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The Glittering Rays of an Angel’s Heart II

“How about that? Little human girl, aren’t you a Priestess of the Light? Always making use of your so-called benevolence as a cover to kill all of us ‘Demons’, in order to save the world? Now your most precious companion is suffering in front of you, why don’t you save him huh?”

Elise cackled in proud delight, her eyes full of hate and killing intent. She had not forgotten the pain and disgrace Kris’ Sword of Light had brought to her earlier.

“Despicable, shameless!”

Ronnie grit his teeth as the words leapt from his lips, his face green with anger.

“Despicable? Shameless? Hahaha, isn’t this Queen supposed to be a demon in your eyes, a creature who does all evil? Despicable and shameless, so be it. What can you all do about it? Don’t forget that your companion’s life is in my hands.”

Elise was not angered by Ronnie’s angry cries. To her, it just seemed like a weakling’s helpless cries. However, she was no goody two shoes.

Since Ronnie had insulted her, then she would do something to make herself happy, to anger the person who insulted her. To do so, she could just use Halief’s soul since she had control over it. With an glint in her eyes, Halief’s cries of pain increased in volume.


Looking at Halief’s pained expression, Kris half-crouched down, hugging his head into her bosom as tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Such a scene makes this queen extremely happy! Hahahaha…”

Looking at her enemies in front of her, one with a sorrowful expression, one crying her heart out, and one with his soul tortured and in pain. Such a revengeful strike gave Elise’ dark twisted heart much satisfaction and joy, and she cackled in laughter once again.

“You Bitch! Don’t be so fucking smug!”

At this time, a voice suddenly rang out right beside Elise’s ear. As she looked on with a shocked expression, Rui appeared right next to her and stabbed a dagger right into her mouth, which was wide open from laughing.


Getting stabbed in the mouth by Rui, and having a tooth almost knocked out, Elise flew into a rage, gaping open her jaw and viciously biting out, at the same time trying to spit out spider silk in an attempt to capture Rui. Alas for her, Rui had managed to stand on her head; where Elise’s legs and jaw could not reach him, and she was unable to do anything about him.

To have a mere human standing on top of her head, to Elise, as a Spider Queen, this was an unbearable insult. It was something absolutely intolerable. She fiercely began shaking her body as if she had gone insane, attempting to throw Rui off. She’d even gone to the extent of smashing her own body into the wall, hoping that the strong impact would shake Rui free.

As the King of Assassins, Rui had experienced all sorts of combat situations and environments. Although it was difficult to keep his balance through her movements, he still managed to do so, while the dagger in his hands continued slamming into the back of Elise’s neck.

Thanks to Rui, Elise had no energy left to continue torturing Halief, giving him a breath of relief.

“Halief, are you ok?” Ronnie and Kris asked him in concern after seeing him sweating profusely, and with extremely short breath.

“I’m… fine!” Halief gasped two breaths with difficulty and said, “We have to help him. Elise’s skills don’t end there. When she goes crazy later, none of us will be able to escape. After suffering for so many years, it’s about time I get my revenge. Even if I die today, I must kill Elise.”

“We’ll go with you!” Ronnie and Kris said simultaneously.

“No!” Halief refused instantly, looking at the woman he loved the most and his best buddy, he said: “My soul is already in Elise’s grasp, and I have nowhere to escape to. My only hope is to kill her.

However, before she dies, she can easily destroy my soul; in fact before she dies, she can make use of my soul to restrict you guys, causing you to be afraid of attacking her. At that point, it would be impossible to finish her off.

Now that the brave Rui is doing a good job of restricting her, we should seize this opportunity to finish her off at once! If not, we might not have another chance.”

“What do you want to do?” Ronnie and Kris grew silent after hearing Halief’s words. They knew that what he said was true; it was also their sole chance.

“Elise has control of my soul, and thinks that it is the key to the victory, and indeed that is true. If she has the time to channel her secret arts, she can use that to make me a puppet fully under her control.

However, there are always two sides to a coin. My soul in her hands can also be the means to her defeat.” Halief narrowed his eyes as he said. “I can self-detonate my soul energy, forcing it to rush through Elise’ body from within and try to wrest control of her body from her.

Although her absolute power, and even soul energy, is stronger than mine, and she is the original owner of the body, she will not be able to destroy me in an instance.

With me interrupting her from within, she will not have full control over her body and will be confused. That will be the perfect opportunity for you guys to finish her off.”

“That won’t do. If that happens, your soul will be destroyed as well.” Ronnie and Kris immediately opposed it.

“No problem.” Halief smiled faintly, “Having done so much wrong, even if my soul managed to escape, it’d still end up in Hell. Rather than going to Hell to suffer, I might as well free myself now.”

“I will not let you do so. Since you know that you’ve committed wrongs, you should be compensating for them. Running away isn’t something a man should be doing.” Ronnie said in a heavy voice. Kris nodded with tear-filled eyes next to him.

“Just let me run away once this time.” Halief seemed somewhat despondent as he murmured, “This is the only way to defeat Elise.”

“Who said it’s the only way?” Kris suddenly said, making both Halief and Ronnie stare at her with wide eyes.

“With it here, and us three here, everything can be changed.” Kris carefully cupped the Angel’s Heart. The Angel’s heart with “K, R, H” cleary carved on it that emitted an exceptionally warm, white light filled their visions.

“Angel’s Heart, let us witness your miracle!” Kris cupped both hands to grasp the Angel’s Heart, and her whole body began to produce an extremely intense light energy.

The Angel’s Heart slowly rose into the air.

The bodies of Kris, Ronnie, and Halief also gradually rose up.

The incomparably dazzling, divine light flooded the entire cave.

The three people’s bodies that encircled the Angel’s Heart gradually began to assimilate into the white light. By the time the glow had faded, Ronnie, Kris, and Halief had already disappeared. Only the Angel’s Heart remained floating in midair, the “K, R, H” carved into it exceptionally dazzling and brilliant.

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