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Silver Mask is such a bas——

Since Kaiser expressed himself and yelled at the King of Dragons, Miluo, the crowd who watched him remembered his appearance. People were afraid that the Black Dragon would come back for revenge, so they exiled Kaiser as well as his companions.

Without any other choice, they had to go back to Yaron Plains to live out their month of wilderness survival. What was funny, was the fact that with Baolilong being there, all of the Sub-Dragons kept their distance from them… All except one, which got dissolved in their stomachs.

The time they spent here with Baolilong was, in fact, the most peaceful time they had spent ever since Kaiser met Liola.

When Mizerui appeared in front of them with anticipation, Liola was somewhat sad. Perhaps the rank-A danger zone, Yaron Plains, was actually more peaceful than Aklan Academy.

When they stepped back on the flying Maxun, Barbalis counted of all the students. There were exactly 30, none were missing.

Barbalis nodded in satisfaction: “You are all worthy to be sophomores, and you’ve all learned how to survive. Hahaha, I, Barbalis, sure taught you all well, hahaha!”

Black lines grew down every student’s face. All of them helplessly returned to the place more terrifying than rank-A Yaron Plains — Aklan Academy’s School of Sorcery!

Everyone thought that, since they had already been through a month of trouble, they would at least have some time to rest, and the principal wouldn’t come up with some strange new ideas.

They all thought wrong. The very reason why Barbalis sent them away, was to prepare a bigger game. This month of wilderness survival was the rest and relaxation they had hoped for.

* * *

With a large smile, Barbalis took the students to the brand new student dorm.

They couldn’t believe the School of Sorcery dorm looked even flashier and newer than the School of Mecha Fighters. With bright silver metallic wall, and modern designs. All of which suggested that Barbalis was up to something.

All the students gulped, and started backing away. They all feared the dorm would suddenly stand up and eat them alive.

“Hot damn, the penny pincher suddenly turned around!” With his jaw dropped, Kaiser stared at the new dorm that looked nothing like the old ruins. He then immediately ran through the door, and as he swiped his black student ID, he yelled happily: “Dear bed, soft sheets, puffy pillows I, Kaiser, am here to sleep on you!”

As Kaiser swiped his ID, the door opened with amazing speed.

Before Kaiser even had the chance to scream, with a woosh sound, he was sucked into the black room behind the door.

The door closed with amazing speed, as if the whole thing happened in the blink of an eye! It was then when everyone realized how horrifying the door was.

“K-Kaiser got eaten by the dorm!” Purity cried, and ran behind Liola, as if she were afraid the arms would come out of the door to grab her.

“Papa, where did Kaiser go?” Baolilong, who was in its human form, asked Liola curiously.

Liola’s face sank. He turned only to see Barbalis smiling, as if he was pleased with his work.

Though he wasn’t sure of Barbalis’ intent, but he was certain that he would never step into this building without knowing more about it.

Barbalis probably noticed the Assassin’s cold eyes. To avoid having a dagger around his neck, he quickly explained:

“This is a special design. This dorm will, according to your student ID, instantly transport you to your own room.”

As if he was trying to prove what Barbalis had said, Kaiser time pushed open the window, and yelled through the window:

“Liola, before you go to your room go buy me some food. I want to eat when I wake up.”

Without responding to Kaiser, Liola frowned slightly, walked up to the door, and swiped his own ID. The door swung open again, and a strong suction grabbed Liola into the hall.

Liola wasn’t too fond of flying through the air without being able to control it, although Baolilong, who was on Liola’s back, smiled brightly, and even cheered with its hands in the air.

In a matter of seconds, Liola floated to an empty room. The only thing inside the room was a very large sphere in the center, and it was flashing with various ray of colorful light.

The sphere suddenly shone a ray of light towards Liola, and Liola almost ducked on reflex, but the light stopped in front of Liola, and a semi-transparent screen appeared.

There were many buttons, and every had different destination written on them, such as: Your room, Hall, X person people’s room, etc.

Liola hesitated, but Baolilong didn’t.

Seeing the bright screen, Baolilong laughed innocently, and with its little hands, Baolilong started mashing every button on the screen.

Liola took off again, and with blazing speed, he flew to some sort of hall. There were all sorts of strange things placed in it, and they confused Liola. Had Kaiser been here, perhaps he would have been able to identify them all.

The Maxuns looked identical like gaming or entertainment equipment… Perhaps the only difference was, they were more deadly.

Liola was just about to walk forward to take a closer look at these Maxuns.

With a cute look, Baolilong pounded on the screen again. Liola then instantly flew to a place that, no matter how advanced it was, it always had the same functions — the bathroom.

When Liola was considering whether he should go to the bathroom, Baolilong decided to put all its weight forward and rammed its head against the screen.

The holographic screen obviously couldn’t support Baolilong’s weight, so it went through the screen, and landed on its face. The pain made Baolilong cry.

“How did you fall.” Liola was just about to pick Baolilong back up, but because Baolilong used its face to press some button, Liola flew away from Baolilong.

