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The Glittering Rays of an Angel’s Heart I

“How is it? Humans, are you shaken by my powerful strength? That is just my power in this young form. My strength will continue to grow; it is something you humans cannot even begin to comprehend. If you change your mind now, then I will keep my word.”

Elise was beyond proud of herself, cackling crazily with a sound that was filled with temptation and menace. She used power and position to entice others, and force to threaten them. This was the carrot-and-stick approach.

Although it was an old approach, methods that were typically older and simpler tended to have better effects. The ones that had used it in ancient times and had used it most favorably, most often, and had perfected it the most, were likely politicians.

“Sorry, but I have no interest in eight-legged things like you. A single glance makes me feel sick. If I were to be under your command, I’d be happier if you just killed me.”

Although these were simply words to slow down Elise, allowing Ronnie and Halief to get some rest. However, Rui’s personality and temperament wouldn’t have let him to do it anyway.

The ugly monster in front of him had not only injured his pride and honor as the King of Assassins, Crimson Shadow Ghost, it had also harmed his companions. This had caused his face to hit rock bottom.

Here, his face was only secondary; the most important thing was that it had injured the people he approved of. This pointed to only one conclusion: The two of them couldn’t coexist; one of them had to die!

“You foolish creatures, that do not know how to appreciate others’ kindness! Since you want to go to hell so badly, then this Queen will help you!”

Being rejected once again, Elise’ expression darkened as she coldly shouted curses. A pair of bloodshot eyes burst forth a murderous aura as this monster’s killing intent had been reinvigorated.

No matter what Rui did, she had to kill him. Although she felt that the human in front of her wasn’t bad, a queen like her had a dignity that wouldn’t allow this human to reject and insult her a second time.

“If you want to touch him, you’ll have to step over our dead bodies first.”

Seeing Elise’s reaction, the injured and exhausted Ronnie and Halief firmly blocked her way. In their opinions, this entire calamity had been stirred up by them. and Rui and the rest had simply been dragged in by them.

Originally, Rui and the others could have just left, but they instead stayed to face a powerful demon like Elise. They had even sacrificed their lives to save Kris earlier. They had not even returned the favor of Rui saving their lives and freeing them, and yet he was now helping them enact revenge.

Having nearly all of Rui’s companions perish, as Knights, Ronnie and Halief would do anything to prevent Elise from harming Rui any further.

“You have guts! Since you guys want to die so badly, then this Queen shall grant your wishes!”

Seeing that those two mere weakling ants that still had poison coursing through their systems still dared to stand up against her; she knew that those guys weren’t afraid of death.

“That’s fine with me. Having been controlled by you for so many years, and you’ve made commit all those horrible atrocities. I think it’s about time I pay you back for it all. Today, one of us must die!”

Halief grasped his weapon and clenched his teeth. This man that had returned to his former face seemed to display an expression of hatred within his pair of warm and bright azure eyes for the first time.

“Hahaha…what a joke. Everything you did was of your own will. I didn’t meddle at all. It’s the darkness from your own heart that took over. You killed your love, your closest brothers, and people from your village with your own hands.

What does that have to do with me? Humans are just such weak creatures. Once they encounter something unhappy, their willpower wavers, and they surrender to darkness.

Once they do something that deviates from their so-called norms and customs, they will run away from responsibility, shoving it away.

Such laughable creatures, such shameless creatures. You humans are just that. Weak, pathetic, jokes, not daring to own up to what you did… no wonder all other creatures who have power look down upon you.”

Elise’s words of contempt echoed through the cave, causing Halief’s face to twitch incessantly as his expression became complex. Although this was coming from Elise, but he couldn’t deny that her words had some truth behind them.

The thing Halief found hardest to overcome was just that; that darkness that had once seized him and made him do such things to his most important people.

“You’re right, I’m the one that actually did it!” Halief said with an extremely pained expression as he lowered his weapon dejectedly.

“Didn’t these things happen way in the past, Halief?” A hand suddenly grasped Halief’s lowered hand, and slowly raised it back up. Besides Ronnie, who could it be?

“Halief, don’t listen to her. You’re Halief. The only thing I know is that you’re Halief, and that’s enough!” At some point, Kris had also walked over. Her hands were clasped together in front of her chest as she looked at Halief with moist eyes.

Halief looked at the grinning Ronnie and the faintly smiling Kris. He looked at Ronnie’s firm gaze filled with feeling of camaraderie, and looking at Kris’s warm and encouraging gaze, Halief laughed, a happy and liberating laugh. His smile filled with light momentarily stunned Elise. She could sense that the inner darkness in this man that she had cultivated in him had disappeared in that instant. It had completely vanished.

“Elise, your words will no longer bewitch my heart. With them here, I cannot be defeated!”

Halief waved his sword with a rainbow-like aura, and he stood tall and strong as he levelled his gaze onto the Spider Queen Elise.

“Is that so? Have you forgotten that you had once sold your soul to me in exchange for power!”

Elise laughed evilly as she began to recite some unknown, evil incantation. Halief, whose aura had originally been surging outwards, let out an extremely miserable cry, as if he were being tortured. He cradled his head, and his entire body twitched as he fell the ground.

“The right of ownership over your soul is still in my hands. You didn’t think of that, did you? That this little trump card of mine would be so useful at this moment. Did you think that simply escaping from that tattered body was enough to break away from my control? In your dreams!”

Elise smiled darkly. That smile seemed to be an extremely demonic smile of death. It was a smile of victory that one had when planning strategies. However, in Rui and the rest’s eyes, it was a smile that made them shiver.

“Halief, you’re okay, right?” Seeing Halief’s pained expression, tears began to pour out from Kris’ eyes.

“I… am… fine!” Halief spit out these words through tightly clenched teeth. For the sake of reassuring Kris, he even forced out a smile. Unfortunately, the pain had already distorted his facial features, and that smile was a sight even more frightening than a ghost.

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