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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 4: Renovations
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: May 24th, 2016

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Chapter 4: Renovations

By the time I went back to my house with Trask and Bram, almost everyone I knew is already there waiting for us to start the party.

By everyone I mean my family and friends, Freya’s family, Aleris’ family, Eu’s close friend Mare, Steph’s family, Aeran and some Dorvilles and monsters I previously tamed, Denneth in human form, the Prince...err, he’s King now, there’s also the Archbishop, and my subordinates in [Watervilet], Pierre, Lily, Pearce, and some people I know in the [IDEA] company before, my uncle, Lin, Mei, and the rest from [Zoulang] that I was acquainted, heck, somehow, Misty is also here...Blaire, Davy, and the supreme highgods are also here, and finally, the [Gatekeepers] that I, wait. Mii is also here...Hm? Where’s Momo?

Well, knowing that girl, she probably has a ridiculous reason for not being here. There shouldn’t be anything to worry about. I can also sense her with my [Bonds of Connection] so she’s definitely alive.

Oh? Vil and Fen are...oi, how did those two became slim fit so fast!?

They’re completely like the way they were before. Heck, they even became sexier than before! What kind of sorcery is this!?

Eh...maybe there is a kind of magic that reduces weight immediately.

Whatever, let’s not think about this. By the way, we’re not exactly inside the house, but rather, on the open field near my house. How do you expect to fit everyone inside the house?

There weren’t any surprise fireworks or confettis. Well, since I already knew they were all here anyway, it’s hard to surprise me so they didn’t bother.

The party started.

Freya and I casted [Silent Room] to encompass everyone since the party was too loud.

There were a lot of merry making.

Friendly fights among friends.

Singing and dancing.

Drinking and shouting.

It was fun.

Too bad Momo couldn’t come. I bet that girl will fit right in this kind of mood.

As for Mii...we talked for a bit. Just some hello and how are you doing and some small talks...she’s still mostly quiet and frankly, I have no idea what to do with her.

I talked to Denneth about finally ending the demi-vampires after I deal with a minor situation...El, if you’re here, I wonder if you’ll like this atmosphere? Heh, knowing her, she’ll probably say it’s noisy and complain but still enjoy it…

Warren showed up at some point...where the hell has this guy been?

I asked but he only vaguely answered so I let it be. If he didn’t want to say, then I won’t force him.

The party ended with everyone drop dead on the ground...not! A simple detox magic from the Archbishop instantly sobered everyone up like they never went to a party. Magic was also used to remove the smell of alcohol and such…so convenient…

Everyone went their separate ways while the girls stayed behind...of course, there’s only one reason why…

And no, not all girls. I meant my girls…oi, what are you still doing here Misty!?

She kept saying that adding one more wouldn’t hurt anyone and wanted to stay for the seems everyone already knows her wanton ways and knew that she didn’t specifically have any feelings for me so we somehow drove her out.

Freya, Eu, Aeran, Lily, Steph, Aleris, Vil, Fen, Mei...I wonder if I’ll survive the night…

+ + +

Waking up, a pang of headache instantly stuck wasn’t because of all the drinking yesterday but…


Because of my little movement upon waking up, a naked beauty moaned beside me.

Right, the headache was from making love all night long.

Midway, Vil and Fen were complaining that they want a child because of what I said this morning. Because of that everyone also complained…

Somehow, I manage to convince them that I’ll do it after I deal with some problems… I going to be a father soon?

It’s not like I don’t want to, it’s just that there’s no time. Especially with the [Death Eaters] are still on the loose. I can’t feel safe for my children...I need to get the point where no one can even dare to go against me. Only then…

Letting the girls sleep a bit more, I quietly left the bed and put some clothes on.

It’s been a while but I have the urge to cook again so I went to the kitchen.

“Hn?” (Lucas)

At this time, my divine sense is still surrounding the whole of [Earth] and I noticed a petty burglar attempting to break into a store in [America] so I quickly dealt with him with the same method as before...done. Hm? This guy’s hand...isn’t this the trademark of the [Black Hand]? That assassin guild thingy? Come to think of it, this person is wearing some nice assassin gear.

Why is this guy breaking into a small store?

Confused, I teleported there directly and shocked the assassin.

“Wha-!?” (???)

Oh? A girl?

“What is a person from [Black Hand] doing here breaking into a local store?” (Lucas)

“Hmph, you think I’ll talk?” (???)

“Ah, don’t bother with the poison pellet in your mouth.” (Lucas)

With a wave of a hand, a green pellet shot out of her mouth and into my palm, instantly crushing it.

“Hmph!” (???)

