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FanFic Title: The Cracked Earth
Chapter 1: Dancing On The Strings
Author: CrystalDemon
Date Published: September 16th, 2014

Welcome to the Cracked Earth

Chris blinked his eyes as he read the box in front of his face. He turned his gaze to the left, then the right and realized he sat within a wide chamber made of stone. Light flickered forth from the torches that lined the cold walls, while no door could be visibly seen. The feel of coolness touched his rear as he rested in a seated position.

"Well now that you're awake perhaps we can get on with this?" a voice called out from the darkness. A lady garbed in a light green dress that draped down to her ankles stepped into the light, her long hair curled and fell down about her shoulders with a dark shade of emerald green.

"Or are you not going to bother creating your character?" she asked after a short pause, and a lack of response from Chris.

Chris stood up from the ground, as he grunted from the slight exertion. His memory came back to him while he struggled up from the seated position. He had come to play the game The Cracked Earth, one more virtual reality online multiplayer game in the long line of the same that had begun to spew forth as of late. One of his friends had managed to coerce him into playing it, even though he had no interest in the game itself.

Cracked Earth was viewed as a hardcore game by a vast majority of the players. The statistics of every character were hidden from sight, not even player levels could be seen. The only visible information presented to a player was their inventory, name, HP, MP, class and skills. When Chris talked about how he had been so competent at other games his friends dared him to give it a try, expectations high that he would fail miserably at it.

"Sorry about that, mind if I start the creation process?" Chris inquired of the young woman, as he continued to study the surroundings.

He had never tried out the virtual reality type of games in the past, instead he had relied on the old method of keyboard and mouse or controller input. In stark contrast to the relaxed and easy feel of a controller in hand, he faced the challenge of physically controlling a body that was obviously not his natural one.

Please Choose Your Race

HumanFound on all of the continents in The Cracked Earth, capable of becoming any class and utilizing any skills not locked to a specific race. Starting towns are located on the continent Faran.
ElfCharacterized by their light bodies and quick movements, the Elves originate from Ghandahar and were created by the God of Magic. A bit frailer than the Human race they tend to be favored by players who wish to be Rogues or Magicians.
DwarfStout and subterranean, the Dwarves are a hardy race who have an innate advantage toward being at the frontline of combat. They are able to see easier in the dark than most races, and have passive bonuses toward mining. Choosing the Dwarf restricts the spawn point to their capital in the mountains of Faran.
????????The amount of races in The Cracked Earth are far greater than most expect, yet those races are locked currently. Whenever an event is completed that unlocks a race Adventurers will be able to make a plea to the Gods in order to change their race to the new one.

The box appeared before Chris without warning, a small box which also offered a mostly transparent keyboard that floated nonchalantly below it. He thought for a few moments, and then put in a name he had used many times in the past, before he fingered the Human button. He preferred flexibility when it came to playing, and being locked down due to racial limitations would only annoy him.

"Galmi Marion? Odd choice, but if that's what you want who am I to say no?" the green-dressed lady spoke, as she walked over to the front of Chris. She lifted up her left hand and placed it gently on his chest. The warmth of it was more than what he had expected, yet what came next surprised him even more.

She pushed him with far more strength than a woman of her size could normally produce, and he fell over onto his back while his arms windmilled wildly. He fell and he fell and kept on falling long after he should've hit the ground, and as he looked over his shoulder he realized the entire environment had changed.

Clouds whisked by as he descended toward a blue dot on a green landscape, birds murmured to each other in their own fowl language about how idiotic this fellow was to not be flapping his wings. The more he fell the faster the landscape grew and grew, as the blue dot developed into a very large lake. Even at a far off distance Galmi could clearly see that it was a deep lake overflowing with fish, surrounded on all sides by grass.

Galmi grimaced as he impacted against the water, yet as he sank to the bottom of the lake he realized he was still alive and hadn't even been injured in the slightest. He grumbled out some words which were indecipherable due to the surrounding water, before he swam back up to the surface.

