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Crazy Bombs, Crazy EXP III

In a mere second, their experience had shot up by more than 3000 points, making the whole party wild with joy, Rui even revealed a rare smile. After picking up the few coppers of loot, they carried on forward.

After three more waves of Exploding Magic Spiders, they had gotten around 13,000 EXP, and Yezekael and the rest were closing in on level 8. Rui also filled his experience bar by 20%.

He only had a little EXP left to earn before gaining a level.

Rui sighed as he looked at the last Metal Chip Bomb in his hands, thinking, ‘Well, hopefully it will be enough’ as the sinister cave looked as it was about to reach its end.

Even though Rui thought it would end soon, he still kept up his guard. It was better to be safe then sorry, as the saying went.

Silently passing through the narrow passageway, Rui climbed up the rocks to a vantage point. As he peered from above, he was instantly covered in cold sweat because of the sight in front of him.

“What’s wrong?”

Looking at Rui’s expression, the rest of the party was momentarily stunned. Never had they ever expected Rui who usually had a cold front up to show such feelings. Yezekael couldn’t help but to ask in worry. To shock a man like Rui to such extent, what exactly was the scene in front of him?

“Shhh!” Rui put a finger on his lips, hinting the others to keep silent and started typing in the party chat: “The whole area ahead is covered with Exploding Magic Spiders. I only took a glance but I’m pretty sure there are more than 500 of them. I also spotted a few larger variants of the spiders; if they’re not bosses then they’re Elites.

Rui’s words completely astonished Yezekael and the rest. Over 500 Exploding Magic Spiders? In addition, there were some troublesome Elites and even Bosses?

GULP! Yezekael and the others stared at each other helplessly, shock evident in their eyes. Such a mob of enemies would be more than sufficient to blow them all to smithereens many times over.

“Guys, shall we go crazy for once?” Looking at Yezekael and the others, Rui’s eyes narrowed as his eyes sparkled with a hint of madness.

“Even though I have only caught a quick glance at them, I’m pretty sure these spiders are extremely close together. I still have one last Metal Chip Bomb; if we can set off a proper chain reaction, in theory we can kill off all of the spiders at once. Of course, this is only in theory. Those elites and bosses will certainly not die so easily. If we do not manage to kill them all off, and they swarm us, we will definitely be killed.”

Upon hearing Rui, Yezekael and the rest were shocked beyond words. Looking at the crazy man in front of them, they lapsed into silence.

After witnessing the destructive power of the Explosive Magic Spiders, they knew how scary those monsters were. Yet, this man dared to plan to wipe them all out. Crazy! He was definitely crazy! Why was he so confident? The small little bomb in his hand… A 3 metre radius sounded good, and it seemed like it would work especially well against the small sized spiders.

In a densely populated area they could definitely kill more than 30 of them. However, there were more than 500 of them, including elites or bosses! Could that bomb really do the job?

“You’re too crazy, to depend on that single bomb to deal with those terrifying spiders!” Yezekael looked at Rui and the bomb in his hand and said with a bitter smile. Then he paused and shrugged: “But I like craziness. My dad always said — No pain no gain. To get a bigger slice of cake, we will have to take risks. We’re still young and adventurous, not old men who have to calculate every odds before acting. Since you want to bet, let’s go crazy and bet big! Even if we fail, we’ll just lose one level. With our skill we can always level again. I will follow your lead!”

“Haha! Not bad!” Rui let out a hearty laugh upon hearing Yezekael’s words, finding him more and more pleasing to the eye.

“Alright then. This is it folks, I’m going to throw it now!” With a shrug, Rui gave a wane smile and said.

“Wait!” Little Sweet Girl’s voice attracted everyone’s gaze. She took a deep breath as everyone stared at her, and said “Ugh, we may be surrounded by those disgusting spiders soon, at least let me prepare my heart!”

Looking at the girl seriously taking deep breaths, everyone couldn’t help but laugh.

After more than 10 deep breaths, Little Sweet Girl nodded to Rui.

Rui waved his hand, motioning for the rest to retreat a little as he crept forward.

This time, he clearly saw how many spiders there were in the cave, which was almost as large and shaped like the Colosseum in Rome. There were definitely more than 500 spiders, and more importantly, there were slightly larger ones which were likely Elites, and in the middle, a huge Exploding Magic Spider with a height of nearly 2 metres. It was clearly the final BOSS!


Rui aimed and threw the last Metal Chip Bomb towards the middle with all his might. He had to throw it right in the centre for the best effect, if it was too near the edge, some of the spiders on the other side would have time to escape. Being so densely packed together, if he managed to hit the very center of the area, not many would be able to escape the fate of being blown apart by their comrades’ chain explosions.


As Rui threw out the Metal Chip Bomb, the sound startled the still spiders.

Without any hesitation, Rui flipped off the rock and without looking back, ran like crazy while motioning to the rest of the party in the distance.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

After running about 5 meters, the sounds of many explosions resounded behind, like exploding popcorn.

Oh, My God!

Looking at the rapidly flowing screen notification of experience flowing in, Rui and the party was almost overwhelmed with happiness.

“Hey! Let’s not count our chickens before they hatch, we aren’t out of danger yet!”

Rui quickly shouted as he caught a glimpse of nearly 40 odd Exploding Magic Spiders running towards them.

His shout caused the smiles on the party members’ faces to freeze.

“You guys RUN!”

Rui shouted and activated Nimble Wind before pouncing towards the enemy; his dagger viciously slashing towards the first Exploding Magic Spider’s head.

Critical strike!

With nary a doubt, he swiftly slew the Exploding Magic Spider which had 100 HP left!

Rui’s base speed was 6 points, and at level 9, Nimble Wind would give him an additional 36 Speed for one minute, adding up to 42. Just counting Agility alone, a normal player would need to have 420 Agility to have that amount of speed. This unnatural speed made his figure seem like a ghost. And in less than 0.5 seconds after he had struck the blow, he had caught up with Yezekael and the rest who were few meters away.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The group of Exploding Magic Spiders chasing them self destructed, and like firecrackers, the chain reaction backwards caused the whole area to implode.

Danger Clear!

Rui and the party stood there, smiles on their faces, as a stream of experience notification scrolled incessantly.

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