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Mutated Boss: Armored Slime

‘Brutal Blow?’

‘Ah! Isn’t this the Gray Wolf King’s exclusive skill? To think it would drop as a skill book!’

Brutal Blow:

By concentrating your energy, you deliver a ruthless strike to your target, causing an additional 50% damage,as well as a 10% chance of inflicting critical damage.

Close-Combat Classes.
Level 5 and higher.

Reading the description in the skill book, Rui’s lips broke into a grin. He unhesitantly learned the skill, and an instant later, the skill book turned into a ray of light, entering his body.

Opening his skill window, 【Brutal Blow】 impressively appeared on the list!

Brutal Blow:

Active Skill, LV 0 0/1000. 20 MP per use.

By concentrating your energy, you deliver a ruthless strike to your target, causing an additional 50% damage and 10% chance of inflicting critical damage.

Cooldown: 3 min.

‘Not bad, it is a very strong skill for the early-game phase. I’m not sure how it’ll turn out after it levels up, but if it has a lot of room for growth, then it’ll still be useful in end-game.’

Closing the skill window, he picked up the rest of the items on the ground.

Because it was the first time he had killed the boss, there were a bunch of good drops. He collected a total of 1 Gold, 23 Silver, 3 pieces of equipment, a Complete piece of Wolf King’s Leather, and a weird key.

He glanced over at the equipment, and found out that all of them were colored!

Wolf King Helmet

Blue Equipment



Level Req





Wolf King Legguards

Blue Equipment



Level Req





Wolf Fang Necklace (Silver)

Stats Unknown. Appraisal Required.


Complete Wolf King Leather: Medium Grade Material

Can be used to make cloth equipment.

3 pieces of equipment, and all of them were blue or higher. As expected of a Boss!

And two of them were a Helmet and Legguards that were not sold in any shop. Most importantly, there was the necklace; Wolf Fang Necklace.

In 《Kismet》, besides the six conventional types of equipment; Helmets, Weapons, Tops, Gloves, Leggings, and Shoes, there are other hidden equipment types that are hard to obtain. Although the information on them were unpublicized, the known types are Necklace, Ring, Earring, and Jade accessories. There were also belts, capes, and shields specialized for Knights.

With the EXP obtained from killing the boss, and the 10,000 EXP obtained from completing the last phase of the Wolf Extermination quest, Rui immediately leveled up to 9. He was now one step away from leaving the Novice Village.

As he chuckled to himself, he equipped the Wolf King Helmet and Wolf King Legguards. He looked at his new defense stats, and saw that it had reached a horrifying value of 65. He sported a huge grin.

After resting for a moment, he opened the Quest Window and saw that the two quests — Tailoring Auntie’s Trial and Slime Extermination were still incomplete.

He stood up and followed the road down the hill, however, he did not go into the open field. He made a turn and headed westwards for the region where he would be able to find Slimes.

Rui entered from the back side: while the Gray Wolves in the area were level 8, the Slimes were only level 3, and thus the Slime’s region was closer to the village. Although the regions were different, he only had to walk a short distance to reach the central Slimes spawning area.

It was a large farmland, and there were many different crops growing. The disgusting Slimes were moving around the crops. Even if there was a good harvest of crops, they were being chewed on by those disgusting monsters. Just by looking at them swimming across the crops was enough to upset one’s appetite.

No wonder when the Village Elder spoke of the Slimes, there were a hint of deep hatred in his words. Rui could finally understand his feelings. These damn Slimes were damaging their food supply, and the most disgusting thing about it was, to survive, they still had to eat the Slimes’ leftovers.

Even though it was the central part of the Slime area, the number of players capable of killing Slimes was still large. Luckily, the entire place was huge, so Rui hadn’t met with any strange situation where he wasn’t able to kill a Slime.

After choosing a plot of land, Rui immediately pulled out his Wolf Fang Dagger, and slashed at the Slime.


A critical hit. The Slime which was nibbling on the crops died instantly, and dropped a piece of dry and flat green coating. ‘What, are you serious? It died just like that?’

Rui was a little dumbfounded. He looked at the stats of another Slime, and he could not speak a single word.











‘Can it be even more useless than that? These stats were too tragic to look at! Only its HP is higher than that of a wild Chicken and Rabbit. But the rest are best not mentioned at all. A level 3 monster that had about the same stats as a level 1; no wonder there aren’t a lot of people here.’

Let’s take a look at the EXP!


‘It’s f—king low! Even if its a level 9 killing a level 3 monster, I shouldn’t be getting that little, right? It seems that this thing’s EXP was already low in the first place. That’s why there aren’t many people grinding here, unlike the crowd in the Wolf region.’

‘Oh well, since I have to complete the quest, let’s not mind the EXP!’

Smiling helplessly, Rui raised his dagger and began crazily sweeping away the surrounding Slimes.

With ultra-high efficiency, even though the Slimes had a high spawn rate, it could not keep up with Rui. Luckily, there weren’t many players, so he could hop onto another plot of land when he cleared his own.

After about 30 minutes, he finally killed 100 slimes. He opened his bag, and saw he actually had 58 Slime Coatings. It was 53 more than the required amount. However, they only took 1 slot of his inventory space, so Rui was not concerned. The coatings were said to be used in making potions, however, they were not being sold for a high price. Well, it was still better than nothing. With money currently more expensive than gold, he should save when he could.

Sheathing his dagger, Rui was headed to the village to submit his quest. He was not headed for the exit of the Slime region, but towards the Wild Boar region. There were vines all around the Slime region, and it would be pretty disgusting to walk through all of them.


After only taking a few steps, Rui suddenly heard a weird sound.

Slightly furrowing his eyebrows, he hesitated for a moment before moving towards the source of the sound.

After crossing several plots of farmland, he saw a group of people. Within the group, was a giant Slime tumbling around and spitting out poison.

‘Is that a boss?’

He stopped his gaze at the boss for a moment, and then glanced over to the people beside it.

‘Greedy Wolves – Destroying Armies? To think I would meet some familiar faces.’

Watching the feminine-looking guy, Rui could not help but reveal a cold smile. When he diverted his gaze to the person in front of him, he was surprised.

‘Isn’t she the girl who traded her Slime Gauntlet to me? Her name was… Sasha.’

Looking at the scene, it seems they weren’t companions.

Merely staring at their confrontation, Rui’s lips slanted to a side, revealing a cold smile.


As he was prepared to watch a good show, he was surprised by a roar. Greedy Wolves – Destroying Armies and Sasha, who were confronting each other, could not help but turn to look as well.

The giant Slime was roaring towards the sky. Its skin which was once green, slowly changed into black. It’s new metal-plated surface shone brightly under the sunlight.

Rui squinted his eyes. The big words above the boss gave him a shock.

Armored Slime??

A mutated Boss?

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