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Wolf Fang Dagger

Immediately stopping, Rui flicked his foot, put strength into his toes, and dodged to the side of the fast approaching Elite Gray Wolf. Rui viciously stabbed his Novice Wooden Sword into its body.

It didn’t hit a weak spot, and thus there was no crit.

However, the Elite Gray Wolf never thought Rui would suddenly attack that way, and it charged so fast that it didn’t had the time to stop itself, so it hurriedly passed by. However, due to its charging speed, that simple strike managed to firmly lodge the wooden sword into its flesh. When the Elite Gray Wolf finally stopped in its tracks, its body still hadn’t opened up a large gaping wound. Since it was a virtual reality, there was no wound, but the damage caused to the wolf was real. From one simple stab, Rui grasped the opportunity and caused 42 damage to the Elite Gray Wolf.


Lowering its head, the Elite Gray Wolf used its strong legs and walked towards Rui, revealing its hideous wolven jaws. Revolting saliva was dripping from its cold and stern fangs, while its bloodthirsty red eyes stared at him, and it made a low threatening growl of rage.

Rui narrowed his eyes, contracting his pupils, and stared at the Elite Gray Wolf without blinking. Gathering momentum in his body, he gripped his novice wooden sword tightly, and fully concentrated on his target.


Unable to bear looking at Rui’s sharp glare any longer, the angry Elite Gray Wolf, driven by the small and painful wound on its body, suddenly attacked.


Rui’s mouth revealed an unpleasant, cold smile. Even though their relative speeds were about equal, the Elite Gray Wolf suddenly charged at him. How suicidal.

Nimble Wind!

Without any hesitation, Rui used Nimble Wind and increased his speed to10, and thus having five times as much speed as the Elite Gray Wolf!

Quickly charging forward, when the distance between Rui and the Elite Gray Wolf was only about 1 meter, he stopped and viciously kicked the Elite Gray Wolf’s paw, colliding it with its other paw.



Two damage numbers appeared on top of Rui and the Elite Gray Wolf’s head.

Smiling slightly, Rui put more force into his leg and swung towards the left side. The Elite Gray Wolf’s paw was kicked away and its vitals were exposed.

He pounced on its body and viciously stabbed the Elite Gray Wolf directly in the center of its heart!


In addition to being a critical strike, it was also a vital strike which inflicted 100 damage on the Elite Gray Wolf!

‘I’m not done yet!’

Rui did not empathize with the Elite Gray Wolf’s howls of pain, he put more strength into his grip, twisted it, and the wooden sword started to maul the wolf’s chest.

Rui lowered his body to dodge the wolf’s incoming paw, forcefully swung the wooden sword still within the wolf’s chest downwards, and thus pulling the sword out of its flesh.




Ravaging it, then successfully cutting away another 80 HP of the Elite Gray Wolf’s health, in addition to inflicted a bleeding status which caused it to lose HP per second!

Stab, slash, tap, slice, swipe!

Taking the opportunity and advantage of the Elite Gray Wolf’s injured state, Rui, still under the effect of Nimble Wind, quickly encircled the Wolf, speeding up like a wild child.

In one minute, although most of the wolf’s HP was depleted due to it walking, because the Elite Gray Wolf had very little remaining HP left, Rui relentlessly attacked its vitals. The wolf’s HP finally dropped down to double digit.

‘It’s finished!’

The effect of Nimble Wind disappeared, Rui’s speed went back to that of the Gray Wolf’s, and stopped encircling it. Bending his legs, he pounced onto the wolf, ignoring the Elite Gray Wolf’s sharp paws, and with his Novice Wooden Sword in his hand, he viciously stabbed it into its eye.



Two damage numbers between Rui and the Elite Gray Wolf appeared on top of their heads.

The yellow critical strike almost completely depleted Rui’s full health. Rui almost died. Rui’s final attack connected with the Elite Gray Wolf, and its HP was wiped clean. With a cry of anguish, the Elite Gray Wolf finally collapsed.


He was already exhausted before he fought, and after defeating the Elite Gray Wolf, his body felt like it was about to break. Luckily, the goddamn wolf was still a low level Elite monster, and it only knew how to quickly charged at its opponents. If he did not fight in a roundabout fashion, and without the effect of Nimble Wind, Rui didn’t think he would have won the fight.

Nevertheless, hard work is always rewarded. Looking at what the Elite Gray Wolf’s corpse had dropped, Rui couldn’t help but smile.

Everything, not even missing a single copper coin, Rui stuffed everything inside his backpack.

First and foremost, he opened his status window to put 2 of his freely attributed points into STR. After looking at his status window, he saw that his EXP bar was already 87% filled up, and Rui smiled slightly. Elite monsters were amazing; just killing one increased his level by 1.

Opening his backpack, Rui first inspected the amount of money he had received: 5 silver and 32 copper coins. Rui was very happy about this, since after hunting for 3 hours, the normal Gray Wolves only gave him a total of 3 silver coins. He didn’t think killing one Elite Gray Wolf would give 5 silver coins. Money is secondary, this mini-boss actually dropped two pieces of equipment for Rui, and it was the real reward earned at the end of the day.