By the time he pulled himself out of the lake and onto dry land he was more waterlogged than the logs themselves that floated in the water. He gasped in air and slumped onto the ground, muscles fatigued and his stamina entirely spent. All he could do was lay there, tasting the soil every so often while a few bugs grew curious over who he was.

After what seemed to be an eternity he pushed himself up from the ground, and began to study the area nearby. It was a large green plain with slight hills, trees and the lake being the only objects which stuck out. No sort of starting town could be seen, no road nor path or any other type of player. The only creatures were bugs the size of regular insects, birds that were flying overhead and every so often a mouse or rabbit which felt it was safe to sneak out to scavenge for food.

"Huh..." was all he could think to utter.

Galmi was thoroughly stumped. He had played many games yet this was the first time he had ever encountered one which had such a barbaric, simplistic start. He was half tempted to log out, yet for some reason he fought the urge and chose to start walking in a random direction. That hill over to the right looked friendly enough!

Two hours later Galmi had collapsed on the ground again, he had even begun to enjoy the ground. It was a friendly place where nobody ever treated him poorly. He had attempted to kill a rabbit, which proved heavily idiotic on his part as the rabbit thumped him in the face and took off running. The nose still hurt though the bleeding had stopped, and Galmi wanted to simply accept death so he could respawn in a town somewhere.

"Are you okay?"

The voice was a surprise to Galmi, a young boy with his father having shown up almost out of nowhere. The father held onto the shoulder of the boy, keeping him back from the fallen adventurer so that his curiosity didn't get him injured. The father was the one who had inquired, although it seemed only because the younger child was greatly worried over Galmi.

Galmi's eyes shone with hope as he bounced up from the ground and almost tripped over himself running closer to the travellers. "Please give me some food!" Galmi called out, as he collapsed into a begging position in front of the older man and his child. "I'm starving and I don't have anything at all!"

The old man growled a bit at Galmi's enthusiastic attempt at begging for scraps. He had no interested, nor kindness, for an adventurer. After the last he had met proved rude to the point of pushing his kid down instead of politely asking him to move, the old man only wanted them to all go away and leave his hometown alone. "I thought you idiots all start with some food, water and equipment?"

Galmi blinked at that, before he smacked himself in the face. He was new to this world but he was a gamer, a player, and how could he have forgotten something so basic as that? "Command: Inventory!" he called out.


Broken Useless SwordBroken, frail and barely useable. Offers almost no damage bonus to the user, and is most assuredly going to become useless upon use.
Wooden ShoesA simple pair of wooden shoes that offer minor protection, and no increase in mobility. It is possible to get splinters from these shoes, so caution must be applied when used.
Bread HatA hat made of bread, which has a chance of being edible. It does not look very delicious, though.

Galmi stared in confusion, then realized that these were probably the normal starting equips for a Human. He opted to equip the shoes and the sword, although he chose to eat the bread. Munch munch munch. The bread was a bit stale, perhaps too dry for his own tastes, yet who was he to complain when it was all he had to eat? Sadly due to the lack of a canteen or any other type of liquid he started to cough, the bread perhaps too hard to eat without anything to drink.

The old man on the other hand only watched in wonder as this adventurer, usually a type of person who wielded far greater strength than others, ate his own hat. Nobody in their right state of mind eats a hat, let alone one made of bread! A tug on his arm and he noticed that his son had a look of pity and concern for this helpless adventurer.

"Fine!" the old man exclaimed, as he pulled out a canteen of water and threw it at Galmi.

Galmi smiled widely as he caught the canteen, showing off reflexes he could only dream of having in reality. He opened it up and drank deeply from it, water sloshing about as well as dribbling down from his mouth. It was not a neat way of drinking, yet to Galmi that didn't matter since he was unbelievably thirsty at that point.

"Keep the canteen," the old man told Galmi, as he walked closer to the strange fellow. "Names Robert, this here is Tim, who are you and what are you doing out here without any gear or supplies?"

Galmi stood up, putting the canteen into his seemingly unending hole of a pocket. "I'm Galmi Marion, I just logged in today for the first time and some crazy woman pushed me into a lake."

