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Light of Protection

Rui’s face was sullen, his body as supple as a willow weaving in and out under Halief’s waves of strong blows. Each hit seemed to barely miss Rui, every hit seemingly scraping off his skin as he dodged. Rui and the party who were watching from behind broke out in cold sweat, even their toes were gripped tightly in stress.

Swift and deadly sounds of the blades swished through the air, and the deadly cold gleam of the blade repeatedly swayed in and out of Rui’s sight. Chop, pierce, slash, every movement of the blade seemed to bring away Rui’s sweat along with it, coming dangerously close to ending his life.

In such a dangerous situation, Rui’s spirit and senses were all completely focused. The soul’s senses, more commonly known as ESP, a highly developed form of nearly God-like focused observation. In his eyes, Halief’s attacks, the paths of his movements as well as where they would land, was all clear. This sort of prediction was nearly invincible.

All of Halief’s actions seemed to be in slow motion, letting Rui easily anticipate his next move. Even so, Rui was still on the defensive, most of his time taken up by dodging and not being able to attack.

After all, even though he was able to anticipate Halief’s movements, his body was not able to keep up. If this were in real life, Halief would probably have died a thousand times over. However, in the game world of Kismet, only his brain waves let his consciousness enter, but not his own physical body which was a finely honed killing machine.

Fighting with Halief for almost 10 minutes, Rui still had not taken a single blow; on the other hand the damage he dealt to Halief was also pretty negligible. The bastard still had nearly 3,000 HP left.

At this rate, even though Rui would probably win in the end, but it would be extremely exhausting for him to keep up such focus for a long time. In fact, looking at the efficiency of his attacks, it might be more likely that he gets logged out from lack of game time before Halief dies.

“Halief, please stop. Let’s go back to the way it used to be!”

As Halief and Rui were still duking it out, Kris rushed forward and pleaded, tears flowing down her cheeks.


Looking at the woman in front of him, Halief’s attacks slowed down perceptibly, and his eyes mired with complicated emotions. He did love her, but at the same time he also hated her.

Such a love-hate relationship with intense emotions, made his heart very confused and perplexed. He really did not know what to do with her. It was clear he had been heartbroken in the past, and had killed her in a fit of rage.

“Kris, what are you doing here?”

Seeing Kris, Ronnie rushed forward to embrace her, while keeping a side profile on Halief warily, guarding against the possibility Halief would once again hurt the woman he loved.

Looking at Ronnie’s actions, and witnessing the love of his life in someone else’s embrace, Halief’s hesitation and complicated expression disappeared instantly, replaced by venomous rage.

“Damn!” Looking at Halief’s eyes, Rui knew that Kris’ persuasion had failed. With a spin of his body, he once again charged towards Halief, preventing him from intercepting Kris and Ronnie.

“Get lost, don’t get in my way!”

A jealous man was extremely terrifying, even more so when one had been hurt by a woman. Halief was the prime example of this, making him so much more fearsome.

Wielding his sword, he dashed forth without hesitation. His only thought now was to part that couple who were embracing; more so, to kill this couple who had caused him so much heartache.

Looking at Rui rushing at him, how could Halief allow him to block his goal. He immediately waved his sword in a deadly dance, as if it were a fierce bloodthirsty wild wolf.

“Brutal… Blow!”

Rui quickly shot forth, getting the first strike, his Dim Blue Dagger viciously sank into Halief’s chest.

“Bloodthirsty Slash!”

As he was struck by Rui’s dagger, Halief’s face contorted into to an even more savage and hideous look. Raising his sword up above his head and twirling it around, he savagely struck down at Rui.


Looking at the swift and forceful blow heading towards him, Rui who had just completed his attack was off-balance and was unable to dodge it. He could only twist his body so that the attack would not hit his vital points, and also activated the defensive skill on the Wolf King Armour.

The vicious sword blow landed on Rui’s shoulders, and the huge strength behind it caused him to stumble, his body staggering under the weight.

– 286 HP

A large damage number floated up above Rui’s head, causing his HP pool to drop by a huge amount.

Rolling to the side, Rui broke away from the range of the sword, quickly downing a Recovery Potion, instantly regaining a hundred HP, before quickly downing another Medium HP Potion.

“What are two still standing there in a daze for? Move further away!”

Holding the dagger in a combat ready position, Rui kept a wary eye on Halief who was charging around like a wild bull. From the corner of his vision, he saw Ronnie and Kris who were still standing at their original position in a daze, and was almost angered to death.

He had risked his life to stop the charging Halief in order to buy time for them, yet those two had not taken the chance and stood there like they were dead instead.

‘Damnit, what were they doing? Move!’

“This tragedy, it is time to put an end to it. Halief, today, let us end it!”

Ronnie and Kris looked at each other in the eyes, and said firmly.

“Great Knight Spirits, please grant me courage. May your benevolence and strength allow me to defeat evil, and sweep away the devils! …Radiant Inspiration!”

“Great God of Light, please grant me your endless benevolence and gentle power, help my injured comrade! …Angel’s Light!”

A flash of red light and white light sprang out from Ronnie and Kris respectively, and flew into Rui’s body. Instantly, Rui heard the system notification.


You have received the buff from ‘Radiant Inspiration.’

Buff Duration: 3 minutes.
All stats has increased by 10%.
HP increased by 500.
MP increased by 100.
ATT increased by 50.


You have received the buff from ‘Angel’s Light.’

Buff Duration: 3 minutes.
MP recovery increased by 10 per seconds.
HP recovery increased by 20 per seconds.

“This… This is…” Rui’s jaws dropped as he felt the huge buffs to his stats, and he looked dazedly at Ronnie and Kris.

“Knight: Justice, Selfless, Honest, Humble. That is my Path of the Knight. To protect people, protect the people I love!” Ronnie’s face showed his strength of resolve as he held onto Kris’ hands.

“Priest: Benevolence, Compassion, Holy, Pure. I chose to be a Priest to soothe those I love!” Kris’ face was sweet as she also gripped Ronnie’s hand in return.

One a knight, to protect the one he loves, all through his life.
One a priest, to soothe the one she loves, forever together.

Rui suddenly felt a burst of energy fill his body. This was not the buffs that Ronnie and Kris had given him, but rather something from deep within.

Turning, Rui looked at Halief without any fear, with this burst of energy supporting him, he was influenced by the faith and conviction.

Thus, he would not fall in battle!

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