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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 6: Endless Troubles
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: June 18th, 2016

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Chapter 6: Endless Troubles

Seeing [Durandal] in front of me, I hurriedly looked in my [Inventory] and found that I still have my own [Durandal].

Weird...did I, perhaps...encountered a glitch?

That was the first thought I had since something similar happened to a game I used to play before.

In that game, the unique sword the boss used was supposed to be the reward but during the fight, I used a disarming skill and the sword dropped. After killing the boss, I still received the same sword, causing me to have two not-so-unique-anymore swords.

But this isn’t a game...well, not anymore. Though there are still a bit of it...not everything is like a game. People die when killed now unlike when this used to be called [World Gate Online].

I took out my [Durandal] so as to compare it with the one inside the pillar of light but...suddenly, the light expanded outwards!

Instantly, everything around me became blank, as if I somehow stumbled in a blank world.

Looking back, I can no longer see the exit of the cave. As for the other [Durandal] is now in the hands of another person.

This person has white hair, red eyes, wore a long one sleeved black overcoat with a grey thin cross on his left chest and a metallic right arm...hey! Isn’t that me!?

What the hell...don’t tell me this is one of those things were I have to beat myself?

Travels of a Traveler

Task #2: Your greatest enemy is yourself, surpass yourself and you will be the strongest!

No shit!

It’s actually like that oi! And what’s with that suspicious line!? Why does it sound as if to deceive people!?

The greatest enemy is yourself. So if you beat yourself, then that means you’re the strongest!? Then what about the ‘you’ who had surpassed your ‘past you’? Doesn’t it mean that you will still need to constantly surpass yourself? This is basically a con to make people train harder!

Sigh...this is so stupid...let’s just get this over with.

Let’s test some things…

I shot a ball of fire towards the other me, thinking that this will be the type that will copy my moves but instead, he dodged to the side and started charging at me.

Suddenly, a huge transparent black claw appeared on his left and hurled it at me.

Well then, me too. [Dragon Claw]!

The two claws collided. At first, I thought it was equal in strength but...the other me was actually pushed back!

Ehhh? What’s with this? Aren’t I too weak?

...No, wait...recently, I’ve been integrating my comprehensions in my skills…

Normally, when I punch, it’s just a punch. But after [Zoulang], I found that there is a deep profundity in punching. Well, if I had to name it, then maybe it can be called as [One with the Fist] or something.

Anyway, by habit, I used that comprehension on similar skills. [Dragon Claw] is one of them so naturally, it’s stronger than normal. that’s how it is. This trial is only able to copy my skills that belonged to [Harus] and was unable to copy enlightenments and the dao or something from other worlds.

It’s like...each world has their own [Laws]...which means…someone like me who has been to other worlds is...

“I’m really a cheat character...” (Lucas)

Pushed into a corner, the other me started to become enraged on how I am easily able to defeat him.

Black mist gathered around him and a shiver went down my spine…

Oh shit…right...he still have [Dragon’s Wrath]!


In front of me stood something like a humanoid skin devoid of any light, red eyes that seemed to pierce through you, dragonic horns that pointed to the heavens, a lizard like tail and wings of a dragon...shit…

I actually looked like this before!?

This...this...I look so cool!

Ahem...I mean, since he used that skill, might as well use my own!

[Dragon’s Wrath]

An eye for an eye!

A tooth for a tooth!

[Dragon’s Wrath] for [Dragon’s Wrath]!

Black mist gathered around me as well...however, I didn’t go too far like the other me.

I didn’t grown horns, or wings, or a tail, or black scales. But my equipment changed.

The cross in my left chest turned into some sort of symbol of a dragon’s head. My metallic arm also changed color and changed form, turning more dragonic. [Durandal] lost all its holy power and turned into something evil…

Of course, these kinds of changes also happened to the other me but since I didn’t go too far so as to retain my consciousness, my body remain the same. On the other hand, the other me has started his rampage.

Whenever we strike at each other, earth-shattering explosions would always happen...makes me think just how absurd of a character I really am.




This battle is simply too epic!

Dragon roars filled the battlefield each time either one of us strike.

Space would distort whenever we swing our fists.

In this world of nothingness, two monsters fought…

However, it still came to an end.

Cutting off my other self’s arm, I took his [Durandal] and sliced off his head with it.

