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The Underwater Master


The violent current struck Valderas and his Demonic Army. The Demonic Army, and even Valderas, couldn’t resist and were swept away by the current. There was nothing more to be said about the players. The frantically running users went flying in the torrent like leaves in a storm. Several perished after taking a hit from a rock or tree. However, despite taking the rapids head-on, Ark was perfectly fine. This was thanks to the Sharkman’s Shackles, which nulled environmental effects.

‘It’s just as I expected!’

Swept into the current, the Bastion of Flame protecting Valderas and the Demonic Army completely disappeared. What’s more, the monsters crashing into the water took enormous damage. However, those effects were only an extra. Ark’s true goal was the underwater penalty on the monsters. Ark had already experienced the terror of the water penalty. Nature’s environmental penalty, which made one unable to move properly, let alone attack or defend!

The environmental penalty applied to monsters as well. Moreover, since the monsters were wearing plate armor, the penalty would be many times worse. Indeed, even after the torrent subsided, the monsters couldn’t regain their balance and flailed around. In other words, like blind fishes!

“Just what did you…!”

Shambala shouted with an aghast voice as he gushed out air bubbles. Ark pulled out a Mermaid Scale, flicked it over to him, and grinned.

“You’ll get it once you see it from here on out, though only if you can follow me.”

Ark changed his shoes and armor into the Norad Boots, which raised movement speed and evasion rate, and the water penalty nulling Guardian Armor of the Merpeople. Then the weight pressing down his body completely disappeared. Though he was underwater, his movements were natural, as if he was running around on the plains.

“Alright, shall we begin? Eyes of the Cat!”

Having stretched his joints with cracking noises, Ark ran towards the floundering monsters.

“Just who the hell is this dude? And what’s with this scale?” With a dumb look, Shambala stared at Ark’s back as he ran like the wind.

Ark ran in the water.


The Health of the monsters Ark grazed past plummeted in an instant.

He didn’t even see the monsters flailing around as enemies anymore. Underwater, level or numbers had no meaning. Though it hadn’t been easy to face even just five monsters only a short while ago, the situation was different now. Even if he was surrounded by twenty to thirty monsters, he was confident he could clear them away in a minute. Having previously received the Bastion of Flame, the monsters took a huge hit to their Health from being submerged. But more than that, what applied most right now was that this place was now underwater!

The water penalty was fatal to those who had never experienced it. When Ark had first gone underwater, he had nearly died several times from monsters 10 levels lower than him. But, he overcame all the difficulties and mastered underwater fighting.

Was that all? Right now, the Guardian Armor of the Merpeople was nullifying the underwater penalty altogether. To Ark, the likes of the floundering monsters were no different from newborn babes. Ark could only see the Shadows, Avengers, and even the Hiptons as experience and contribution. An absolute situation created by the combination of the environmental effect and items!

‘This is my world!’

Looking around, the surviving players were waging fierce battle with the monsters pressing in. Although it was a fight that would give one sweaty palms in its own way, it was an absolute comedy to Ark.

A Warrior lost his balance while swinging his sword, causing him to spin around and around, and a stupid Magician thoughtlessly used lighting magic and ended up damaging himself with the sparks. At least the situation for the Warriors was a little better. Thanks to their heavy plate armor, they sank to the bottom and were able to get their footing. But the Magicians and Archers floating in the water ended up taking concentrated attacks from the monsters pressing in from all directions.

Whenever he saw a player like that, Ark rushed in, killed the monsters, and then calmly disappeared. He wasn’t trying to save them, it was just because it would be a shame to waste the monster’s EXP.

‘This is really a cakewalk!’

Experience and contribution were floating about in the water. All Ark had to do was run around in the water and gobble them up. Where could one find something more exciting than this?

But it wasn’t all enjoyable. The countless japtem floating around with the corpses! Snake had disappeared and his bag was full; since he had to leave behind all those items, his tears hindered his vision. He didn’t even have bag room for the sword Andel had dropped so he was forced to go around carrying it.

Suddenly having to carry a sword in both hands, his movements weren’t as agile as before. His center of balance had changed subtly so the actions he had become used to all this time didn’t connect like he wanted. But it was one more precious item he had picked up. Even if he died he had absolutely no thought of dropping the weapon that fell into his hands. Also, this was underwater; his actions being slowed down was no threat against the monsters receiving the enormous penalty.

– You have dealt a critical hit.

Whenever Ark swung his sword, a critical hit burst out along with a shriek.

