, Skull pulled out a huge sword!

Right…the skull helm…the skeleton like armor…if you take a good look at it, it’s actually knight armor!

Meaning, his [Necromancer] job was the only thing he revealed before! Now, he reveals his other job!

“Hmph! I may be unable to defeat Crow…but you guys…are not on the same league! [Hell Fire’s Circle]!” (Brandon)

As Brandon appeared, black flames appeared around the [Death Eaters]. At first, they think it was no different from a normal fire but when they tried to get out, they found that they can’t move!

[Hell Fire’s Circle] is a mix of the fire and evil element that restricts opponents that doesn’t have any affinity on both elements.

When one only has fire or evil, they will still be restricted to a certain level.

However, if one was powerful enough, they can simply extinguish these flames. But to do that, Brandon believes that they should be on Crow’s level of power.

What he didn’t know was that the other [Death Eaters] are only a bit below Crow! Hence, they weren’t restricted to the point where they can’t move at all!

“Tch-! Oi, you guys. I’m gonna help out, don’t let them near Lucas and Crow!” (Brandon)

“Who are you? Why did you suddenly appear? And to know magic…” (Gabriel)

“Not the time to discuss! Just do it!” (Bram)

Bram was also bewildered at the sudden appearance of Brandon but he didn’t have time to think about it now. As long as his enemy is Crow, then everything else no longer matters for now!

Meanwhile, Lucas’ body started moving.

Clad in black mist, Lucas charged at Crow in high speed! It looked like he used [Blink] but in truth, his speed had already reached that level without the skill!

With a roar, he punched Crow on his chest, causing Crow to stagger a little!

That blow sent shockwaves outwards, yet surprisingly, Crow only staggered!

“Hmph, in the end, you’re still not strong enough! [Death’s Corrosion]!” (Crow)

Crow touched Lucas’ right arm. Suddenly, his right arm actually deteriorated and looked like that of a dead person’s!

Instinctively, Lucas knew that the corrosion of his arm will continue to travel to his body so he immediately used his [Earth] body’s ability to heal to revitalize his arm and fight off the corrosion.

“Hoh…” (Crow)

Seeing this, Crow was surprised, but only surprised as he prepares for his next move.

“[Summon, Beelzebub]!” (Crow)

A huge gate appeared behind Crow that had skulls and bones as its design, making it look like the gate to hell itself!

The door opened, there, a man clad with hell’s miasma appeared, casually walking towards the battlefield!


Annoyed with the appearance of another enemy, Lucas roar even more and the black mist thickened!

Normally, the first layer of [Dragon’s Wrath], the corruption of his mind, was something Lucas can handle.

However, the actual value of his [Rage] right now had far surpassed that!

Only a sliver of his consciousness was used so that he won’t jump to that phase, now, that sliver of his consciousness is weakening, allowing him to enter the second layer! The corruption of his equipment!

The equipment Lucas wore suddenly looked dragonic, even calling it demonic also fits the description.

Thanks to this, the look on Beelzebub’s and Crow’s face changed as they began to see Lucas as a serious threat!

“Tch-, why did you have to summon me instead?” (Beelzebub)

“Shut up. Just deal with him!” (Crow)

Knowing that his opponent will be troublesome, Beelzebub was reluctant to fight. Alas, he has made a contract with Crow and has no way in going against his orders so he can only fight.

“Come, my children.” (Beelzebub)

Beelzebub stretched his arms forward, as if welcoming an embrace. All of a sudden, countless dots appeared around him.

Looking closely…they were actually flies!

“Hmm…what an intriguing world. To think even flies can become demonic beasts…no matter, this will do just fine.” (Beelzebub)

As he said that, he commanded the flies to swarm on Lucas!

This is Beelzebub! The King of Flies!

Filled with rage, Lucas swung his arms all around, trying to hit the flies around him and stop them from prickling him. However, these flies are originally so small and nimble, how can it be that easy to hit them?


Well, who said you need to swat all of the anyway? With Lucas as the center, blue flame exploded outwards, containing high temperatures and instantly killing the flies.