Wolf Fang Dagger

Green Equipment



Level Req




Passive Effect

Lacerate — Probability of inflicting a continuous bleeding status on your opponent.


Gray Wolf Boots

Normal Equipment





Level Req




These two pieces of equipment made Rui ecstatic! While his Novice Wooden Sword can still be used instead of the dagger, in reality, the sword was not as good as the dagger. The dagger dropped this time was a colored tier piece equipment! This event made Rui very excited.

In addition, apart from obtaining the Wolf Fang Dagger, the Elite Gray Wolf also generously gifted him a pair of Gray Wolf Boots, which added three points to his defense; it was pretty good. However, it was the other added stat points that made Rui incredibly happy. Since he originally relied on his own speed, if he had more stats in Speed, he will have even more confidence when hunting monsters.

One step at a time!

Rui followed this logic.

In the very beginning, there was in fact a little gap between players, and it he didn’t seize the opportunity, the gap would only get bigger and bigger.

Rui can not say for sure that he had surpassed everyone today, however, a majority of people can not be compared to him. If he continued to walk down this path, Rui will, without a doubt, become this virtual reality’s strongest person. The world is a big place, Rui will not be arrogant and think he is the strongest under the heavens.

Having self confidence is good, but overconfidence will lead to arrogance. Even if he was not number one right now,he has ambition. He will work hard to achieve his ambition, work his ass off, and relying on his personal strength and talents, and become number one. Nothing is impossible!

Happily equipping the dagger and boots, suddenly, his attack, defense, and speed increased.

Changing, he put the Novice Wooden Sword and sandals inside his backpack. He didn’t want to discard them. Since every player had fifty inventory spaces, facing the current situation, this was more than enough, and he couldn’t possibly get into a situation where 50 spaces was not enough.

After sorting his backpack, Rui suddenly realized there was another item inside his bag.

Gray Wolf Leather (Normal quality)

This can be used to create normal quality cloth.

‘Wow, there’s suddenly a piece of leather in the corner of my bag I didn’t see until now. Although it can’t be made into a colored equipment, once it’s used to create an equipment, it would nevertheless be better than the starting gear. Ah! At this rate, I have obtained a weapon and boots; for a newbie, this was very favorable. As for gloves, belt, cloak, and other accessories, they’re still too far off!’

Looking up at the slightly inclined hill, Rui thought to himself and proceeded to move forward. His body’s current condition would not allow him to defeat another elite prey, however, after obtaining new equipment, he wanted to try it out. In worse case scenario, if he saw an Elite monster he would just run away. He would not believe another damned Elite monster would appear in front of him again.

Walking forward, it wasn’t too long until Rui saw a Gray Wolf slowly wagging its tail, walking in a laid back fashion. Walking in front of it to confirm, Rui let out a sigh. It was only a normal Gray Wolf!

Touching his Wolf Fang Dagger, Rui smiled a little, and charged straight at it. Even before Rui was newly equipped, he could completely annihilate the Gray Wolf. Now, with the Wolf Fang Dagger and Wolf Boots, the outcome did not need to be mentioned. Two hits to the vitals and one critical hit, the wolf could not even utter a sound before it was KO’d!

Since it was only a normal Gray Wolf, it did not take Rui much effort to kill it. Looking at his experience bar increasing to 90% at level 5, he thought about it a little and decided to continue hunting until he reaches level 6. Returning then would not be too late.

Walking up the hill, Rui relentlessly hunted for two more hours, and experience bar jumped to 99%!

Unknowingly, he arrived at the top of the hill. Rui glanced at his surroundings. Nevermind the Gray Wolves, even a speck of wolf fur could not be found. Rui became helpless. ‘F— me. I’m at 99%, but there’s nothing left for me to hunt?’

Just when Rui was about to turn around and head back to the village, he caught a glimpse of something up ahead. Stunned, he realized there was a mountain on the edge of the hill, and at the bottom of the mountain, there was a forest that was neither too thick nor too thin.

Driven by his curiosity, Rui gritted his teeth and prepared to move forward.

Inside the forest, Rui felt that the surrounding had a very significant presence. Other people might not have felt it, but being the Supreme Assassin that he is, he could not ignore it.

Holding onto his Wolf Fang Daggers tightly, Rui carefully and slowly advanced forward, with his eyes glancing in all four directions. Even if the grass moved slightly, he would react to it.

He nervously walked forwards for five minutes. Passing through a small jungle, Rui walked past a large rock, and suddenly, he hurriedly hid behind it.


Bitterly swallowing his mouthful of saliva, Rui slowly and quietly raised his head from behind the large rock and looked around.

In the open space at the bottom of the hill, there rested a powerful looking and extremely large wolf, and not far from it, lies three smaller sized wolves. From the way the three were positioned, it looked like they were protecting the large wolf.

A boss!?

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