That was because the evasion rate of the monsters was at rock bottom due to being underwater. Kicks were also the same. Each time he kicked, a monster would lose its balance and go flying. Nevermind counter attacking, simply swimming back to Ark took a long time. Killing monsters like nothing.

Even without the Guardian Armor of the Merpeople, Ark was one who had dodged the countless tentacles of the Jellyfish, and had stabbed his sword into the pin-sized gap in a Crab’s joints. He could deal critical hits on the monsters going in slow motion with his eyes closed. Moreover, with monsters down to 30-40% Health, it wasn’t a battle but a slaughter.

Every monster that moved disappeared, as if melted away by Ark. Many monsters appeared even after that, but there were none that could keep up with Ark’s movements.

“Kekeke, that Human, how can he move this fast?”

“Ack! H-he’s strong!”

The monsters’ words were their last. It was literally a full-blown sweep!

‘I want to clear away all the monsters if I can, but…’ Ark sighed in regret.

The countless EXP and contribution lying around him! Ark could hog it all if he just put his mind to it. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough time for that.

Many monsters were already fleeing out of the water. Of course, the surviving players would take down those monsters on their own. But if Valderas left the water, there was no knowing how the situation would change. If Valderas got out of the water and regained his strength, the method to complete the quest would disappear. In other words, no matter how much contribution he accumulated, he wouldn’t be able to receive a reward.

‘I’ve got to win while he’s underwater!’

Ark ran in the murky water as he chased after Valderas’ trail.

‘There’s no time! Where is he? How far was he swept away?’

Ark dashed all the way downstream like that while annihilating the monsters pressing in.

Thump, thump, thump.

Just then, tremors suddenly arose underwater. He looked in their direction and glimpsed the sight of an enormous shadow moving heavily in the murky water. A demon with a dragon’s body and the upper torso of a Shadow!


The final boss monster that dozens hadn’t been able to defeat even after bombarding him! But the situation was different now. Valderas only had 40% Health left. The 70% Health had been cut down by 30% after being swept by the torrent. It did seem that the stronger the flame power, more damage it took from water. In addition, unlike the monsters that had been granted the Bastion of Flame for a set period of time, Valderas’ attribute was originally fire. He was taking steady damage as the intense reaction of the flames and water erupted around his body.

‘Now’s the time. If I miss him here, there won’t be a second chance!’

“Valderas, I’m not going to lose you!”

Ark blocked Valderas’ way. Valderas spat out a savage cry as he swung his iron mace.


But the force of the mace was not the same as before. The attack was as slow as a fly coming down to rest, and there were no fearsome black flames. It wasn’t hard to evade. But Ark resolved himself to take the damage, parried, and counter attacked.


– You have dealt a critical hit!

As the chain skill burst out, Valderas was knocked back. He had gone out of his way to use Riposte in order to push Valderas into a deeper place so he couldn’t escape.

Originally, Riposte could only knock back monsters up to the medium size; large monsters had weight to them so the knock back effect activation rate was very low. But this was underwater, so Valderas’ size or weight were of no concern when the monster couldn’t even gain its center of balance.

‘As expected! This guy is no different from a regular monster now!’

He was certain of it after one blow. The fire attributed Valderas was extremely weakened. Also, the flame skills that had made Valderas invincible were all sealed. Lastly, with the Bastion of Flame gone, the damage went through properly. He had so much Health that even a critical hit only shaved away only 0.1%, but it was huge progress compared to when there had been no effect at all.

‘I can win. I can fight him on my own.’

After having unsummoned Dedric, Ark resummoned him again.

Dedric, who had flown to the scorch cannon, appeared in front of his nose with a frightened expression.

“Master! Ack, this guy… isn’t he Valderas?”

“Dedric, don’t talk back and attract his attention!” Ark ordered as he handed over a Mermaid Scale.

“Uhuhuhu, you fat bastard! Playing around with something of your level is no problem if we’re underwater!”

It seemed Dedric also took the struggling Valderas lightly. Dedric immediately showed off the underwater skills he had learned in the sea as he started to harass Valderas.


“You haven’t grasped the situation yet? I’m the one who threw you underwater. Why do you think I did that?”


“You stupid lizard, it’s because you’re no match for me here.”


Valderas shrieked in rage as he went crazy. But the more he did so, the further he fell into Ark’s pace. Even if he didn’t use Eyes of the Cat, he could see numerous weak points in a glance. Ark’s sword didn’t go off by even a hair’s breadth and accurately thrust into the weak points.


