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The Strongest Summon

“Why are you suddenly here?” Kaiser asked unbelievably.

Gle raised his eyebrow, and said leisurely, “Strange, I didn’t open the hole. I haven’t even blame you for opening a hole in my house, and you’re already blaming me for it? Don’t tell me that, nowadays, I can’t even lie in my own house and nap?”

“Gle!” The Dragon Emperor roared after gritting his teeth.

“Aiya! Dragon Emperor, you haven’t changed a bit, still being a hypocrite and feigning kindness.” Gle sat up, and looked at the Dragon Emperor.

“What nonsense are you saying?” The Dragon Emperor yelled, with his chest rapidly going up and down. He had no idea the Devil would suddenly appear now. Since Aklan and Commerce Alliance were obviously opposing him, if the devil were to join them, his plans might not end up well.

“What are you so angry about?” Gle lazily leaned back on his chair, “I don’t plan on going back.”

The Dragon Emperor was so angry he could not hear anything Gle said, “The Aklan Prime Minister was indeed harboring you.”

“Hmmph! What the hell does it have to do with them? I, Devil Gle, need them to harbor me? Ha.” Gle’s eyes suddenly looked spirited. Although he had lost against the Dragon Emperor back then and had nothing to say, but if the Dragon Emperor were to involve other people into this, he would not continue to submit to such humiliation.

Seeing Gle might have been angered by him, the Dragon Emperor suddenly realized he might have done something idiotic: Gle did not seem to want to intervene in this matter, so why would he illicit his anger and force him to be involved?

Thinking about it, the Dragon Emperor calmed his agitation. After all, he had living for thousands of years, and there were very few things to make him lose control completely. He asked calmly, “Devil Gle, do you plan on intervening the succession between the successor and I?” The Dragon Emperor cleverly disguised this match as a problem of succession. If it were a succession issue within the royal family of the Empire, then outsiders naturally should not intervene.

“Between you and the successor?” Gle, however, asked with interest. At the same time, his eyes were fixed on Liola. He looked and there was no other Princes or Princesses, but how did this guy become the successor? Li being the successor? Interesting.

“Right, right! Liola can only be the Dragon Emperor if we win the match, understand now?”

Kaiser suddenly started yelling loudly, to attract Gle’s attention. Gle was fully aware how cunning his descendant was. He knew Kaiser would not want to attract his attention if there was nothing important. Now, the runt was actively trying to catch his attention, so it must mean Kaiser was up to something again.

“Sigh! But Mizerui is just far too strong, and we don’t stand a chance.” Kaiser sighed exaggeratedly and said.

‘Mizerui?’ Gle frowned. ‘Why would that guy ever oppose Li and his friends? Didn’t he want to kill the Dragon Emperor and take his place?’

Gle’s eyes were now fixed towards Mizerui, only to see him standing expressionlessly on the arena, and had no reaction after seeing Gle. There was was obviously some big problems. Gle only paused for a moment before he understood; Mizerui must be under control, otherwise he would not dare to ignore him.

‘This idiot!’

Rage suddenly overcame Gle. As his eldest apprentice! How could he have fallen into the Dragon Emperor’s control? This was very shameful to him!

Gle stood up from his chair, with fire still burning in his eyes. Having always believed in violence, he reached out his right hand, and a drill-shaped spell shot towards Mizerui. But during its trajectory, gravity Magic caused it to land onto the ground. Because he was getting attacked, Mizerui counterattacked instinctively, and a dozen black balls were shot towards the black hole Gle was standing in.

“Mizerui! You wanna die?”

He waved his hand to defuse the black balls, but Gle was now truly infuriated. How dare Mizerui attack him? Mizerui must be… must be…


Gle had a Blue Dragon on his left and White Tiger on his right… Or rather! A Fire Dragon coming from his left hand, and an Electric Tiger on his right. Both of these Magic Animals were comparable in size to a real Dragon, and the heat from the Fire Dragon was even felt by the Dragon Emperor, who was standing far away. The electric tiger was even more awe-inspiring; just the sight of the bolts of lightning would drive fear into the hearts of anyone who would look at it, and the arcs were as tall as a person. Though Meinan had casted a protective shield, he still kept backing up away from Gle.