It’s weird that I didn’t feel disturbed even though I just killed myself but thinking about it properly, it must’ve been because he no longer looked like me after the transformation.

After a few seconds, the other me dissolved into dots of light and I was back again in the cave, holding two [Durandals] in hand.

Subconsciously, I moved the two swords and connected them…

The two swords let out a bright blue light as they start to melt into each other, forming a new sword!

This is…the real [Durandal]?

Then, this sword should’ve became even stronger right?


Durandal II








Holy Torrent

Job Requirement

Wanderer Class


Fusion of two [Durandals], merged into one holy sword capable of severing darkness and evil.

[Durandal II]...I wonder...can it still go up a grade? It’s actually an SS+ weapon...if there’s one more upgrade then...wouldn’t this sword become a Godly weapon, an SSS rank!?

...This is too, wait. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This may be the last evolution this sword has…

Alright, let's stop thinking about this. More importantly, is this the last task? That can’t be right? Is it over just like that?

Heyy~ have I ranked up now~??? Come on~...

Shit, did I make a mistake somewhere? Eh? Maybe that task description earlier was a riddle? Maybe I wasn’t supposed to kill my clone???


No way right!?



Annoyed, I swung [Durandal II] around and around, throwing a tantrum like a child.

“Wawawawawawa~ Stop~ s~t~o~p~ spin~ning~~~” (???)


Eh? Just now...did someone speak?

I looked around but there’s no one in here...I even stretched my divine sense but I still can’t find anyone.

Then, I looked over at my sword, contemplating on something, then decided to spin it again.

“ST~OP~~ I~ SAI~D~~ STOP~~~~!!!” (???)

...Ehhhh...this is that right?...An ego sword!? But why does the voice sound feminine?...The sword wouldn’t suddenly transform into human...right?

Just thinking about it give me a’s bad enough that El is inside me, now, another female will be stuck on me...well, El is still in that state but still…

...Whatever, this should be my way to the next task so let’s just ask her.

“Oi, sword.” (Lucas)

“Hey! My name is [Durandal]! Don’t call me sword! Also, you, human! Can’t you take good care of me!? Actually affecting me with that dark power...I am a holy sword!” (Durandal)

“Durandal...sound really handful. And you sound like a sword.” (Lucas)

“Because I am a sword!” (Durandal)

“Ehh, even though you just said not to call you sword...what a dishonest fellow.” (Lucas)

“That’s not what I meant, human!” (Durandal)

“Well, sword. Shut up for a bit and tell me what I need to do next.” (Lucas)

“I said don’t call me sword!” (Durandal)

“Fine. Then, Durandal...Duran...Dal...Ran! Yeah, Ran is easier to say. Anyway, Ran, what’s next? I need to rank up as soon as possible.” (Lucas)

“ actually gave this holy sword such a girly name!” (Ran)

!? D-don’t tell’s a trap!?

“S-sorry, didn’t notice you were a boy...” (Lucas)

“Who’re you calling a boy you bastard!? I’m a girl!” (Ran)

“Then why the hell are you upset of being given a girly name!?” (Lucas)

“Hmph! If I say I don’t like it, then I don’t like it! Stupid! Idiot! Rogue! Sex maniac! Pervert!” (Ran)

...Could it be...she has been aware all this time and was only unable to speak until now!? Wait, she’s in my [Inventory] most of the time so why...ehhh, maybe [Inventory] is similar to El’s prison?

“You do it with a vampire, demon, spirit, human, elf, rabbit, snake, and some sort of immortal being! Now you want to do it with a sword!? Kyaaa! Pervert!” (Ran)

“Damn! Hey! How am I supposed to do it with a sword!? Where am I even supposed to insert it!? Do you want to cut my thing off!?” (Lucas)

“Hmph hmph! You just said you want to rank up fast, once you rank up to the last stage, I will upgrade again, by then, I will be able to change my form! Just because you want to sleep with me, you want to rank up immediately!?” (Ran)

“Oi! If you can really see or hear from before, then you should know why I need to rank up fast! And why the hell do I need to sleep with you!? Did you get jealous from watching all the time or what!?” (Lucas)

“S-stupid! Who’d want to sleep with you!?” (Ran)

Sigh...this isn't getting us anywhere…

Just talking to this girl is already irritating enough...I thought that having an ego sword is cool but now...they’re just annoyance!