Even against a boss monster, he dealt critical hits at a rate of 70%.

Ark, who didn’t receive underwater penalty, could also kick without any problems. When Valderas wavered even a little, he let loose a barrage of kicks. Beaten like crazy with his Health being shaved away, even Valderas seemed to start to feel a little fear. He used all his strength to try and get out of the water by swinging his iron mace. But the fight became even easier as Valderas panicked and swung the mace around. Ark rammed all the mace strikes with Riposte and Valderas was actually pushed into a deeper place.


Valderas’ Health began to hit the ground under the shallow attacks of the Critical Hits, Counter Attacks, and kicks.

However, it wasn’t as if Ark didn’t take any damage. Although he didn’t have to worry about the Bastion of Flame, the monsters in the area gathered to protect the boss. Though they were just weak monsters taking the underwater penalty, it was impossible to dodge all the attacks pouring in from dozens of monsters. Even worse, he had to keep using Riposte in order to keep Valderas from escaping, so he had to take some damage. Also, even if he successfully dodged, it didn’t completely nullify the damage. 90% of the damage was reduced with a perfect dodge, so if he dodged ten attacks, it was the same as getting hit once. The damage was even greater if he defended with Parry. When Ark blocked Valderas’ attack with a parry in order to use Riposte, he lost 200 Health in an instant.

‘However, I can control Parry. I can just use it appropriately while checking my Health. Also, the Shadows’ attacks won’t be a problem if I occasionally take care them as I drink recovery potions.’

He had diligently saved up the recovery potions he’d gotten at the start of the event quest and the potions he’d picked up while doing the quest. He had a whopping 7 Intermediate Recovery Potions which recovered 300 Health each! He could recover 2,100 Health at any time. The slowed monsters’ attacks wouldn’t be able to hinder him from drinking the potions.

‘I can win! I can beat him!’

Ark was confident of his victory.

Then, the fog that had filled the valley slowly disappeared. Only then were the people who had narrowly escaped from the water able to see Valderas. It was hard to see properly with the fire and water reaction constantly spewing steam around Valderas, but they could at least tell that he was fighting someone underwater— with unbelievable movements.

“It’s Valderas!”

“He’s fighting with someone!”

“Who is it? Is someone fighting Valderas alone?”

“Damn, just look at those movements! How is he moving like that underwater?”

“I was only barely able to get out of the water…”

“Is it Alan?”

“No, I saw Alan gasping while swimming in the opposite direction earlier.”

As they watched Ark, who was going head to head with Valderas, the players shouted.

“Lo-look at that! Valderas only has 20% Health left!”

“He could really win!”

“This is no time to be dallying around! Let’s attack too!”

The Magicians, Archers, and Clerics started shooting concentrated fire at Valderas.


Valderas leapt up, extended his head, and shot a fireball. The Magicians hurriedly put up a shield, but the fireball erupted as it blew the shield to bits. Five to six players went forward needlessly, took massive damage, and were forcefully logged out.

Valderas was as scary as ever, but his opponent, Ark, was not outside of the water, but inside.

“Your opponent is me. Valderas!” Ark shouted as he struck Valderas’ leg.


Valderas leapt up again and spewed a fireball down below. As the fireball shot into the water, a column of steam erupted up and draped the surroundings in dense fog again.

Ark quickly rotated his body as he dodged the attack. Even though it was a fireball of enormous force, he didn’t take any damage in the explosion underwater. In other words, he just had to avoid a direct hit! Having dodged the fireball, Ark unleashed a barrage of successive kicks!

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

The surface of the water shook as roars erupted.

Then, when about 20 minutes had passed, Valderas, who had felt invincible, fell to below 10% Health and dropped into critical condition. On the other hand, Ark had 40% Health left and also had 4 Intermediate Recovery Potions remaining.

‘I’ve won!’

Ark made a triumphant expression.

Pushing him back into the water with the chain skill, Valderas’ Health fell to 5% under the focused assault. That instant, Valderas suddenly roared and violently smashed the ground with his iron mace. Ark, who had been raining attacks, flinched and took a step back. From his experience, most bosses had their own killer move. They would activate their killer move when their Health fell to a certain level. Indeed, the atmosphere was grave.

Valderas’ body suddenly turned black as the water around him began to boil.


At the same time, a red message popped up in front of Ark.

The Lord of Darkness Valderas has activated the skill ‘Curse of Black Flames!’

