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FanFic Title: Realm Eternal
Chapter 26: Acclimatizing to Magic
Author: NBosega
Date Published: May 21st, 2016

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Arc 2: The Power of Knowledge

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『』= Info
《》= Attribute
『』= Skill
【】= Sub-Skill
〘〙= Status, Combat Arts & Magical Spells
〚〛= Internal Thoughts
「」= Other

Author's note:

Still recovering from a case Flue that put me down for nearly 2 weeks.
I've nearly completed the next Chapter (Chapter 27: Crossing the Rubicon) I'd planed to release them together but I'm still going through the necessary reading to make sure it's properly aligned to Economic Theory.

- - -

Chapter 26: Acclimatizing to Magic

- - -

Part 1

- - -
- - -

Flying over Cobalt City Elrick could get a good look at the Starlight Spark’s 854 Hectares that occupied the entire Blue Mountain side. Elrick had a clear memory of the idealic look the Blue Mountain held before it was purchased by Starlight Spark, but now it was covered by 15 to 25 story structures with barely any sign that it was ever a natural environment. At the top of every building was a Solar Powered Stirling Engine with the parabolic reflectors tracking the position of the Sun in unison.

Grinder had installed the Stirling Engine Assemblies to augment the now 11 Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors that powered a total of 15 Mana Crystal Fabricators. The miniaturized LFTR Nuclear Power Sources wouldn’t be enough on their own and even with the Stirling Engine Assemblies there’s still a massive Mana deficit which had to be filled by the Mana Generator through its Mana Absorption function.

Starlight Spark continued paying 1 Copper Coin for 20 Mana; a price that satisfied a small proportion of the locals who readily took up the offer. Starlight Spark is able to produce 30,000 of the 1,000 Mana Crystal and 1500 of the 5,000 Mana Crystal per Day. The daily revenue from Crystal production would be 9,375 Gold Coins, and the profit is sufficient to service Starlight Spark’s obligations.

Grinder had seized upon the Mana Crystals as the primary revenue stream as it could guarantee a stable and relatively predictable source of cash. But even so it would have been unwise to rely on a single revenue stream therefore Grinder invested heavily in item production; hiring additional Academy graduates for this purpose. Eventually reaching the point where a new product was developed and put on the market thanks to the training requirements for the new employees.

Elrick had previously suggested that Starlight Spark acquire custom training equipment where an exercise bike would pump water into a tank placed up the Blue Mountain and a pump storage system could harness the potential energy to generate additional electricity. Some of Elrick’s training methods involved all members of a Party or Raid Group turning a massive buried water pump as a form of Strength Training. When Grinder took the Idea to the Starlight Spark Crafters they came up with an even better concept for energy storage.

The Rune Mages employed by Starlight Spark designed a Steel Compressed Air Storage Ball that could be affixed to all manner of training contraptions. Thus all physical exertion on the training machines would pump Air into the Air Storage Ball and the runic Engravings and Inscriptions would compress the Air inside the Air Storage Ball to within safe limits. The Compressed Air inside 100 Air Storage Balls would then be transferred to a larger version of the Steel Air Storage Ball in the form of a Grenade or a Pneumatic Motor Power Source.

The Pneumatic Motor became an instant hit in the market place as a reusable alternative to Mana Crystals. However limited production capability meant that the Starlight Spark Company could only supply Cobalt City with both the Pneumatic Motor and its associated Spherical Power Source. Grinder realised the potential and understood that in order for the Pneumatic Motor and Spherical Power Source combination to be viable Starlight Spark had to increase supply.

Grinder struck upon the idea of building a public Gym in the high density area of Cobalt City. Incidentally the Nova Horizon Headquarters were in the same area along with the Headquarters for the Crimson Hand, but the Headquarters of Winged Sage Falcros was further up the main-street and firmly in the low-density section. For Grinder’s plan to work the Gym would have to be spectacular and eye-catching to draw in as many people as possible.

Fortunately Grinder found an Old and dilapidated 15 Story Building that set on 8 Hectares and bought it for 7,000 Gold Coins. With occupancy less than 10% the building was slated for demolition so Grinder then paid 780 Gold Coins for the relocation of residents and demolition of the building. After buying up 6 additional adjacent lots for a total of 14 Hectares Starlight Spark set about building the 275 Story Building that would become the new Starlight Spark Tower.