“Damn! Is all this even necessary?!” Kaiser’s jaws dropped, and yelled, “Crap! Is Mizerui going to end up getting killed by Gle instead of the Dragon Emperor?”

“AHHH!” Purity screamed, “D-Dragon… T-tiger…”

Although Purity’s cries sounded tragic, no one would say a word because by now, the Dragon and Tiger from Gle’s hands already charged out of the black hole. In that instant, the entire arena was shrouded by these two spells — fires and lightnings were everywhere. Kaiser and Meinan were also yelling an octave higher than usual, “AHH—”

When their lives were threatened, everyone had seemingly unlimited potential. Meinan’s protective shield instantly reached a strength he had been unable to obtain before. The Fire Dragon and the Lightning Tiger finally exploded in the arena. In that instant, other than red and blue lights, nothing could be seen. In addition, other than hearing continuous explosions, none of the screams could be heard.

“Crap, are Kaiser, Meinan, and Purity in danger?” Daylight was as anxious as ants in a hot pan*. His eyes drifted frequently between the arena and Liola’s face, hoping to read the situation from his face.

[T/N: This idiom is used to describe a person’s anxiety and restlessness just like how ants would behave on a hot pan.]

Although there was nothing to be seen or heard, but Liola did not need any of that. Since he was already able to sense Gle when the black hole still had nothing there, he was obviously able to sense the presence of Kaiser and others from the not so far away arena, and that they had not changed much.

“They’re fine.” Liola nodded as Daylight turned towards him again.

Daylight finally felt a bit better, and returned to calmly observing the situation in the arena. Albeit the explosion and the lights had passed, the stadium remained perfectly silent because smoke now shrouded the entire arena, and no one could see what was going on.


“It’s master! Bastard.”

“Why would you be here?” Mizerui asked, completely surprised.

“It’s because you’re digging holes in my house! One open holes, and the other dared to attack me. You little runts, bastards! Bastards! I’m pissed.”

As the smoke slowly cleared, the situation could finally been seen. Kaiser and others were already cowering on the ground, and Mizerui was lying on the ground pitifully. His black-and-white robe was now ripped and dirty, to the point where it looked more like a gray robe. His body also had plenty of wounds, though luckily none of them seemed too serious.

The important thing was, he no longer looked expressionless. Instead, he was blankly looking at Gle, who was inside the black hole, with confusion. He then looked at where he was, confused why he was in such a strange place.

“Long time no see, Gle, looks like you’re still as recklessly as you were before.”

Barbalis slowly descended from the air. When the Fire Dragon and Lightning Tiger charged, he did the simplest thing he could think of — fly higher so he would not get hit.

“Who the hell are you?” Gle looked at the old geezer coldly, unable to remember how he would know such an old man.

Veins popped out of Barbalis’ forehead, “I am Barbalis!”

“Barbalis!?” Gle paused, then began to examine the old man facing him, “Why did you make yourself look like an old man?”

“I am already an old man.” Barbalis shook his head, “I’m not interested in maintaining my face to look like a young man.”

“Hmmph!” Gle raised his eyebrows, and attacked back, “Only weird people would want to make themselves look like they’re on the brink of death.”

Barbalis laughed for a while, and said with feelings, “You still act as mischievous as you were before, but no matter how silly you have been, you’ve always been able to solve the problems of others. In the hundreds of years I’ve known you, I still can’t figure out if you’re really just causing trouble or you’re actually helping.”

Gle replied rudely, “What the hell are you saying? You look like an old man, has your brain also succumb to old age?”

“Never mind. The black hole is about to close again, you should go speak with the others.”