Robert paused at that, but waved it off as pure insanity from Galmi. New players never randomly appeared out here, they always spawned in their respect racial starting area. Obviously this fellow didn't want to be honest with him...besides what woman? Perhaps she had led him out of town, the fellow seemed daft enough to be easily fooled by someone.

"If you want I can show you to Linkston, it's where I was heading anyways since I caught some rabbits for dinner," Robert said as he turned and began to walk to the south. Tim followed him, though he paused long enough to beckon toward Galmi.

Galmi shrugged his shoulders and began to follow them. "Not like I have anywhere else I can go," he muttered to himself.

It was another hour of walking before they reached the outskirts of Linkston. For Galmi this trek was far easier than the one before, not only in terms of stamina but also in psychological impact. He had someone to talk to, and on the way to Linkston he had learned a bit about the surrounding area and it's complete lack of anything useful. It was by and large the least liked, least favored location in the whole of Cracked Earth for adventurers.

The town itself wasn't very large, seven homes nestled around a central well made up the entire place. When they crossed over some hidden boundary Galmi could feel a sense of peace wash over him, while Tim darted ahead to find one of his friends to play with. Robert hummed to himself as he walked toward a small house located on the eastern edge of the town.

Galmi waved goodbye to the older man, before he turned his attention to the rest of the town. A small path of dirt and mud was visible to the west of the town, one that according to Robert led to an actual city which was a few weeks away. As Galmi walked around the town he noted how empty it felt, and while he enjoyed the overall feel of the place he wished there were actual people to talk to instead of pigs and chickens.

In the end he realized that the town had little to offer. None of the townsfolk really wanted to speak with him, and there were no other players that he could find. Instead he was forced to walk around the outskirts of town in the vain hope of finding something or someone who wanted to be killed by his broken sword.

It was a fat ugly rodent, one with whiskers that were far too large, which ambled on by at that moment. Galmi knew it for what it was, some fantasy type of possum, although it had an oddly furry tail with a single stripe down it. As he watched it wobble past at the slowest rate possible he decided he would destroy it, and leapt forth with eagerness. His first real fight!

A swing of the sword! The blade barely bit into the flesh of the creature, which caused it to scream out in pain and confusion. The tail lifted up, smacking desperately at the wrist which held the sword.

Galmi barely felt the impact of the tail, and ground his teeth as he pushed hard down on the sword, vainly attempting to push deeper into the creature. It was at that point he realized his mistake, for what he had thought was some type of fantasy possum was actually...

The Skunk Rat has sprayed you with it's blinding toxin!

Galmi gasped in shock as darkness swam before him, he pulled away from the Skunk Rat and began to flail wildly about with the weapon. He felt the sharp teeth of the creature as it gnawed on his left ankle, and delivered a strong stab toward where he hoped the beast would be at. The weapon missed and he continued to flail until the teeth found his right ankle, an action which resulted in him attempting to stab once more!


The sickening noise of the blade as it buried dead on into the forehead of the Skunk Rat was a welcome, albiet it revolting, sound to Galmi. The monster exploded in a flash of bright light which Galmi's body absorbed in an almost eager fashion.

You Have Learned A New Skill!

Blind Fighting

0(0%) Beginner

You have learned the hard way how to fight while blinded. The next time you are blinded you will be able to sense where your opponents are. Smaller, faster opponents are harder to sense.

The more skilled you are the easier sensing will become. Skill can only increase through usage.

"Alright!" Galmi exclaimed as he raised his hands into the air. Two hands neither of which held his broken, worthless weapon of a sword. It was as he felt that jubilation for the first time he remembered hearing a cracking noise during the fight. Shocked he looked around, and saw the scrap metal of his old weapon lain out nearby where the Skunk Rat had fallen.

Galmi sighed and walked glumly over, scooping the scrap metal into his inventory, before he leaned against a tree and beat gently on it. "Why?" he whispered to himself, feeling a great deal of despair over what had befallen him. Alone in a land which held almost nothing useful, with no weapon and minimal supplies...and what of money? He hadn't received in at any point!