Baolilong wanted to run back to papa’s arms, but as soon as it got off the ground, it only saw Liola flying away from him.

“Papa!” Baolilong suddenly stood up, its baby face filled with fear. It stretched out its small Dragon wings, and flapped them as hard as it could to try to catch up to papa.

Finally, Liola stopped, but Baolilong couldn’t stop in time, so it flew through the transparent screen. Before it reached Liola’s arms, Liola started yet another flying journey.

Some people say, humans were species incapable of learning. But obviously, same could be said about Dragons. Or perhaps Baolilong was special. It continuously tried to catch up to papa, run into the screen, only to have papa fly off again.

Liola couldn’t do anything but watch the tears running down Baolilong’s face as it gave chase. It wasn’t until the next morning that Liola had finally arrived at his own room. By this time, he had been to just about everywhere. Finally, there was something Liola understood better than Kaiser, the School of Sorcery dorm.

“Hmm? Liola, why did it take you so long to get food?” Kaiser got up from his bed, still half asleep. He looked at the situation in the room:

Baolilong was kneeling on the table with face filled with tears and regret. In front of it was Liola who wore a naturally cold expression.

“What happened?” Kaiser asked curiously, and then turned pale: “Baolilong didn’t eat all of our food, did it?”

“No.” Liola looked at Kaiser: “It’s time for class.”

Kaiser touched his stomach, and thought, did he really sleep for such a long time? No wonder he was so hungry.

Thinking of food, Kaiser finally felt some motivation. At the same time, he realized that Liola was still wearing the same clothes as last night.

Kaiser asked: “You’re such hobo. Why didn’t you take a shower before you sleep, or is not taking a shower popular among Assassins?”

Liola murmured: “I haven’t slept.”

Kaiser looked at Liola with unbelieving eyes:

“You didn’t sleep for the whole night? What did you do? Did you have a tryst with the Dragon Empire Princess?”

Though he said that, Kaiser knew Liola too well. Liola was more likely to play with Broken Silver all night than to have a tryst with a worldly beauty. In fact, Kaiser doubted Liola even knew what tryst was.

Liola wasn’t too interested in Kaiser’s nonsense. He quietly walked to the bathroom, there can never be any smell on an Assassin.

When Liola stepped out of the room, he looked at that semi-transparent screen again. He sighed in relief, seeing that Baolilong, who had been up all of last night, was so tired that it was sound asleep, otherwise he wasn’t sure if he could even step out of the dorm.

“Hey, you didn’t sleep last night, are you going to have a problem? Don’t fall asleep half way. I’m not going to carry you.” Kaiser examined Liola, who was rather thin, but considerably taller than him.

“Not sleeping for one night isn’t going to affect me.” Liola plainly stated the truth. When he was chased by Assassins from the organization, there was a time when he didn’t sleep for a week, and he even had to fight some of the organization’s top Assassins.

Kaiser grunted: “How can you not sleep? Humans should sleep everyday, and when you wake up you should eat, and then after that you should sleep again.”

Kaiser lazily held his stomach. He wasn’t eating or sleeping, and that was violating his principle of what humans are supposed to do.

‘Is he talking about pigs or humans?’ Liola started wondering.

“Liola-dage, Kaiser, I’m here.” Purity cheerfully stepped out of the dorm, and greeted both of them.

Kaiser said idly: “Boss you’re finally here, so please hand out breakfast.”

“Kaiser sure loves to eat.” Purity shook her head helplessly. Good thing the allowance her dad her was still enough, otherwise Purity didn’t know how she could keep Kaiser fed.

Finally, Meinan arrived. As soon as he saw Purity waiting for him, he started to apologize, murmuring something about how gentlemen should never make a Lady wait.

As for the two guys who were standing beside Purity, Meinan completely ignored them. After all, no one says anything about gentlemen making other gentlemen wait.

After Kaiser stared hard at Meinan, the four of them were finally ready to solve the problem of breakfast.

Before stepping into the cafeteria, Kaiser murmured: “I wonder if Jetter is going to cause more trouble today?”

“Don’t worry, he’s too busy to cause us trouble, but…” Meinan looked at Liola from the corner of his eyes as if there were something on his mind:

“Silver Mask better be careful. From the rumors I’ve heard yesterday, big trouble is coming for him.”

The three had suddenly straightened their backs. They had almost forgot not ever mentioning that Liola was the Silver Mask, but Liola changed into Silver Mask’s uniform right before Meinan’s eyes.

“Uh, Meinan, can you not tell anyone about Liola-dage and Silver Mask?” Purity asked carefully.

Meinan bowed exaggeratedly, and said in a gentle manner: “Meinan will definitely follow Lady Purity’s request.”

Liola asked bluntly: “What kind of rumor?”

“Seems like it has to do with Princess Lanski.” Meinan wasn’t sure. But what was certain, was it was definitely not something good.

Liola remained silent, thinking that as long as he doesn’t appear as Silver Mask, it will be fine.