Seeing as her suicide attempt failed. A hidden knife appeared from her sleeve which held a cold aura and slashed towards her throat.

“Come on, just don’t move.” (Lucas)

I can’t control her body with telekinesis but I can control her clothes. It’s nice she’s wearing such a sexy skin tight suit.

Suddenly, her movements stopped as if time had stopped.

“W-what is...are you an esper!?” (???)

Esper? Those exist for real now? Rather, what’s the difference to passive magic holders and espers?

“I’m not an esper...I think. Don’t you watch any movies? You know, the handsome and awesome white haired dragon fighting monster slaying hero? No? Really?” (Lucas)

I’m not boasting. Not at all. I’m just wondering whether she knows me or not. Yup. Just interrogation.

“Huh? What are you talking about?” (???)

“Really? You don’t know? Fine, I guess it can’t be helped. I disappeared for 5 years after all. Let me introduce myself. Ahem, I am none oth-” (Lucas)

“Damn, who the hell cares!? Get me out of here!” (???)

“...I am-!” (Lucas)

“Kyaa!!! Help! Molester!!!” (???)

Who's the what now!?

“Em, you can scream all you want. No one will hear you...kukukuku.” (Lucas)

Hm? Why do I feel like I’m suddenly the villain now?

“Y-you...what did you do!?” (???)

“Ohoho, now you fear me? Good. Now answer me, what are you doing here?” (Lucas)

“...” (???)

“You know, I can put you in a hundred different kinds of pain to make you spill but since I decided to be a [Hero] and you seem cute, I’m asking nicely.” (Lucas)

“Go to hell! What kind of [Hero] ties up a maiden and asks perverted question!?” (???)

“Oi, I can agree to the tying up a maiden part but why is my question perverted!?” (Lucas)

“Help!!! There’s a pervert!!!” (???)

Damn, what’s with this girl!?

“Alright. No more Mr. Nice guy! [Tame]!” (Lucas)

Ina has declined to be your pet.

“Fuck! You actually want me to be your pet!? Nooo!!!! Pervert!!!!!!” (Ina)

Ah! I forgot that this skill isn’t absolute! The other party must be willing!

Sigh, and here I thought I can do this without threats or anyone getting hurt…


“Sigh, you forced my hand...I don’t have any choice now.” (Lucas)

Saying so, I walked closer and closer to her with a deadly serious expression.

“W-what are you going to do!?” (Ina)

“What I should’ve done from the start.” (Lucas)

Hearing my cold voice, Ina started to shiver, fearing for the worst.

I stretched both of my arms towards her…

“N-noo! Don’t come near!!!” (Ina)

“It’s futile to struggle. You will give answers. One way. Or another.” (Lucas)

Ina’s body started to perspire rapidly. Even though I made it so she cannot move, there is still a slight trembling present. Though I can’t see her face with her half mask, I imagine that she’s now as pale as a paper.

Pathetic, an assassin afraid of torture. But my kind of torture is different. No matter what, they will give the answer in the end.

Slowly, I removed the mask covering her mouth, revealing her cherry red lips...come to think of it, she’s quite a beauty.

But I don’t feel guilty. She won’t give me an answer, I would simply force it out of her.

“W-what are you planning to do!? Why did you remove my mask!?” (Ina)

“My, you’re not the one asking questions here.’s hard to breathe with that mask right? I’m going to make you gasp for breath nonstop. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.” (Lucas)

“H-hii! Stop! Hey! Where are you placing your hands!!!???” (Ina)

I ignored her as I trace her waist with my hands, finally settling on her waist.

“Kukukuku, are you ready for a world of pain and pleasure?” (Lucas)

“Stop! No!! Don’t!!!” (Ina)

“Here I go!” (Lucas)

Immediately, I thrusted hands that is.

“Kyahahahahahahahahaha!!! W-wh!!?? Sto- hahahahahahahahahaha! N-no! Hahahahahahahaha!” (Ina)

I tickled her with all my might.

Fufufu. What do you think of my torture method? Isn’t it painful but also pleasurable? With laughter that is.

Hm? What? Were you thinking of something else?

Pshh, all of you read too many dirty novels. You’re minds are already so green!

“Well? Feel like talking yet?” (Lucas)

“A-ahahahahaha! I- ahahahahaha! In your- hahahahahahaha! Dreams! Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!” (Ina)

“Oh? You’re quite a tough one huh? Then how about this!” (Lucas)

I poured light essence inside her and fully made all of her cells active, turning her super hyper active and full of energy!