“I thought you would try to convince me to come back, but you didn’t even try; so heartless.” Gle pouted, and said unhappily.

Barbalis smiled as he shook his head; ‘This man’s awkward personality didn’t change at all. He and Kaiser really do seem alike.’

By now, Mizerui was already slowly standing up, and his eyes were fixed on Gle. His body… on the other hand, was slowly backing away. He finally remembered he was being controlled by the Dragon Emperor, and he even attacked Gle; it was pretty much a suicidal act.

Gle narrowed his eyes dangerously, and said coldly, “What are you doing! Are you trying to run?”

“No…” Mizerui’s face went bitter, and said a lie even he wouldn’t believe himself, “My legs are cramping, and they’re backing me out by themselves.”

Gle grunted and said, “Better scram! If I keep seeing you, I might blow you into pieces thinner than my nails!”

Mizerui smiled bitterly. With Barbalis’ help, the two of them slowly flew into the sky.

Barbalis said casually, “Almost forgot, we both surrender.”

Hearing this, even though the Dragon Emperor was infuriated, but under Gle’s cold gaze, he could do nothing but hold his fists tightly and hold his anger back. He sat still in his throne, did not say anything, and watched as the two of them flew away.

Seeing this, Barbalis smiled slightly, threw out the last sentence, and slowly faded away, “Although you really are awkward and never want to say things clearly even after helping others, but I still have to thank you, old friend.”


By now, the black hole was only the size of a head, with only Gle’s cold face visible. He turned to looked at Kaiser and Liola, and threatened, “I don’t care what you are doing! However, if you dare to lose, nevermind the fact that I’m in another world. Even if I’m in hell, I will climb up and get you two. Do you hear me?!”

“Understood.” Kaiser and Liola answered in unison.

From the fading black hole, one could vaguely see Gle yawn, lie down on a chair with one hand behind his head, and continued his nap. While he was falling asleep, he was pondering how he could cause disturbances in the Martial Arts world. Perhaps create a type of Kung Fu, hide it, and make a treasure map to it, so he would see everyone fighting each other endlessly for it…


The black hole closed completely, leaving only Gle’s laughter behind with some unknown meaning, which made everyone’s hair stand. People began to wonder, if one day Gle would suddenly come back and start creating chaos again?

Everyone present were confused what had happened, but they could see the Dragon Emperor’s face being completely frozen. However, moments later, he began to laugh again, stood up, and announced loudly,

“You lost. You are only allowed to send three Magicians to the match, but instead you had a fourth, and this seriously violated the match’s rules.”

“Bullshit!” Kaiser immediately refuted instinctively, “This is just Purity’s ultimate.”

‘My ultimate?’ Purity’s eyes widened. She forced herself not to show fear, and nodded with her rigid face, cooperating with Kaiser’s super lies.

“Nonsense!” The Dragon Emperor frowned, and yelled in disdain.

Kaiser, who had just been warned by Gle, would not abandon his victory because of the Dragon Emperor frowning. He said coldly, “Do you not even have common sense, or are you going to tell me you don’t even know about summon spells?”

“Summon spell?” The Dragon Emperor was actually stunned. How did this involve summoning spell?

“The so-called summoning spell means opening a door to another dimension, and call forth a creature from this world to help the Magician.” Kaiser explained carelessly, “Didn’t you see that black hole? It was another dimension. In fact, Purity was just using her unstable ‘random summoning spell’ to call a ‘summon’. But, it just so happened that we hit the jackpot, and summoned the Devil to our aid. How is that violating the rules?”

“That cannot possibly count!” The Dragon Emperor was about to explode from anger. It was practically a fallacy; the devil Gle was a summon? Who would actually believe that?

‘You actually said Gle was a summon… if he heard it, you will rest in pieces, ones thinner than his nails.’ Daylight and Liola both thought at the same time.

“Why don’t you go look it up?!” Kaiser raised his chin, and said arrogantly, “No matter what kind of Magic duel, summon spells are always accepted, and no rules said we can’t summon the Devil to fight for us!”

