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Night of Slaughter II

“Big sis Qin, quickly make some food! I’m famished.”

Looking at the teary-eyed and stunned Qin Yue, Rui smiled and waved his hands at her.

“Ah… yes!” When Qin Yue snapped back to her senses, and saw the smiling Rui. Her face reddened and she gave a clumsy reply. Then, she softly said, “Thank you, Little Rui!”

“Heheh, it wasn’t anything much. After all, I learnt some martial arts before.” Rui laughed as he showed off his biceps, and then said jokingly, “If big sis Qin wishes to thank me, then please make me some good food!”

“Yes, yes, big sis Qin will definitely make them for you.” Qin Yue lightly nodded her head, and then gave Rui a smile.

Looking at Qin Yue’s tear-stained face and her faint smile, Rui suddenly felt a sense of pity rising in his heart.

After losing focus for a bit, he finally regained his senses. He looked at the mess surrounding him, and then coughed out a few words, “Look at the mess I created…”

He carried and arrange the fallen tables, while Little Fei grabbed a broom and began sweeping away the broken pieces of plates and bottles. The surrounding guests also came over to help organize the tables and chairs. The stall which was in a mess a while ago, was tidied up in less than a minute.

After removing the broken pieces of the chair Rui kicked, Little Fei cleaned up the blood that came from the green-haired youth. A few moments later, the stall returned to its original state, and the guests who came over after the incident would not know the earlier happenings.

After enjoying Qin Yue’s specialty, Rui rubbed his bloated stomach, and left after bidding Qin Yue and Fei farewell.

Walking into an alley, Rui’s expression suddenly turned grim.

He pulled out his phone and entered a password. He looked at one of the red spots indicated in the map data, and his lips revealed a cold smile.

* * *

Somewhere in Shanghai — Paradise Bar…

“Bo… Boss, that’s… what happened!”

The stuttering Kun looked at the man who was sitting in front of him as he reported of what had happened earlier. Kun’s composure remained calm, but cold sweat flowed down his face.

After listening to Kun, the man was silent for a while, and slowly, he opened his mouth. “Little Kun, I believe I told you that I absolutely hate people lying to me.”

“Big Bro, I… I’m speaking the truth!”

Kun understood he was digging his own grave. He was aware that even though the man before him looked kind and friendly, when he gets angry, he would be at least a hundred times stronger than Kun.

After slightly taking a glance at Kun, the man said softly. “I will give you 50 men to deal with this problem. Remember, don’t escalate this problem too far.”

“Yes, thank you, big bro!”

When he heard the man’s words, Kun was exhilarated. If he had 50 of the clan’s men, he believed that the boy would not even be able to resist. Qin Yue and her daughter will then be unable to escape his clutches!

“Big bro, this is bad! There’s an enemy!”

Suddenly, a man who looked like a bodyguard wearing a black western suit, rushed into the room.

“I told you guys multiple times to be calm at all times. There’s no need to panic.” The man who was sitting on the sofa stood up, stared at the man in western suit, and asked, “Who is it? The Green Wolf Clan or the Red Blood Society? How many men did they bring?”

“This… I don’t know!” The man in the western suit could only helplessly lower his head. At the man’s angry eyes, he could only furrowed his brows as he answered.

“You don’t know?” His expression in his eyes became cold, as though they were the eyes of a poisonous snake, causing the room to feel cooler.

“Big bro, the enemy is like a ghost! Our men were all killed, and they were all sliced in the neck. I went over to the surveillance room, but I could not find any records of any invaders.” The suited man frighteningly reported. Seeing his own brothers getting killed one by one, and they were all sliced only at their necks, this strange situation could only plunge him into fear.

“Damn it! Who’s the bastard doing this? Relay my order! Smoke the guy out!” After listening to the report, the man could no longer keep his calm demeanor. He took out an exquisite-looking pistol from his drawer, as he said out loud.

“Hehe, if you’re looking for me, then I will save you some trouble.”

Suddenly, a dark laughter resounded in the room, and the expressions of the three men immediately changed.

“It’s… you?”

After looking at the face of the man who came out from within the shadows, the shocked Kun had his mouth open agaped.

“You recognize him?” The man’s eyes narrowed, and he tightened the grip on his pistol.

“Big bro, it’s him! He’s the guy I was talking about!” Kun immediately reported.

“Friend, I wonder how my little brother has offended you? Tell me. If the fault lies with my little brother, I will punish him personally.”

Looking at Rui, his years of experience told him that the man in front of him was difficult opponent. The man did not bother about anything else, and he softly spoke to Rui.

“Hehe, at first, there were no bad blood between us. As they say, the well water should not offend the river water*. However, your subordinate did not have good eyes.”

[T/N: Means they were different people from different places, and not at all related.]

Rui laughed lightly. Kun looked as if he was about to faint.

“This is most definitely because I did not properly teach my little brother. Since you have already came to my doorstep, I must give you a satisfying reply.”

The man’s cold gaze caused Kun’s entire body to tremble. He knew he was definitely going to suffer terribly. Since the situation had already escalated, being thrown into the ocean and turned into fish food was his only outcome.

“I expected no less from the head of the clan. I like your resolve.” He had experienced many of such situations before, and he knew of what would happen to Kun when the boss easily said he would dispose of him. The man was definitely merciless.

“However, he alone will not be able to extinguish the anger burning in my heart.” He closed his eyes, and his lips revealed a sinister smile. “Since I have already appeared before you and exposed my looks, I can no longer turn back. All of you here, can only die.”

“My friend, it seems you’re rather disrespectful.” The man squinted his eyes as he raised his pistol and pointed at Rui. He then coldly said, “And here I thought we could be friends. However, it seems you don’t have that intention. Since things turned out like this, then I shall go along with you and play your little game to the end. I really want to see whether you’re faster than a bullet.”

“Whether I’m faster than a bullet?” Rui simply shrugged and said, “This kind of thing… you will only know when you try!”

Looking at Rui’s indifferent expression, the man gritted his teeth, and unhesitatingly pulled the trigger.

Bang, bang…!

Two bangs echoed in the room. However, he realized Rui had disappeared in front of him. He turned to look, and realized Kun and the suited man who were beside him earlier had already collapsed on the floor. Their mouths were opened wide, and their eyes were showing its sclera (white part), and were no longer moving.

“Looks like I’m faster than a bullet.”

Suddenly, the man felt a cold whiz behind his neck. Rui’s ghost-like voice was ringing in the man’s ears, and it felt like his soul itself was about to be scared off of his body.

“Fri…Friend, I believe we can compromise on some things. Let me go, and I will grant you everything!” The man felt like his life was in peril, his legs were about to give way, and he tried to beg for his life.

“I’m sorry, I’m not interested in your dirty money!”

Rui did not even falter for a second when he heard the man’s words. He gently sliced his dagger across the man’s neck…

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