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“Sorry, but the equipment I am wearing is important to me, so I can’t sell it. I have disappointed the honorable Defeating Armies again.”

This one sentence caused the surrounding players to pop their eyes out of their sockets, in addition to their disbelieving expressions.

Rejected, he rejected it again!

With wide eyes staring at Greedy Wolves – Defeating Armies, as well as the five other players, the people who had nothing to do with the situation were dripping in cold sweat.

‘Was he not afraid of death? Was there something wrong with him? Or was he deliberately trying to f— around with six players?’ The other players were all wondering.

“My friend, you’re playing with fire.”

Greedy Wolves – Defeating Armies’ patience was nearing its end, and was showing murderous intent.

“Haha, Fire? I’ve always welcomed excitement. But even if I were to offend you guys even more, with your small numbers, perhaps you honorable ones will not be the first to show me what playing with fire feels like.”

Rui said while revealing a repulsive grin. He tightly held onto his Wolf Fang Daggers, moved forward slightly, readied his body, and prepared himself.

“What an ugly sight, Greedy Wolves – Defeating Armies, you’re once again trying to be domineering together with your henchmen.”

The words filled with contempt made Greedy Wolves – Defeating Armies’ eyes turn red out of anger. He was literally ready to turn into a wolf and bite Rui into pieces when a voice full of scorn came from behind, stopping him.

When they all turned around, they saw a face of a delicate young man walking towards them, and behind him was a crowd of 7-8 people.

After glancing at the young man, Rui was slightly surprised. The person was none other than the the guy who cautioned him from entering the Gray Wolves’ area when he was still level 0. Who would have thought he was some important figure.

“Yezekael, you better not butt into my business.”

Greedy Wolves – Defeating Armies stared back at the young teen and replied with a cold voice.

“Ah, I don’t have any intentions of interfering with your business, however, you’re messing with my friend today, so I can’t let it go.”

The young man named Yezekael still had a faint smile on his face when he shrugged and responded.


Hearing what Yezekael said, Rui couldn’t help but sport a grin. He had completely deduce the relationship between the two, and thought that they were probably enemies in reality as well. As the saying goes, an enemy’s enemy is an ally. Since he went out of his way to help Rui out, he’ll probably try to get him on his side. Pro players such as people like Rui, have a lot of potential, so it would be better if Yezekael could befriend him now. If Yezekael were to help him now, then Rui would be forced to owe him a favor, and it would be beneficial to him in the long run.

If Yezekael ended this bloodlessly with everyone watching, then he would draw Rui to his side while at the same time having Rui owe him a favor.

Two birds with one stone!

Needless to say, this person is pretty smart, at least he has more brains than the idiot Greedy Wolves – Defeating Armies over there. If it was anyone else, they would have been moved to tears by Yezekael’s good will. However, this was Rui. He was the Crimson Shadow Ghost, the dignified Supreme Assassin. Not only did Rui see through Yezekael’s ploys, he could completely annihilate the Greedy Wolves guild in front of him. However, even if he couldn’t defeat the Greedy Wolves, his pride would not allow others to help him.

This was the Supreme Assassin, the Crimson Shadow Ghost’s arrogance!

“Bastard, you got lucky this time! Let’s see how much longer you can hide; Yezekael would not be able to protect you forever. And you… Yezekael, this isn’t over; I will make you regret this!”

Seeing how Yezekael currently had about twice the amount of men following, Greedy Wolves – Defeating Armies understood the situation, left a couple refutes, and was about to leave. If he can’t win here then he might as well escape. The surrounding players’ stares ignited the flames in his heart, but as of now, he had to endure it.

“Ah, ah~, who gave you the permission to leave?”

A mocking voice made everyone freeze in their tracks. From where the voice came from, stood someone with a light hearted smile. Upon seeing this person, everyone couldn’t help but let out a sigh. ‘What’s wrong with this person? Was there something wrong with his brain? He barely escaped with his life and now he’s asking for more trouble?’

Not only the normal players, but even Yezekael and Greedy Wolves – Defeating Armies had shocked expressions. The person in front of their eyes did something completely outside of their expectations.

“Kid, was it you who said that?”

Greedy Wolves – Defeating Armies turned around with a grinned, and gave Rui a death stare.

He had finally gotten out of the situation, but Defeating Armies was suddenly on the attack again. This made Yezekael feel uneasy. Even though he was never on good terms with Defeating Armies, he had never broke the unspoken truce and they would at most only had verbal arguments. If war were to be waged right now, it could go badly.

“My friend, Defeating Armies is not someone you should mess with. This is my heartfelt warning.”

Yezekael hurriedly rushed towards Rui’s side and warned him.

“Not someone I should mess with? They are just a couple of small fries, they can’t possibly defeat me. Never have I been treated like this, to be so arrogant and leave without a beating.”

Rui smiled coolly, not at all minding Yezekael’s warning.

“…” Stopping his angry subordinates, Yezekael became silent, looked at Rui and then at Defeating Armies. He clenched his jaws and said, “Then let me help you!”

With this declaration, Defeating Armies and even Rui was frozen stiff.

If Yezekael were to really fight against Defeating Armies, it would really be the end of the unspoken truce. If this was due to a completely different matter, it would’ve been rational. However, the cause of this was some unknown player; was it really worth it?

Rui, who could barely contain his anger at Defeating Armies and was about to bite his head off, respected Yezekael after hearing his intent to help. This person is smart, has charisma and can easily adapt to a given situation. The most importantly trait is he has a gambler’s heart. If he does indeed fight with Defeating Armies now, then they would really become enemies. He, without a doubt, was very bold.

“No need!”

However, not appreciating the moment, Rui could not allow his prey to be taken. He also would not accept anyone’s help and owe them a favor.

Once again, those words led the surrounding players into a cold state of depression.

Yezekael looked at Rui whilst being stunned. He didn’t think that after all the effort he had dished out, this would be the result. Could it be that this guy is a retard? Or does he seriously think he could take out Defeating Armies and the five elite members of the Greedy-Wolves?

“Why you little… What did you say to big brother Yezekael? Choosing to die instead of living?”

Unable to control his anger, a shortie beside Yezekael began to spit insults at Rui.

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