Ordinarily construction of a 275 Story Building would cost well over 100,000 Gold Coins but Grinder got it done for a paltry 42,000 Gold Coins. This was accomplished by optimally utilizing Starlight Spark’s labour force. Every party in the Starlight Spark Cavalries has an Earth Mage for Defence, a Water Mage for Healing and lastly a Fire and a Wind Mage for offensive Magic. Grinder decided to tap into that resource and use it for 〘Legion Spells〙 to accelerate Construction Material Production.

Normally 〘Legion Spells〙 are used for large scale combat, and since every participant has to have both the Magic Type and specific 〘Legion Spells〙 using it for something as mundane as construction is inefficient. Therefore rather than hiring teams of Expert Rank Earth Mages Grinder decided to use Starlight Spark’s Legions for 〘Legion Spells〙in the Production of Construction Material. This is where having thousands of employees proved extremely useful to Starlight Spark.

In the real world skyscrapers are built using steel and concrete, but in Realm Eternal the availability of Magic allows the use of different options. Thus sand can be transformed in to rocks and rocks can be transformed in to hardened rocks, and ultimately hardened rocks can be transformed in to Hardened Stone; all this provided you have the correct starting ingredients. An Expert Rank Earth Mage could then fuse the Hardened Stones into walls during the Construction Process.

A Rune Mage would then use the〘Elemental Engraving〙Spell and the 〘Magic Imbuing〙 Spell to add more strength and durability to the walls. Thus Grinder used 〘Legion Spells〙 to Produce Hardened Stones that were more like Carbon Crystals since metals are expensive on Ado but carbon is available in abundance. Since the builders had a large quantity of big Hardened Stones to work with they needed less teams of Expert Rank Earth Mages and could work faster than would otherwise be possible.

Thus the Dark Blue Tower that Dominates the Skyline of the High Density Residential Area of Cobalt City is Grinder’s crowning achievement; proof of his managerial skills.

The first 20 Floors of the Starlight Spark Tower are primarily for retail in the form of a Starlight Spark Superstore. The next 25 floors are the free public Gym. The 100 Floors after that constitute the Starlight Spark Hotel. The 50 floors above the Hotel are the Brothel. And the final 80 Floors are composed of Starlight Spark Executive Residences and Corporate Offices. Every Starlight Spark employee holding the rank of Lieutenant and higher is allocated a residence in the Starlight Spark Tower.

The Luxury Penthouse Apartments are reserved for the Starlight Spark Executives and VIP Guests.

- - -

Reaching the Familiar Vending Company Elrick reviewed his expenditure; he earned 47,258 Gold Coins by selling the mined ores, spent 9,000 Gold Coins on 2 Elven Training Golem Armours, spent 5,077 Gold Coins on Golem Cores, spent 1,000 Gold Coins on Operation Elven Light, planned to spend 15,000 Gold Coins on a Magical Heritage and that meant he only had 17,181 Gold Coins to spend. Elrick’s next expenditure would invariably take a chunk of what’s left since the Elemental Familiars are not Cheap.

Elemental Familiars are extremely expensive at 500 Gold Coins and that meant that Elrick would need to spend 5,500 Gold Coins on Familiars. Therefore he would need to purchase Tracking Familiar Inter-Dimensional Pockets to house the Magic Stone Cores. Elrick wouldn’t need to purchase 11 pockets since the elementals that didn’t affect each other negatively could share an Inter-Dimensional Pocket. Every pairing would save him the 200 Gold Coins price tag for a Tracking Familiar Inter-Dimensional Pocket.

The 「Water Elemental」, the 「Sound Elemental」and the 「Wind Elemental」 could share an Inter-Dimensional Pocket. The 「Fire Elemental」could share with the 「Light Elemental」. The 「Earth Elemental」, the 「Ice Elemental」 and「Shadow Elemental」could share an Inter-Dimensional Pocket. The 「Plant Elemental」, the 「Psionic Elemental」 and the「Enchantment Elemental」 could share an Inter-Dimensional Pocket.

