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Blacksmith’s Tears

Without further ado, he inspected the stats. If it was something terrible after using a high grade leather and 2 gold, then it’d be disgusting! However, if nothing else, it was a Gold Grade Equipment, and it couldn’t be that bad.

Wolf King Light Armor

Gold Equipment



Level Req




Additional Effects

+10 VIT, 3% Chance of negating an enemy’s attack.

Active Buff

Block: 30 MP per use.

Increase Defense by 10% for 10 seconds.

Cooldown: 5 minutes.

Active Skill

Wolf Summon: 50MP per use.

Summons 2 Wolves to aid you in battle for 30 seconds.

Cooldown: 1 hour

What an overpowered armor! There were actually 75 points in defense, with 3% chance of negating damage. Not only that, it also increases VIT by 10, which was about 100 HP, 2 points in defense, and 1 point in HP recovery. The 2 skills were not bad as well. When used at a key moment, Block will be able to save his life. With 2 summoned pets, they will be able to fight and lure monsters alongside him, which was not bad.

He wore it without hesitation.With the head of a fierce Wolf King engraved onto the armor, Rui looked as if he was emitting a killing intent, seemed felt more domineering.


Congratulations on completing a Hidden Triggered Quest.

Inherited Tailoring Auntie’s Skill – Art of Tailoring.”


Art of Tailoring:

Novice Level 0/10000

Allows player to use cloth, leather, and fur to craft cloth, leather, and light armor. (This includes the 4 other basic equipment types, other than weapons.)

A good skill! Although it did not allow him to craft heavy armor for Knights and Warriors, but he could craft armor for 4 other classes, which was exceptionally good. He would also be able to craft headgears and related equipment, but he would not be able to create heavy equipment which uses materials such as gold. However, the skill already covered a big portion, so it was already quite good!

Exiting the Tailoring Shop, Sasha who was still standing around saw Rui’s gallant-looking armor and was stunned. Although she did not know of its stats, but by just looking at its appearance, she knew it was not weak. He only went in for a little while, and he came out with such a rare equipment. She understood he needed the gold for that.

Rui did not bother about what Sasha was thinking about. He greeted her, and then headed to the pharmacy.

“Hero Sly Hand, I heard about you from the Village Elder. To thank you for helping out village, I will give these to you, hope that they will help you in your cause.”

The Pharmacist was very gracious, and immediately pushed a bunch of potions to Rui.


Congratulations on receiving 10x Small HP Potions, 10x Small MP Potions, 5x Medium HP Potions, 5x Medium MP Potions, and 5x Recovery Medicine (Basic).

Medium HP Potion: Recover 300 HP in a span of 10 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Recovery Medicine (Basic): Immediately recovers 100 HP. Cooldown: 1 minute.

Such good potions! His safety was definitely secured!

“Ah right, Uncle, can I learn the Art of Medicine Making?”

After receiving such kindness, Rui still greedily asked.

“Art of Medicine Making? If it was some other people, I would not pass it down to them. However, if it’s Hero Sly Hand who helped our village so much, then I will not be stingy. Head over to the river outside the village and help me gather 10 Crocodile Tail Grass, and I will even pass down the Potion making recipe to you!” The Pharmacist smiled and said as he stroked his beard.


Congratulations on receiving the Pharmacist’s Request – Gathering Crocodile Tail Grass.

Would you like to accept?

“I accept!”


Congratulations on inheriting the Pharmacist’s Life Skill: Herb Gathering!

Herb Gathering: Life Skill
Novice Level: 0/10000

Allows user to gather herbs.

Upon receiving the skill, Rui grinned. He did not think his Contribution points would have such a good effect. His effort for killing the Wolf King was at least not wasted!

“Thank you, Uncle!”

After a polite farewell, Rui immediately sprinted to the metal workshop.

“Blacksmith Uncle, please repair my equipment!”

Rui took out his dagger and passed it over to the blacksmith. He had no choice. Since he was only level 9, he could only still use the Wolf Fang Dagger. He can only wield the Dim Blue Dagger when he reaches level 10.

“Ah, if it isn’t Hero Sly Hand! Welcome!”

When he saw Rui coming over, the blacksmith stopped his metalwork. He took the dagger, and repaired it after hammering 2 or 3 times. When Rui was about to hand the repair fee over, at Rui’s surprise, he rejected it.

“Hero Sly Hand, I wonder if you could help me out?”

The blacksmith’s words excited Rui. ‘Another quest? Really? Does Contribution points really have such a good impact? All the NPCs are pushing their quests onto me!’

“Uncle, please say it, and I will definitely help you!”

Rui bumped his fists onto his chest.

“I only know how to work with metals my whole life, and I did not even take care of my daughter well. I’m not fit to be a man.”

The blacksmith sadly smashed a shaping iron with his hammer, and the iron unbelievably deformed. That crazy strength made Rui’s face twitch.

“Uncle! Calm down, calm down!”

The sweaty Rui persuaded him, and managed to stop the blacksmith from freaking out.

“Her mother passed away when she was young. While I struggled, she managed to grow up healthily. That child was quite independent, so I did not have to worry about her too much. She even lead the villagers to the mine to dig, and she and the Village Elder’s son managed the operations in the mine well. Their jobs were successful, and they also caught each others’ eyes.

When I saw her like that, I was at ease, and thought I managed to live up to her mother’s expectations. We were preparing for their wedding, but on that day, they went to the mine to work, and never came back.

From that day on, the entire mine was infested with demons. No lives were spared. We have sent a lot of people, and paid several strong men, but all were for naught. However, I do not believe she passed away just like that. I want to see her body with my very own eyes. I know you’re a capable man, and I hope that you can fulfill my wish.

No matter what, I want to have a definite answer on whether she’s dead or alive. Even if she’s a pile of bones, I wish to be able to bury her beside her mother.”

Seeing the strong man bawling in front of him, Rui’s heart became heavy. The blacksmith’s words made him remember several incidents during the days when he was an Assassin.

A strong, firm man was actually crying like a child!

Feelings could actually cause people to be so weak and fragile.

But, weakness was something humans need. The people in this era hide their true selves and wear a mask to prevent others from truly understanding them. The number of people showing their true true feelings was decreasing, and this even applies to blood-related relatives.

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