Curse of Flames: A curse skill that automatically activates as soon as Valderas’ Health goes below 5%. When ‘Curse of Black Flames’ is activated, Valderas will become unable to perform any actions. In exchange, his physical defense and magic resistance are both increased by 100%. When the curse is complete, Valderas will self destruct and all living beings within a 1 kilometer radius will receive 5,000 explosive damage regardless of defense or magic resistance.

Remaining time: 30 seconds

Ark’s face went pale.

29 seconds, 28 seconds …

Time passed even as he checked the message.

The message Ark had just checked was received by all the players in the blast radius. They had just been waiting for Valderas to fall as they stared at the surface of the water with bated breaths. And surprisingly enough, their wish was becoming reality. But what kind of absurd skill is this, all of a sudden?!

There was no one here who had more than 5,000 Health. Even the highest leveled Warrior didn’t even reach 3,000. It would be no use even if they gulped down recovery potions like crazy. Once the skill was complete, they would definitely die! Jackson Territory would become peaceful again as a result, but the annihilated players would see the quest failure message.

“We, we have to bring him down before that with concentrated fire!”

The players poured in attacks like crazy at the surface of the water, where steam was spewing out. But with his defense increased by 100% with the activation of the skill, there was no sign of Valderas’ Health falling. In addition, the surface was so clogged up with steam that they couldn’t even aim properly.


“Damn it, let’s run away!”

Too late, the players turned and ran. But in the remaining time of 20 seconds; it was impossible even for Magicians, who could use speed spells, to run 1 kilometer in 20 seconds.

And like them, Ark couldn’t escape either.

‘Damn, have I really come so far only to die like this?’

How far could he get when he was right in front of Valderas’ nose?

Only way to live was to take down Valderas within the time limit, but he was already out of Mana. He couldn’t even use Dark Blade, which was the only move he had that could ignore defense.

10 seconds, 9 seconds…

Even while he was thinking, the timer went down in front of his eyes.

“Unsummon, unsummon me! I don’t need to die with you! I don’t wanna die anymoreeee!” Shouted the panicking Dedric as he held onto Ark.

‘That’s right!”

At that moment, a thought flashed into Ark’s head.

He thought of the scene when Dedric had last died. The battle with Adelaine in Gallic’s belly! Back then, Ark had taken down Adelaine and a Rare item fell into his hands.

“Adelaine’s Necklace!”

Ark quickly backed away and took out Adelaine’s Necklace. He had gotten the level 70 restricted accessory at level 64, so he had packed it away and had forgotten it. But he remembered it thanks to Dedric. And Ark’s level was now 75! He had long since passed the level needed to use the necklace.

Ark shouted while equipping the necklace, “Blessing of the Sea Spirit!”

A blue kernel flowed from the pearl and transformed into the form of a beautiful Mermaid. It was the lover of Hero Maban, who had been purified by Ark; the former Queen of the Merpeople, Adelaine.

Adelaine smiled warmly as she looked at Ark. Then she approached him like a spring breeze and lightly kissed him.

Only usable once a day, the special effect of the necklace, Blessing of the Sea Spirit, was invoked!

A 40% increase in defense and 500 Mana recovery!

‘This is my last chance!’

Ark’s mind ran at a tremendous speed. Now the remaining time was just 5 seconds. He had to kill Valderas within that time!

‘I can use Dark Blade five times in 5 seconds. But then I’ll be forced to give up on this adventure!’

Ark raised the sword he had pinched from Andel. He hadn’t even had time to check it properly. But since it was from Andel, who drank recovery potions like water, it was a Magic item at the very least.

Since he had to break it, tears sprang to his eyes.

But he had no choice. It wasn’t like he could break Lancel’s Sword just because it was a shame to lose Andel’s. Ark switched Andel’s sword to his right hand and activated the skill with all his might.

“Blade Storm!”

The killer move of a Dark Walker that consumed an enormous 400 Mana! He had never been able to use the skill because of his lack of Mana and the penalty of having to destroy a sword. Of course, there was no knowing what kind of effect would come out of it, but all he could do right now was to hope it could produce a mighty attack worth 400 Mana and the loss of one sword.

As soon as Ark used the skill, cracks spread like a spider web over the blade. Then, with a flash, the sword broke into shards and raised a vortex.

…Suddenly, all the sound around him disappeared.

In a space of complete silence that blocked the sounds from outside, the shattered sword fragments serenely embroidered the darkness like the Milky Way.

And then, they gathered in one place and shot out in all directions with a tremendous explosion.


You have used the skill ‘Blade Storm.’