“We could summon the Devil because of our luck! What? Are you going to be a sore loser?” Kaiser purposely looked at the Dragon Emperor with contempt, and said, “Wouldn’t that be too disgraceful, Your Majesty?”

The Dragon Emperor looked towards Idojin, who, after a moment of thought, shook his head back. Indeed, the black hole Purity opened was a type of summoning spell that opened the door to another dimension… However, it was the most unstable, and one very few would use. This spell, under normal circumstances, was not something one would use in real combat, but no rules stated one could not do such a thing.

Seeing Idojin shake his head, the Dragon Emperor’s face darkened. He looked towards Kaiser, and said blankly, “Then, let’s suppose your summon defeated two of my Magicians. However, my side still has a Magician in the arena, and therefore the victory is not yours yet.”

Kaiser blinked, and did not realize until now, ‘Oh! Right, there’s still Idojin, I almost thought we won already…’

“Then… let’s start the fight again!” Before Kaiser even said the word “fight,” a giant fireball already soared out of his giant gun… To be more precise, he was taking advantage of others not being prepared. To be even more precise, he was ambushing Idojin!

Idojin did not expect his opponent to try ambushing in front of all these Knights. With no time to cast a spell, he embarrassingly rolled to the side, barely escaping this ambushing fireball.

Everyone gave Kaiser a disdainful look.

“Tsk, too bad.” Unfortunately this person had little care for self contemplation, and he even rolled his eyes towards everyone, “What are you looking at?! I’m not a Knight, can’t I not be righteous?”

Though everyone felt this person was extremely shameless, but as he said, he was no Knight, and the Knights had no right to demand him to follow their code of honor. Thus, all they could was look at him in contempt.

Another bolt was suddenly shot towards Idojin. Luckily for him, after being ambushed so many times, he had a fireball ready to diffuse the bolt. Idojin relaxed a bit, and his eyes saw that there were only two people remaining on the opposing side; Meinan was nowhere to be seen.

‘Hmm…’ Idojin wanted to take a moment to think, but Kaiser already shot another fireball at him. The moment he put up a shield to block the fireball, Purity shot another bolt at him. Since his shield could not stop physical attacks, Idojin had no choice but cast another spell to handle Purity’s bolt.

While fumbling to defend himself, Idojin threw a look to where Kaiser was, noticing a figure with golden hair in a corner. He thought, perhaps after using his protective shield to stop Gle’s attack, Meinan ended up being exhausted, so he had to go hide in order to not become a burden.

This was perfect for him. Without Meinan’s shield, he would be able to attack without worrying. Idojin saw an opportunity while Purity was reloading, and used a large-scale attack. Pieces of beautiful snowflakes began to descend onto the arena. Unlike its appearance, however, the snowflakes were very deadly, leaving behind a scar every place it touched on the arena ground. Some of Kaiser’s fireballs collided with them, and it exploded in the air.

Fireballs and snowflakes filled the arena, and they would explode when they occasionally collided, covering the sky with what seemed to be fireworks and snow dust. It looked like a dazzling scenery… as long as you weren’t in the arena. By looking at Kaiser and Purity, neither of them knew how to cast a shield, and seeing the sparks land on their clothes, igniting it, or when the snow dust touched them, they would sneeze endlessly. One would know the beautiful things were better seen from far away.

Idojin was surrounded by three people, and he was a bit fumbled, because he did not excel in Magic duels, in addition to Kaiser having endless amount of cunning ideas, but not because he lacked in strength. For him to follow the Dragon Emperor for such a long time, his true strength was definitely there, and this spell also demonstrated his extraordinary power.

The transparent snowflake Magic did not seem to slow down, but instead it became more and more intense. Kaiser had no choice but to cover the sky with fireballs to stop the beautiful yet fatal snowflakes, but being showered by the aftermaths of the collision did not feel great either. Purity kept dodging, without being able to shoot, and Kaiser could barely stop the attack, never mind attacking back.

