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Quick Slaughter


Yezekael did not stop his subordinate’s roar, as he himself was confused for a moment. Although he knew for a fact that the man was skilled, his attitude was something he could not stand.

Even if he was approachable, Yezekael was someone who place appearances above all else, and pride was something he definitely had. However, there was actually someone he did not know trampling on his goodwill. Even if he knew Rui was someone he had to bring over to his side no matter what, he could not stop his rage, and he almost wanted to join forces with the Greedy Wolves to exterminate Rui.

“Control your subordinate. Although I know you are helping me because you have your own motives, since I don’t really dislike you, I will give you a chance. If you or any of your men insult me once more, I will make sure the price is paid.”

Coldly glancing over to the shortie with an intention to kill, his cold voice was directed at Yezekael.

After taking a deep breath, Yezekael forced himself to calm down. Although he could not find any words to say, he nodded and pulled the frightened shortie back.

“Hahaha, such an ugly sight, Yezekael. I can’t believe there would come a time when a gentleman like you is beaten like this. You wanted to get on his good side by helping him, yet you were heartlessly rejected. Tsk, tsk…”

Greedy Wolves – Defeating Armies raised his head and laughed wildly. After seeing the opponent he had always wanted to oppress being humiliated, he was extremely delighted.

Seeing Defeating Armies crazily laughing, Rui narrowed his eye. Although his eyes were shining with extreme coldness, his lips began to twitch, revealing a hint of a smile.

“Nimble Wind!”

Instantly, he activated his skill. Rui immediately received the fixed amount of 24 points in Speed. Including his 4 of base points in Speed, he had a scary total amount of 28 points!

“You talk too much!”

Defeating Armies, who was still laughing crazily, suddenly felt a chilling voice ringing in his ears. Cold and sudden, the voice overflowing with murderous aura as though a demonic hand was tightly gripping his neck from the edge of darkness. It was as though a deadly poisonous and cold-blooded snake was biting his neck, causing him to shudder.



You have successfully triggered a hidden effect: Heavy Strike! Damage increased to 120%!”



You have successfully attacked a weak spot. You’ve dealt additional damage, and also successfully activated a critical effect!



A large yellow number indicating the damage dealt, floated above Defeating Armies who was still laughing with his head off.


Feeling a cold whiz at his neck, he gasped for a breath or two, opened his eyes wide, and stared at the scary man in front of him with disbelief, as if he were death incarnate. The hand he used to hold his dagger was so beautiful, yet it was like the hand of the King of Hell, filled with a horrifying vibe.

With a white light flashing past, Greedy Wolves – Defeating Armies, who was proud and arrogant just a moment ago, in front of everyone with his five subordinates around him, was killed instantly by a single hit from one man.

Yezekael was dumbfounded as he looked at Rui who was beside him just a moment ago. Seeing how Rui instantly moved to the back and instantly killed the man who he deemed as his greatest enemy, his back was covered in cold sweat.

Looking at Rui who was still in his throat cutting position, Yezekael felt that his earlier actions were ridiculous. In Rui’s eyes, he must have only been a clown jumping around. The tragic Defeating Armies, had unknowingly angered the King of Hell himself.

The frog that lived in a shallow well* is not pathetic. However, someone who is ignorant and yet feels good about it, is truly pathetic!

[T/N: Idiom for a person who, not of his own choosing, has limited outlook; a modification of the frog in the well, not knowing of the ocean.]

“Now it’s time for the rest of you!”

Turning his head, he gave a strange smile. He opened his stride as he ran with an incredible speed. Strong attacks, incredible sense of awareness, in addition to his ghost-like speed! Even if the Greedy Wolves put up their guard, in the face of Rui’s strong critical strikes, they were sadly not even a match.

The moment he moved, he aimed for their necks.

The moment he attacked, it was definitely a critical hit.

The moment he swung his dagger, it was definitely an instant-kill.

With the yellow numbers indicating critical damage dealt floating above the five Greedy Wolves members, it blinded the people on-site.

Yezekael suddenly started to tremble.

This man, this man, this man…

A sly hand, a ghostly figure!

His every move was smooth and graceful, as if he was performing an elegant dance. However, these dance steps faintly reveal their wild and murderous intent. All of those crisp attacks landed on their throats. Those strong attacks where every single one of them were critical hits. His sly hand was that of a hand of god. You will never know when or where he pulls his dagger, however, when you finally find out, it will be the moment you die.

A sly hand, and a killing stab!

This man is too frightening!

Yezekael whose entire back was already soaked with sweat, felt an unbelievable chill.

With six swings of his dagger, he took six lives!

Rui’s lips revealed an evil smile. His earlier attacks reminded him of his days as an Assassin. Although his mind was blank, his blank state allowed him to unleash his strength at its peak.

Every attack was aimed at the person’s throat. Every attack was a critical hit, and every attack was aimed at their weak spots!

It was how all six of them could be killed instantly. Else, even if he could kill all of them unscathed, he would never be able to obtain the shocking result of killing all of them instantly.

When he looted the equipment dropped by the 6 Greedy Wolves members, he found out that there was a total of 4 drops. He felt lucky, and was thinking that PKing people and obtaining their loot was a plausible direction he could take.

After inspecting the stats of the items, all of them were equipment of good quality. Although none of them were as good as the ones he was wearing, he could sell them for gold. Not bad!


You’ve PK’ed other players with evil intentions, those players will receive a Vengeance bonus!”


You’ve killed a player with evil intentions. You’ve obtained 1 Crime point!”



You have currently 6 crime points.

When you enter a city or town, guards will try to apprehend you. All Merchants will refuse to trade with you.

After coldly glancing over the system’s message, Rui closed it without a care.

Raising his head, he looked around at the dumbfounded players who were staring at him. Rui, without minding them, headed towards the deeper region of the Gray Wolf Zone.

When initiating a PK, it will cause the player’s ID to be revealed. After killing a player, 1 Crime point will be obtained. After killing 5 people, the player’s ID will turn red. Even if other players were to kill you, they will not obtain any Crime points.

After accumulating 5 Crime points, you will be labeled as ‘Wanted,’ and NPC Merchants will not trade with you. When you accumulate 10 or more Crime points, the guards will take action and apprehend you.

When they see the God of Death walking towards them, the players in front of him immediately got out of his way. The frightened faces they had were laughable.

Everyone dumbfoundedly stared at the lone back that was gradually getting further and further away. Including Yezekael, there were about a hundred players on-site. However, there was nothing but a strange silence as they let the demon walk away.

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