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Brother Kun

Sprinting at full speed, Rui headed to the forest beyond the hills.

While running, he bumped into several other players. When they saw his red name floating above his head (When a player accumulates more than 5 Crime points, his/her ID will be forcefully revealed), they could barely stop themselves.

However, when they felt the aura he emitted, and when they looked at Rui’s equipment, most of them let him pass in silence. It was best not to anger someone like him! Even if they managed to eliminate him and loot his equipment, he will become their enemy, and they would have to constantly worry about his future vengeance attempts.

Although there were a few stubborn ones who wanted to attack Rui, they were unable to catch up to him. They could only only feel depressed, and stared blankly at Rui’s back as he got further and further away.

When he smoothly ran up the hill, he managed to kill 30 Gray Wolves along the way, and completed the “Wolf Extermination” quest.


Congratulations on completing the quest – Wolf Extermination.

Quest Updated, it will now enter the next phase. Would you like to accept?”

‘There’s another part to this quest?’

Rui was surprised for a moment, but naturally, he accepted the quest without hesitation.

Quest Name: Wolf Extermination

Quest Difficulty: Hard

Quest Description: Kill 1 Elite Gray Wolf.

Quest Reward: 10,000 EXP

Wow, such motivation! A reward of 10,000 EXP! Hard work reaps large rewards. If a regular player wishes to defeat an Elite Gray Wolf alone, given the situation where one does not have the right equipment and enough potions, it was almost impossible. Also, even if he has the caliber to do so, it was not easy to find an Elite Monster. However, Rui is not worried about this. After all, in the forest he was headed to, not only were there Elite Gray Wolves, there was also a Wolf King!

He then closed the quest window, ran for a little while more, and when he finally reached the familiar rock, he hid behind it once more. He looked over to see if there were any changes to the Boss and the three Elites monsters, and slightly breathe a sigh of relief.

‘Hopefully, no one will find this place while I’m resting!’ Rui prayed in his heart.


You have played the game for almost 8 hours. For health safety reasons, please log out within 10 minutes, or else the system will forcefully disconnect you.

The sudden system message shocked Rui.

After gently tapping his head, Rui finally recalled. Since the country was afraid people will be addicted to the virtual gaming world, the game company agreed to impose a limit to the number of hours a player can spend in-game.

Those who first tested the virtual gaming world were very aware of this world’s charm, and if there are no restrictions in place, there will be a lot of people who will get addicted to this world. Although when playing the game the mind will be in a state of shallow rest, it was not the same as sleeping. Thus in the long run, it will definitely harm the body.

Work for 8 hours, rest for 8 hours, and play for 8 hours! A day of 24 hours has been divided like this. The brains of the country had definitely and thoroughly thought this through!

Since they could only game for 8 hours, then there’s not much to worry about. Being able to hunt and travel to Rui’s current location was not an easy task.

With a smile of relief on his face, Rui logged out of the game.

* * *

Removing the gaming headgear, Rui got of his bed and fiercely stretched his back and waist.

After twisting his body, he took off his clothes and headed to the bathroom for a cold bath.

He opened the window and looked at the darkened night sky. The busy streets were far from his home, and because of this, Rui sported a light smile.

A quiet night calms a person’s heart!

The passing of a gentle breeze drives away the summer’s heat and the gloom of one’s heart.

After spacing out for a while, Rui rubbed his wet hair; it was about dry. He opened his closet and picked out a fresh set of clothes to put on. He then took his wallet and keys before leaving the house.

Walking down a familiar path, he arrived at “Good Customer Food Stall.” Although the night had already fallen, the weather was still a little hot, and thus there were not many customers.

After looking for a table, he picked up the menu and wrote down several dishes.

“Aiya, Little Rui is here again. What do you want to eat?” After seeing his familiar figure, the young lady-boss, who was preparing food to deal with the increase in customers later, smiled and asked softly. “Hmm? You didn’t prepare any food at home again?”

“Hehe, the food I make isn’t edible at all. It’s better for me to eat the food you prepare, big sis Qin.”

The name of the lady-boss was Qin Yue, and she was a famous beauty in these streets. She was not only beautiful, hardworking, and kind, the food she cooks were very delicious as well. With the attack from both her looks and her delicious food, her place brought many customers. There were even some people who came every single day.

“Umm… What do you want to eat today?”

When he heard a timid voice, he almost broke into a laugh. He looked at the shy girl with a red face who was bowing her head and looking downwards. He sighed slightly in his heart. She was the girl whom Rui saved when she almost fell from bumping into a table.

She was known as Little Fei, and was the daughter of the lady-boss. Both beautiful and innocent-looking, she was a girl who gets embarrassed easily. After coming here for 3 days, he became a familiar figure since he and Qin Yue talked a lot. However, the girl was still as shy as ever. Nevertheless, there was still good progress. At least she had stopped being so formal towards him.

“Little Fei, my order is written here. Please give me 2 bottles of beer for the time-being.” Rui said and smiled as he handed over his order to Fei.

“Ah, this is a lot!” When she saw the order, she could not help but bring her hand to cover her mouth, and said softly.

“Little Rui, don’t tell me you haven’t eaten anything for an entire day again?” After looking over the order, Qin Yue furrowed her eyebrows and walked over to ask him.

“Um, big sis Qin, I ate a big bowl of instant noodles in the afternoon.” Rui smiled apologetically as he looked at Qin Yue who raised an eyebrow and had her hands on her waist.

“Instant Noodles? Do you think that kind of food will fill you up? There’s barely any nutrients in it!” Qin Yue frowned as she denounced his eating habits. She looked over the order, and finally smiled again. “Alright, you should eat more today. After all, Little Rui is still going through puberty.”


Rui was stunned as he looked at the smiling Qin Yue and the grinning Little Fei. He could not find any words to say at that moment. Even though he was only 18 years old, he was already 183 centimeters (exactly 6 feet) tall. He was an Assassin, and no matter how, he did not look like a naive little student at all. Such a matured man, and there was actually someone who said he was still going through puberty?

‘I’m being treated as a child!’

He could not helped but sigh in his heart. He could not retort in front of the kind bis sis Qin whom he respected. Even though he had only known her for a few days, she felt like an older sister, and did not treat him as a guest. She scolds him and she worries about him.

Rui was very grateful and he liked this feeling. When he lived as a cold-blooded Assassin, what he lacked was care and love. He found these feelings in Qin Yue. Hence, he came here every day, only to see them and enjoy these feelings.

“Oh, big sis Qin, you sure are busy!”

While Rui was waiting for his food, 3 delinquent-looking youths came into the food stall.

“Ku… Brother Kun, what brings you here?”

Seeing the smiling golden hair man, even though he was smaller than her, Qin Yue was still very afraid. She forced a smile and stiffly handled the issue.

“Big sis Qin, it sounds as if you’re not welcoming me here.”

Looking at Qin Yue’s expression, Brother Kun was a little unhappy, as he greedily looked over her body.

“How can that be? Brother Kun, here, sit! This is this month’s share…”

Qin Yue brought the three men to a table, took out a stack of money, and placed them on Brother Kun’s hand.

Taking the stack of money, he smiled. However, all of a sudden, he grabbed onto Qin Yue’s hand.

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