“Hahahahahahahaha!? W-why- hahahahahaha! Why am I not- hahahahaha! Getting- haha! Tired!!?? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!???” (Ina)

“So? Feel like talking yet?” (Lucas)

“No! Hahahahahahaha!” (Ina)

Damn, this girl’s tough! Then let’s move on to the next step.

I used my divine sense to...move below her navel, causing...certain reactions one will feel to rush to the toilet.

“Kya!? Ahaha! P-pervert! Hahaha! W-what did you- hahahahaha! Do!? Ahahahaha!!!???” (Ina)

“How about it? Feel like going to the toilet? Kukuku. I’m still not done~” (Lucas)

“S-stop! I’ll tell! I’ll tell!” (Ina)

“It seems you’re still not completely honest.” (Lucas)

“Stop! I get it already!!!” (Ina)

“Tch- you’re no fun at all. Then? Were you trying to steal something of kill someone. Though, no one seems to be inside.” (Lucas)

There’s nothing valuable either…

“...” (Ina)

“Oh? Not talking?” (Lucas)

“I’ll talk! I’ll talk so stop your hands!!!” (Ina)

Seeing me stretch my hands again, Ina no longer remained silent.

“...This is one of the secret entrances to our base is...” (Ina)

Oh? They must’ve already blocked the entrance with a [Divineblock Array] so I didn’t notice.

Hmm...since I’m here anyway, might as well get this over with.

After making Ina tell me how to enter, I raided the base alone while Ina is still unable to move.

5 minutes later, I came back up unscathe. Seeing this, Ina’s mouth dropped and looked at me like I’m a monster.

Heh, she might’ve thought that I will die by going alone so she told me the way. Well, let’s hand this girl over to Ban and the others.

Touching her shoulder, I teleported her directly to Ban where he directed some men to take her and the other assassins away.

Alright, let’s eat breakfast~

+ + +

“Hn? Where have you been?” (Lily)

“*Sniff*...I smell a girl...” (Aeran)

“Hey, I didn’t do anything! There was a female assassin in [America] so I handed her over.” (Lucas)

“Relax, no one’s accusing you. Hehe.” (Eu)

“Alright, it’s time for breakfast. I bet all of you still have work to do today so hurry up.” (Freya)

After the breakfast, I went to [Harus] with Freya who immediately separated from me as she went back to her family.

I looked over to the busy streets of [Watervilet] and a wave of nostalgia hit me.

Different from before, there are now advanced technologies here as well. Holographic billboards, flying cars, tall buildings, and such. Though, there are still boats on the water roads, each had a different design than the others.

I spent awhile looking around first before heading to my castle via teleportation.

Now then, let’s meet Jacob and the rest.

“Milord, you’re here.” (Jacob)

In front of me are Jacob, my Regant, who now looks as old as my father. Ellen, my personal maid, who has also aged similarly. Alfan, my personal knight, who now wore a special armor that is superior to his normal armor back then. And Bett, the daughter of Alfan and Ellen. By the looks of it, she’s already 12 years old.

We all already met in the party so they already knew I will be coming here.

“Yeah. Let’s head to the painting room.” (Lucas)

“Right away, milord.” (Lucas)

I led the four of them to the room next to the art gallery which is currently filled with people going in and out in lines.

Seems this place is as popular as ever.

“Hm? Is that...”

“Oi oi oi, could it be!?”

“Look! The lord is back!”

“The [White Haired Adventurer] Lucas is back!!!”

“Why does he have a metal arm?”

“Those are some nice equips!”

Seeing us go near, the people of different races and worlds continuously chattered about.

“Fufu, even though 15 years had passed in this world, plenty of people still know of you, milord.” (Ellen)

“Give me a break...” (Lucas)

They gave way to us as I moved to the last part of the mural and pulled out my painting tools.

And then I painted.

However, my way of painting is now different. What this painting contains is a deep profundity.

Even though it looks like the painting is still, those who view it would fall into a charmed state and the painting would seem to come to life!

“W-what is this!?”

“Hey, I’m not going crazy right? Why is the wall moving!?”

“It’s as if the painting is a movie...”

“This is...”

Ignoring the chattering of those watching, I finished the painting and left.

Even though [Zoulang] is a secret, it’s fine if I paint it like this as they don’t know where it is anyway. It’s also not noticeable that the painting is 6000+ years long as I only included specific events so no one will know that I became an immortal here.

El is also shown here as well as the battle between me and Crow.

Like that, I left the stupefied people and dragged the four with me.

“Let’s go, you guys can view that later anyway.” (Lucas)

“A-ah, yes!” (Jacob)

We head out of the castle and I stopped after glancing at a specific place.

