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The Angel’s Tragedy III

“Heart of the angel? A tragedy?”

Hearing Kris’ words Sasha was a bit shocked. How could a stunningly beautiful name that filled one with light and hope be related to a tragedy?

Kris held back her sadness, and extending her hand to tightly grabbing a gem hanging on her neck.

“This, is the Heart of the Angel!”

When she opened her hand, Rui and the group were finally able to see this so-called ‘Heart of the Angel.’

An extremely beautiful gemstone; the entire stone overflowing with light energy. Such soft and warm light illuminated the gloomy cave. The light from Kris came from this. Being able to allow Kris, a regular person, to stay in this miasma filled cave for so long and not be infected, it’s evident how powerful the strength of the Heart of the Angel is.

“The… tragedy… you’re talking about is?”

Rui stared at the white Heart of the Angel for a while, lifted his head, and looked at Kris. He thought for a bit, and asked the question in his mind.

“Look at the words on the Heart of the Angel.”

Kris forcefully kept her smile, lifting the Heart of the Angel a bit more.

Rui and the group immediately gathered in front.

At the bottom of the Heart of the Angel are 3 capital letters

K, R, H!

“This is?” Rui stared at Kris puzzled, waiting for her response.

“These 3 letters are the initials of our names.” Kris lightly stroked the 3 letters carved on the Heart of the Angel. Using her fingers to gently feel the etchings on top, her expression filled with remembrance.

“K, Kris! R, Ronnie! As for H, that is Halief’s name!” Kris smiled while saying, but her face still lightly filled with tears.

“Halief? Who’s he?” The Rui clearly felt the sharp change in Kris’ expression, realising this Halief person was definitely not a simple character.

“Halief, Ronnie and I, we are all friends who grew up together. Halief took care of me since we were little. He’s handsome, strong, kind, brave, and the village’s strongest Warrior. Even his father who once obtained the title of Elite Monster Hunter was no match to him.

Even to the extent where the Wolf King residing in the mountains has had a bad experience with him.” Kris’ voice was very light, but everyone could feel the feelings of melancholy and sadness within.

Rui was a bit surprised, weren’t Kris and Ronnie lovers? Why does she have such an expression when this Halief is mentioned?

“The story starts from that day. An adventurer from far away came to our peaceful village. The Chief first discovered this person who was covered in blood. The Chief brought him back, but his injuries were too serious and he passed away not that much later.

Before dying, he thanked the Chief and gifted his relics to him… Even though we don’t know who he was, but from his relics, we can assume he was a very incredible Thief. Your Dimmed Blue Dagger was one of his relics.”

Kris turned her head towards Rui, looking towards the dagger in his hand that emitted a dim blue glow.

Dimmed Blue Dagger, Desperation Blow!

A gold equipment, and a gold-grade skill book. An existence who can possess these two things must have been a very powerful Thief. He wondered if there were other relics like these equipment. If there are, then he’s hit the jackpot! If he gains those items, he won’t have to worry about equipment for a long time.

“And this Heart of the Angel, is also one of his relics!” Kris did not pay attention to Rui’s expression and continuing to explain:

“No one knows what this stunningly beautiful stone is. Looking at the energy within, it is a very high-grade light-class godstone. If you wear it on your body, not only can you be immune to demonic intrusions, it can also extend your life and make you immune to sickness.”

“For this stone, the village descended into a series of disputes. At that time, it was long after we discovered the mine at the bottom of the mountain.

My body was quite weak then, so in order to let me live a life as normal as possible, the stone ended up in my possession. Back then, only Ronnie, Halief, and I, had the right to possess the stone.

In the end, I ended up with it, but it was only because the two supported me the most. In order to thank them and commemorate the relationship between the three of us, my father carved our initials onto the Heart of the Angel.”

“Time passed day by day, with the effect of the Heart of the Angel, my body became increasingly better. The village’s mine also produced a lot of ore, making the village wealthier. But, good tidings do not last long.

One day, Uncle Howell and my father announced the marriage between Ronnie and myself. I was stunned. I was in a mess. Towards Ronnie, I didn’t know how I felt. Maybe after spending a lot of time together, my senses became a bit dull. All I knew was, I didn’t reject him…

Hearing the marriage, Ronnie was very happy, but Halief changed. The day before the wedding he came to me, wanting to leave with me, I refused.”

“Halief left, just like that!” Kris’ eyes welled up in tears, her expression part remembering, part regretting, “From then onwards, the 3 letters on the Heart of the Angel, would forever be missing an H! I would forever be missing a partner, a family member that protected me like a brother.”

“On a day 3 years ago, me and Ronnie finally met with Halief again!” Kris’ voice became a bit pained, a bit dejected, “Right in this mine, right in this cave.”

Rui turned his head, looking in the direction that Kris’ finger pointed.

Over there was the deep-end of the lost mine. When she told the story up to this point, Rui already had an approximate guess. Most likely the BOSS at the end is Halief. However, a regular hunter like him does not have that kind of power.

His strength can be argued, but the evil energy here is definitely not caused by a normal person. Which means there were at least 2 bosses to face. One was Halief, and the other one was the evil creature behind the scenes.

“He changed. The Halief before, who was bold and had a warm smile like the spring sun, had disappeared. What was left was a vile, hideous evil spirit full of hatred. I called out to him, but he ignored me.

And just like that, he raised that evil weapon killing me and Ronnie, the best friends he grew up with, along with other residents of the village.”

Kris’ eyes were filled with tears, and her expression was complex. She was confused about how she really felt towards Halief; she wasn’t sure if she loves or hates him.

“Being cursed by him, the dead villagers became evil creatures. And because Ronnie held resentments, it caused him to be unable to reincarnate, but instead became a special existence and remained here.

If Halief doesn’t die, Ronnie’s resentment will not disperse, and he will never leave this place. As for me, thanks to the Heart of the Angel, the creatures here cannot harm me. If I wanted to leave, the Heart of the Angel would help me. But, Ronnie and Halief are knots in my heart. If I don’t untie them, I will never be at peace. To resolve this sinful incident, I stayed here in a part spectral, part physical form.”

“I beg you guys, help me, help Ronnie, help Halief, and allow us to rest in peace!”

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