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Crazy Bombs, Crazy EXP I

After sitting for 2 minutes, Rui had fully recovered his HP. He raised his head, and when he saw Yezekael and the rest were wrinkling their brows, he could only feel helpless.

The Exploding Magic Spiders were like a damn bug in the system; there was no way to deal with them. They came in groups of 10 or more, and they had no fear of dying. They were practically suicide bombers. Rui had seen people who did not want to live, but never to this extent.

Even if they were just suicide bombers, their self-destruct effect was simply too disgusting. A single explosion could take away 30 HP. The most disgusting thing was their chain explosions. After 1 explodes, the rest behind it will follow. Just like a plague, it was impossible for anyone to escape.

This situation was giving him a real headache.

Rui rubbed his forehead. He would prefer to fight a strong boss to the death, rather than these disgusting pipsqueaks again. They were just too shameless! Even with the stat boost from his gold armor, his 2 accessories, and furthermore, his HP above 400, he could easily be defeated instantly. If Yezekael or any of his companions was in his spot earlier, he would definitely not be able to live through the attack.

‘So, is this as far as we could go?’

Rui began to lose the will to proceed onwards. Even though he did not underestimate the Exploding Magic Spiders, and despite the fact that their stats were seriously too shabby, he could seriously not stand the fact he was being forced to a corner by these little rubbish pipsqueaks. He didn’t have a lot of weak points, but Rui’s pride was definitely among them. How could his pride as the King of Assassins be tainted by these little spiders?

Taking a deep breath, Rui quickly began to analyze these spiders.

The Exploding Magic Spiders had trashy stats. The most troubling thing was their disgusting self-destruction. Once they exploded, they would simply be doomed!

As a group, they moved and acted collectively. Once you approach them, it will be over for you. Even if you do not kill them, they will bite you to death. In simple terms, if one was to attack them, they would explode and kill him. If he did not attack them, they would attack him normally and bite him to death. If they were ranked second in the ranking of the most shameless monsters, no other monsters would dare claim the first place.

They were extremely fast, and ran even more madly than mad dogs. Looking at the current population of players, 99.99% of them would definitely be unable to outrun them. Once they catch you, it will be a guaranteed death.

To eliminate this kind of monsters, solutions were not few.

The first one was to kill them from afar. Kill them before they approach you, and you will not be affected by their explosions. However, in Rui’s party, only Everflame was a Magician. Although Sweet Little Girl was a ranged class, she was not LV 10 yet, and thus did not have any ranged attacks.

Judging from Everflame’s damage output and the Exploding Magic Spiders’ speed, they would probably have already reached his feet before he could kill even a single one of them. Hence, he could only pass on this idea.

The second one was to find a very meaty tank who could take the explosions and survive. Pitifully, it was almost impossible for anyone like that to exist at this time, and even if he did exist, they would not be able to find him. Hence, it was once again, a pass.

The third one was to kill an Exploding Magic Spider, and in the time span of 0.5 seconds before it exploded, to quickly leave the explosion radius. This required him to move quickly, react quickly, and have a high degree of concentration. Rui had no problems with these 3 aspects. Even if he was not fast enough, he could activate his Nimble Wind, and it would no longer pose a problem. However, his Nimble Wind effect only lasted for a minute, and its cooldown was a full long hour! Hence, it was a pass again!

Rui thought of many ideas, but he could not think anything that could work. Could they only return back after all they did?

Definitely not!

Rui closed his eyes, and threw the thought of him returning empty handed into the depths of the abyss. Not only did his pride not allowed him to do so, the temptation of the rewards in front of him also prevented him from giving up.

Although the Exploding Magic Spiders were small, the EXP they gained from defeating them was abnormally high. A single one gave 100 EXP. The 14 spiders earlier, with a single slash, gave him a total of more than 1000 EXP. How could he give up on these riches?

In addition, behind these spiders, there would definitely a boss lying in wait. Not only would they receive massive amount of EXP from killing it, they would also be able to obtain an exceedingly high amount of gold that most people lacked in early-game stages. In addition, equipment and skill books would allow them to greatly surpass other players.

Other than these factors, Rui had another reason to not give up, and it was the mission the Blacksmith and the Village Elder entrusted to him. He was sincerely trying to help the two elderly men to find their long lost son and daughter.

Strong damage, self-destruct, the Blacksmith…

Everything related to this “Lost Mine” continuously surfaced in Rui’s mind, and he finally found a solution.

《Kismet》 was a grand and ambitious game. A loophole that prevents players from continuing the game should basically not exist. The Exploding Magic Spiders can be considered as a huge bug, and in the novice village, someone who can escape from these little creatures’ encirclement definitely did not exist. However, there would definitely be a way out for everything. As a matter of fact, Rui finally managed to think of a way to completely exterminate these Exploding Magic Spiders.

From his inventory, he took out the 5 pieces of black iron bars. They were the Metal Chip Bombs the Blacksmith gave him before he departed. With a damage radius of 3 meters, and a damage of 200 to each target in the area, the key point of these bombs was that they could be thrown.

These items were their key to exterminating the spiders. With them, the Exploding Magic Spiders were merely things that simply gave them EXP. Sadly, he only had 5 of them. If there were a lot of Exploding Magic Spiders, then he would have to return to the Blacksmith for more. He did not mind buying them, since he could make some money from selling the equipment he had in his inventory. Even though money was important in the early stages of the game, compared to levels, it was evidently of lesser importance.

After relaying the properties of the Metal Chip Bombs in the party chat, the moods of Yezekael and the rest were momentarily lifted. They were not dumb, and obviously knew what these things were capable of doing.

Looking at the man in front of him, Sasha revealed a complicated expression. He was a mystery, and kept surprising them. In this seemingly hopeless situation, he could actually bring out a miracle.

She could not understand. They were both humans, both players, and both playing for the first time. Yet, why was he so strong? Why did he have such crazy equipment? And how did he obtain such unrivalled tools?

Even if he pretended to be a GM, even if he pretended to be misusing a bug, Sasha would still be unwilling to believe it. Would the game administrators and inspectors that came from various countries and relentlessly tested the game make such a blunder? Definitely not! Then the only answer was that the man in front of her was seriously too strong.

When Sasha, who, since young, had always believed men were not stronger than women, saw the elegant figure he displayed when he killed those Evil Ghost Miners, those ghostly attacks, and that god-like concentration of his, for the first time, she admitted she had lost.

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