The opponent will take 5 unavoidable damage per sword shard. Depending on the sword’s performance and the proficiency of the skill, the sword will break into smaller shards and tear the opponent apart.

5 damage for every shard!

In a glance, there looked to be hundreds of shards, and each did 5 damage.

Its power was beyond imagination. As each of the sand-like shards stabbed into Valderas’ body, his Health quickly fell from 5% to 0.5% in an instant. Even with his defense raised to 100%, Valderas couldn’t handle the enormous damage and dropped to one knee. Valderas’ body turned crimson.

Double Critical Chance!


There was only one second remaining, and Ark had 120 Mana left. There was only one skill Ark could believe in and use in the final moment.

“Dedric, this is the final blow. DARK BLADE!”

Ark swung up Lancel’s Sword high and brought it down.

– You have dealt double the critical hit with Double Critical Chance. You have dealt a 150% damage critical hit that ignores defense with Dark Blade. 40% damage has been added as a co-op bonus of the magic sword owner Dedric.

– The ‘Curse of Black Flames’ skill has been cancelled.

As three effects activated at the same time, the curse skill disappeared. At last, Valderas’ Health also hit the ground.

‘Huff huff huff, I, I made it.’


Valderas stuttered with an agonized face, and then abruptly screamed towards the sky. Jet black energy swirled from his mouth as it gushed and began to rise. After expelling the black energy for some time, Valderas collapsed, as if completely spent. But even that was for a moment— he suddenly flung his head up.

‘Damn, is he still alive?’

Startled, Ark took a step back.

Luckily, there was no hostility in Valderas’ face. The grey eyes that had emitted foreboding energy had turned to a red as transparent as rubies. After looking around himself like a person who had just woken up, Valderas blew out a long sigh.

“Stranger… thank you…”


As Ark replied with a puzzled expression, Valderas spoke with a guilty face.

“I am Valderas… a Warrior with… the blood of the great Fire Draconians. Long ago… when a great evil covered the world… I led the nobles to… protect Jackson Territory… and fought the evil… but the evil was… stronger than I expected. I was drawn by the darkness’ seduction… and walked the path of corruption… and met a dishonorable death at the… hands of Warriors.”

“You died?”

“Yes. I died… even after dying once in the past… I could not… break free from the power of darkness… Rather, my fetters became even stronger.. But your sword… freed me from my chains… How such a thing was possible… even I cannot understand… But I am truly thankful… your sword that drove away… the darkness… has saved the Jackson Territory… I loved.”

Valderas gazed at him profoundly before shaking his head.

“There’s no need… to pity me.”

Of course, he had no thoughts of sympathy. Honestly, he was just scared. Therefore, it would be nice if he would just quietly die already. Ark swallowed the words on his throat.

“You are… similar to someone I knew… like he who loved the darkness… even as he hated it… Warrior… I will warn you for your sake… your strength, that freed me from the darkness… it will be a great threat to the darkness… if I, who fell into darkness, woke again… the darkness that should have disappeared long ago may… awaken again… Stranger… become stronger… The darkness… is strong.”

With that being the last of his super awkward words, Valderas slowly disappeared. Once Valderas faded away, the Shadows in the vicinity also disappeared, as though it melted down.

– You have leveled up.

Successive messages popped up as he rose 3 levels.

“I, I did it!”

Ark had miraculously killed Valderas at last. It was thanks to the item he had remembered in the last moment, Adelaine’s Necklace. Through Adelaine’s help, he was able to use Blade Storm, which he had never been able to use because he lacked Mana. This victory was perhaps a miracle created by Adelaine’s feelings towards Hero Maban. After thinking that, he crinkled his nose.

However, emotions were emotions, and reality was reality.

‘Huhuhu, I should grab the items before the other people crawl over.’

Fortunately, there was no one nearby. They had all fled, terrified by Valderas’ suicide skill. Granted, no one who would object to Ark getting the items anyways. However, it was a rule that one should pick up items without others knowing.

Valderas, the boss of the event quest only a handful out of hundreds of players had survived! He was a boss Ark had narrowly managed to kill after overcoming several near death instances.

Naturally, a reward worth it all would follow.

Fire Slayer (Unique)

Weapon Type

Blunt Weapon

Attack Damage






Usage Restriction

Level 80, 300 Strength

The iron mace used by the Lord of Darkness Valderas. A powerful magic mace made by smelting the magma of Mt. Lava, the origin of the Fire Draconians, it boasts the mighty power to destroy the opponent’s defense in an instant. In addition, it is imbued with the strength of Valderas’ powerful flames.