That meant 4 Tracking Familiar Inter-Dimensional Pockets at a cost of 800 Gold Coins. Elrick would spend 5,985 Gold Coins at the Familiar Vending Company thanks to the 315 Gold Coins discount he would get for Starlight employing registered merchants. Nonetheless Elrick’s cash reserves would drop to 11,196 Gold Coins, and he could expect to spend 2 Gold Coins as incentives for each of the participating 173 Atlantian Elves of Light who belonged to the Starlight Spark Clan since they weren’t employed by Starlight Spark the Corporation.

Elrick chose to buy the spherical 19 Divine Element bearers. Each of the 14 Multicoloured Shimmering spheres contain a Unit of the 【Psionic Magic】 Element 「Psion」and each of the 5 Golden spheres contain a Unit of the【Light Magic】 Element 「Radiance」. Elrick elected the programming for his Psionic Elemental Familiar to use 9 Units of 「Psion」 for Full Body Armour, 5 Units for a Shield and 5 Units for a Halberd. Elrick elected the programming for his Psionic Elemental Familiar to use 5 Units of 「Radiance」 for a Halberd. The Cost would be [(14X100+3X100) + (65X5+100)] = 2125 Gold Coins.

Elrick elected to name the Familiars based on their Colours.

『Ding! 』

~ Frop! ~

『Elrick’s List of names for his Familiars』

The 「Water Elemental」 is Named Blue.
The 「Sound Elemental」 is Named Lucid; because it’s naturally Transparent.
The 「Wind Elemental」 is Named Silvren.
The 「Fire Elemental」 is Named Red.
The 「Light Elemental」 is Named Yellow; because it’s naturally Golden.
The 「Earth Elemental」 is Named Brown.
The 「Ice Elemental」 is Named White.
The 「Shadow Elemental」 is Named Black.
The 「Plant Elemental」, is Named Green
The 「Psionic Elemental」 is Named Bright; because it’s naturally Multicoloured.
The 「Enchantment Elemental」 is Named Clear; because it’s naturally Transparent.

Elrick estimated that he’d need an additional 500 Gold Coins in Potions; primarily Mana Potions, but also High Cures and Elixirs for the sick that are beyond the healing abilities of his team. Elrick couldn’t justify passing the cost of High Cures and Elixirs to Starlight Spark if they’re used on a mission that wasn’t given directly to Starlight Spark, and he was certain that Grinder wouldn’t accept such costs. Sure there were some benefits for Starlight Spark but they were hardly worth the financial loss.

Thus Elrick could rightly expect his savings to drop to 8,225 Gold Coins. But even then Elrick knew that the trickiest expenditure would be on 〘Spells〙. Though the first Spell on Elrick’s list is〘Divine Protection〙 , and since he fulfilled the requirements for the Restricted Magic Spell by becoming a Realm Clan Chief he could now purchase the Spell at a cost of 2000 Gold Coins and gain the Ability to grant 〘Divine Protection〙 to his Clansman; that would bring his savings down to 6,225 Gold Coins.

The 【Sub-Skill】 〘Combat Arts〙 or〘Magic Spells〙cost 50% of the cost of the 【Sub-Skill】. That meant that the expense on Advanced Magic would be considerable. The reason for the cost is that each 〘Magic Spells〙 Represents thousands and at times millions of hours of research. The Basic Complementary Spell Set given on the purchase of the Magical 【Sub-Skill】 are primarily for demonstration purposes and have little in the way of practical combat applications.

The Basic Complementary Spell Set includes variations of 〘Elemental Magic Control〙, 〘Elemental Magic Shaping〙 and 〘Elemental Magic Dispersal〙. Thus for【Light Magic】 Elrick got 〘Light Control〙, 〘Light Shaping〙 and 〘Light Dispersal〙. The Basic Complementary Spell Set is often called the introductory Manipulation Set meant to give you the feel of using the element. As one might expect freely shaping light into a laser is incredibly complicated and would require an inordinate amount of concentration, but the 〘Laser〙 Class of Spells are quick and immediate.

