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Bonus Story 1 : Love and Hate

“Hahaha! Interesting. This is interesting. As expected of Liola… Since young he had been riddled with troubles and now, he’s possessed by the Dragon Emperor’s Heart?”

Gle was lying lazily on his couch. A mirror without a stand floated gently in front of him. Gle’s reflection did not appear on the mirror, but instead, it displayed a large crowd of people. In the middle of the crowd, there was a teenager with silver eyes.

After a long hearty laugh, Gle muttered, “If that’s the case, the one I fought with must have been that thousands of years old collection of grief and hatred… Yeah, this should be it! How else could that idiot Caffey have fought against me toe to toe?!”

At this time, a knock came at the door from the outside. Gle turned his gaze to the door, furrowed his brows and asked, “What’s the problem?”

“Leader, someone has requested an audience with you.”

Upon hearing the request, Gle waved his hands and put away the magic mirror. He sat upright on the couch and withdrew his lazy expression, replacing it with an inscrutable smile.

“Bring him in.”

The guards outside opened the door and an elder with a walking cane entered Gle’s room.

“Old Rock Head.” [Wanyuan]

When he saw the old man, Gle was surprised. However, thinking back, perhaps it wasn’t that surprising. After all, the only thing that could have moved this stubborn old man was probably the news of Liola and his company.

“Good Afternoon, Alliance Leader Gle,” Wanyuan greeted with a smile.

Gle sneered. If he was asked how many martial artists in this world knew he was a fake Alliance Leader, Gle himself didn’t know for sure. However, the one thing he knew for certain was that this Old Rock Head definitely knew. Therefore, him calling Gle “Alliance Leader” at this moment was definitely out of mischief, rather than respect.

“What’s with your high spirits? Did you miss me?” Gle said mockingly and slumped down lazily on the couch, without a single trace of respect for the elder.

Wanyuan did not mind Gle’s attitude. It was clear to Wanyuan that the person in front of him looked like a dandy 20-year-old man. However, in terms of seniority, between him and this dandy youngster, who ought to be respected as the elder… that would be a hard question to answer!

“Yes, of course. Did you know that the Yao Shen, the old fart made some bizarre medicine? I have specially came to let you have some fun with it,” the old man, Wanyuan, giggled and fished out a gourd bottle.

Gle glanced at Old Rock Head suspiciously. Why had he come here without a proper purpose? He was most definitely up to no good!

Even if it’s not something good, it would definitely be something fun to kill time with. Gle laughed and retorted, “I say, don’t tell me that you and the old Yao Shen can’t take seeing me toy around with the martial art world…? Have you finally intended to go against me?”

“Not at all. Why, it’s merely the martial arts world. Do as you please with it!” As Wanyuan said this, he sighed and thought, ‘After being toyed by you, perhaps those little brats might understand that the martial art world is just like a game… It is not worth it to compete so fiercely and offering no quarter.’

Sigh… What a waste… Gle thought that such competition was meaningless.

“Say, what medicine did you bring?” Gle knew that since Wanyuan brought medicine here, he definitely wanted Gle to do something for him. Without revealing anything, Wanyuan patiently engaged in a mind game with Gle, seeing as both of them had more of time than anything else.

“Heh heh,” Wanyuan laughed slyly and replied, “This medicine is extraordinary. Upon taking one pill, it allows males to have the voice of females or allows females to have angelic voices…”

“What’s the big deal? My magic can do it as well!” Gle interrupted impatiently.

“What did you say? How can my medicine ever be so lowly?!”

The room door was suddenly kicked open. Two unknowing guards had already been knocked unconscious and they fell down sluggishly to the floor. An old man with a big bamboo basket rushed in and glared furiously at Gle, huffing angrily.

Wanyuan shook his head helplessly and thought, ‘This Yao Shen really hates people who look down on his medicine. Even though his temper has improved somewhat now that he’s older, in the past, whoever looked down on his medicine, even it it was the Martial Art Alliance leader… He would have charmed them to their knees and had them shout, ‘Your medicine is the best, the greatest and the most heavenly!’

Gle was not surprised. He knew that other than himself, there were other geniuses. In fact, there were quite a number of them!

