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Exploding Magic Spider Empress

The steady stream of notifications on experience flowing in didn’t stop for almost 5 whole minutes.

The party had gained roughly eighty thousand EXP per person. Even ignoring the extra experience from the few Elite Exploding Magic Spiders, that was still nearly 600 of the normal spiders killed!

From that fight alone, Rui had shot up to level 10 with 12% experience, and the rest of the party, with the exception of Sweet Little Girl, had reached level 9.

“That’s… totally crazy!”

They had been in the Lost Mines for less than 2 hours, but they had already levelled from 7 to 9, earning a whole two levels! That was some godlike levelling speed! To Yezekael and the rest, who always had a hard time levelling, it was like a dream.

“All right, all the small fry have been settled, but the big boss is still awaiting us!”

Looking at Yezekael and the others who were still stunned, Rui shrugged, swapped to his new Dim Blue Dagger, and went on ahead.

Crossing the cove, what entered Rui’s vision was a lump of mess. The large cove was still as packed, but what changed was the large amount of corpses belonging to Exploding Magic Spiders that were present and the disgusting and sticky green liquid that had splattered around as a result.

When Yezekael and his party saw the shocking scene before them, they could only stare blankly at the place. Sweet Little Girl almost puked, and even the tomboyish Sasha had a pale look.


With Rui’s grand entrance, the remaining Elite Exploding Magic Spiders and the Exploding Magic Spider Boss obviously caught sight of them. Seeing their family of spiders being exterminated in such a short time, they became enraged. With a loud and crazed roar, the remaining bunch of Exploding Magic Spiders rushed over to them with the intention to kill.

After sweeping his gaze at six Elite Exploding Magic Spiders that only had a fifth of their HP left, Rui unhesitantly charged towards them.

With a pre-emptive strike, his dimly glowing dagger ruthlessly stabbed into the head of the Elite Exploding Magic Spider that was the closest to him. As Rui’s attack was already in the 104-127 range, with such a high attack damage, even if the monster was an elite with enhanced stats, how was it possible to endure such a painful strike? Thus, its remaining HP instantly disappeared.


0.3 seconds!

It only took 0.3 seconds for the Elite Exploding Magic Spider to self-destruct. It exploded 0.2 seconds faster than a regular Exploding Magic Spider!

– 50

50 damage caused by the forced explosion was displayed above Rui’s head.

Creak, creak, creak…

The Elite Exploding Magic Spiders that were behind it slowly exploded sequentially, making Rui’s expression change immediately. Not only did these Elite Exploding Magic Spiders explode faster, their explosion had a bigger effect radius as well. Initially, Rui had thought he had planned everything perfectly, but now, he realized he made a fatal error.

– 50

– 50

– 50

A chain of 6 damage values appeared above Rui. With a span of 1 second, his HP instantly dropped by 300, to the point where his HP pool was almost depleted.

He broke out into a cold sweat as he poured a Medium HP Potion into his mouth, and his HP slowly recovered.

That was close!

If the explosions caused by the small Exploding Magic Spiders did not clear out most of the Elites, he would already have exploded to death.

What a terrible miscalculation!

At first, he thought the remaining Exploding Magic Spiders would not be a threat, yet he was taught a ruthless lesson! At this time, Rui had realized his mistake: he had seriously underestimated his enemies.

As an Assassin, this was a taboo. No matter how weak the opponent was, he still had to pay absolute attention to him, and to use all available methods to eliminate him. After all, a lion still uses its full strength against a rabbit. When you underestimate your opponent, you will become more cocky and prideful, and it will reveal your weaknesses!

After taking a deep breath, Rui lowered his body and looted the equipment that the Elite Exploding Magic Spiders dropped. He also used his Gathering Technique on their bodies.



You have gathered 1x Poison Spider Sac. Your proficiency in Gathering Techniques has increased.



You have gathered 1x Poison Spider Sac. Your proficiency in Gathering Techniques has increased.


As expected of an Elite, unlike the normal monsters which did not have much useful drops, the party was well rewarded!

After looking through the stats of the equipment in his inventory, other than the Magic Spider Dagger, which was a green equipment with an attack range of 13 – 21, there was nothing else that could be useful.

Since he had the ‘Last Stand’ skill, and it had overall better stats than the Wolf Fang Dagger, he decided to keep it. He then threw the rest of the equipment to Yezekael.

After tidying up everything else, Rui then turned to look at the last monster left. It was the giant Exploding Magic Spider which had a height of 2 meters. Earlier, he realized the boss was unable to move. Hence, he could leisurely gather materials and distribute the equipment he had. And since it was unable to move, he still had time to check his stats and prepare for battle.

He raised his Dim Blue Dagger, and slowly approached the big guy.

Step by step, he got closer to the spider, and Rui suddenly realized that there were several Exploding Magic Spiders appearing from beneath its body.

Bang, bang, bang…!

After a chain of explosions, Rui lost about 100 HP.

He immediately gulped down a Small HP Potion! As he looked as his big guy, he finally had a rough estimate of its abilities.

This thing was similar to the queen of ants. Its special ability was the reason why it was in an irreplaceable position among its horde of spiders. That’s right, this Exploding Magic Spider Boss was in-charge of giving birth to Exploding Magic Spiders.

It looked like a mere breeding machine, and hence its offensive abilities could not be that strong, so much that it did not even have the ability to move. Such a tragic boss!

Observing closely this Exploding Magic Spider Boss, he noticed that it needed roughly five seconds to produce an Exploding Magic Spider. What an abnormal breeding speed!

Exploding Magic Spider Empress




Bronze Boss










【Passive Skill】 Reproduction: Gives birth to an Exploding Magic Spider every 5 seconds.

【Passive Effect】 Explosion: Upon death, after a span of 1 second, it will release the stored energy in its body and deal a devastating amount of 500 points of damage to all targets located within a circular radius of 10 meters.

【Active Skill】 Demonic Recovery: Instantly recovers 1,000 HP.

After looking at the stats of the big guy in front of him, Rui was sweating buckets. The boss was a freaking tank. It was immobile and its attack was weak, and as a result, it would normally have been the perfect prey for Rui who was a rogue with a high speed.

Its Reproduction and Demonic Recovery would only waste a little amount of time, and nothing more. However, its disgusting Explosion effect was too much to handle.

Dealing 500 damage within a circular radius of 10 meters?

This was freaking crazy. In the Novice Village, only if you were LV 10 and had equipment that beefed up your Vitality, then it might be possible to get your HP that high, or else it would be impossible.

Even with Rui’s strong stats and equipment bonuses, his Health was still only 440 points high! Simply put, even if he was able to take down the Exploding Magic Spider Empress, he would have to die with it!

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