Options: +20% Armor Destruction, Fire Damage +10

Special Option: Can use a 200 damage mini fireball (range 10 meters) three times a day.

‘A Unique weapon…’

Ark’s jaw dropped. It may be a Warrior-only weapon, but it had a whopping damage of 50~70! It was double the attack of Lancel’s Sword. In addition, the fire attribute did 10 damage! Even the special option was outrageous.

A Unique weapon of this level was hard to even find in the auctions. It even had a distinctive appearance, so there was no doubt that it would be extremely popular with item collectors.

‘I was worried since my bank account is running low because I’ve used all my money for this month…’

It was worth the trouble. Did people call this a welcome rain at the end of a drought? After changing his job to a pro gamer, he had been very anxious because he hadn’t gotten a decent item. But to think such an incredible item would come into his hands in the event quest!

‘He really lives up to his name as the Lord of Darkness!’

2 items had dropped besides the weapon.

Fire Draconian Scale (Material)

A scale of the Fire Draconians that ruled the northern continent long ago. Made from sturdy keratin, the scale faintly retains its surface sheen; a holy energy of flame is flowing from it. If processed by an outstanding craftsman, a leather product imbued with powerful magic can be made.


Lord of Darkness Valderas’ Insignia: Starting item for a level 150 quest.

You need 100 Knowledge of Ancient Relics to identify this item.

The scale had quite a grandiose explanation, but it didn’t look like it could make money right away. He was more interested in the quest starting item. Just looking at the Jeweled Hand Mirror’s case, one could expect a big reward for that kind of quest. But the level requirement was 150, and he needed 100 Knowledge of Ancient Relics. It was still a quest he couldn’t do until the far future.

Before anyone could see, Ark hurriedly threw away cheap items in his bag and stowed the loot.

Just then, a ray of sunlight suddenly shone from above the surface. Lifting his head, he saw the Dark Fog that had covered Jackson gradually fading, revealing the blue sky.

Only after staring up at the brightening sky through the water was Ark able to realize the quest was over. Indeed, the quest was updated with a sound effect afterwaters.

Hero Assembly!

* The sub-quest ‘Stop Valderas’ Advance’ has been completed. Through the efforts of Warriors who gathered from various places, the Lord of Darkness Valderas was defeated. The Dark Fog covering Jackson Territory has also disappeared; the time of terror is now over.

The Warriors who survived to the very end and saved Jackson will be granted great honor and Fame. In addition, they will receive a reward if they take their Badge to the Giran Magic Institute.

* You have made a chief contribution in defeating Valderas.

Additional reward:
+20,000 contribution points.
+200 Fame

All missions have succeeded; ‘Hero Assembly (Event Quest)’ has been completed.

With the completion of the main quest, all contribution points have been added up and the final ranking has been decided.

Ark is currently in tie for 1st place with 50,830 contribution points.

“1st place?”

Ark’s eyes became as big as plates at the unbelievable message.

When he received the final quest, Alan had twice as much contribution than Ark. And in the last battle, Alan had monopolized an enormous amount of contribution points with his AOE magic. Because of that, Ark had just about given up, but thanks to the contribution he earned in the ensuing underwater battle and by killing Valderas, he had caught up to Alan in the end.

He couldn’t check the name of the other person who had tied for 1st place with him, but it was undoubtedly Alan.

‘Still, to tie for 1st place…’

He didn’t like that he had to share 1st place with Alan. He would’ve been able to overtake Alan if he had just killed one more monster before fighting Valderas… when he thought about it, it was such a shame. Still, he was 1st anyway. Thinking about what reward he would get from the Magic Institute made his heart race already. Then, another message popped up.

Your combined contribution has reached 1st place and can be registered on Jackson’s message board.

If registered on the board, you will automatically enter the Hall of Fame and will earn an additional 2,000 EXP and 100 Fame. In addition, your name will become known to the many NPCs who see the board and you will receive respect.

Will you register?

It was a bonus given to the players in the top 10, who could put their names onto the message board. Ark shook his head without even considering it.


NPCs weren’t the only ones who saw the message board. Players would see it, too. There were, of course, many players who wanted their names known no matter what, but Ark absolutely rejected it. First of all, he didn’t want his name put right next to Alan as the tied 1st place, and he didn’t want the attention he’d receive. All he wanted was to quietly and discreetly collect the profit.

“Let’s go, Dedric. Our business here is finished.”

Ark walked underwater towards Jackson Castle. The long event quest had ended.

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