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Strike of Honour

“All of you, should die!”

Watching the tightly clutched hands of Ronnie and Kris, the sweet smile and expression of happiness, Halief’s jealousy burned, and his pair of evil eyes turned red.

“Hmm, you’ll have to get through me first if you want to touch them!”

Rui snorted, holding the dagger and rushed straight at Halief without any hint of dodging like before.

“You’re looking for death!”

Seeing Rui’s action, Halief mercilessly cut towards him,

“Still treating me like before?”

Rui who had gained two super buffs, no longer have to worry about fighting against the current Halief. Rui, whose speed have increased, is already on equal grounds against him. Even though Halief is very strong, but in the end he is just a NPC. How can his intelligence and consciousness compare to Rui? Under the same speed, dealing with him is a piece of cake.

Seeing Rui so fierce as if having eaten an aphrodisiac, actually daring to go head to head with against a Knight-type Boss, soloing the Boss blow for blow, the eyeballs of Yezekael and the others fell onto the ground.

While watching Rui solo monsters earlier, they had already seriously questioned whether or not he was a Rogue. Now he is actually facing such a strong Silver BOSS head on, this served to strengthen their doubts even more.

This dude is definitely a Warrior or Knight pretending to be a Rogue. This dude is definitely a poser, definitely!

Yezekael and the others sadly tried to hypnotize themselves while their faces filled with tears, drowning themselves in self-pity.

Dammit, a Rogue already has such abnormal speed and power, if one adds a Knight’s defence and Warrior’s bravery, how the hell are other people supposed to live?

Single-handedly facing such a powerful Silver Boss, this is what a Rogue can do? How does it make us close-combat Knights and Warriors feel?

Actually, Rui wasn’t trying to act cool. If he could, he really wanted to completely abuse Halief to death. But, time doesn’t wait for people. The buff’s effect duration is only 3 minutes, if he doesn’t hurry up, once it disappears, he will once again be at a disadvantage.

In any case his HP has been increased by a lot and his HP recovery has also been buffed. His entire stats have also been increased by 10%. So what is there to be afraid of under this condition?

As an Assassin, all of his kills are done with one strike. Even though it can’t be like that in the game, but he is able to display his technique, with every attack striking a critical point. The most often is his signature move — throat slitting.

Right now, with such an opportunity, he also wanted to be hot-blooded for a once, being a bold and fierce warrior.

“Dammit, dammit, dammit…”

Seeing Rui, who was like a little sheep before he turned into a savage wolf, Halief cried out in a frenzy. Since his gaze occasionally looked towards Ronnie and Kris, no one was sure if that “Dammit” was referring to Rui or the couple.

Probably from being stimulated by Ronnie and Kris, Halief became extremely cunning and terrifying. Being suppressed by Rui he had no thoughts of warding him off, choosing to ferociously fight Rui head on.

Completely ignoring Rui’s attacks, only attacking, this actually made Rui a little scrambled. Although, this also suited Rui just fine. If Halief only defends and dodges, he actually had a big chance of not being able to end him in 3 minutes.

But now, this kid not only doesn’t defend, he doesn’t even attempt at the most basic protection. All of those weaks points revealing themselves before Rui, he’s practically become a sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

“Deadlight Thrust!”

Taking one of Halief’s attacks, Rui bit his teeth, charged towards him instantly, and released the Dim Blue Dagger’s additional skill. Not only did he heavily injure Halief, he also poisoned Halief, making him continuously lose HP.

With a turn, he evaded Halief’s attack. Rui moved to his side, his arm extending, dagger stabbing, mercilessly stabbing into the back of Halief’s head.

Halief was extremely angry, swinging his greatsword with a massive force, its momentum unstoppable.

But Rui was more skilful, bending his body, dodging the powerful sweep. And then his body rising up, the dagger brushing over Halief’s chest lodging into his right shoulder. His body turning, carrying the dagger and slicing, completing a smooth and clean throat-slit.

Yezekael and the others, along with Ronnie and Kris, all stared at the two fighting people in bewilderment, their faces’ filled with disbelief.

Rui was like a dancer dancing in the darkness, but his dance was that of the dance of death. Every action can bring to people the threat of death. Under that comfortable and graceful posture, harbored endless killing intent.

Compared to Rui, Harlief was like a clown, being toyed with to the point where one could not bear to look. He was like a male bull whose eyes were already red, losing all reasoning, already falling into the death trap Rui had set.

Gradually, under Rui’s onslaught of attacks, Halief’s HP only had 500 points left.

“Betting my all, take this, Strike of Honour!”

Halief exploded, his body jumping upwards, his target fixing upon Rui, and unexpectedly making him unable to escape from being targeted. His greatsword, under his violent roar, flickered a strong black radiance.

“Strike of Honour? Halief, you have already fallen. This Strike of Honour represents the ‘Spirit of a Knight,’ you are unworthy of using it.”

“Shut up! When I slaughter this kid, you’ll be next. Later I will turn that mouth of yours even more shredded than a piece of broken than a rag.” Halief glared with a pair of blood-red eyes, and roaring unceasingly.

“Fuck! You think you’ve already got me? Let’s see which of us dies first!” Rui only bit his teeth, holding the dagger in front of him. Since he can’t dodge it, then he had no choice but to bit the bullet. Right now, his HP has already surpassed 1,000, it should be enough to deal with this attack.


The heavy and incredibly strong attack knocked away Rui’s blocking dagger, forcing down the raised hand, and heavily cut into Rui’s shoulder. The sudden force from his right shoulder made Rui’s body sink, his right knee bending, practically touching the ground.

– 868

A big yellow damage appeared over Rui’s head, Rui’s max HP bar immediately got slashed by a large chunk. This bastard’s attack actually got a critical, almost directly killing Rui. If not for having two strong buffs, right now Rui would already have returned to the Novice Village for free.


Getting hit and staying quiet is not Rui’s personality, he’s always been an eye for an eye character. Receiving the massive damage not only didn’t make him scared, instead it stirred up his brutality even more.

Grabbing Halief’s hand, making him unable to move it. At the same time the dagger danced in a frenzy, continuously attacking, making Halief’s already little health drop rapidly…

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