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The Soul Knight of Resentment, Halief II

“I never forced Kris. Everything was her choice. Halief, things such as feelings, cannot be forced.” Ronnie sighed, saying: “You want to exact your vengeance on me, I have nothing against it, but you should have never murdered Kris, nor those innocent villagers.

“Haha… Shouldn’t have? I didn’t forget those hypocritical faces who complimented how perfect you and Kris were together. They, all deserved to die.” Halief’s face was extremely savage, a face twisted by evil that makes people shiver just by looking at it.

“Halief, you’re crazy!” Ronnie let out seemingly sad, helpless, and pained expression.

“That right, I am crazy. Since the day Kris rejected me, I have gone crazy.” Halief did not have any repentance after hearing Ronnie’s words. Instead, he was angered by his expression of pity, and became more wild and violent.

“If that’s how it is, then I have nothing left to say. One day, I will collect all the debts you owe.” Knowing that anything he say would useless, Ronnie gave up and looked at Halief with an extremely determined expression.

“Wanting to defeat me just by yourself, that will never happen. Since we were little, when have you ever won against me?” Halief gazed at Ronnie in despise, and laughed coldly.

“If one year isn’t enough, then ten years. If ten years isn’t enough, then a hundred years. If a hundred years isn’t enough, then one thousand years… We’re all cursed spirits now anyway, we won’t die. One day, I will personally bury you, sending you into hell to repent.” Ronnie straightened his chest, looking at Halief fearlessly. The determined speech displayed his unshakable belief, making Halief stunned.

When Rui who was standing near them heard Ronnie’s words, he couldn’t help but taking another look at him. Someone who could gain Kris’s favor, as expected, isn’t a regular person. Disregarding everything else, only based on his belief, he is worthy of being called a man.

“Haha, no need to wait a hundred or thousand years, I will help you fulfill your wish right now.”

Holding the Dim Blue Dagger, Rui walked out from the shadows, laughing loudly.

“Who is it? Actually breaking into this palace.” Hearing Rui’s words, Halief immediately shifted his focus, and yelled angrily.

“That, that is the Dim Blue Dagger. You, are you a hero sent by my father?” Ronnie looked at the dagger in Rui’s hand and became thrilled. His eyes stared straight at him, his lips shaking, and his body unexpectedly started to tremble slightly. This man, actually displayed such a state of emotion. It’s hard to imagine he’s the same man who just exhibited an indomitable spirit and unshakable belief.

However, Rui did not dislike his current disposition, instead, he admired him. Although he felt guilt towards his old father for revealing such state in front of a stranger, even though he doesn’t show it in front of his enemy, it is evident that his feelings are all sincere and from the bottom of his heart.

“Ignorant child! A weak, pathetic human dare to say such insolent words?” Seeing Rui and Ronnie completely ignoring him, Halief became furious, his face twisted as he pulled out a dark gold long sword.

“Child? I don’t think you’re that much older than me?” Rui glanced coldly at Halief, weighing the dagger in his hand, saying sternly: “Insolent words or not, why don’t you see it for yourself?”

“Arrogant! Let me see what skills you have, daring to speak such big words.” Halief became furious at the taunt, holding his sword, he charged over without a second word.

“So fast!”

Rui squinted his eyes and looked at Halief, this bastard’s speed is actually slightly faster than his own. If he didn’t activate Nimble Wind, he would definitely be suppressed by him. However, Nimble Wind only lasts for 1 minute, and it isn’t very realistic to defeat a BOSS within such a short time-frame. Right now, the only thing that can help Rui, is his super awareness and acute sixth sense.

Taking a step back, quickly retreating. It’s not that Rui is afraid of him, just that he wants to first understand his opponent. Only by knowing yourself and the enemy, can you always be victorious.

The Sould Knight of Resentment, Halief




Silver Boss










? ? ?

【Description】 Initially a very outstanding elite hunter, but descending into evil for unknown reasons, becoming a half human, half demon alien knight.

Killed many living beings, becoming violent and manic. Towards life, he only has thoughts of destruction.

Rui finished looking at Halief’s stats and became dumbstruck. This bastard is also actually a ‘Silver Boss,’ so his stare are freakishly overpowered. That goddamn 8,000 points of health are almost practically asked for his life.

Attack reaching 300, Defense 120 points, Speed also very quick. This kind of Boss, cannot be described as troublesome anymore. Luckily, Rui had gone through a series of enhancements, so his stats had also increased greatly. Not to mention Halief had been fighting against Ronnie, already exhausting a decent amount of his health and mana. This, this is a chance!

“What are you going over there for?” Far away, Yezekael asked with surprise as he grabbed a hold of the Sasha, who wanted to charge forward.

“I want to go help him, this Boss is too strong. I… we are a team.” As companions, Yezekael and the others naturally saw Halief’s stats in the group window. Those crazy stats are pretty much unbeatable at their current state.

“You can’t, with our stats, we’d only be causing trouble if we went over. At that time we will just be a baggage to him, and burdening him instead.” Yezekael heavily said.

“Then, what should we do? Just stand here and watch?” Sasha took a deep breath and asked.

“Even though it’s really pathetic, but, at the moment, all we can do is believe in him.” Yezekael smiled helplessly. For someone as proud as him, when has he ever acted this way? At any time, he always shined the brightest. But now, he could only hide in a corner like a good-for-nothing, watching his companion fight.

Sasha wanted to say more, but was pulled by Sweet Little Girl. Her lips curled, and let out a sigh in the end, shifting her gaze back towards the fight.

“Kid, weren’t you very arrogant? Why are you just dodging now? If you have balls then fight me face-to-face!”

His longsword danced as he charged to attack Rui. He laughed maniacally, but his longsword danced more excessively than his action. With this kind of continuous sword attacking style, it was hard to believe this bastard was once a hunter.

“You speak too much nonsense!”

Rui smiled coldly towards Halief’s taunting words. Taking advantage of an opening after Halief swung his sword, he slid his dagger, cleanly slitting his throat in an instant, taking away a couple dozen of Halief’s HP.

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