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A boss! It has to be a BOSS!

Looking at the giant wolf, Rui’s heart almost jumped out. He was so excited that he silently cried out.

The with the mountain as the background, there were three wolves in front of it, individually protecting three different spots. That being said, with the appearance of the giant wolf, it has to be a boss, without a doubt.

‘This wolf, it has to be the King of Wolves!’ Rui muttered to himself as he watched the three wolves.

Since the wolves guarding it were all Elite Gray Wolves, needless to say that the huge dragon-like giant was no doubt the King of Wolves.

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Rui forced himself to calm down. Now that he has changed his weapon of choice, defeating one Elite Gray Wolf should not pose any problems at all.

However, with three Elite Gray Wolves in addition to the unknown entity known as the King of Wolves boss monster, the situation had become a huge problem. The Wolf King didn’t even need to come out, the three Elite Gray Wolves together could shred Rui into pieces.

Fortunately, the three wolves were quite far from each other, and he could use their blind spots within their range to cut them one by one. However, as of now, Rui had been leveling up for six or so hours and was now quite familiar with this world. But as a result, he has become fatigued, and still needed to spend time in a huge fight against Elite Gray Wolves.

There probably haven’t been anyone who had found this area yet, so it was all his. If he wasn’t greedy and didn’t take this opportunity, he would lose a lot.

‘Well, they say a small leak can sink a great ship!’

After looking at the King of Wolves and the three Elite Gray Wolves guarding it, Rui made the decision to leave. As of now his attack power is alright, speed was pretty good. However, his defence was lacking. Fighting against common enemies was not problem at all, however, against Elite Wolves, and especially boss type monsters, he had no chance.

Going back to the village to make clothes out of the Gray Wolf Leather and buying more HP potion was the right thing to do.

Sharpening an axe does not delay the work of chopping firewood!

[T/N: Chinese idiom: it means taking the time to prepare for something doesn’t delay you from doing what you want to do.]

Taking a deep breath, Rui looked at the Wolf King once more, and slowly escaped the way he came.

Rushing down from the top of a slope with extreme speed, Rui couldn’t decelerate his body movements. If he didn’t have an extremely capable body, he would have definitely fallen to his death. Nonetheless, although Rui had been able to twist his body at the right time, the system had determined he had suffered an injury, and deducted 20 HP.

Rui was stupefied as he rubbed his back. This was way too f—ing exaggerated; to think this virtual reality actually had this way of judging damage. In other words, there was also a possibility of exerting the body past its limits, which will also inflict heavy damage. So when you fall down, your health points would be deducted! However this was fine! With this setup, it will further increase the realism in this virtual reality.

He ran downhill, returning to the flat plains. At this moment, the Gray Wolves had already respawned. Rui did not hesitate to raise his Wolf Fang Dagger, and charged right in.


Congratulations, you have reached level 6!

Please determine the method of distribution of attribute points.

Method 1: Gain 1 point in all four basic attributes, and gain 2 additional points to be freely allocated.

Method 2: Freely allocate 5 points to an attribute.

Looking at his stat points, Rui decisively chose the second option, with the five awarded free points to distribute, he added it all into Agility. Afterwards, his Agility had reached 30 points, and thus Speed was raised by 1 point.

Lifting the Gray Wolf’s corpse, Rui was stunned to find he received a long sword from it.

Fine Iron Sword

Normal Equipment



Lvl Req





‘After fighting Gray Wolves for almost five hours, the most they would drop was copper coins and health potions. But now, after killing just one Gray Wolf to raise my EXP from 99% to the next level, it suddenly dropped an f—ing sword? Isn’t this world way too damn dramatic?’

Nevertheless, monsters dropping equipment was a good thing. After putting the sword inside his bag, Rui leveled up and didn’t touch any more Gray Wolves. Relying on his speed, he charged towards the outskirts of the Wolves’ area.

* * *

When he had arrived at the edge of the Wolves’ area, Rui saw a lot of people. After a couple of hours of leveling up, there were a lot of players who formed parties, and there were even solo players who came to the Wolves’ area to hunt the Gray Wolves.

Stay low, and you’ll live longer!

This phrase was Rui’s moto. But under these circumstances, how could he stay low? There were people everywhere, and everyone could see him. Rui was not a ghost, and what he was wearing could not be ignored. But at the end of the day, since it was only a game, Rui did not think much of it.

However, no matter how careful Rui was being, he still attracted a lot of attention. Not to mention the fact that he was the only one coming back out from the Wolves’ domain, and he was also being chased by many large tailed wolves. With Rui’s dagger and boots, it was enough to draw attention.

People either had to form parties beforehand, or be a really capable person with really good equipment to get to the Wolves’ domain. But Rui had a unique colored weapon (different from the white colored equipment), which no one else had.