“It has been a long time, Yao Gui.”

[T/N: Nickname for Yao Shen, where the Gui is ghost, which infer him as Medicine Fanatic.]

“It is Yao Shen!” Yao Shen glared at Gle angrily.

Gle answered nonchalantly, “Say, what is the effect of this set of medicine? If it is not interesting, then do not talk about it.”

Yao Shen exclaimed, “It’s interesting! These sets of medicine are very interesting! Upon consuming just one set, one’s voice will change into a lady’s voice. Upon consuming three sets, their skin will be smooth. Upon taking ten sets, their hair will instantly grow long, with the additional effect of having silky black hair…”

“Ah, so it is a beauty product?” Gle yawned loudly. He had totally no interest in it. However, he could give it to his daughter, Yasha, but his daughter was a natural beauty. Even without the medicine, she was as beautiful as a swan!

Yao Shen stopped raging and sent daggers with his eyes instead. Feeling the intense pressure, Gle narrowed his eyes. It had been a long time since someone sent him daggers. Even if they ended up fighting, Yao Shen’s drugs were truly annoying, however, there was no reason to be afraid of him.

“Gle! What Yao Shen fears the most is people looking down on his medicine, moreover he knows that you are knowledgeable. Do you think he would bring some normal beauty products to let you frown upon?” Wanyuan reminded Gle kindly.

“That makes sense.” Gle’s eyes darted to Wanyan, “Looks like this ‘Beauty Product’ is not so normal after all.”

“What medical properties does this medicine actually have then?”

After giving a slight thought, Gle did not want to let Yao Shen have his way. If he could enrage him by looking down on his medicine, getting him to fight would be a kind of profit, since he had not been exercising for a long time.

However, instead of being enraged, Yao Shen smiled. He knew he had already caught Gle’s interest and announced, “Upon finishing 49 packs of this, a peerless beautiful lady will be born!”

“So what?” Gle furrowed his brows.

“And…” Yao Shen dragged out his sentence purposefully.

‘There’s more?’ Gle glanced at Yao Shen but then retracted his sight. He did not want to let Yao Shen know that he was actually rather interested in the medicine.

“This medicine works for both gender,” Yao Shen announced.

“Even a male will turn handsome and charming?” Gle twitched his brows and questioned Yao Shen.

Yao Shen revealed a proud smile and answered in a high and mighty tone, “No, even a male will turn into a peerless beautiful lady.”

Gle paused and replied, “A legitimate female?”

“A legitimately peerless and beautiful lady from the inside out,” Yao Shen replied in a sonorous tone.

Gle’s eyes lit up. Although he could cast magic to turn a male into female, that was just an illusion. He could never turn a male into a legitimate female. Yao Shen’s medicine could perform something he could not!

‘Interesting!’ A thought flashed through Gle’s mind.

“Can you give me some of this medicine?” Gle asked impatiently.

“Wishful thinking!” Yao Shen snapped.

Gle sent a dangerous glance across. Yao Shen seemed to be sick of living. He provoked Gle’s interest with the medicine but refused to give him the medicine!

“If only…” With a quick change of mind, Yao Shen looked toward Wanyuan.

Gle eyes set focus on Wanyuan and gave a gentle smile. As expected, the reason they are here is because they can’t run away from Liola and company. Yao Gui and Old Rock Head were old friends. Wanyuan most probably knew Gle loved bizarre and interesting things to play with. So Wanyuan went to look for Yao Gui in order to find something that can interest Gle and use it in exchange for a request.

“Just say it, what do you want me to do? Old Rock Head! When have you become so long winded? Stop beating about the bush and go straight to the point. What are you planning?” Gle spoke lazily.

After hearing Gle speak, Wanyuan exclaimed in anger, “Rubbish. Nonsense! I only wanted to ask you about the situation of my disciple. Yao Shen, that old fart, told me you would refuse and came up with this silly idea. This has nothing to do with me!!!”

Upon listening, Gle became curious. Wanyuan wanted to know about the current state of his disciple. For that reason, it was understandable, however, what did this have to do with Yao Gui? Why was he getting involved so eagerly?