Starlight Spark had already paid for the〘Elemental Bullet〙 for Earth, Water Wind and Fire【Magic】. Thus Elrick could focus on 〘Spells〙 for the more expensive Advanced Magic. Elrick chose the 【Light Magic】 Spells 〘Torch-Light〙, 〘Laser Beam〙, 〘Stimulate〙, 〘Restore〙, 〘Rejuvenate〙, 〘Healing-Light〙 and 〘Divine-Aura〙since his mission demanded that he be competent in 【Light Magic】. The essence of the healing properties of Divine Light is to accelerate the body’s natural healing properties with Divine Light providing the energy through 【Light Magic】. The 7 【Light Magic】〘Spells〙 would cost 17.5 Gold Coins.

As such Magic could not re-grow limbs; that process would require the intervention of Bio-Printers and then Magic could connect the Limbs given that Healing Magic could readily reconnect Limbs. Elrick was sure he would need an ability to perform a simple mending of injuries and healing magic belonging to 【Water Magic】, 【Plant Magic】 and 【Psionic Magic】 provided such options. As an Elf of Light Elrick didn’t have high affinity with Water and Plant Magic and that meant that he’d have to use the expensive 【Psionic Magic】 whose Spells cost 250 Gold Coins.

Elrick had already decided that he’d spend 5,050 Gold Coins on【Rune Magic】 Spells & Formulas, 【Psionic Magic】 Spells, 【Sound Magic】 Spells, 【Enchantments Magic】 Spells, 【Appraisal 】 Spells, 【Alchemy Magic】 Spells, 【Light Magic】 Spells and 【Shadow Magic】 Spells. Elrick expected that the cost would leave him with just 1,175 Gold Coins from his mining earnings.

『Ding! 』

~ Frop! ~

『Elrick’s Spell Purchase List』

【Rune Magic】 Spells: (Cost per Spell = 500 Gold Coins)


  • 〘Psionic Engraving〙Spell
  • ·
  • 〘Magic Imbuing〙 Spell

【Rune Magic】Formulas: (Cost per Formula = 500 Gold Coins)


  • 〘Psionic Engraving〙
  • ·
  • 〘Psionic Imbuing〙

【Psionic Magic】Spells: (Cost per Spell = 250 Gold Coins)


  • 〘Psionic Barrier〙
  • ·
  • 〘Psionic Bullet〙
  • ·
  • 〘Psionic Beam〙
  • ·
  • 〘Psionic Healing〙
  • ·
  • 〘Telepathy〙
  • ·
  • 〘Psionic Heal〙
  • ·
  • 〘Astral Projection〙

【Enchantments Magic】 Spells: (Cost per Spell = 250 Gold Coins)


  • 〘Enchantment Strength〙
  • ·
  • 〘Enchantment Agility〙
  • ·
  • 〘Enchantment Durability〙

【Sound Magic】 Spells: (Cost per Spell = 50 Gold Coins)


  • 〘Sound Disruption Barrier〙
  • ·
  • 〘Sound Destruction Wave〙
  • ·
  • 〘Explosive Noise Ball〙
  • ·
  • 〘Ultrasound Wave〙
  • ·
  • 〘Echolocation〙

【Appraisal 】 Spells: (Cost per Spell = 25 Gold Coins)


  • 〘Magical Feedback Analysis〙
  • ·
  • 〘Particulates Analysis〙

【Alchemy Magic】 Spells: (Cost per Spell = 25 Gold Coins)


  • 〘Transmutation〙
  • ·
  • 〘Reverse-Transmutation〙

【Alchemy Magic】 Recipe: (Cost per Recipe = 25 Gold Coins)

  • 〘Transmute Air into its Particulates〙
  • ·
  • 〘Transmute Air Particulates into Air〙

【Light Magic】 Spells: (Cost per Spell = 2.5 Gold Coins)


  • 〘Torch-Light〙
  • ·
  • 〘Leaser Beam〙
  • ·
  • 〘Stimulate〙
  • ·
  • 〘Restore〙
  • ·
  • 〘Rejuvenate〙
  • ·
  • 〘Healing-Light〙
  • ·
  • 〘Divine-Aura〙

【Shadow Magic】 Spells: (Cost per Spell = 2.5 Gold Coins)

  • 〘Curse-Regeneration〙
  • ·
  • 〘Curse-Strength〙
  • ·
  • 〘Curse-Agility〙
  • ·
  • 〘Curse-Durability〙
  • ·
  • 〘Curse-Endurance〙
  • ·
  • 〘Curse-Vitality〙
  • ·
  • 〘Shadow-Aura〙

Total cost = 4,910 Gold Coins

Of the planned 5,050 Gold Coins intended to be spent on Spells Elrick could only allocate 4,910 Gold Coins and intended to use the remaining 160 Gold Coins on recommendations made by Sir Arwick, and he needed to preserve at least 1,100 Gold Coins for unforeseen contingencies.

