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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 1: Welcome to Earth-2
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: July 29th, 2016

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Chapter 1: Welcome to Earth-2

“Uwa!?” (Lucas)

The explosion!...Wait, where am I?

One second, the particle accelerator exploded. Then, before I managed to teleport the explosion away...I should’ve been struck by it…

Did I die? No way, did I actually die!!!???

Wait, then why am I alive? Right, [Heroes] are supposed to be! From what they told me, they are reincarnated as a baby! I’m still the same!

I hurriedly looked below me and saw that I’m still an, wait, what are these clothes? I don’t even remember buying this one before…

Actually, why is everything so noisy?


“Hah?” (Lucas)

Currently, I’m lying face down when suddenly, a weird growl like noise sounded from above which made me inadvertently punch out but…

Hm? How come it’s so hard?

Still, I managed to push that thing away so I quickly got up and surveyed my surroundings.

“W-what the...are those zombies!?” (Lucas)

Not only am I surprised that I am suddenly surrounded by zombies, the place is also’s my school!

Isn’t this Mapua!? Since when are there zombies in Mapua!?

Shit, is this the work of the [Death Eaters] again!?

No time to deal with these guys, I need to find Ban and the others immediately!

Thinking so, I snorted and waved my hand, causing the air to turn into millions of sharp blades and cut the zombies into ribbons!...Is what didn’t happen!

Huh!? How come I can’t control the air anymore!?

No wait, I really can’t sense my mana!? I also can’t sense qi! As for divine’s still there! But I can’t use it!

To use divine sense, the body must be strong, otherwise, it will only backfire on me!

If I don’t have my powers but still have my divine sense...then that means only my soul is my own? Come to think of it, both my arms are still intact. There’s no dragon arm or metal arm...So am I in a different body?

Did I really die and only my soul was intact, hence, I reincarnated in another person’s body?

Shit, what am I supposed to do now...right, I need to defeat these guys first. Otherwise, no matter what plan I make, I’m still dead!

But I can’t punch my way out of this...right, if this is really Mapua, there should be an axe in the fire emergency box around here.

There! The axe is already on the ground but at least it’s there! I can use this!

Picking up the axe, I used my experience in battles to slaughter my way out.

“Die! You! Fucking! Zombies!!!” (Lucas)

Dammit, where should I go...the cafeteria! Since I’m no longer in an immortal cultivator’s body, I’d definitely be hungry so I need to stock some food.

Too bad I don’t have [Inventory] though...whatever, first, I need some food stock.

Making my way to the cafeteria, I found the door being blocked by zombies trying to go in.

Oh? If they still haven’t gotten inside...then there’s still people alive!

This is good, now I can ask someone just what the fuck is going on!

“Hey deadface! Isn’t it rude to block the driveway!?” (Lucas)

...Ugh, that was a lame joke...why did I even try?

Whatever, let’s just kill these bastards.

Two zombies charged from both sides which I ducked and slashed on the left zombie’s legs, causing it to sink and while using the momentum of the first swing, I swung my axe to the other’s face and kicked on the legless zombie.

Afterwards, I charged again and even more zombies ran towards me.

The first zombie charged to my legs in attempt to stop me so I jumped over that one, stepping on its head, pushing forward to smash the axe to the face of the second zombie, then backwards again to finish the first zombie before throwing the axe to the third zombie’s face.

Quickly grabbing the axe back, I slash sideways where another zombie was nearing me, then forwards again, meeting with more zombies.

After 3 minutes of bloody battle, there were finally no zombies left in front of the cafeteria’s door and I finally saw the other people.

They were still in the process of blocking the hole left by the broken glass panes so they saw everything that happen and were dumbfounded.

Fufu, I sure am awesome huh~

“Are you still going to block that door or can I go in?” (Lucas)



“Did...did that just happen?”

Though shaken, they still opened the door to let me in.

“Is there someone in charge here?” (Lucas)

“In charge? Well...I guess that’s you now.”

“Huh? Wait, how long has it been since this zombie outbreak start?” (Lucas)

“What are you just happen a while ago. Actually, weren’t you that crazy guy who charged out earlier. Now I see, you came out to get the axe huh?”

“Man, you are too awesome!”