When he appeared, he gained everyone’s attention. Rui was somewhat hurting inside. Rui got away from the wolves that were chasing him from behind, and started to walk towards the Novice Village.

Perhaps it was because of Rui’s calm demeanor and composed attitude, or because of what he was wearing, he had gathered a lot of the people’s attention. One set of equipment was enough to bring about a person’s superiority. But because of Rui’s one set of equipment being regarded as a mysterious and powerful, no one wanted to offend him one way or another, and no one thought it was worth it. No one hunting there was stupid, the truth was they had recognized exactly what was happening.

“That person, wasn’t he the one who went inside the wolves’ domain?” Looking at Rui’s back, the handsome young boy who previously warned him not to enter the wolves’ domain was stunned.

“It is really him! What the f—, is this for real? One person who went inside the wolves’ domain not only survived, but he came back with equipment. Look at his dagger, it’s also a colored equipment.” The shortie beside the young boy said enviously.

“Ah, ah, he must be a pro.” The young boy smiled wryly with eyes full of admiration.

“Boss, want to check him out? Maybe we can even buy his equips.” Beside the shortie, a skinny male asked in a soft voice.

“No need. It’s best not trade with people like him. It would be nice if we can become friends, but if we can’t, it’s best if we do not become his enemy. If contacting him is necessary, we need to be careful. We need to see if we can include him in our group, but if that’s impossible, then giving up would also give him a good impression.” The handsome young boy rubbed his hands and rejected the skinny boy’s suggestion.

“Alright, don’t waste anymore time, continue hunting! I have a completely different sword now, so killing Gray Wolves would also become easier.”

Smiling gently, the handsome young boy raised his black silver sword, killing the Gray Wolf in front of him. The tall and short person smiled helplessly, and also began to brutally murder the pitiful Gray Wolves in the area.

* * *

“Big bro, could you please take me under your wing? I will do your bidding and will definitely do everything to please you!”

“Handsome boy, how about helping me level? I am still level 0. These monsters die so easily to people who have knives. I haven’t even seen what a small chicken or a small rabbit looks like before they are killed off!”

“Hey sexy, be my boyfriend. If you help me level up and give me some equips, I will give you a special reward.”

“Big bro, are you selling your equips? I will use RMB to buy it, feel free to set a price!”

“Hey big boy, you look like Iron Man. How about you join my group? This big boss will help you pick up some chicks. The game of brothers is the real true game.”

“Hey skilled player, interested in working for us? We will pay you a generous salary, and the work is also very easy. 5k per job, you can’t find this offer anywhere else!”


After arriving at the Novice Village, Rui was surrounded by newbies. Beggars begging to be leeched, for equipment, love interest, group hunting, etc. Various envious, jealous, and persistent voices drifted to his ears wherever he went. As a result, Rui’s brain almost shut down.

Activating his Nimble Wind skill, Rui earnestly rushed out of the village. Rui wiped the sweat off his forehead, and looked back at the crowd with terror. ‘Holy sh— that was f—ing scary!’

The village was a safe place, and if someone was stop or attack him, they would have to face the Soldiers in the village. They would also be held in confinement, or pay a fine. But if they cannot pay the fine, they have to leave the village. Rui was temporarily safe.

“Slime gauntlet: 2 Defense, Critical rate increase by 1%. Only accepting trades, not selling. Offer last for only ten minutes!”

When Rui was about to enter the tailoring store, he suddenly heard a voice shouting.


Slightly surprised, Rui squeeze in between the crowd, and in the middle, he saw a fearless tall girl wearing leather armor, slightly frowning, surrounded by people who weren’t interested in the equipment, but people who wanted to chat her up.

Even at first glance, the woman looked really beautiful. She wasn’t wearing any make-up, but a true natural beauty. She had fine facial features, especially her mouth. It made people indulge in their daydreams. She had a perfect body, with curves all in the right places, and thanks to her leather armor, it left nothing to imagination. Her body was really sexy. She had a pair of slim and slender legs, rounded bottom, and there was a slit in her leather pants, exposing parts of her thigh. It was no wonder why she was surrounded by primitive wild looking men with eyes ablaze.

She also had a long ponytail behind her, holding onto a white-edged sword, looking rather fearless with an excellent posture.

“Over here I have one long sword, would you like to trade?”

Ignoring the surrounding intoxicated men, Rui pushed through the crowd and said directly to her.

The girl rubbed her head and answered. “Long sword? What stats does it have?”

“8-12 Attack!” Rui simply called out the damage stat of the Fine Iron Sword he had gotten recently as a drop.

“What the hell, attack 8-12? The blacksmith weapon shop only sold weapons up to 5-8 attack!” After hearing what Rui had said, the people around him started to drool.

Looking at the white sword she had in her hands, the stats should be inferior to his Fine Iron Sword. The woman was very serious, and without saying anything, she opened up the trade window.


Player Sasha requested a trade, would you like to accept?

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