As he turned and began to walk back toward the town, hoping that he could perhaps bum something useful off of Robert, he expertly tripped over a large branch that was on the ground. He hit the ground face first, and after a few moments of suffering pain all over his face he stood up and grabbed the branch. "Why can't anything go right for me!" he yelled out to nobody in particular as he hefted the branch up and started to throw it away.

You Have Found A New Item

Hefty Branch

Two-Handed Weapon

5 - 8 Dmg

A large branch which fell off of a tree. It was a lonely branch, but thankfully you've found it!

In regard to the garbage sword he had started with the potential for damage was much higher, yet the weight of the weapon made Galmi almost grimace. It was a weapon he would be forced to use two hands with, which would make it useless if he had a shield. The fact that he didn't have a shield yet hadn't even crossed his mind.

Still he learned fast as he walked around, hunting down more Skunk Rats, that it was a far greater weapon. After he smashed the next Skunk Rat as viciously as he could he was pleased to see it flop over, stunned by the blunt weapon. He followed through on that opening, smashing away until the monster finally died.

Time and again he would fight the Skunk Rats, and even grew so bold as to take on two at a time near the start of night. His cudgel cracked skulls, broke bones and terrorized the smelly monsters which lingered near Linkston. Often he would be blinded by them, though his blind fighting passive assisted greatly whenever it occured. He also realized that by not puncturing the hides he was able to loot the furs off of the Skunk Rats, and some even offered up meat for him to eat!

"God bless this branch," Galmi commented to himself as he headed back to Linkston, dragging along a bag full of furs and Skunk Rat meat which he hoped would earn him some money.

"GO TAKE A BATH!" was the response from every single person in town, as the smelly and filthy Galmi tried to acquire the services of any of them. It was Robert who offered him some soap and pointed him in the direction of a nearby stream, chuckling at the saddened face that Galmi was showing him.

Thirty minutes later Galmi was rested in the middle of a stream, leaned up against a large boulder while soap suds slowly slipped away from his body. He leaned back and looked up at the night sky, stars sparkling down at him like happy little imps. "What a nice place," he whispered as he closed his eyes and started to rest.

As Galmi rested with his eyes closed he could feel the pulse of the fish around him, as each swam about randomly in search of some sort of food to eat. He could barely feel some of the larger insects, their movements too fast to keep track of. His eyes snapped open as he realized a very simple fact. He didn't need to be literally blinded by something in order to use his blind fighting ability.

Galmi sloshed out of the stream with his wet clothes still draped on him and picked up his stick of death. He marched out onto the plains and after a few moments of searching located another Skunk Rat. This time he did not simply walk over and smack it, he closed his eyes and blindly attempted to find it.

A satisfying crunch followed after a few missed swings, yet when Galmi checked his skills he realized that his blind fighting had gone up substantially, as well as the fact that he had missed out on acquiring a few other skills.





Blind Fighting 4(43%) BeginnerYou have learned the hard way how to fight while blinded. The next time you are blinded you will be able to roughly sense where your opponent is and continue fighting with a minor penalty.
Two-Handed Weapons2(51%) BeginnerYou are accustomed to fighting with two-handed weapons. When you fight while using a two-handed weapon you gain a bonus to your power and accuracy.
Sword Fighting1(5%) BeginnerIncreases damage and accuracy with a one-handed sword.
Pitiable8(77%) BeginnerYou are capable of being quite pitiful to look at, and gain much goodwill in the form of donations from others. Your whining, sad look makes people feel extremely bad for you. Does not work on self-centered individuals. Useful skill for beggers.

That last skill gave Galmi a bit of a jolt, he hadn't realized he had been that pitiful. Sure he had done a few pretty sad things, such as begging desperately for food and water from Robert, but he had thought he'd done an overall good job thus far.

Having proven his hypothesis Galmi returned back to the stream and worked on scrubbing out the fresh smell of Skunk Rat from his body.