“Thank you! Because of you, my friend can no rest in peace!”

Huh? I charged out earlier?

Ah, it must’ve been the previous owner of this body huh? Poor guy, he died trying to be a hero. Well, since I’ll be borrowing this guy’s body for a while, I guess I’ll let him be one for a moment.

“But what happened to you?”

“Right, your hair wasn’t grey before right?”

Grey hair?

Confused, I looked towards the mirror to the side inside the cafeteria and saw my appearance for the first time...this…

Isn’t this me!?

What’s going on!? I actually have the same face but with grey hair...just what actually happened?

“Lucas!” (???)

While I was still confused, suddenly, someone called my name and jumped into my chest, desperately embracing me…

Her face is currently buried in my bloodied chest so I wasn’t able to see her face but her voice...that way...right?

How come her voice...isn’t as cold as I remember?

“Lucas! Don’t you dare to do that again! You hear me!? Don’t...don’t leave me again!” (???)

She finally lifted her head to glare me and now...I’m really sure as to who she is…

“Mii...” (Lucas)

That’s right...this person...this girl whose face is filled with tears and blood from my chest is definitely Mii Shiratori…

But how come she no longer have that cold face? How come she’s hugging me as if we’re lovers for a long time?

“Geez, you two lovebirds really can’t wait to get all flirty. Mii, give Lucas a break, he just kicked some serious zombie ass out there!” (???)

Ah? This voice...Angela?

Looking at her, it really is come she’s also here? And she also knows Mii? Also, lovebirds? Flirty???

Just what the hell’s going on here!?

“M-mou, what lovebirds, doesn't that suit you and Jason more? You dove and crow.” (Mii)


“How come?...We’re not even...” (Jason)

“Anyway! Strip him! You should see if your dear Lucas is injured!” (Angela)

“Ah? S-strip him?” (Mii)

“What? You guys have already seen each other naked, what’s there not to see?” (Angela)

“Ah?” (Lucas)

After hearing that, I finally snapped out of my previous train of thought and was surprised.

What did she mean we’ve already seen each other naked!? Why can’t I remember anything like that!?

Is she talking about our childhood...who am I kidding, of course that’s not what she meant!

Hold on, hold on. Let’s bring up the facts here.

So there was a particle accelerator explosion.

I tried to teleport it away but the explosion got me.

When I woke up, I’m in Mapua, surrounded by zombies.

This body apparently looks like me but with a grey hair.

There’s also a Mii look-a-like here and she’s not expressionless like the one that I know.

Apparently, this Mii and this body of mine are in a relationship where they’ve seen each other naked.

There’s also an Angela look-a-like with a playful even mischievous attitude rather than that damn mysterious Angela that I know.

It should be that right? Somehow...I got stranded in a parallel world...without a [World Key]...well fuck...what now?

The particle accelerator explosion and my mid-teleportation must’ve been the cause. Because divine sense is connected with the soul and I covered the explosion with my divine sense, only my soul was transferred.

While my soul was looking for a host, it found my counterpart who had just died.

Hold on, then that means I’m now in a zombie body!?

Is that why my hair is grey? Did I undergo some sort of mutation? Oh god, I wish my body has become tougher so I can use divine sense...let’s hope that my mutation isn’t simply turning my hair into grey…

Hmm...even though this is a parallel world, it’s actually quite close to my own. Mapua still looks the same minus the zombies, I’m also enrolled here, Mii isn’t supposed to be but considering that we didn’t break up, it’s understandable that she’s here. Angela is also supposed to have enrolled here for this Jason…

Why did Mii call him a crow?

And his relationship with Angela…ughh! I don’t know anymore!

In any case, this is a different world, not the one I know. Even if he’s that Crow’s counterpart, it hardly matters right? At most, I’ll only know about his identity.

He’s already’s over.

“Lucas? What’s wrong?” (Mii)

“N-no, nothing...I’m fine. These bloods are not mine. I’m not injured at all.” (Lucas)

“Really?” (Mii)

Right, if this world’s Lucas is dead, then there should be an injury but...when I looked at the mirror earlier, there aren’t any visible wounds. I also don’t feel any pain so it’s safe to say that I gained rapid regenerative powers.