- - -

Part 2

- - -

After spending an obscene amount of money in a single day Elrick was now free to do anything, but after months of working like a man possessed he found himself unable to relax and do nothing. Elrick thought about visiting Lorelei and the others at their laboratory but then remembered that none of the Fortunate Five would see him until he got the Golem Implant; the excuse being that Elrick would feel inferior and pitch a tantrum. Somehow they even convinced the Executives of Starlight Spark to stay away; with Grinder being the only one designated to interact with him.

Fortunately Elrick had completed the bonding with the 「Light Elemental」 and had started with the 「Psionic Elemental」. As painful as it had been with the 「Light Elemental」 it seemed like Child’s play when compared with the first session with the 「Psionic Elemental」. Elrick could only describe the experience of interacting with the 「Psionic Elemental」 as traumatic; the very nature of the 「Psionic Elemental」 means that it can casually rip through your mind.

Thankfully Elrick’s ESA Badge shielded him from its telepathy but it did nothing to protect him from the mental attacks that left him sprawled on the ground while he released fluids through all his orifices. The complete despair he felt at that moment would haunt him forever; he had wilfully underestimated the power he was dealing with and it bit him in the arse. Elrick would never again take the Elementals lightly; they are powerful Soul Fragments After all.

Elrick would make sure to be properly mentally prepared for the 「Sound Elemental」 that would be next; knowing full well that even though it’s call Sound it’s actually a Vibration Wisp, and given the list of Sound magical spells it should be capable of terrifying power that can only be rivalled by the 「Psionic Elemental」. Elrick wondered if he could use healing magic to counter the effects but quickly dismissed the idea as his Spell EXP was too low to make a difference.

Thus Elrick chose to practice his new 【Light Magic】 to pass the time, and thanks to the high Affinity all the 【Light Magic】 Spells would start at 5 EXP; making growing the Sub-Skill inherently faster than those with lower Affinity with Proficiency compounding the effect.

- - -

Elrick spent much of the next 3 days at the Starlight Spark training grounds along with the other Starlight Spark Clan Light Elves; this provided the best opportunity for Starlight Spark healers to train their Healing Magic.

The people who required the most healing attention belong to the 5,400 strong Cobalt City Starlight Brigade; with the 400 additional people being the support personnel. The reason they needed the additional attention is that they are all teenagers full of youthful vigour and reckless abandon; this combined with the fact that the average HP in the Cobalt City Starlight Brigade was 9,200 EXP puts them significantly higher than those of members of the Starlight Spark’s First Ranger Cavalries meant that rapid healing of their injuries needed the attention of 4 to 5 healers per person..

Therefore Elrick with his higher Mana capacity was a welcomed addition to the healing teams.

From the start Elrick could tell that the training had a clear focus on the upcoming operation and even members of the Cobalt City Starlight Brigade had been promised 150 slots on the deploying force as a reward for their hard work. The look of determination on the best performing members of the Cobalt City Starlight Brigade convinced Elrick that they welcomed the opportunity to travel to a distant country and interact with people with a different paradigm. Elrick for his part was more concerned about the cost of protecting them from harm but thinking back on the LandCruisers he was assured that they would be relatively safe.

Grinder had bought 5 LandCruisers at 7000 Gold Coins per unit as part of a purchase of discounted Surplus Military Equipment from the Ashcroft Republic. The Standard LandCruiser is a 75m long 7m wide tracked ground combat system fitted with 5 Military Grade Heavy Machine Guns, 4 Military Grade Theatre Defence Artillery, 2 Military Grade Medium Artillery and 1 Military Grade Heavy Artillery. The LandCruiser can rightly be called an Artillery Platform and is meant to provide ranged support of military operations. The purchase includes a Mobile Defensive Psionic Barrier Generator at 8000 Gold Coins.

