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Terror of Exploding Magic Spiders II

After sweeping the loot, Rui only looted a total of 8 pieces of equipment after they had slaughtered over 200 Ghosts Miners. The drop rate was really saddening, but considering these were just normal monsters, it was already pretty decent. Looking over at Yezekael and his party, they had only gotten a single piece of equipment from a monster which Sasha had killed.

Looking over the drops, he found that there were 5 weapons, 2 pieces of clothing and a pair of shoes! As for the weapons and clothing, they were nothing compared to his own, but he examined the shoes with interest.

Evil Ghost Cloth Shoes

Green Equipment



Level Req





+ 2

The pair of shoes were not bad; they were at least better than his current Grey Wolf shoes. Rui immediately equipped them.

“The rest of these gears are useless to me, you guys have a look and see if there’s anything that will be of use to you, guys.” Rui passed along the rest of the loot, along with his old pair of Gray Wolf Shoes, to the rest of the party. Looking at the 8 pieces of gear, Yezekael could only gape in surprise.

“What! Are you a GM? How can you be so abnormal?” Sasha glared at Rui exasperatedly, feeling the imbalance of the situation.

‘It has been barely 1 hour and this b—tard already got 8 pieces of equipment as drops? Even though there’s a higher drop rate if one was the first person to enter the dungeon instance, this is overly ridiculous, especially when there aren’t any boss monsters among these enemies! But look at the rest of them. They worked their butts off but only got a single piece of equipment as loot! Not only was their killing rate way slower than Rui’s, even their drop rate was an eighth of his! They were all players, so why was he so strong and so lucky? How could he have discovered a hidden quest and even a dungeon instance?!’ The more Sasha thought, the more indignant she became.

“Uhm… You should probably ask the game company.” Perhaps Rui was in a good mood from getting so much loot, he shrugged and cracked a rare joke.

“Woah, so you can actually joke!” Upon seeing Rui’s action, Sweet Little Girl looked as if she had discovered a new continent; her eyes were firmly staring at Rui, without blinking.

“Ahem, okay the joke is over!.” Being stared at by a bunch of people, especially Sweet Little Girl with her weird expression, Rui felt uncomfortable and changed the subject after coughing twice, he firmly said, “Okay, report your remaining game time.”

“3 hours and 36 minutes!”
“4 hours and 5 minutes!”
“3 hours and 17 minutes!”
“2 hours and 42 minutes!”

After listening to the party’s report, Rui couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows. Within the party, Yezekael had the least time remaining, a little more than 2 hours. Rui himself had about 3 hours left. At their rate of clearing, it might be impossible for them to complete the dungeon. Still, it was just an estimate since they did not know how big the mine was exactly, so they could only take it one step at a time.

“Let’s go, we can’t waste any more time.” After a quick rest, Rui led them deeper into the mines.

After passing a large hall in the mines, they finally entered the cave where the real monsters were. Earlier they had only been killing the Ghost Miners, and not the real monsters. The real ones were underneath.

“Halt! We’ve got to move quietly from here on!”

After passing a turn and entering a low and damp stone tunnel, Rui spotted more than 10 small Spiders ahead, and immediately held up a hand to stop the party. Nodding to each other, they stealthily moved closer and closer forward…

Rui sidled closer and closer until he could view the name and stats of the spiders.

Exploding Magic Spiders










Very Fast


【Passive Effect】 Explosion: Upon death, the Spiders will self destruct, dealing damage to their enemies.

【Description】: These monsters were originally ordinary spiders, but have been affected by the evil in the atmosphere and have mutated into this evil form. They enjoy feasting upon the blood of their life prey, and will self destruct upon death.

‘Damn! Such shameless tactics, suicide bombers?’

Looking at the description of the Exploding Magic Spiders, Rui couldn’t help but grit his teeth. At first glance, their stats looked horribly low, so he rejoiced for a split second, until he spotted their disgusting passive effect of self destruction.

How were they expected to survive through this? Large quantities, fast speeds, decent attack and self destruction? It seemed like a perfect combination making it impossible to win. If they got surrounded by the whole bunch, even if they didn’t get bitten to death, they would be killed by the following explosions.

What were they supposed to do? Because even though their Defense was 0 and had a mere 100 HP, with his current level, a mere touch from Rui would kill them. Yet, as long as they charged together, he would still die from their explosions — there was no doubt about it.

“Damn it! These spiders can self-destruct! Seeing how they are congregated together, they will certainly attack in groups. If they were to explode together, we will certainly meet a bad end.”

As Rui relayed the stats of the Exploding Magic Spiders to Yezekael and the rest in the party chat, although they were already reaching the climax of the dungeon, they could not help but draw cold breaths.

“Squeak, squeak, squeak…”

Rui, who was thinking of how to deal with the spiders, heard a light sound that almost scared him to death. When he looked over, the spiders who were once stationary, were now quickly crawling towards them after they had somehow spotted Rui’s party.

‘Crap! They’re fast! It’s impossible for us to flee from them!’

Seeing the Exploding Magic Spiders’ speed, Rui took in a cold breath. Even if it was possible for him to escape, Yezekael and the rest would definitely meet their end.

“All of you fall back. I will first do some probing, and see how much damage their explosion deals.”

With a loud roar, Rui rushed towards the approaching Exploding Magic Spiders without hesitation, and slashed his dagger at one of them.

With their measly 100 HP and 0 Defense, it was impossible to endure his one strike! Their HP immediately plummeted down to 0!


With a shriek, the body of the unlucky Exploding Magic Spider, which was only about a size of a baby’s fist, began to swell up. And then…


The Exploding Magic Spider’s body exploded, and some disgusting green liquid was splattered on Rui.


30 points of damage!

Seeing the damage dealt by the explosion, Rui immediately heaved a sigh of relief. If it was only 30 damage, it was nothing to be worked up for.

However, in the next moment, he no longer had the same thought! How could monsters stationed after the Evil Ghost Miners be so simple?

“Squeak, squeak, squeak…”

Starting with the explosion of the first Exploding Magic Spider, the other magic spiders that followed it, under Rui’s expression of disbelief, began to form a chain of explosions.




A chain of damages continuously appeared above Rui’s head. In a flash, he was completely surrounded by the explosions, and could not react at all.

After a dozen of explosions, Rui looked at his HP bar which was almost empty with a panicked expression. He only had 10 HP left!

420 damage dealt by 14 Exploding Magic Spiders!

Luckily, Rui’s Wolf Fang Necklace, Ring of Corrosion, and Wolf King Light Armor added 20 points into his Vitality, achieving a total of 430 maximum HP.. Or else, he would definitely have been killed immediately by those pipsqueak Exploding Magic Spiders!

Rui ruthlessly gulped down a Medium HP Potion, and after watching his HP steadily filling up, he finally heaved a sigh of relief. If there was one more Exploding Magic Spider, he would already be standing around inside the Novice Village!

Seeing the green liquid left from the explosions, for the first time, Rui felt a chill down to his very soul.

These Exploding Magic Spiders were really too frightening!

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