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Wolf King Light Armor

After thanking the Village Elder, Rui headed for the Tailor Shop.

“Auntie! I have the items you requested!”

Rui took out the 5 pieces of Grey Wolf Leather and 5 pieces of Slime Coating, passing them to the Tailor Auntie.

“Not bad, not bad! This is your reward!”

Nodding approvingly, the Tailoring Auntie smiled as she kept the leather and coatings with a fling of her hand. At that moment, Rui heard the system voice message.


Congratulations on completing the quest – Tailoring Auntie’s Trial.

Received: Life Skill – Gathering Techniques.”


Gathering Techniques: Life Skill

Novice Level: 0/10000
Allows player to harvest materials from monsters.

After receiving the skill, Rui grinned.

“Auntie, what’s the requirement for learning how to tailor?”

“Tailoring? If you’re able to find a piece of high grade leather I can make a clothing out of, then I will teach you the Art of Tailoring.” The Tailoring Auntie said as she touched some of the pieces of leather.

High Grade Leather?

Rui was stunned for a second. He opened his inventory, and there was a Wolf King Leather dropped by the Gray Wolf King, 2 pieces of regular Wolf Leather, and 2 pieces of Slime Coatings.

He took out all of them, and placed on the Tailoring Auntie’s table.

“Will these do?” Rui asked carefully.

“Ah! This is actually a high grade wolf leather. This texture… Did you actually kill the evil Wolf King?” The Tailoring Auntie could not contain her excitement as she picked up the wolf leather with sparkling eyes.

Rui nodded profusely.

“With this piece of leather, then there’s no problem. I can help you make a low level Gold Grade Light Equipment!”

Rui’s smile deepened for a moment when he heard the Tailoring Auntie’s words. However, her next words caused his smile to stiffen.

“But, with the extra materials and handling fees, I would need 2 gold for it!”

‘2 gold?’

Rui’s face twitched. Rui betted his life in his battles, and he only made about 1 gold, and that gold he had was also from the Wolf King. 100 silvers is equal to 1 gold. A single Elite Gray Wolf was only a few silver, and a single Gray Wolf was only about 10 copper. 2 gold? That would require Rui to kill 2,000 Grey Wolves. And that’s assuming every wolf would drop money!

But, Rui could not find the words to bargain. Gold Grade Equipment! It was a Gold Grade Equipment! These 3 words were already worth 2 gold! The Wolf King Leather he had could not be bought with even 20 gold.

‘Tch! If I had known, I would have taken the money dropped by the Armored Slime!’ Rui could not help but sigh deeply in his heart.

“Auntie! Help me turn these Wolf Leather and Slime Coatings into light equipment! …As for the 2 gold, I will give them to you in 2 hours!”

“Alright.” The Tailoring Auntie responded, and speedily turned the Wolf Leather and Slime Coatings into light equipment.

They were only normal equipment, hence the fees were cheap. The Slime Coatings only needed a handling fee of 10 copper. However, the stats of the equipment were almost useless. 6 Defense? They were only slightly better than the Novice equipment. Also, their appearance was absolutely disgusting!

‘What the hell, bringing these around would look so disgraceful!’

He turned to the Tailoring Auntie and sold all the Slime Equipment to her for 5 copper each. Rui’s face was twitching constantly.

Rui had about 10 pieces equipment from killing monsters and PK’ing the Greedy Wolves. Most of them were useful to players.

He actually planned on bartering in the Novice Village, but he thought for a moment, and contacted Sasha.

“I have a some equipment at hand, and I wonder if you’re interested in them?”

“Equipment? What are they? How many?” After receiving Rui’s message, Sasha immediately replied. Her words implied her excitement.

Rui sended over the stats of all 12 equipment he intended to sell.

“So many… I don’t have much money at hand. If you agree to sell them with real cash, then please give me a price!” After a few seconds of silence, Sasha replied.

“No need! I only need 1 gold! I believe you should be able to afford it.”

Rui initially left himself with 10,000 USD, which was about 62,000 RMB. The Virtual Reality Gear cost about 30,000 RMB (~$485 USD). He also needed money for his daily necessities, and his school fees in the future. However, what he currently needed most, was that 1 gold, so he could get the Tailoring Auntie’s Gold Grade Light Equipment and learn the Art of Tailoring.

He did not want to barter. First, it would be troublesome to reveal himself and it was not his style. Second, it would be a waste of time. He only had 8 hours every day. If he was to waste his time on these things, others will overtake his level, and that would be disgusting. Although he would be able to get more than 1 gold if he were to sell them properly, what he wanted the most was to save time.

“Alright!” Sasha’s reply was impactful.

“I will be waiting at the Novice Village’s Tailoring Shop.”

Rui closed the message window after sending the message, and stood outside the Tailoring Shop.

Not long later, the valiant looking Sasha appeared in Rui’s vision.

“These equipment are worth much more than 1 gold. Bro Yeze said to not take advantage of your plight. If you really need money, then take this as a loan.”

Sasha accepted the trade request, and placed 1 gold in it.

Rui slightly furrowed his eyebrows. If it was someone else, he would immediately leave. However, looking at Sasha’s expression, he knew that she did not have any other intentions.

“I don’t like to be in anyone’s debt!” Rui closed the trade window and said coldly.

“You… I didn’t say I was giving it to you. I’m only lending it to you.” Looking at the man with a cold face in front of her, Sasha could not help but stamp her feet, and said in a slightly angry tone.

He looked at Sasha shockingly. Rui did not think this beautiful girl in front of him would have an attitude of a little girl.

“What are you looking at? Tch. Then, take it as a thanks for rescuing me and Little Sweet Girl! But, you still need to return it!” She felt uncomfortable from being looked at by Rui’s weird eyes, and said with a reddened face.

“Alright then.” Rui did not push it any further. He did need money, however, he still did not want to owe anyone. He then told her, “I received a Hidden Quest. It’s something similar to a hidden map or a dungeon instance. If you’re interested, you can call 3 other people over. It will be regarded as repaying my debt to you. However, I will state this first. When inside, listen to my every command. I have the right to choose the equipment I want first. You… can think about it first.”

Receiving the 1 gold from Sasha, Rui immediately entered the Tailoring Shop, and handed the 2 gold over to the Tailoring Auntie.

After receiving the gold, the Tailoring Auntie chuckled and she started her needlework. Not long later, a refined piece of leather equipment was shaped.

Taking the leather equipment from the sweaty Tailoring Auntie, Rui smiled at the 4 big words that appeared in his vision.

Wolf King Light Armor!!

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