Let’s hope [Draughtbane] doesn’t end up like this…

“Sigh, just do your job properly and tell me what’s the next task is already.” (Lucas)

“Guhh...” (Ran)

Ran groaned unwillingly but surprisingly, she still obeyed and from the jewel embedded on her handle, a ray of light shot out.

Travels of a Traveler

Task #3: Follow the light.

...Simple enough…

I thought the light would lead out of the cave but instead, it lead deeper into the cave. I wonder what I’ll find here?

“Ran, I didn’t know you have such a good flashlight ability.” (Lucas)

“I’m not a flashlight! I’m a holy sword! And stop calling me Ran!” (Ran)

“Yes, yes. I shall obey your holy flashlightness’ Sword Ran’s order.” (Lucas)

“Y-youu--!!!” (Ran)

Like this, I keep annoying Ran while I walk deeper into the cave. Why? Well, her reactions are a bit’s better than doing nothing right?

“Oh, we’re here.” (Lucas)

At the end of the light, there is a stone pedestal with engraving all around it. On the top, you could see a thin slit at the center.

...Do I stick [Durandal II] in?

...Let’s stick it.

“Ran, congratulations. You’re about to become a man. Make sure you love pedestal-chan with your life.” (Lucas)

“Bastard! I’m a girl! And stop making this sound so erotic!” (Ran)

Ignoring her screams, I penetrated my sword deep into the hole…

Yeeaaaah...that does sound erotic…

Just now, if you only read that one part, then you’d probably mistake this as a rape scene…

While thinking like this, a click sounded when the sword blade reached the bottom of the stone pedestal and suddenly, the stone pedestal burst into pieces and bright light gushed out from inside!

It came!

...Ok, I’ll stop with the ero jokes…

“Wow, Ran. You sure are mighty! You made it break with a single thrust!” (Lucas)

Or not, haha!

“S-shut up! Stop it with those easily misunderstood sentences already!!!” (Ran)

I didn’t mind her useless scolding and concentrated on the broken pedestal. From inside, a glowing orb hovered in front of me. went inside me…

“Fuck! I won’t suddenly become pregnant right!?” (Lucas)

“Like I said! Stop it with the jokes!” (Ran)


You have learned a new skill, (Active) [Soul Reconstruction] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)!

You are now able to reconstruct a broken soul!

MP Cost: 50 points

It’s here! I finally got this skill!!!

Finally, I’m one step closer to restoring El!

Travels of a Traveler

Task #4: Reconstruct the soul of the Lost King.

Eh? There’s still more?

Rather, who’s this Lost King?

Whatever, I’ll deal with that later. First, I’ll reconstruct El’s soul...

I led my mind inside her prison inside me. Looking at the blank room, I remembered how much she hated this place so she renovated it to her liking. But now, it’s the only way for her soul to retain its pieces without dissipating and entering the cycle of reincarnation.

In the middle of the room is the item I used to gather her soul. It looks like a small tower shaped ornament made from jade. I still can’t understand how this is able to gather soul pieces but that doesn’t matter now.

[Soul Reconstruction]!

After using it on the item, I inspected it with my divine sense and saw a golden red orb of light floating inside...This is it! This is her soul!

All that’s left is to get [Soul Restoration] to restore her body…

For a while, I stared at El’s orb warmly, thinking whether she already has awareness or not.

Still, I decided to speak.

“El...just more step...just one more and you can be free...” (Lucas)

I closed my eyes and calmed my heart. When I opened them again, it shined with a brilliance of resolution.

One more step...just one more. No matter who it is, no one can stop me! Those who go against me will only have one outcome. Their death!

As I made this promise in my heart, I left El’s prison and focused on the task at hand.

“Ran, do you know who this Lost King is?” (Lucas)

“Hmph! Of course this lady knows it! Because he is none other than my father!” (Ran)

“You mean...he’s the one who made you? A blacksmith?” (Lucas)

“No, he’s like you.” (Ran)

“Ehh, no wonder you like me so much. Turns out you have a father fetish.” (Lucas)

“W-wha!? I don’t have a father fetish! And e-even if I do, you look nothing like him! When I said he’s like you, I meant your jobs are the same!” (Ran)

...I only said it as a joke but it seems...did I hit the mark?

