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The Mighty and Assertive Gold Boss

“This Queen is the Spider Queen – Elise!”

As the last demon boss revealed its true form, everything seemed to have entered the last phase. From the earlier memories, down to the reveal of the Spider Queen’s status, even a fool would know that this was no ordinary boss.

Amongst the mobs, to be named is already a status, the mark of a strong boss. In addition to that the rank of Spider Queen, this Elise was definitely extremely strong. The system notification hinted that this was the hidden final boss, and her ability to control Halief, coupled with all her plots and plans, meant that she was indeed a disaster, a disaster for players.

As a unique, single* mob, a unique hidden Boss, a unique special reward — this meant that she was not going to be easily handled! 《Kismet》 would definitely not allow a hidden quest to be so easily completed, especially since the difficulty was in the Legendary status, this was not something they could complete playfully.

Even though Rui said he was confident, but in truth he was not very sure in his heart. After all, the Rui now in the game was not the godlike assassin in real life, but was Sly Hand, a little noob who had not even gotten his class yet. And the boss that he was about to face was a true demon, an unbelievably powerful Spider Queen!

[T/N: Basically it seems it can only be killed once, and it will disappear forever.]

However, the words ‘fear’ and ‘flee’ were not in Rui’s dictionary. So what if she was the Spider Queen? In the end, wasn’t she just a bunch of 1s and 0s. If it had been anything normal, Rui would be using the mentality of fighting a boss to fight her.

However, she had actually angered him earlier. Her words, her tone, the way she looked down and mocked Ronnie’s trio, had already caused Rui’s anger to reach its peak. In everyone’s heart, they had something they believed and persevered in.

Rui’s perseverance was naturally not to protect Ronnie’s trio, but rather the feelings between the three of them. To a killer, what could be more important than such true feelings? As such, he had decided he wanted to protect these feelings!

At this point, his motivation here was not merely killing bosses for treasure, not just the requests from the Blacksmith Uncle and the Village Chief, not even just for the trio of Ronnie Kalise and Halief, but to protect the last remaining unsoiled feelings in his soul.

Perhaps to many others, this would be over exaggerating, but to Rui, it was not. Nobody could truly understand what it was like to walk in the darkness for so long, to have nothing but loneliness as your companion, nothing but blood as your partner, killing your only past time, an unimaginable life.

Rui was an atheist, and did not believe in any religion, the only thing he trusted was the dagger in his hands. Living such a long time in the midst of killing and numbness, even the greatest person would be assimilated by the darkness.

However, Rui stubbornly kept a little plot of land in his soul unsullied, trying his best not to become just a killing machine. Now, someone had dared to insult that last bit of clean soul in his heart, and that was indeed something he could not stand.

To anyone else, perhaps this was only just a mere boss in a game. However, to Rui, this was a fight to defend his own heart and soul, and he truly needed to defeat this Spider Queen Elise, to determine his own words, determine his feelings, to determine that humans indeed had a spot in the light.

This fight, it was imperative for him! As such, Rui did not hesitate any longer, and entered a fighting stance.

“Little brat, I have to praise your courage. Since this Queen was born, you are the first one to dare to face me like that.”

Looking at Rui’s actions, Elise’s human face actually showed an approving expression.

“Towards your praise, should I be feeling honoured?” Rui said with a cold laugh.

“…Interesting, very interesting. Human, are you interested in being this Queen’s minion? You will be only ‘below one person, yet above ten thousands*’, and have all the honour.”

[T/N: Means it’s extremely high ranked, second only to the queen. Get your minds out of the gutter.]

Staring at Rui, the Spider Queen Elise suddenly opened her mouth and said something surprising.

“Apologies, I have no interest in that, especially to the spider race!”

Rui smirked and said calmly.

“Is that so? Such a shame! Since that’s the case, then you can die right here today then!”

Earlier, her face was still in a seductive mask, but now it was an expression of regret. In the next second, she had turned hostile so quickly, it was no wonder she was the Spider Queen, changing faces at amazing speeds.

Rui did not speak any further, and as Elise got closer, he used the system to check her status.

Spider Queen Elise




Gold Boss












The Queen of the Spider Race, an unrivaled monarch. The monarchy which has been passed down generation after generation in the Spider Race, and holding ultimate power and strength.

When she reaches adult stage, she can warp into human form, and cause havoc in the world.

Notorious even amongst demons, every Spider Queen has immense strength and also fearsome poison.

Since the ancient times, many brave warriors have fallen to these Spider Queens, and those who have fallen to her have their bodies rotted to the core, with nary a drop of blood left.

As such, this Spider Queen is also known as the ‘Black Widow’!

A Gold Boss, a true Gold Boss!

Looking at the Spider Queen Elise’s stats, Rui couldn’t help but draw in a breath of cold air. With her HP over 10k, over 500 attack, and such a crazy introduction. She was indeed a demon who had existed since the ancient times. All of that gave Rui immense pressure and stress.

Rui’s stats had greatly increased after the mass change of equipment, and his HP had reached 590 points, and his attack was 129-152, with his defense as high as 169.

However, when you compared those stats to Elise, it was unbelievably low. Even his greatest strength, his speed, was still lower than Elise’s. He had already expended a lot of energy and vigor in the fight with Halief earlier, and to fight with Elise now was definitely not going to be easy.

The way he fought, with speed, precision and the anticipation of predicting, these were all extremely exhausting. Even if Rui could continue doing so, it was definitely not possible to continue doing so for long.

However, Elise had 12k HP, this meant that it was going to be a long battle, yet that was what Rui could not afford to do. With his stats, he could barely take 3-4 hits from Elise before it was Game Over.

Furthermore, as a Gold Boss, furthermore one which had been inherited from the ancient times, she definitely had many other secret skills. If he just took one of those secret skills accidently, even if he did not die instantly, he might be disabled.

Under such a tremendous imbalanced fight, Rui did not have any special strategies, and could only bite the bullet and just fight on, taking things as they came.

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