“Hmm…as expected, it isn’t enough huh? Then what abou-” (Beelzebub)

Before Beelzebub can even use another move, Lucas was already behind him.

Frightened with that unimaginable speed, Beelzebub can only look at his chest with wide eyes. Lucas’ fist actually punched through him!

If it was before, this shouldn’t be possible, but…looking closely at Lucas…he actually entered the third layer of [Dragon’s Wrath] already!

If the first is corruption of the mind, then the corruption of the equipment, the third is the corruption of the body!

The arm Denneth transplanted on Lucas’ left arm began to shook. Lucas roared in pain, eventually, the arm actually turned into a dragon’s claw!

With that as the starting point, the transformation extended to his chest, right arm, legs, feet, neck, the finally, his head!

Lucas’ eyes are closed as he groaned in pain. His white hair turned into jet black that didn’t reflect light at all!

His feet turned into claws as well, his chest thickened and reptilian scales covered his whole body. Also, his left arm that was originally that of a dragon’s was distinctively thicker than his right arm, causing an imbalance posture that tilted to the left.

Next, his hydra heads appeared from the tattoos he had, extending from the back of his neck, 8 dragon heads appeared!

Where the Wrath head should be was the Alpha head, the Wrath head was actually missing!

Not to mention, the normally chatty heads are actually deadly quiet, except for the Jester head that seemed to be laughing manically.

The hydra’s wings also appeared behind Lucas, even their tail was attached at the end of Lucas’ spinal cord and another set of dragon claws appeared below Lucas’ arms!

Right now…it can be said that Lucas truly looks like a human dragon! A dragon newt!

When Lucas finally snapped his eyes open…he actually had an extra set of eyes above his original ones! And his eyes even turned into that of a reptile’s!


In Lucas’ roar, there were no longer any signs of a human’s voice. It was actually a genuine roar of a dragon!

“Oi oi oi…how are we going to stop this guy afterwards!?” (Gabriel)

“Lucas!” (Momo)

“Tch- we can’t do anything about it now! Let’s just hope that he exhaust all his strength in his fight! Just deal with these guys!” (Bram)

“What the fuck…” (Volf)

“That guy…is he even human anymore?” (Skull)

“…That Jester dragon head is cute…” (Clown)

“…Well fuck me…” (Steeve)

“This…” (Carn)

“…This is in a whole different level than just being a fight that is out of this world…this is simply…” (Hyou)

“Madness…” (Dok)

“What an insane guy…” (Wargon)

“Fuck…just who the hell are these guys!?” (Davy)

“Heavens…this isn’t martial cultivation anymore isn’t it!?” (Blaire)

As the spectators watched, they felt fear and pressure in their hearts as they saw Lucas’ form.

Suddenly, the Jester head talked and the [Jester Mask] appeared on its face.

“Cue the music~” (Jester)

As if on cue, Lucas immediately exploded forwards and charged towards Crow with battle-themed background music.

“““…………………………………….””” (Everyone)

“Gahahaha! Look! Look at everyone’s faces! Ohh priceless!” (Jester)

“Enough jokes, just kill!” (Alpha)


While accompanied by the Jester’s laughter and the background music, Lucas attacked Crow with tremendous force!

A transparent gigantic dragon claw appeared on Lucas’ left side, [Dragon Claw]!

To this, Crow dodged and attacked with [Unholy Slash]!

Lucas’s figure flickered, reappearing behind Crow and attacked again with [Implosion Palm]!

Crow snorted and released evil aura to push Lucas back!

Afterwards, they fought with elemental controls once more.

Numerous elements filled the battlefield, constantly fighting against each other!

Suddenly, Lucas and the hydra heads opened their mouths. [Elemental Burst]!


An explosion rang out that enveloped Crow.

Just as they thought that Crow is done for good, he actually reappeared behind Lucas with his tattered clothes!

He was actually able to escape death!

Sending an energy slash, Lucas was only able to dodge to the left by a hair’s breadth and avoid a fatal wound. Only…his right arm was cut clean off!

