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The Angel’s Tragedy II

“Sly Hand, who is she?”

Without waiting for Yezekael, Sasha went to the front and asked Rui.

Regarding Sasha’s strange behaviour, Rui was a bit surprised and looked at her, then introduced, “This lady here is Kris, the blacksmith’s daughter from the village, and also our current objective. What we needed to do, isn’t just to exterminate the monsters in this cave, but to also bring her and the Village Chief’s son back.”

“Hello everyone, I’m Kris.”

Seeing that Sasha and everyone else had appeared, Kris revealed a smile. A smile as pure and holy as an angel, making everyone who see her go crazy.

“Okay, that’s it for introductions.” Rui looked everyone in front of him, looked back at Kris, and asked, “Kris, where is the Village Chief’s son? Before we face the monsters, we need to find him first, or at least have information on him.”

“Ronnie?” Hearing Rui’s words, Kris’ smile disappeared and was replaced by an expression of indescribable sadness.

Seeing Kris like this, the group was affected, and couldn’t help but be depressed as well. Rui was the same. For him who was once was a killer, he naturally understood even more than Sasha and the others the meaning behind that expression, understanding the tragedy behind the face. One could only imagine what unspeakable horrors had happened to Ronnie for someone as angelic as Kris to reveal such an expression.

“I hope that you noble warriors can exterminate the monsters here, end the angel’s tragedy, and let the souls innocent people rest in peace.”

Kris landed her feet on the dirt ground for the first time. With both hands on her chest, her clean legs covered the ground, and earnest stared at Rui’s group with tearful eyes.

“Just say it, and we will definitely help you!”

Rui’s expression was extremely solemn to the point of being abnormally gloomy. He may have been an Assassin, but compared to those Assassins who had truly become zombie-like killing machines, he was more human.

He was a person who danced between the boundaries of light and darkness, an existence who appeared evil yet good at the same time.

Starting from a very young age, he had a strong feeling of possession. In regards to what he cared about, he would protect it even if it meant destroying the world. On the other hand, towards stuff unrelated to him, it would have to depend on his mood. He was an extreme person, but not a cold person. Killing 5 out of 9 is the best example.

Rui also had a time where he was cold and indifferent. In the chaotic warring states where he completed his tasks, he saw many tragedies but didn’t help a single one. Even though he holds the title of King of Assassins, an almost God-like presence, but when it comes down to it, he wasn’t God. Killing others is his job but saving them wasn’t what he was paid for.

When one faces tens of thousands of sheltered refugees they find out how little they matter in this world. When one sees the repression of others from endless waves of armed forces they find out how little their strength measures up in this world. When one faces the lifeless expression of people who had lost the will to live, they find that the power they once thought put them above others, was mercilessly laughing at how powerless they really are.

Rui is not God. Even if he is the Crimson Shadow Ghost, a God-like presence, but he is still human in the end. Therefore, he chose to become an Assassin rather than a so-called hero with an Assassin’s mask. In this world, no matter who dies, the planet will continue progressing. He is the Supreme Assassin, but still a human being at the same time. He does not possess the power to save the world.

Over the years, Rui had seen countless tragedies, and his heart broke a little each time. When he completed his commitment, in order to retain what was left, he decided to give up the position most people can only dream about and go back to living a normal life. Because this was the only way in which he could convince himself he was still a human, and not a cold-blooded killing machine.

Living a normal life, for most people, is something they would drop in a heartbeat. What the majority wants is to be above others, and living a thrilling adventurous life. However, for Rui, the most precious thing is living the life of an ordinary person. Although he had only returned to living a normal lifestyle for a short amount of time, he was happy.

First he became acquainted with Qin Yue and her daughter Cheng Xiao Fei. The two women made him feel special, and their feelings towards him were sincere. And what Rui needed the most was sincerity from others to heal his broken heart.

In addition, Rui also entered Kismet and met Yezekael and the others, who even though can only be viewed as partners, made Rui feel happy inside.

Then there was Kris. Whether it was due to being shined upon by her angelic-like presence, or because of something else, the NPC’s place in his heart was very special unlike something composed of virtual data.

Living as an Assassin for 3 years of his life, Rui witnessed a lot of things.

What he saw in people’s eyes were jealousy, greed, vileness, and contempt…

What their smiles represented were cruelty, deception, bloodthirst, and pervertedness…

From what he saw, there were hypocritical politicians who caused mass hunger with one order. Evil generals who created mountains of bodies with a command. ** who created chaos in society with a loud roar.

Tycoons who caused the stock market to rumble with a wave of their hand. False philanthropists who pocketed money while appearing humble and polite. Children of the wealthy and powerful who used their family’s power and their ancestor’s hard work to do as they wished.

Pointless competition, hypocritical shows, completely rotten hearts, so-called nobles who are soulless. Celebrities shining brightly on the surface, but their hearts are dirty and obscene…

This youth who was just under the age of twenty, had seen so much. He who should have been leisurely enjoying his school life, was weighed down by the savageness of this world.

Kris was just a virtual NPC. However, she gave Rui an unprecedented feeling. Her smile illuminated his darkness, and she let Rui feel a the warmth he never felt before.

Therefore to Rui, Kris was not a fictional character consisting of virtual data, but a very special entity. Her smile that warmed his weary soul was what he thought was the most beautiful…

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