* * *

The next morning Robert was more than glad to trade with Galmi, the Skunk Rat furs were quite useful for making blankets and some types of cloaks. A few words were traded and some money was exchanged, before finally Galmi began to feel rich. He had made five copper per fur, and now sat at a staggering 1 silver and 90 coppers! It was a far cry from his previous days worth of 0 coppers.

"If you really want to do something useful, why don't you go get some firewood from the small forest to the south?" Robert offered to Galmi.

New Quest

Difficulty 1/5

Acquire Some Firewood

Robert the Tracker has requested you to pick up some firewood from the forest to the south. It would be very useful for Linkston as winter is coming.
Collect 50 pieces of wood.

"I'll do it!" Galmi exclaimed excitedly, as he dashed out the door.

A few minutes later he was already halfway to the forest, his heavy stick nestled across his shoulders while he hurriedly bounded forth. By the time he actually reached the forest he was so deenergized that he was gasping for air and leaning against his branch for support.

You Have Learned A New Skill!

Quickened Recovery

0(0%) Beginner

Through constant overusage of your stamina you have started to learn how to recover faster and faster, gaining back that spent energy. The higher the skill level the easier your stamina can regenerate.

"All....right!" Galmi gasped out inbetween deep breaths, before he straightened up and staggered into the forest.

The interior of the forest was a vast difference from the plains he had become accustomed to, a somewhat dark and gloomy location filled with almost none of the peaceful critters he had grown to love smacking around. Instead the first animal Galmi ran across was a wolf, one that upon seeing him growled loudly and started to slather at the mouth.

Galmi backed up, hefted up his branch and poised for action against this dangerous looking animal. He was used to having animals look at him with helpless eyes as he bashed their skulls in, a semi-rabid looking canine was so far different that a shiver ran down his spine.

The wolf gave him no more time for thought, it lunged forth and teeth gnashed wildly in an attempt to rip into his body. The fangs sunk in, pierced into the flesh and caused Galmi to scream in pain before he responded with a strong kick at the wolfs leg.

The wolf collapsed as it's right forward leg was knocked out from under it, but it was fast and bounced back up into an attack position. The hungry eyes studied Galmi as if studying each piece of his body and trying to figure out how good it'd taste when eaten.

Galmi on the other hand decided he didn't like waiting for the Wolf to attack and went on the offensive. The tree branch swung and the wolf yelped as it was hammered in the side, sent sprawling onto the ground. The canine came back in, a fast rush low to the ground that aimed to rip into Galmi's legs and leave him unable to stand.


The branch found it's target again before it could touch Galmi's legs, the wolfs face caved in as it was knocked aside and left dead on the ground. Like everything else he had killed it burst into a mist of white lights which slowly were absorbed into his body, while leaving behind items like a wolf skin and some teeth fragments.

Galmi rested, breathing in as evenly as he could while he watched his red bar slowly regenerate back up. One wolf had proven quite dangerous for him, yet it was also the first time he had felt a thrill like no other. The Skunk Rats were nothing when compared to the wolf, they weren't even worth thinking about.

Over the next half day he smashed his way through the forest, picking up wood and wolf pelts alike. Along the way his branch broke numerous times, yet whenever he fell into despair and begged to the heavens another branch would miraculously fall from a tree near him.

Galmi finally returned to the town of Linkston with his hard earned wood, immediately going to the home of Robert and politely knocking on his door prior to entering. Within the scene was a friendly one, Robert was resting at a work station while Tim played with some toys on the floor of the home.

"I've brought the wood!" Galmi exclaimed, as he walked to Robert and offered him all of the 50 pieces he had wanted.

Quest Completed

You have completed the quest for Robert and brought back the firewood. Thanks to your hard work they will have plenty of firewood for the oncoming winter.

You have been rewarded experience points.

"Really well done, Galmi!" Robert said as he took the wood and shoved it into a mystery corner of the house. It was like the inventory of the adventurers, a dark recess from which an innumerable amount of items could both go as well as return. "Here, I got something else for you too!"