Most mercenary companies won’t bother with something this heavy and slow that lacks the flexibility of rapid mobility but Grinder wanted the security provided by these assets as a first tactical step towards the establishment of an independent country. 3 LandCruisers and the Mobile Defensive Psionic Barrier Generator were being prepared for the Kent operation; this marking their first major deployment. In the aftermath of the confrontation with Calimado Grinder wanted to avoid such conflicts by giving a sufficient deterrence to would be assailants.

With everyone knowing that Starlight Spark possesses such weapons few Atlantians and Adonites would risk a fight. As expected the operating and maintenance cost of the weapon systems was extreme and they had not seen any real action meaning that this would be their first real deployment in a potential combat environment. Elrick had to get clearance for the use of these systems from the Kent Kingdom in their sovereign territory, and the fact that Elrick is a Commonwealth Noble meant that he undertook not to meddle in the internal affairs of the Kent Kingdom as stipulated by relevant treaties.

Elrick’s status as a Commonwealth Noble gave him a diplomatic status and that bound him to rules that limited the scope of his activities and behaviour. Having received Commonwealth permission to undertake an aid mission to Norfork in the Kent Kingdom he received set guidelines on his activities in Foreign Lands. Fortunately Kent is relatively modern in its laws and customs and does not permit things like slavery and forced labour due to the inherent rights and freedoms granted to its people.

However the nobility of Kent are given a significant amount of power and authority making their rule over their lands at times somewhat brutal. Elrick would have to avoid confrontations with such Lords by restricting the movements of his people within the territorial limits of such scoundrels; lest his people who largely come from modern democracies start riots in such places.

- - -

When Elrick finally received his Golem Core Implants and the Living Golem he realized that he had made a potentially humiliating blunder. Elrick had been too dismissive of Nesor’s warning about the buttocks becoming excessively large for a male. Upon waking up from the sleep he’d been put under for the synthesis process he began noticing that the lager buttocks combined with the Elven physiques produced a decidedly female form; all he needed was ample breasts to complete the picture.

Elrick’s buttocks were even larger than those of the Living Golem that had been adjusted to be very feminine. The Golem Armour would thankfully conceal the egregious error and long robes would help in this regard when not in Golem Armour. Elrick named the Living Golem Ayana and helped put her into the Golem Armour once he himself was safely in his own Golem Armour. Ayana could not lift up here head outside the Golem Armour given that the Golem Core registered at 275kg, and Elrick had also found it difficult to move with the extra weight.

The Living Golem Ayana has dark blue eyes without the sclera that normally gives the eye most of its white colour; this a consequence of the requisite Genetic Splicing. Ayana’s Golden Skin and Silver Hair clearly marked her as having strong Elf of Light influence.

Eventually the analysis of the Field Command module on the first implanted Class 5 Golem Cores recommended the constant use of Enchants and other physical enhancement magic to help both Elrick and Ayana acclimatize to the heavy loads. At this point Elrick had bonded with the 「Light Elemental」 , 「Psionic Elemental」 , 「Water Magic」 , 「Plant Elemental」 , 「Enchantment Elemental」 , 「Sound Elemental」 , 「Shadow Elemental」 in that order by obviously prioritizing Elementals with high healing ability. Elrick’s calculations indicated that if he delayed his departure by a few hours he’d be able to bond with the 10th Elemental leaving just the 「Ice Elemental」 as the one he’ll get upon his return.

When Elrick started training with the Cobalt City Starlight Brigade he was assigned to the worst performing raid group because of his low Spell Exp. The Golem Armour and his Physical Stats put Elrick at the very top of frontline performance, but his healing was the worst of the lot. 【Light Magic】 Spells heal by accelerating regeneration using the energy provided by the magic, 【Water Magic】 Spells heal by providing nutrients to the damaged area through energizing the bloodstream and 【Psionic Magic】 Spells heal by providing physical scaffolding that allows regeneration through localized energizing.

The 【Plant Magic】 Spells stimulate cellular replication while 【Enchantment Magic】 Spells primarily strengthen the body and thereby providing the necessary time for natural healing to occur.

Thus in order to perform even the simplest healing Elrick needed to chain the magic spells. It was while doing this that Elrick realised that chaining the same magic spell was less effective than chaining different types of elemental magic spells. Experimenting proved that using 【Light Magic】, 【Water Magic】,【Plant Magic】, 【Enchantment Magic】 and 【Psionic Magic】 Healing Spells together created a synergy that improved the healing effect in contrast to the chaining of the same magic spell.