One should know, that Lucas’ stats have rocketed up and even has dragon scales! His defense was truly no joke! Yet Crow was still able to cut his whole arm clean off!

Before Lucas can grab his arm to reattach it, Crow froze it to the point where as soon as Lucas touched it, his arm actually shattered!

His only way to regenerate his arm is by using his divine sense! Only, that will take longer and he didn’t have the time to do so in battle!

That’s why…he can only abandon it!

But because of this, whatever sliver of consciousness was left to hold himself back was no more!


Once more…his power raised by multiple folds!

The mere shock of his roar was able to send Crow flying away!

Afterwards, the roar subsided and Lucas turned eerily quiet.

Lucas is actually…passing through the third level of [Dragon’s Wrath] and has touched the fourth level! The corruption of the heart!

Right now…Lucas is absolutely emotionless!

He feels wrath and anger but…he is able to contain it to the point where he appears calm and collected! Containing that much rage…if Lucas was considered as scary before, right now, he is simply a monster!

Suddenly…his eyes turned gold. His hair lightened and became a grayish white. His body let out a light green aura. A transparent black robe with golden linings covered him that emitted a godly presence. Lastly, on his forehead, a blood red dot appeared!

If Freya was here, she would think that his gold colored eyes was the same as her vampire lord form!

If Eu was here, she would think that his grayish white hair is the same as her other mode!

If Aeran was here, she would think that his light green aura is the same as her recalled form!

If Aleris was here, she would think that the transparent black and gold robe is the same as her battle dress!

If El was here, she would think that the blood red dot on his forehead is the same as her martial technique!

And if Lucas was conscious at this moment…he will discover that he had gained the skills of the people close to him!

As his appearance changed, the sky rumbled and darkened!

The area above Crow rumbled louder. Lightning kept striking him, which surprised Crow! After all, he has lightning manipulation, yet, he was unable to control those lightning that struck him!

This is…Heavenly Tribulation!

It was only thanks to his lightning resistance that he didn’t die and was only lightly injured!

It was as if…the heavens are scolding him! Blaming him!

Why did you wake this demon!?

Why did you anger this monster!!??


The heavenly tribulation seemed to shout this as it continued to strike him, shocking everyone present.

This…this…the heavens are actually afraid!?

This Lucas…is an existence that goes against the Gods!

A human, yet at the same time, a great dragon, a vampire lord, a demon king, a spirit king, a demigod, and a sovereign!

For all these powers to converge into one person…once he reaches the realm of the true Gods…

Above the world, the Gods watching the battle were shocked to the extreme!

They all turned towards Lucas II and saw that he was only calmly watching from the side.

No wonder…no wonder! If he was like that when he was still not a God…then in the future…no wonder he turned into this!

In fact, they weren’t the ones who made that heavenly tribulation earlier. That one was simply a natural phenomenon when someone whose existence was too extreme shows up and was provoked to appear.

This was only made in case some idiot accidentally turns a person with great talent into a person hell bent on revenge and ends up destroying the world…not like they thought that it will actually happen…

Since it reached this point, they really want to go down and stop the fight, however, just a glare from Lucas II stopped them on their tracks!

Like that, they can only watch the battle from above reluctantly…that is simply how powerful Lucas II is!

Back to the fight, the calm and quiet Lucas stared coldly at Crow.

Just this stare alone was enough to let Crow feel tremendous amount of fear and unconsciously took a step back!

His face pale, sweat drops covered his body, his body kept shaking…This is fear! This is true fear!!!

Then…Lucas spoke.

“[World of Darkness]” (Lucas)

“[Calamity Bringer]” (Lucas)

“[Nature’s Punishment]” (Lucas)

“[Celestial Smite]” (Lucas)

“[Blood World]” (Lucas)

What happened next…was simply something nothing can describe completely.

The whole world suddenly gone dark. The space crumpled. Countless natural disasters struck. Golden light pierced the heavens. The world seemed to fill with blood.

All of this was concentrated around Crow!