Still, I’m not used with Mii being so close like this…

“*Cough* A-anyway, we still need to figure out what to do next.” (Lucas)

I doubt the police can help here, it’s another matter if it’s the military. As for the government...they should be busy dealing with their own asses.

I wonder if there are [Gatekeepers] here?...No, since there’s a huge zombie outbreak, if there were [Gatekeepers], then this problem would’ve been solved already.

So what now?

First thing’s first, information.

We need a radio or the television if it still works. There should be others surviving out there and some more who have banded together. I can go on my own but not with all of them with me so we need to find a good safeground.

...The Maize Industries...maybe they can help. And even if they can’t, I’d still be able to reach the site where the particle accelerator of my world exploded. Who knows, maybe there’s still a breach there…

I know it’s just my wishful thinking but it’s the best shot I got in going back to my world.

I’m sorry about Mii but I...really don’t belong here…

“Then, what are we supposed to do?” (Jason)

“You’re asking me?” (Lucas)

“What are you saying? Aren’t you the one in charge here now?” (Angela)

I blinked then looked around.

Sure enough, everyone’s looking in my direction...fine.

“Then, we split the group into three. One in charge of attacking and killing zombies, one for making weapons or things we can use from what we have, and the last one for gathering food. All of you should split up and think where you think is best for you! Attack team here, crafting team at the center, and food team to the right!” (Lucas)

Immediately, everyone began to move and divided themselves.

Evidently, there are less people in the attack team, just 5 people. Most people are on the food team and most of them are female. The crafting team is neither too big or too small.

I already expected this so I nodded and Looked at Mii, Angela, and Jason.

“And you guys?” (Lucas)

“What? I thought we’re included in team Lucas?” (Angela)

“What team Lucas? I’m also in the attack team. You guys should go to the food team where it’s safe. Especially you, Mii. That’s not a suggestion.” (Lucas)

“ said the same thing to me before...” (Mii)

I did? Ah, must’ve been the other me…

“Well, I’m still saying it. You don’t need to worry about me.” (Lucas)

“That’s impossible” (Mii)

“Mii, you’re not strong. You will only get in the way in a fight. That’s why I want you to stay where it’s safe so I can be at ease in battle. Okay?” (Lucas)

“...Fine...” (Mii)

“And you two.” (Lucas)

“Nuh uh, I’m joining the crafting team.” (Angela)

“I also want to be a part of the attack team.” (Jason)

“Fine. Do as you like.” (Lucas)

I don’t really care that much for these two. The other me might’ve been close to them but to me, they’re strangers with one guy being a potential super villain and the girl being an annoying mysterious woman.

And frankly, I feel uneasy being with them.

“Crafting team, make some weapons from the things found here. For now, the attack team will use the knives in the kitchen. Food team, gather all the food and ration them. After 10 minutes, I’ll lead half of the attack team and start taking over the school, one classroom at a time. Get ready!” (Lucas)


I nodded and took this chance to have a break and see what I can do with this new body.

“Wow, to think that you’d have such charisma, I’m impressed.” (Angela)

“Yeah, it’s as if you’ve led an army before.” (Jason)

Because I did...and I fought monsters far more dangerous than zombies like dragons or minotaurs or giants or immortals...not like they’ll believe that.

Come to think of it, I really don’t have a normal day huh? Even though I tried to be as normal as possible today, I somehow got in this parallel world…

I shrugged and sat down somewhere to carefully look into my soul and see just what I can salvage in this mess.

Mii immediately followed me and sat beside me but I didn’t mind her for now.

Cause seriously, I don’t know what to do with her…

Meditating, I saw my soul which was still the same as ever. In fact, it still have the string that connects to my other body! The [Earth] body that’s currently inside the white space!

Which means, I can still make use of that body’s abilities and skills!

Good, with this, I will have no problem on the healing side as I can heal myself and others fast. Maybe I can even cure someone who zombified!

A shame that I don’t have any offensive abilities there…

As for my divine sense...let’s give it a try.

I expanded my divine sense outwards, feeling every particle around me...1 meter...3 meters...5!?

