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Bronze Boss: Gray Wolf King


Welcome back to 《Kismet》. Happy gaming!

A white light flashed, and Rui once again appeared inside the game.

He quickly checked his surroundings. When he confirmed there were no danger, he finally became at ease.

He took a deep breath, and thanks to the fresh air entering his nostrils, it made him feel refreshed.

In the real world, there was no longer such fresh air. Even if it was only a virtual program that provided the feedback data to the brainwaves and was not real air, the feeling was still intoxicating.

He took out his Wolf Fang Dagger and peeked out from behind the stone. The sight of a large Gray Wolf entered his vision.

‘Good, the Wolf King is still there.’

Relieved, he thumped his chest, and Rui started to think of how to solve this problem.

A Wolf King that he had no information about, and 3 Elite Gray Wolves. It was not something he could easily deal with. If he can kill them one at a time, it would still be possible. If there were 2 Elite Gray Wolves, he would be in a pinch. If there were 3, he would have to use Nimble Wind to run. But if the Wolf King were to join the fray, he would definitely die!

However, the system was still generous, and it did not set such a ruthless scenario. The 3 Elite Gray Wolves protecting the Wolf King were quite a distance away from the King. Also, they were protecting its 3 corners, so their individual distance was quite far. The Elite Gray Wolf’s aggro range was about 3 meters. He could use this fact to pull them one at a time, and kill them.

If he dared to think of it, he will do it!

Rui crouched his body, and crept to the Elite Gray Wolf furthest to his right. It was enjoying the breeze until Rui approached its 3 meter radius. It stood up from its sitting posture, and bared its teeth at Rui.

I’ve been spotted!

Glancing over to the other 2 Elite Gray Wolves and the Wolf King which were still in their idle position, Rui revealed a slight grin, and unhesitantly retreated backwards.

Seeing its prey fleeing after barging into its territory, the Elite Gray Wolf naturally gave chase.

After running for about 10 meters, Rui stopped and slashed his dagger at the Elite Gray Wolf.

Since he had fought an Elite Gray Wolf before, Rui knew of its stats and attack patterns, as such he was not afraid. Since he was able to kill one of them with weaker equipment earlier, now that he upgraded his equipment, it was no longer a threat to Rui.

Rui gave the wolf a fierce beating, and without leaving a single scratch on him, it died bitterly.


You successfully killed an Elite Gray Wolf!

Quest – Wolf Extermination (2nd Phase) has been completed.
You have received 10,000 EXP!

Quest can now proceed onwards to the 3rd Phase, would you like to accept it?

“I accept!”

Quest Name: Wolf Extermination.

Quest Difficulty: Extremely Hard.

Quest Description: Kill the Gray Wolf King that had been endangering the village.

Quest Reward:
30,000 EXP
Village Contribution +100
Village Elder’s Mysterious Reward

Not bothering with the windows regarding his EXP gain and Level Up, Rui looked at the difficulty of the quest. The two words “Extremely Hard” caused him to gulp his saliva down his throat. Even though he planned to kill the boss, when he saw those two words, he almost felt like backing out. The system already determined its difficulty level, and from the looks of it, it would be a harsh battle.

He picked up the loots from the Elite Gray Wolf. Probably because he killed one before, the drops from the wolf were only 2 plain White Equipment. There was not even a single Green Equipment.

He organized his inventory. He now had 4 Silver and 26 Copper, 6 pieces of equipment (4 from the PK’ing the Greedy Wolves), 14 Small HP Potions, 6 Small MP Potions, and 6 pieces of Gray Wolf Leather.

Calming himself down, Rui once again pulled another Elite Gray Wolf the same way, and continued battling!

As he did not use Nimble Wind to gain an incredible amount of Speed, he could not circle around it like the first Elite Gray Wolf he killed. However, since his base speed and damage was higher than before, he was able to make up for the differences. The occasional critical hits were also something the Elites could not handle, and the 2nd Elite Gray Wolf was killed cruelly in less than 2 minutes.

After killing the 3rd Elite Gray Wolf, Rui was already at level 7 with 42% of EXP. He also gained 3 equipment and a few amount of Silvers in his inventory.

He took a short break to calm his feelings, and then he set his eyes on his last prey.

Bending his waist, he held onto his dagger as he slowly approached the giant Gray Wolf King.

When Rui was 5 meters away from it, it opened its eyes from its slumber. Its pair of bloodshot eyes stared directly at Rui.

With its strong legs supporting its body, it got up and looked at the prey who dared to enter its territory. Its disgusting saliva was leaking out of its large mouth.


Staring blankly at the giant wolf which looked as tough as a bull, Rui was ruthlessly cursing the game developer.

‘What the hell? It’s just a freaking wolf. Even if it’s a boss, did you have to make it so big? A prehistoric monster? F— you! With this degree of virtual reality, do you know how scary it is? Even if it’s a boss, you should not have designed like this, alright? Just by looking at its face, most players would probably lose their fighting spirit!’

Gray Wolf King




Bronze Boss










【Passive Skill】 Raging Bloodlust: Each attack will absorb a certain amount of HP. There will also be a certain chance of causing a Bleeding Effect on the target.

【Active Skill】 Brutal Blow: Ferociously attacks the target once, dealing 150% damage.

After looking at the Gray Wolf King’s stats, Rui was stunned. The system allowed players to view stats of monsters that are at most 5 levels above the player’s. However, because of the information he received, his head started to hurt. In this world, it was not good to know everything.

There are times when, if you know too much, there will be a reverse effect. When facing multiple enemies, because you know of the overwhelming strength of your enemies, you apply unnecessary pressure on yourself. You would become overly-cautious, and tell yourself that you would not be able to overcome them. When you lose morale before the fight, you have already lost half the battle!

When Rui clearly inspected the boss, it applied an unneeded pressure on him. If he knew nothing about the boss, he could still rely on the momentum he would gain in battle by attacking it continuously. At first he thought it was only a normal boss, however, he did not expect it to be a boss of a higher grade. This was definitely not in Rui’s favour.

(The boss grades are as follows: Normal, Bronze, Silver, Golden, Lord, Epic, Legendary and Mythical!)

Putting its 1,500 HP aside, its attack, defense, and skills were disgustingly high. With Rui’s current defense, he could probably survive through a single attack. However, if the Raging Bloodlust triggers, he would definitely die. His Small HP Potion would not be able to recover his HP fast enough.

‘What should I do?’

Rui gritted his teeth and stared intently at the strong-looking Gray Wolf King. His mind was starting to spin!

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