By the time he was done, there wasn’t anything left of Crow!

Silence filled the air…no one had the courage to say anything! They can’t even process what just happened just now!

Power? No, this is absolute power!

Only absolute power can turn powerful enemies like ants!

“No…NOOOOOO!!!!!!” (Witch)

Unable to bear the loss of Crow, Witch simply charged towards Lucas, snapping everyone out of their shock.

The [Death Eaters] hurriedly tried to stop her, but Brandon woke up before they did. Though he was unable to stop Witch from advancing, he was able to use the moment the other [Death Eaters] was shocked and attacked to kill!

“[Absolute Flame]!” (Brandon)

Like that…in an anti-climactic way, the [Death Eaters] was burned to death!

However, Witch didn’t care about them and only charged towards Lucas!

Lucas, seeing this, coldly looked over to Witch, causing her to stop in her tracks as she was assaulted with a sudden fear!

Then, Lucas calmly flew near her, stretched out an arm, and was about to attack when…he appeared!

A hooded figure appeared in front of Witch. There was no warp, no spatial rifts, no blinding light, nor any other special effects.

He just appeared.

He touched Lucas’ forehead with a finger.

And retracted it.

Immediately after, Lucas’ body turned into normal instantly and began to fall from the sky!

Everyone was surprised!

Who was this person!?

He…he actually defeated that monster with a single finger!

There was no word that came out of his mouth! Nor any kind of effect that signified he used any special move!

With a simple touch…he defeated someone whose existence goes against the heavens!

While everyone was too surprised at the sudden turn of events, Vil was the first to move and immediately sped towards the falling Lucas and caught him!

Then, the hooded figure touched Witch, then disappeared the same way he appeared.

He was simply gone.

Seeing this, everyone felt as if they were in a dream.

How can you blame them? First, they saw absolute power, then, that person was defeated with a single touch…if they didn’t see it, they wouldn’t believe it!

However, they did see it! But they still can’t accept it so easily!

“Lucas!” (Momo)

Being the first to snap out of it, Momo flew towards Vil who was holding Lucas.

With her shout, everyone else also snapped out of it and looked towards Lucas.

“Nngg…” (Lucas)

“Master!” (Vil & Fen)

“Lucas!” (Momo)

Hearing Lucas’ groan, they called out to him to assure he was fine.

However, they felt like idiots for being so serious after Lucas spoke again.

“Mmhh, Vil…It’s still too early for crawling in my bed…” (Lucas)


“Ah? Hn? Where am I?” (Lucas)

Seemingly waking up from his sleep, Lucas yawned and looked around.

“…Lucas, you were fighting Crow just a minute ago.” (Momo)

“…That’s right…I was fighting Crow…then El…El!?” (Lucas)

Suddenly remembering everything, Lucas checked the prison inside him and saw El was nowhere to be found, confirming that it wasn’t a dream.

El is gone!

“What…what happened after I…?” (Lucas)

Momo recounted the things that happened which surprised Lucas.

It was no wonder, even if a sliver of his consciousness was left, in the end, he was unable to remember the things he did.

Hearing it from another person’s view was…something very shocking…after all, she said he turned into a monster and even the heavens were afraid of me!

How was this possible!?

That was the first thought of Lucas and even thought she was lying but everyone else had the same expression that suggested it was real!

Then…that guy at the end…who was he?

Even those who saw it didn’t know, however, Lucas had this vague sense of familiarity for a while now…

Shaking his head, he dispelled these thoughts away from him.

If that guy rescued his enemy, then he is an enemy!

That’s all that he needs to know!

“So…what now?” (Gabriel)

“…Honestly…I don’t know…” (Bram)

“…For now, how about we return and report what just happened?” (Liza)

“I guess that works.” (Terry)

“Un, I don’t think I’m returning to this place though…” (Xene)

“But still…not even a month has passed in [Earth] since a month there is a hundred years here…what do you think they’ll say?” (Lin)

“It’s fine. You guys go back, you’ve earned it after what just happened. Lucas too, go home.” (David)

While the [Gatekeepers] were discussing, Lucas was oddly quiet.

