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Courage and Inspiration

Various thoughts flashed through Rui’s mind quickly, but just at this moment, Elise’s first wave of attacks arrived.

Facing the swift attack incoming from the sharp spider legs, Rui’s face was expressionless as he easily seized the opportunity to dodge the attack.

Rui dodged the attack with an easy movement. Alas, do not forget that the spider has eight legs.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang…

The eight legs of the Spider Queen, Elise, seemed like sharp knife blades descending from the sky, fiercely slashing towards him. Under their attacks, Rui couldn’t help but keep dodging disorderly. Within such a small space, simultaneously dodging the attacks of the eight legs, and still maintaining a beautiful posture, that was really impossible to accomplish.

Once you entered the attack range of Elise, it was nearly impossible to escape, as all the escape routes were sealed off by the eight legs. If you wanted to break your way out forcefully, even with Rui’s current speed, he would have to take a few blows from her legs before he could possibly do so.

Looking at those hairy spider legs, Rui did not believe that he dared take those attacks. After all, getting attacked was not the problem, at most he would lose some HP. However, if he got poisoned by her disgusting venom, then perhaps he might just die from that.


Seeing Rui’s situation, Yezekael and the rest could not help but to clenching their teeth, gripping their fists tightly till their veins were showing.

Looking at their party member caught up in such a perilous situation, yet they could only stay behind like cowards, such a helpless and aggrieved feeling was driving them crazy. However, they truly couldn’t do anything, as they were still rational.

In the party chat, they had naturally seen the unbelievable stats of the Spider Queen – Elise, she was simply not at a level that they could handle. With their abilities, they knew that Elise was using her most formidable poisons, a single scratch and they would probably not even stand a second. That 520 attack points, was simply such an astronomical figure.

“Do not worry, he won’t go down that easily”

Seeing Yezekael and the others’ worried expressions, Ronnie tried to comfort them with a smile.

Perhaps being comforted by Ronnie and his trio’s smiles, Yezekael and party also gradually stabilized, not feeling as anxious as they did a moment ago.

“Ugh, if this continues, I’ll be literally worn down to exhaustion by that ugly spider, I’ll have to think of some other way to change the situation.”

Facing the crazed attacks of Elise, Rui could only keep dodging continuously, though his eyes were cold as he calmly thought things through. However, facing her eight legs blockade, he was simply powerless to break free.

Although that bitch was still considered not full grown yet, but she had her heritage memories which gave her a very rich combat experience. If not for the fact that her body is still not fully mature and was unable to go all out with full power, Rui estimated that he would have turned into the legendary black ash under the black widow’s feet.

“Nimble Wind”

There is no other way; he would either eventually die from exhaustion, or he could try to go all out now. The former, was basically a hopeless situation, while the latter meant a sliver of a fighting chance. Even if it meant showing all his cards now, Rui had no choice but to do so.

After all, if he continued fighting like this, it was no different from courting death. As such, he had no choice but to use the speed bonus of nimble wind and try and break out of the current situation while looking for opportunities to attack.

In an instance, Rui’s speed suddenly rose from 8 points to 100 points. This was an explosive speed which simply stood above all. An unrivalled power.

Like a gust of wind, Rui ducked out and ran out from under Elise’s body, and also managed to seize the opportunity to stab his dagger in her belly, relieving some of his frustration from being trapped earlier.

“This, this is… what? So…. so fast!”

Seeing Rui’s sudden burst of speed, as if he had teleported under Elise to escape, not only Yezekael and the others were surprised, even Ronnie’s trio were also shocked. Such a speed was unrivalled, even a Greater Knight could not reach it. Perhaps, only a Paladin mounted on his steed could perhaps do so.

“Bitch, I’ll let you taste the power of my dagger!”

Frustration from being trapped for so long and the feelings of uselessness burst out at the moment, and Rui relied on his unparalleled speed and began his magnificent performance. His body seemed like a blur and only during his attacks did his body appear momentarily.

At the same time, countless damage numbers appeared over Elise’ head, the speed which they appeared making the onlookers’ eyes blurry.

“So… so amazing!”

Ronnie and Halief were knights and hunters who had reached their peak, and they could only stare at the scene with a stunned expression, as if they are looking at a legend.

“Let’s join the fight, Ronnie! We cannot let him fight alone! I, too, have an account to settle with that disgusting ugly spider!” Halief suddenly turned his head towards Ronnie fiercely and said.

“That suits me, Halief! That ugly thing made us suffer enough, today we must kill her, otherwise, I do not know how many others will suffer in the future.” Ronnie laughed heartily, and agreed in a loud voice.

“Count me in. I will absolutely never allow her to harm Dad. Never!” Kris also looked determined as she stood beside Ronnie and Halief.

“It’s been a long time, a really long time!” Looking at Ronnie and Kris beside him, Halief said excitedly with sudden emotion: “I remember the last time that we fought side by side. It was against the boar king outside the village!”

“It has indeed been a long time” Ronnie muttered, both his eyes lost in thought, then his whole body shook suddenly as he said: “This may be our last fight together! Let’s Fight! For Ourselves, after having suffered in that disgusting spider’s plots! And also for our family members! For our loved ones! For the happiness of the village!”

“…” Kris’ face revealed a faint smile. She did not speak, but held up her tender white hands instead.

Ronnie and Halief exchanged looks, smiling, and two rough big hands stacked on Kris’s small hands.

“Fight! In order to get rid of evil!” Halief ‘s face was full of knight-like justice.

“Fight! To defend love!” Ronnie looked full of determination, to guard everyone who loved, he would turn into a brave warrior, to defend everything.

“Fight! For a better tomorrow!” A gentle smile on Kris’ face, her eyes shone with a gentle holy light, showing her zest, and expectations for a better tomorrow, for a better future.

From the three of them, a strong will to fight rose, their respective will and faith combining into an aura that shone forth, as the three of them puts their hands together, they seemed so firm and inseparable.


Congratulations for fighting with such courage.

You have met the hidden conditions, and have inspired Halief, Ronnie, Kris to join the fight!

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