As Galmi crowded closer he saw the pelts of Skunk Rats from before, yet it had been converted into a coat. Robert handed it over to his friend, flashing a smile that said he was both proud and happy to have made it.

You Have Found A New Item

Skunk Rat Coat

Light Armor

4 Armor

A coat made from the pelts of Skunk Rats. The stench has been removed but it still retains the ability to repel natural predators. Most Nature aligned creatures of Faran will not aggressively attack you.


Galmi picked up the coat and carefully put it on, so happy that he could only nearly tear up for joy at this development. He had not expected Robert would be so kind as to give him an item of such usefulness. Now he was guaranteed first hit against every wolf in the forest!

"Thanks so much Robert, I don't...I don't even know what to say," Galmi finally said, as he shook the Tracker's hand.

"Think nothing of it, it's a pleasure to finally meet an adventurer who doesn't think they're royalty."

"Well, I'm going back to the forest! I think I can get something useful if I keep beating up the wolves!" Galmi said as he raced back out the door.

Robert, in vain, tried to call out to him. He knew well the dangers of that forest, on the outside it was a mostly ordinary place but one who stays long in it..well, there was a reason he tended to send the seemingly immortal adventurers to gather the firewood. "I'm sure he'll be fine," Robert said, more to comfort himself than anything else. "Besides, it almost never appears."

Galmi had made it back to the forest when he realized he hadn't sold any of the loot he'd acquired from the wolves. He fumed for a bit, punched a tree(Which promptly dropped a branch on his head), and then decided to go back to murdering wolves.

Hour after hour rolled by as Galmi knocked around the canines of the forest, each one easier and easier to kill. By the time the sun was far gone and shadows were everywhere Galmi was so engrossed in what he was doing that he had forgotten a very simple rule of hunting. Always watch your back.

It was while his back was exposed that the Red Wolf appeared, a feral beast that had been arisen from it's slumber due to the slaughter of it's friends and family. The beast howled in rage, as Galmi fell onto the ground with blood oozing from the fresh wound across his back.

Local Event

Rare Boss Encounter

The Red Wolf

The Red Wolf is a feral, dangerous creature who will stop at nothing to kill anyone that harms wolves. It is not an easy foe to fight and might prove too much for the unprepared! Escape, however, will be near impossible due to the increased mobility it gains within the forest.

Galmi stared at the box in front of his face for a few seconds, before he cursed under his breath and stood up. He hefted his powerful branch and charged in to fight the Red Wolf, a yell coming from his mouth.

The Red Wolf stepped to the side of the branch, and then lashed out with a paw of all things at Galmi's exposed arms. The nails on the paw cut into his arm, causing Galmi to drop the branch onto the ground.

Galmi had no time to scoop it back up and attempted to kick away the Red Wolf, his foot connecting with the snout of the beast and making it falter ever so slightly. He followed that up with a quick punch at the face, knocking the Red Wolf in the eye and temporarily blinding it on the left side.

You Have Learned A New Skill!

Basic Brawling

0(0%) Beginner

Increases the power and accuracy of bare-handed fighting. Has the potential for evolving based on how the style utilized.

Galmi ignored the new window as it opened, as he bent over and picked up his branch. The Red Wolf was still blinking it's left eye as it approached the adventurer, teeth bared and air hissing out from the mouth. Once more Galmi threw himself with reckless abandon at the monster, branch swinging.

The Red Wolf was a fast beast, yet it would not avoid that blow. Instead it took it square on the left front shoulder, the frame of the wolf shuddering from the immense impact. It whimpered as it staggered to the right, before it retaliated in a vain attempt to kill Galmi before he killed it.

Galmi had already started to learn from his previous fights that no matter how hard he tried he was going to get hit, he was not an expert hand-to-hand fighter nor some type of crazy soldier. He was a normal guy in an abnormal world, and so when the mouth of the Red Wolf swung open and lunged at him he did something truly insane.