“Hey, I remember planting a tree there. What happened? Did it die out after all?” (Lucas)

But it’s the [Tree of Life]...I thought I can resurrect the girl buried there so I can ask her some questions.

“ ran away.” (Jacob)


“Well, you see, after maturing...the tree stood up.” (Alfan)

“Then turned into a loli.” (Ellen)

“Then ran away.” (Bett)

...I see...the tree stood up...turned into a loli...then ran away……...ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!???

“We were too surprised the time we snapped out of it, it had already ran too far...I’m sorry, milord” (Jacob)

“Seriously?...Haah, whatever. It already happened so there’s nothing we can do. When did this happen?” (Lucas)

“A bit over 2 years ago.” (Jacob)

I stretched out my divine sense. To my surprise, I was able to cover an entire half of [Harus] yet I couldn’t find this...loli…

“Alright, let’s leave that for later. You guys already know what I’ll do right?” (Lucas)

“Yes. We shall handle the citizens in case of panic.” (Jacob)

“Alright. I’ll count on you then.” (Lucas)

Saying that, I flew upwards and viewed the whole city below.

The city’s east side is touching the sea, then there’s the vacant lot on the west side where a few caravans are going in and out of the city.

I momentarily stopped those caravans and proceeded with my work.

On the north west side of the city, I controlled the earth to make new another city that looks like [Watervilet] without any houses inside.

I didn’t just use earth. With my [Elemental Creation] skill, I properly made steel beams to support the walls and made cement between stone blocks. I also made depressed roads for water to flow in and several identical buildings.

At the topmost layer of this new city is a tall tower that is properly made and supported with steel beams as well as glass for the windows. Different from the rest, this tower is very modernized.

I also made proper cablings and outlets on the buildings.

Running out of mana, I teleported elsewhere and started using [Mana Drain] on the monsters. Since this skill consumes my HP, I stop when I’m barely alive them healed myself then continued sucking mana.

Going back, I made some finishing touches like designs, lampposts, benches, even relocating some trees from the forest and planting them here.

This city will now be called [North Watervilet] where every research and development will be made.

On the first layer, it will be divided into four. Metalworks, clothworks, woodworks, and other small crafts like glasswork and such.

On the second layer, it will be divided in half. Potioneering, Alchemy, or Chemical research on one half and. Magic research and development on the other half.

The top layer is for special projects or large projects like making an airship, rocket, or something.

Satisfied, I moved to the south west corner of the original [Watervilet] and made the same city but for a different use.

On the top layer, I made a huge coliseum-like building and also placed several arenas in the other layers. Even courts for sports is also there.

This city will be known as the [South Watervilet] which will be for full of arenas for battles of every sort.

Then lastly, I made another city on the far west of the original [Watervilet].

The [West Watervilet] which is a residential area.

The top layer is a huge castle. This is for the accommodation of royalties which may visit in the future. Of course, they won’t own the whole thing. Just rent a room inside.

Second layer are some villas and mansions. Last layer are some common houses and a few bigger ones.

Now, why did I make these? Simple...because the original city is becoming overcrowded!

The residents aren’t all artist, some are crafters so sometimes, disputes happen. Also, the blacksmiths’ are is always full of smoke which results to some neighbors complaining. So, I thought, why not just create a whole city for crafters?

And the fighters! Ugh, you will always see some muscle brains everywhere you go. I recieved reports from Jacob that brawls often happen on the inns and it’s affecting other people as well so I made a whole city for them! A city of fighting!

As for the residential area...well, my OCD was acting up so I made another city so I can now have North, West, South, and East cities! Besides, it’s easier to manage people this way. Also, there are still houses on the other cities to live on and there are also inns and restaurants on the residential city so not every city is that extreme.

Next, I made some roads and water roads that connect all four of them. No roads passing through the middle though since I’m still not done.

Yesterday, in the R&D lab, I already asked for a list of chemical and ore structures. So I can now create other minerals now. One of which is the floating earth. You know how there are floating islands in this world and that it was used to make the floating cars? That one.

With that in mind, I created a huge circular floating island on top of the four cities at the middle. The floating island is so big that it almost completely enveloped the four cities!

Then, I made some huge chains to stop the floating island from...well, floating away. Chains appeared from four sides, stretching downwards and pierced in place on the earth.

Now then, since this is a water city, it won’t do if there’s no water.

I dug a tunnel on the earth below it, which is the center of the four cities, connecting to the sea and made the water erupt from there.

To control the water, I made a tornado encircle it as it reaches the bottom of the floating island and spread it outwards. Making the floating island appear to be surrounded by the sea.

