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Snatching a Boss I

“Little girl, don’t test my patience. Or else, I will give you a free ticket back to the village.”

When he saw it was a mutated boss, its value instantly skyrocketed. Even though he hesitated earlier, he finally resoluted himself to completely annihilate the Greedy Wolves who offended Sasha.

“Destroying Armies, if you have the guts, then do it. Tch, don’t think we will be easy opponents. When my brother comes, let’s see who has the last laugh.”

With her personality, Sasha would not be easily threatened by their words. Narrowing her eyes, she raised and pointed her Fine Iron Sword at Destroying Armies.

“Fine. I gave you a good wine, and you chose to drink the bad one*? Fine, I will grant it to you!”

[T/N: Idiom — rather than taking a route with benefits, she took a disadvantageous route.]

Destroying Armies, who was already planning to break decorum, was not embarrassed as he roared at the girl in front of his subordinates. As he coldly looked at Sasha, he raised his Black Iron Greatsword.

“Damn you!”

Since she did not expect Destroying Armies to really attack her, Sasha held back her words and readied herself. If it was an one-on-one, she did not fear Destroying Armies at all. Rather, it was his other 5 companions that was causing her head to ache. If a single one of them joined in, then the result of the battle would be entirely different.

“Sweet Little Girl, be careful!”

Taking the opportunity, the rest of the Greedy Wolves busied themselves by holding the Armored Slime back. Sasha shouted at Sweet Little Girl who was standing on the side, and moved towards Destroying Armies with her sword, with the intention to kill.

“You’re courting death!”

Looking at Sasha with disdain, Destroying Armies raised his greatsword. With a heavy slash, he blocked Sasha’s sword, but to his surprise, he was pushed back with unbelievable strength.

“Big sis Sasha, let me help you!”

After she saw that Destroying Armies was pushed back by Sasha’s single attack, Sweet Girl gave up on the boss, and immediately rushed over with the White Sword she got from Sasha.

“Damn it, Little Jie, come over and help me!”

When he was encircled by the two girls, Destroying Armies, who relied only on his huge strength, realised he was in danger. His level had already dropped once when the b—tard “Sly Hand” killed him. After getting it back from grinding, he could not bear to lose it again.

Out of the 5 Greedy Wolves members who were engaging the Armored Slime, a small figure carrying a dagger came out and headed straight for Sweet Little Girl.

“A Rogue? Sweet Little Girl, be careful! Your defense is already quite frail, so don’t get hit!”

Sasha glanced an eye over at Greedy Wolves – Wolf Jie. At once, she allowed Sweet Little Girl to move away from the battle with Destroying Armies, and confront the Rogue with her full strength.

“Don’t worry, big sis Sasha. This dumb Rogue can’t easily land a hit on me!”

Sweet Little Girl smiled sweetly, as she pulled Wolf Jie away.

Such sharp and nimble skills!

While hiding off to the side, Rui looked at the small Sweet Little Girl. Even though her footwork looked chaotic, there was a rhythm to them, and she dodged all of Wolf Jie’s strikes. Not only that, she managed to land a couple of hits. The random swings of her dagger caused Wolf Jie to lose a lot of HP quickly. He was scared to the point of drinking HP potions continuously.

The 2 one-on-one matches were cool, but the boss battle did not pale in comparison. The 4 remaining Greedy Wolves continuously rushed at the Armored Slime. Seeing the boss being damaged by 4 such players, Rui could only think of the Slime’s useless stats, and could not bring himself to say anything else. Looks like even though the Slime was a boss, it was still a useless boss!

Even though he thought of stealing it, a boss of that caliber would probably not drop anything good. The people backing Destroying Armies and Sasha were definitely not anyone with a simple background. Since the game was still in its early phase, Rui did not want to offend them. Not only that, he had been grinding mobs for about 2 hours, and his Crime points had only decreased by 2. So he still had 4 points, and didn’t want it to increase any further. If his Crime points exceeds 5, the city guards would try to apprehend him whenever he enters the village.


When Rui was about to leave silently, the Armored Slime that was only taking hits suddenly gave out a shrilling roar.


In front of everyone’s flabbergasted faces, it straightened its body and opened its mouth wide. A disgusting green viscous liquid started pouring out, and covered two of the Greedy Wolves who were unable to escape in time.


Screams were heard from the two poor kids. Although the damage from the pouring liquid was only about a 100, which was not that high, the damage from its corrosive effect was on another level.

Looking at the two whose bodies were completely covered in green, their corroding bodies were actually emitting white smoke. Rui could not help but drip cold sweat.



The corrosive effect was actually dealing a scary amount of 50 damage per second! The two poor souls should be thanking the corrosive effect, as it allowed them to back out early.

Losing two of their tanky close-combat companions, the other two, who were a frail Magician and a tragic Archer, could not hold a candle against it. With their current equipment, they could only last 2 hits.

“Sasha, this mutated boss will definitely drop something good. Why don’t you work with me, and we can share the loots equally.”

After he saw that 2 of his subordinates had died, Destroying Armies gritted his teeth tightly and started negotiating with Sasha who he was still crossing swords with.

“Greedy Wolves- Destroying Armies. We found this boss first. You guys were the ones who stole it. Now that you found out you can’t win, you want to work with us? Screw you! My brother is almost here. I want to see how your entire Greedy Wolves will be annihilated.”

Sasha did not have the slightest hint of appreciation in her face as she gave a cold laugh. She resumed swinging her Fine Iron Sword wildly at Destroying Armies.

“Damn little girl, do you really think I’m scared of you?”

He was rejected even after he asked humbly. Because of that, his face was burning red with rage. His put even more force into his attacks, and Sasha, who was struggling against him, was momentarily in danger.

“Damn it! Fierce Wolf! Draw its attention for a second! Its HP is already very low! We have to definitely grind it to death!”

Proud Wolf furiously took out an Elemental Orb of Light as he shouted at Fierce Wolf, the Archer.

Without uttering a word, Fierce Wolf lightly nodded his head, drank a HP potion, and rushed towards the Armored Slime. He ruthlessly stabbed it with a dagger to aggro it, and stabbed it a few more times, before fleeing.

Gulping down a MP potion, Proud Wolf waited for a moment, for the cooldown of his skill. After chanting for 0.5 seconds, the Elemental Orb of Light flew towards the Armored Slime under his control.

However, the moment the orb left his hands, a figure appeared in front of him.


You PK’ed a player with evil intentions. The player will receive a Vengeance bonus!

Stunned by the voice coming from the system, before Proud Wolf could react, he felt a sharp pain on his throat. He raised his head, but with his blurred vision, he could only see a face with a sinister smile…

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