He put his left arm forward and let the Red Wolf eat it. The creature did not expect this, nobody would ever expect this, and as the shock registered on the boss monster it failed to understand the real purpose behind his move. All it could do was wonder, as the left eye still refused to open all the way and left a massive blind spot.


The Red Wold collapsed, as the branch stuck out of it at an awkward angle. Galmi had put as much power as he could into the attack and had promptly collapsed on the ground afterward, blood gushing from his heavily mangled left arm. As his eyesight started to grow dim he saw the Red Wolf disintegrate, purple lights glistening forward and being absorbed into his body.

And then there was darkness.

* * *

In a cold dark room made of stone there was a cold dark chair made of stone. On the chair sat a woman who drank from a very cold looking drink, her face one mixed between annoyance and amusement. She flicked her hair to the side, green curled locks falling down to her shoulder, while she stared at the mirror in front of her. It was not a reflection, but rather an image of a forest where a strange fellow had collapsed.

"Have you ever seen anything so pitiful?" she asked of nobody in particular, before she laughed and flicked her hand at the mirror. The image shifted, twisted around and became a picture of a group of three people in the midst of a city.

"Now these...have promise."

* * *

In the bustling city of Faeriver a trio of individuals had gathered in the town plaza. Each was a complete newbie to the world of Cracked Earth, each had their own ideas on what to do next and each wished to demand those plans onto the others. Friends they might be, but at that moment it was almost as if they were enemies of one another.

"We should work on mastering our preferred weapons in the training hall!" Marcus demanded, waving his short sword and shield about wildly. He had the look of a knight, although he easily lacked the heavy armor and wore only a basic tunic and trousers. His black hair and green eyes matched flawlessly with his real life counterpart, although his face had been altered to look more handsome.

"I think we should look into the library, I hear you can learn a lot of skills by reading books," Selene commented, a staff held in her hands. She had long blond hair that desperately needed to be cut before she tripped over it, and blue eyes which glistened like sapphires. Her clothing was the same as Marcus, a tunic and pants, although she also had a red flower as an accessory on her head.

"Sitting in town won't get us far, we can get experience and start boosting ourselves up by killing the goblins outside of town," Nika stated. Wild red hair, spiked up in an intimidating style topped her head. She had two swords strapped to her waist, a tunic and pants plus a very angry face. Out of the three she exuded the greatest bloodthirst, she had read up much on the game and knew already that killing was the fastest way to gain strength in Cracked World.

While nobody knew what their stats were, nor how much they gained or even when they levelled, many players had already crafted theories via intensive study. Some players had gone so far as to spend hours creating characters, trying out new ways to conduct themselves, and deleting the characters in order to make new ones. Again and again their experiments went, each time they felt as though they were pulling back another layer to the game and laying it bare.

Nika was one who spent more time reading those theories than anyone else in the group, so she felt she was their best hope at leading. Marcus read a few bits of information, but he had already chosen that he wanted to get the hang of moving around in a VR reality prior to actual combat.

Selene had only read one thing, yet she didn't care. She wanted to go to the library because the library was a place that greatly interested her. She was hands down one of the most reclusive, oddest people that Marcus and Nika had ever met. Either a book was in her hands or she was heading to the library to get a book.

Neither of the two were shocked that her great strategy was going to a library, though Nika really wished her friend would start to grow up a bit and realize there was a whole world out there.

"How about this," Marcus said as he held up a hand. "We'll take a few hours doing it each way, and then the way we like the most will be how we do it."

"That's fair," Nika said, quickly agreeing to whatever could end their aggravating argument. She already knew they'd prefer fighting over punching dummies in a training hall.

Selene stood there, eyes cast down toward the ground, before she murmured an affirmative. "What one will we do first?" she asked as she looked up with wide eyes.

"Library," the other two agreed on immediately. They wanted to get that out of the way before anything else.

So it was that the party of three friends turned and started to walk down the street, though not hand in hand. After a few feet of walking Selene stopped and tilted her head.

"Where's the library?"

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  6. FSGInsainity
    January 23rd, 2015 at 12:18:10 AM

    He is already one my favorite characters.