Whatever, so this Lost King is also a Wanderer? Well, he’s most likely reached the last rank which is the Adventurer job.

Does that mean that...when I reach that level, I can also create ego swords by then?

“Then, how do I go about this task?” (Lucas)

“This is my father’s tomb so his corpse should be here. Go find it.” (Ran)

Still as commanding as ever, this girl…

I sighed again and looked around the cave.

I tried using my divine sense but I’m not getting any response...just where is that corpse?

Oh, nevermind. I found it. Weird, why didn’t my divine sense locate this coffin? Hmm...anyway, one problem at a time.

I lazily lifted the lid and looked inside.

There, I saw a skeleton wearing what seemed like a tattered noble’s clothing.

When I used my [Divine Eyes’] ability of [Soul Appraisal], I saw the pieces of souls so I reconstructed them.

Like I said before, each world has their own [Laws]. In this world, souls didn’t seem to dissipate but they float to some place I don’t know. As for why the soul pieces are still here, it may have something to do with this weird coffin.

After reconstructing them, a blue ghostly orb appeared in front of me which kinda looks like a ball of blue flame. Like a fox fire or something.

...Then? What am I supposed to do now?

Suddenly, the Lost King’s skeleton shined along with his soul and in front of me, stood a transparent figure of a man.

Come to think of it, the same thing happened to Gildas before right? But El didn’t seem to be able to do it…

“So you are the new successor...Gildas has chosen well.” (Lost King)

“Father! How can you say that!? This man is a sex beast perverted bastard!” (Ran)

“Oh? Then he’s even better than I imagined!” (Lost King)

...This guy...there’s something wrong with his head.

“Ah, come to think of it, there were a lot of women coming in and out of father’s room before...” (Ran)

“...No wonder...” (Lucas)

“Fufufu, but of course, everyone with the [Wanderer] class must be free and unconstrained! *Cough* Well, in any case, since you have reconstructed my soul for me, allow me to reward you with the next rank of the [Wanderer] class.” (Lost King)


Your [Wanderer] job has ranked up into [Traveler]!

Traveling all across the continent, you have encountered the soul of the Lost King and reconstructed it! From now on, you can unlock the skill trees and equip any items and armors from all the available second rank jobs except from hidden jobs.

Ohh! Finally!

“Alright then. One last thing. As thanks for taking care of my Durandal, I’ll teach you another skill, [Soul Split]! This will allow you to split your own soul and place your other soul in another body! All you need is to find a suitable body for you and it shall become another extension of your body. I especially recommend you do this before sleeping with women. Hehehe, if you know what I mean.” (Lost King)

“...” (Lucas)

“...” (Ran)

“Well, then! Let’s meet again in the next life! Oh, right, you can also be counted as my successor now. Take care of my kingdom!” (Lost King)

After I received the notification that I gained the skill, the Lost King disappeared just like that…right, I also gained this weird title [Lost King’s Successor]...

“Ran, you’re father sure is weird.” (Lucas)

“...Strange, I don’t remember him being like that?” (Ran)

“Just admit it, you have a father fetish.” (Lucas)

“I do not!” (Ran)

“Suure~ What kind of king is he anyway? Rather, what country did he rule?” (Lucas)

“...People call him the Harem King. He rules the hidden country of women...” (Ran)


Eh!? There’s something like that!?

……….W-wait...just now...didn’t he say I’m now his successor?

...Then...that means…


Congratulations! The title: Lost King’s Successor has changed to Harem King’s Successor!

From now on, you are considered as the next successor to the throne of the hidden country of women, [Aslana]!

+9000 Fame

…………………………………….Well, shit…

…...Let’s avoid going to this place in the future...I can only see endless troubles with this...

Author's Notes

Heey~ Sorry this took so long...I just started my internship so I'm busy for the whole week and wasn't able to write a chapter properly.

Most likely, the releases will become slower from now on. Not just in WGO but also in Back Again and Birth of a God.

Also, don't worry, though Lucas is now practically the king of an entire country filled with women, there's only 1 or 2 girls from that country that will truly interact with Lucas often. As for them joining his harem...well, I still dunno. Things like this actually happen as I write...this whole Lost King thing was actually written on the spot just now as well...anyway, I'm sleepy so...

Till the next chapter!

P.S.: Vil is completed~! (Click to enlarge)


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