Now that Elrick had the implanted Golem Cores he could explore the use of Basic Complementary Spell Set given on the purchase of the Magical 【Sub-Skill】 the Golem Core’s analytic ability would enhance his magic. The Basic Complementary Spell Set includes variations of 〘Elemental Magic Control〙, 〘Elemental Magic Shaping〙 and 〘Elemental Magic Dispersal〙. Elrick’s Field Command module on the Class 5 Golem Core made it easier to use the Basic Complementary Spell Set.

Thus the Basic Complementary Spell Set that is often called the introductory Manipulation Set could now be used to increase durability to an area of the body through 〘Enchantment Magic Control〙 and 〘〘Enchantment Magic Shaping〙 . Blood flow in an area of the body could be controlled through 〘Water Magic Control〙 and 〘Water Magic Shaping〙. Regeneration in an area of the body boosted through 〘Light Magic Control〙 and 〘Light Magic Shaping〙 . 〘Psionic Magic Control〙 and 〘Psionic Magic Shaping〙 could allow the performing of surgery to remove objects and sealing the wounds while 【Plant Magic】 and 【Light Magic】 Spells stimulate cellular replication.

In effect targeted use of 〘Enchantment Magic Control〙 and 〘〘Enchantment Magic Shaping〙 would allow continuous buffing with the aid of the analysis provided by Elrick’s Field Command module on the Class 5 Golem Core.

Though the aid of the Field Command module is still vastly inferior to normal spell casting in casting speed someone acting as a support would have sufficient room to make utilizing such a method productive. However for direct combat purposes it would still be more efficient and effective to use combat spells because of the inescapable benefit that less concentration is required.

Since Elrick didn’t plan to consistently take the front lines he could get away with using his Class 5 Golem Core’s Analysis abilities to improve his direct manipulation magic. The major benefit of direct manipulation magic with the Basic Complementary Spell Set is an improved 《Attribute》 EXP gain in 《Intelligence》, 《Knowledge》, 《Wisdom》, 《Observation》, 《Awareness》 and 《Eyesight》. The added bonus to『Mana Shaping』EXP due to active shaping could not be ignored either.

- - -

Every time Elrick went back to the academy during the academy’s operating hours he checked in with Sir Arwick to make sure that everything was still on course for the Operation Elven Light; Sir Arwick is still his supervisor in the ESA.

The relationship between Sir Arwick and Elrick is complicated by the fact that even though Sir Arwick is Elrick’s supervisor Elrick holds a higher peerage rank. Thus Sir Arwick has to be constantly mindful of their difference in rank and give someone who is rightly his junior the proper respect. It was also Sir Arwick’s responsibility to make sure that Elrick’s travel arrangements are adequate in respect of his treatment by the nobles of the places he would be visiting since Elrick is also Eastal’s Emissary to the Atlantians.

That meant that Elrick held a significant diplomatic Rank and those that would interact with Elrick would need to be made aware of the fact that they were dealing with Eastal’s Emissary. Sir Arwick needed to make sure that Elrick understood that even though he had been bestowed with a kind of Diplomatic Immunity the same did not apply to his clan. Sir Arwick had to make sure that Elrick understood that his diplomatic status would require that he make courtesy calls to certain officials at all the locations he would be visiting.

In fact it was Elrick’s Diplomatic Status that made Operation Elven Light possible since the Nations of Grandeur would be reticent to refuse the Aid mission of Eastal’s Emissary.

High-Elves of Light are a special existence on Ado and even sending the Atlantian variant to Norfork is sure to create some hype. High-Elves of Light rarely find the door slammed in their faces on the rare occasions that they come down from Asgard with only the Northman of Norse Island being the lone ones brave enough to routinely spurn the overtures of the High-Elves of Light. The reason is that High-Elves of Light are exceptionally good at healing magic and have ended more than a few plagues in their illustrious history.

For their part High-Elves of Light make it a point to always be good guests; never making demands or interfering with local politics and Accepting no payment or Gratuity for the Healing Service they Provide.

Such is the Ethos of the High-Elves of Light.

- - -
- - -

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