Since there’s a drizzle as the water goes back down, I placed blue flames on the bottom that will only heat up the water so it instantly evaporates it, creating mist that envelops the island. Now, it appears as if the floating island is floating on a cloud.

Then, I spread light and dark particles on the island. During the day, the dark particles stood out, giving an eerie ambiance. On night, the light particles stood out, giving a dazzling appearance. On dawn and dusk, both light and dark seem to dance with each other, giving a mysterious kind of feeling.

Lastly, I relocated some beautiful flowers and trees I can find and spread them there. Then I made a simple wooden cottage.

From now on, this place will be my personal place. The atmosphere is always important when one is meditating on the [Dao]. Which was why I have to use all of the elements for this island. Besides, this place can also serve as a refuge place in case of emergencies. I’m thinking of making six more smaller floating islands around and place six different elements and guardians on it so I can make a [Six Elemental Array] but I’ll leave that for later.

For now, I placed a modified [Spacelock Array], modified [Divineblock Array], and modified [Flight Restriction Array] on the floating island and the four cities. Not completely but only to some important areas.

By the way, if you’re wondering, I already requested this from the King so it’s fine that I expanded my territory.

Nodding satisfied from my work, I teleported back to Jacob and the others.

“Well, that’s that. Jacob, prepare me a list of names that can govern the other cities. For the north city, it should be someone well-learned on magic and science. For the south city, it should be someone strong. For the west city, it should be someone who can welcome royalty, nobles, and commoners.” (Lucas)

“Eh? Ah, r-right away, milord!” (Jacob)

Seemingly snapping back to reality, Jacob answered.

The other three as well started to blink and notice me.

Hm? Come to think of it, everyone in the city is looking up now with incredible expressions...oh well.

“Alright, no need to prepare it to me now. For now, and...clear your mind.” (Lucas)

“Y-yes...” (Jacob)

...It seems...I overdid it huh?

+ + +

On the internet, the legends of Lucas is being spread around like a virus.

First, there was a video of the [Legacy Hall] which suddenly changed, arousing the interests of a few percent.

“Was there already a discovery for a 3D molding material where you only need to input it with a 3D model?”

“Dude, this is magic!”

“Was there a [Gnome] nearby that used [Earth Manipulation]?”

“Esper maybe?”

“Earth bender? Lol.”

“Why only this guy though?”

“Is this how the [White Haired Adventurer] looks like now?”


“Damn, where the hell has this guy been?”

“They say he’s in one of the authorized worlds.”

“This guy has gone quiet, now, he does this? Is something going yo happen?”

Various speculations were made as they watched the video of Lucas changing his image on the pillar in the [Legacy Hall].

After a day, a new video appeared. It was the video of Lucas painting in the [Lucas Mural].

“Fuck, I forgot this guy is also good in painting! Seriously!?”

“What the hell is this!? Internet Hypnotism!?”


“Oi, I’m getting this a video of a video??? Why is the painting moving!?”

“A moving this Harry Potter!?”

“You’re a wizard, Harry.”

“Oi, idiots, in Harry Potter, it’s not a moving painting but a moving picture! There’s a difference!”

“Shut it Harry Potter nerd.”

“Seriously though, is this a skill?”

“If it’s not a skill, it’s magic. If it’s not magic, then what is it!?”

Then the video of Lucas creating the cities…

“What in the holy mother of fuck!!!???”

“Guy above, language!”

“Fuck you! Look at this! Is he a freaking God!!!???”

“I doubt this can be stored in the [Inventory] so this is definitely 100% his ability…”


“You troll! Why the hell do you even bother commenting!?”

“Damn, this is just...damn...”

“Oi, are my eyes playing me or did he just change a soil into steel!? Look at 07:24! Now!”

“I must be losing my mind...did this guy just transmute!? Holy Edward Elric!”

“...Dude, he has a metal arm. Maybe one of his legs is also metal. Then he really is Edward Elric!”

“Oi, did he just create a floating island!!!???”

“A geyser! There’s a freaking geyser inside a tornado!!!”

“What the hell is that flame! It’s blue! And it’s floating in midair!!!”

“So beautiful...”

“Aaargghh! I give up! I can’t understand this guy!”

“Cheat! His character must be bugged!!!”

And so on…on that day, Lucas got called with different names. God, Cheat, Half Metal Alchemist, Painter who Paints Moving Paintings, Unfathomable Hero, Inhuman, Annoying Show-off, and such...

It seems, Lucas’ future troubles will only increase from now on…

Author's Notes

Sorry this took so long...wasn't able to write for a couple of tired...that's all...I might start to update the wordpress characters page later...

Till the next chapter!
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