Upon being called, everyone’s attention went back to Lucas and noticed his behavior.

“…Lucas? What’s wrong? Are there any parts that hurt?” (David)

“…No, I’m fine. You guys, I’m going to stay here for a while.” (Lucas)

“Hm? Well…I guess that’s fine.” (Bram)

“Vil, Fen, you guys go back too…I need some time alone…” (Lucas)

Hearing this, the two was startled.

“Ah!? Why!?” (Vil)

“Master…are you abandoning us?” (Fen)

“Wha-? No no no, it’s not that. It’s just that…I really want to be alone for a while…I think…I have an idea how to become a sovereign. For that, I need to be alone. I need to know myself better…” (Lucas)

If there were other people around, Lucas has a feeling that he will simply delude himself into what he thinks he truly is. But by being alone, he will be able to temper himself and know himself better.

Once he knows his true self…he will achieve a [Dao Heart] and become a sovereign…and by then, he may also be able to better control [Dragon’s Wrath]!

[Dragon’s Wrath] is a power that he must use in order to win his battles. That’s why, he needs to make sure that it will work for him, not the other way around!

No more will he became a mindless monster of destruction!

“…I understand master, we will be waiting for you!” (Vil)

“You better go back!” (Fen)

Lucas smiled wryly.

“Tell everyone I’m alright okay?” (Lucas)

After saying that, Lucas relaxed and diverted his attention to the blue windows in front of him while thinking it’s been a while since he last saw these kinds of notices.


Congratulations! The title: Light Hero shrouded by Darkness has changed to Heaven Defying Hero!

“Engulfed with darkness and powers not his own, the hero defeats the man with a head of a crow.”

+9500 Fame


Congratulations! The title: One to be Feared has changed to Nightmare Bringer!

A casual look into people’s eyes will make them remember their most feared nightmare!

+1000 Fame


Congratulations! You have gained a new Title: Vampire Overlord!

You have gained the majestic power of a vampire lord!

Only applies when in vampire lord form.

+4300 Fame


Congratulations! You have gained a new Title: Calamity King!

The power of Calamity surges in you…

Only applies when in Calamity form.

-666 Fame


Congratulations! The title: Spirit’s Friend has changed to Spirit King!

From now on, spirits will revere you!

Only applies on Spirit form.

+7400 Fame


Congratulations! You have gained a new Title: Demigod Champion!

You are born with a blood of a God!

Only applies when in Demigod form.

+8700 Fame


Congratulations! You have gained a new Title: Blood Emperor!

You will be able to easily gain enlightenments on the Blood Dao!

+3500 Fame


Congratulations! You have gained a new Title: Absolute Royalty!

For gaining several titles with the noble rank of King and above, your aura has become more imposing and majestic, fitting that of a royalty! Even Kings will respect and revere you!

+3500 Fame


You have gained a level!
You have gained a level!
You have gained a level!
You have gained a level!


As Lucas was still trying to understand what happened for him to gain so many titles, the others started chatting with each other, constantly asking for explanation.

The [Burning Oceans Sect] admitted they were wrong but also said they didn’t know anything about the [Death Eaters] except for Crow’s ability to speed one’s cultivation.

Brandon had unknowingly disappeared at some point.

The [Den of Madness] had been constantly asking for explanations.

The [Gatekeepers] are trying to avoid them and immediately go back.

As for Warren…

[“…Somehow…I feel like I’m being forgotten…”] (Warren)

Like that, everything went back to normal…only, they didn’t know that time that Lucas will be disappearing from [Earth] for 5 whole years…

Author's Notes

There, update already! Since you guys hate cliffs so much haha.

Also, even though it was said that he will stay in [Zoulang], I'm just gonna do a time skip so don't worry. The wuxia stops here...okay, maybe not entirely but you get what I mean.

On the chapter 1 of Vol 9, I would most likely add the status of Lucas and his skills as well.

Next Volume! Volume 9: World Reconstruction!

Till the next volume!
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