Suddenly, my body trembled and a trail of blood nearly flowed out of my mouth. Thankfully, I managed to stop it, otherwise, Mii would get worried and I would have to make another excuse.

...Shall I just tell her that I’m not the Lucas she knows?

...Forget about it, let’s not think about that now.

Now I know that this body is tough enough to handle divine sense even though it’s just a bit compared to what I used to before. If it was before, I can cover the entire planet with my divine sense, now, I can only do 5 meters…

Oh well, this should be enough. The enemies are just zombies anyway.

Ah, I wonder if I gained more abilities now that I have a zombie body? But I don’t really know how to find out what abilities I gained…nh?

What is this...this feeling...spider sense? Eh, no, I’m not Spiderman...but the feeling is the same. I think I can feel other zombies...and right now, I’m feeling they’re approaching the cafeteria in great numbers!

“Everyone get ready! Incoming zombie wave!” (Lucas)

Thinking so, I immediately got up and ran towards the attack team while instructing the others.

“Craft team, use the tables to make another barricade here, food team, quickly go behind them! Attack team, if you’re not confident, I suggest you fall back now. There’s a big wave coming!” (Lucas)

“I’ll fight!” (Jason)

Jason shouted as he wielded a kitchen knife strapped on a long stick like a spear.

The other people from the attack team also shouted and nodded, pumping themselves up, ready to meet the zombies head on.

Seeing them, I can only sigh and shake my head

These guys...they simply don’t know how many we’ll be going up against...once they knew...well…

As if on cue, we finally saw the zombie horde appear on the hallway, madly running towards the cafeteria.

It was like an endless river of zombies...I wonder if there are still others who survived here?

Oh, I wonder if Gavin, Kanin, Lowy, Zeal, and Lien’s counterparts are also here? Did they already turn into zombies?

Also, I wonder what Lily’s and Steph’s counterparts are like~?

Haha, here I am, standing against a zombie horde, still thinking so casually.

“Alright, everyone get ready!” (Lucas)

“S-sorry man! This is too much!”

“Yeah! I’m out!”

...See? In a blink of an eye, only me and Jason were left in the front lines…

“Jason, you too. Get to cover.” (Lucas)

“N-no way! Lucas, we’re best friends! I won’t leave you!” (Jason)

“...Tch-! Get to over!” (Lucas)

Feeling complicated, I grabbed his arm and threw him back while ignoring his complaints.

I looked back on the zombie horde and stretched my neck.

“Let’s do this!” (Lucas)

Without any hesitation, I ran into the zombie horde!

“Crazy! That guy’s crazy!”

“Fuck, we’re going to die!”

“Lucas!” (Mii)

All sorts of shouts sounded from behind me but I ignored all of them and concentrated in front.

Let’s thin out the herd shall we?

Waving my hand, I let out my divine sense and flattened the zombies within 5 meters of me.

I can hear dumbfounded and surprised shouts from behind but I didn’t pay any attention, I continued to dive into the zombie horde and flatten every zombie that gets within 5 meters of me.

I don’t think I can keep this up...if it were my previous body, then I can do this all year but now...I’m nearing my limits.

I should save up in case of emergencies.

Thinking so, I started to use my axe and brandished it on the zombies, killing left and right with every stroke.

Every now and then, I would use a bit of divine sense to assist me in order to save up for emergencies.

After a while, I would recover and would flatten the zombies around me again.

In the end, I was the only one left standing amongst the pile of corpses, soaking in their blood.

Author's Notes

Yes, I am definitely reusing a Flash episode title as my title here, cause, well, why not? Haha.

So? What did I say? I told you guys no one would've guessed that Lucas went in a parallel world! Actually, the soul society guesses are also pretty good an I might make one in the future.

If you're wondering why a zombie, it's not because I started watching the Walking Dead. I really didn't watch it. I've actually been meaning on writing a zombie apocalypse fic but too lazy to make a new story so I just integrated it here hahahahaha.

Also, Lucas' clone body thingy will have something to do with his zombie body here. Not directly but just involved. Anyway, you'll get all this once it's done.

So, how will Lucas fare in this new chaotic world? And what happened to the counterparts of his acquaintances?

Till the next chapter!

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    Sounds like this will be full of a bunch of difficult situations for Lucas.

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