After hearing Wanyuan’s attempt to blame him for the plan and seeing Gle’s suspicious look, Yao Shen explained in embarrassment, “Having lived for such a long age, life now seems so boring! Upon hearing Daylight, that old fart Wanyuan’s disciple’s tale of his dimension, it lit up an interest in me.. The stories of such brave knights, magnificent mechas – all of them sounded so interesting. Being able to hear about it and yet unable see it in person – it caused my heart to itch in excitement!”

While scratching his chest, Yao Shen sighed, “If only Daylight was still here, I could hear more of these interesting stories such as holy knight, dark knight etc… but now that he’s gone again, don’t mention about witnessing such interesting things, I do not even get to hear about them.”

Yao Shen shook his head furiously and exclaimed, “Oh NO! I am bored till… the itch in my heart has spread to my whole body. How meaningless!!”

Although he only let out a “hmph” after hearing the rants, he understood how Yao Shen and Wanyuan felt. At the very least, he had managed to enjoy both dimensions. As for Yao Gui and Old Rock Head, who were stuck in their own worlds, it’s certain they were bored to death after living life for so long.

Interesting! Gle sniggered internally. While feigning innocence on the outside, he said, “So what does it have to do with me?”


Yao Shen and Wanyuan looked at each other. It seemed that fawning Gle would be the easier way out. “What kind of a person are you? Gle! Aren’t you the leader of the Shaolong hall?! A mere request of sourcing for information from another dimension — to you, it should be a piece of cake, right?”

That was a nice question!

Gle sharpened his eyes. If he answered no, would that not be self-defamation? If he answered yes, these two old farts would definitely want to complain about how they’ve known each other for so long… and that if he does not accept their simple request, that would be too disrespectful of him.

Although he knew the question was a trap, he would prefer to not give them face… but neither did he want to defame himself. He snorted, “Easy peasy.”

Upon hearing Gle’s reply, Wanyuan and Yao Shen eyes beamed in excitement. Both of them exclaimed, “Then please, show us quickly…”

“Wishful thinking!” Planning to toy with him, Gle purposely imitated how Yao Shen talked earlier.

The moment Yao Shen heard that, he immediately fumed with rage. At the same time, Wanyuan’s expression turned sour and his face started to turn ashen.

Upon seeing both Yao Shen’s and Wanyuan’s reactions, Gle started laughing in his heart. It seemed that wanting to enrage these two old farts and then cause both of them to start a brawl with him had already become something that would happen in the near future.

At this moment, a cutesy voice sounded before the owner of the voice appeared.

“Daddy! There are a lot of people outside your door. What game are you playing this time? You better not hide it from me.”

Gle shot a glance at the door. His daughter entered the room with a puzzled expression. Upon seeing the two elders, her eyes widened, observing the two of them curiously. After a while, she identified both of them through their appearance.

“Elder Wanyuan and Elder Yao Shen?”

Gle let out a bright smile. His daughter was definitely not someone simple and unknowlegable.

Yasha fixed her sight on the two elders, then looked at her father. Why were the three ‘giants’ of the martial arts world together? If they planned to roam the land together, wouldn’t it be a disaster? Were they planning to exterminate the whole martial arts world?

“Daddy, what are you guys up to?” Yasha walked to her father’s side, grabbed his hand and shook it incessantly, trying to force words out of him.

Gle smiled and explained, “Oh, they’re here to request something of me. They wish for me to let them see the alternate dimension and broaden their horizon.”

“Alternate dimension? Is it the one I went to in the past?”

Gle nodded his head.

“Is my Master still there?” Yasha’s eyes widened.

“Of course,” he said, matter-of-factly, “He does not have the power to slice through the dimensions.”

“Then hurry up and let me see, Daddy. I want to see!” Yasha started shaking her father’s hand even more vigorously while requesting in a charming voice. “Daddy~”

Gle doted on her daughter the most. Had he ever rejected her request? It seemed that Gle had no way out!

“Alright, alright! Your requests are impossible to reject.”

Gle fixed his sight on Wanyuan and Yao Shen. “Let those people outside enter as well but remember, you all owe my daughter a favor!”

After having heard what Gle said, the people outside flooded into the room. They were of all ages and genders: Wanyuan&#