This was Idojin’s golden opportunity. He used levitation up in the air, and began to chant another large scale Magic. He wanted to blow up the three people, along with this arena, into pieces.

Idojin was in the second half of the spell; he thought, he was close to succeeding, and the legacy of the Dragon Emperor would not end here…

While chanting, his eyes noticed a strange scenario: a small spark fell onto Meinan in the corner where he hid, but Meinan did not seem to react. The fire grew more and more intense, and his entire body was now practically a fireball… How could that be…

Fake! Idojin finally understood. That was not the real Meinan, but where would the real Meinan be?

Idojin looked left and right, not paying attention his spell. However, he did not see Meinan around him, so where would Meinan be?

Kaiser saw Idojin looking around him, and began to smile. He said, “What? Do you really think Meinan only carry a dagger?”

Meinan was higher in the air than Idojin, and he held a crossbow in his hand. After pulling the trigger, a bolt shot out, hitting Idojin squarely in his chest. Because Meinan did not want to kill him, the bolt missed the heart, but it did still pierced his lung.

Idojin fell out of the sky. Before he hit the ground, Meinan protected him with a spherical shield. Otherwise, with a pierced lung, the impact with the ground would have taken his life instantly.

Meinan slowly landed on the ground. Idojin turned to look at him, noticing his originally long golden hair had been cut short. Judging from the messy looks, he must had cut them off with the dagger before. He was also wearing only undershirts, with his robe nowhere to be found.

‘Did they fool me with hair and a robe?’ Idojin thought to himself, but how would that be possible? Did they plan on doing something like this from the start? No! Impossible, they could not have been able to guess beforehand that only one of their opponents would remain. If they had planned this, they would have prepared a wig beforehand, instead of cutting off his hair on the spot.

Kaiser and Purity walked over, both with a victorious smile on their faces.

“This world runs on being despicable!” Kaiser showed a contemptible smile that would make everyone want to slap him on sight, “Unfortunately, the only person more despicable than me, Kaiser, had just returned to the other world!”

“W-when did you guys discuss to go with such a plan?” Idojin really did not understand, these three people obviously had not talked, but Kaiser and Purity’s actions were obviously covering for Meinan. Without having talked, how did these three cooperate?

“What discussion…” Kaiser scratched his face, and shrugged, “I just saw Meinan suddenly go hide in the corner. Although I didn’t know what he was up to, I thought to cover him first.”

Purity also nodded wildly.

“But I really didn’t expect you would be willing to cut your own hair off…” Kaiser looked at Meinan with his comically horrid haircut.

As soon as he heard “hair”, Meinan’s entire face sank. He almost did not have the courage to take out a mirror to look.

“But… it’s gorgeous.” Kaiser smiled, giving Meinan the thumbs up.

“Really?” Meinan was shocked, and hurried to grab his mirror to see how beautiful he was.

Bang! Purity punched the small mirror out of Meinan’s hand, breaking it in the process.

“You don’t need to look at it, Meinan, you really are very, very beautiful.” Purity smiled innocently.

“Then, why did you break my mirror?” Meinan widened his gaze, staring at the pieces of glasses from the second mirror he wanted to pass down to his son as an heirloom.

“Because she’s afraid your narcissism would double after seeing how beautiful you are.” Kaiser explained with a serious face.

Meinan brushed his hair with his hand, and smiled narcissistically, “I knew it; no matter what I do, I’ll still be the most beautiful thing ever! Hehehe…”

Kaiser and Purity looked at Meinan’s hair, and both gulped. Originally, his messy hair could be called a “passable” look, but after Meinan brushed it, the bizarre look of his hair was now apparent, and they could barely look…

“Nevertheless, we won, right? Dragon Emperor, Your Highness?”

Kaiser said as he threw a provoking look to the Dragon Emperor, whose blue face made Kaiser feel… ha! The best feeling he had ever felt for causing trouble!

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