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Kill No More :

Kill No More [Chinese Light Novel]

An assassin who swore never to kill again – Liola, was being chased by an assassination organization when he accidentally dropped into a parallel universe.

In this chaotic, unorganized world, Liola continues to honor his promise. He tries his best to live the life of an ordinary person, but after a series of events occurred… He suddenly realized that actually, being an ordinary person is harder than being an assassin!

Written by: Yu Wo

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Chapter 1 : Truth about the Devil
Chapter 2 : Kaiser’s Path, Liola’s Road
Chapter 3 : Daylight’s Road
Chapter 4 : One Goal, Three Journeys
Chapter 5 : One Soul, Two Names
Chapter 6 : Framing
Chapter 7 : The Common Result
Chapter 8 : Story of the Young Devil
Chapter 9 : Manhua Side Story – Dragon Whelp
Read all of Volume 8
Chapter 1 : Love and Hate
Chapter 2 : That Woman — Story of Susanna
Chapter 3 : That Woman — Story of Bairui
Chapter 4 : That Woman — Story of Lanski & Jasmine
Chapter 5 : Silver Moon and Hazy Moon
Chapter 6 : Skipped for spoilers
Chapter 7 : Caffe’s Diary
Chapter 8 : The Auction
Chapter 9 : KNM Extras
Note: a story outside of the main KNM universe, may or may not be translated
Chapter 1 : Hazy Moon
Chapter 2 : A Light in the Darkness
Chapter 3 : Grey-eyed Girl
Chapter 4 : Hazy Moon
Chapter 5 : The Robber and the Robbed
Chapter 6 : The Martial Arts Alliance Leader? The Leader?
Chapter 7 : Male? Or Female?
Chapter 8 : The Truth