Ever since he arrived in this world, the wounds he endured were actually worse than when he was being chased by the organization.

With the internal injuries from the fight with Lanski, plus the ones from his fight with Miluo, plus not having any sleep last night, Liola was in a bad mood.

Fortunately, an Assassin’s instinct told him that, no matter what the situation was, his emotions had to be under control. Indeed, Liola would never lose control of his emotions, never.

As soon as the four stepped into the cafeteria, they all immediately realized there was something wrong.

The School of Mecha Fighters, who were wearing blue military uniforms, all sat in a line with their face towards the School of Knights students. Their eyes were filled with rage, and their forks, as if it were taking revenge on the food, forcefully stabbed the food.

However, the Knights seemed normal. They weren’t angry, but instead they were curiously looking among themselves, as if they were searching for someone or something.

The Knight students with gold eyes received the majority of the angry stares. Fortunately, there was no Knight with gold eyes and black hair, and there was no rank-silver Knight, otherwise the result might be catastrophic.

“Let’s go let’s go. We’re from the School of Sorcery, and we have nothing to do with Silver Mask.” Kaiser laughed loudly, with a sly look in his eyes, and seemed happy seeing the conflict.

Hearing Silver Mask, some Mecha Fighter students finally couldn’t hold it in anymore. A tall and buff student suddenly stood up, and yelled:

“The School of Knight really are a sanctimonious bunch. You actually performed such shameless acts toward the beautiful and royal Princess Lanksi!”

“Definitely bastards! You went as far as seriously injuring the beautiful Princess Lanski, when you shouldn’t have even touched a strand of her hair!” Another Mecha Fighter student angrily stood up as well.

Kaiser and Purity looked confused. They thought, it was obviously Lanski who almost killed Liola, and no one actually touched even a strand of hair. It was her own doing, using up all her Ki, and there was nothing wrong with her other than not being able to call forth her Dragon Aura for a couple months.

“If the principal hadn’t arrived in time, Princess Lanski probably would’ve been defiled by that bastard Silver Mask.” Another student cried in pain, as if it was his wife who was to be tarnished.

“Definitely shameless! I really wanted to, too.” Hearing this, every Mecha Fighter student seemed to have an indescribable pain on their faces.

Then the first student who stood up yelled again: “Give us that bastard Silver Mask!” Then all the Mecha Fighters started chanting the same thing.

At this time, Kaiser and the others turned to looked at Liola, who remained expressionless.

They thought: ‘This guy was 99.9% likely to be still a virgin? It was more probable that Lanski would defile Liola!’

The Knight students maintained their cold appearance and stared back at the Mecha Fighter students.

Finally, a Blue Knight stood up, and said in a cold voice: “The internal matters of the School of Knights does not concern the School of Mecha Fighters. As for Silver Mask breaking the code of chivalry, we will deal with him ourselves.”

It was probably better if something like this wasn’t said, because as soon as it was mentioned, the Mecha Fighters became even more enraged. Most of them had already pulled out their cannons and lightsabers.

The Knights wouldn’t back down either, who took out their swords and shields. For a moment, the tension was extremely high, and with the sound of a cannon from the Mecha Fighters, a huge battle raged on…

“Liola, please!” Kaiser immediately turned around and cried to Liola: “Please grab me some food in the middle of this battle. I don’t ask for much, ten sandwiches would be enough.”

Liola turned around to leave, completely ignoring Kaiser. Kaiser was stunned, and then touched his nose and cried: “Purity, breakfast…”

“L-Let’s go outside to eat.” Purity looked at the knives and chairs flying across the cafeteria, she was so scared that her body was completely stiff, let alone going in to grab food.

“Great!” Kaiser cheered, and hurriedly grabbed Purity and Meinan to catch up with Liola, who was already outside.

* * *

As they walked, Liola and the others suddenly realized a military formation was in front of them, consisting of more than ten Red Knights, and there was a Blue Knight in the middle of them. The person in the middle, wearing blue Knight uniform adorned with red stripes, was radiantly beautiful, and incredibly elegant. This was the famous Dragon Empire Princess, Lanski.

‘She isn’t Anise…’ Liola quietly walked around these Knights, not wanting to look at Lanski’s near-identical face to Anise’s. When they passed each other, a Knight suddenly stopped them: “School of Sorcery students…”

Liola and others stopped, and turned around to look at these Knights. Other than Liola’s expressionless face, the other three appeared to have innocent expression on their faces.

Kaiser, who was the best at acting, asked in a trembling voice: “Sir Red Knight, is there something I can help you with?”

“Is there anyone with gold eyes and black hair in the School of Sorcery?” The Red Knight asked as he looked at Liola’s black hair with suspecting eyes. But when he saw Liola’s unique silver eyes, he frowned.

Another Red Knight asked impatiently: “Why bother asking them? Silver Mask wore Knight’s uniform.”

“Wearing Knight’s uniform doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a Knight. There is no Silver Knight, definitely no gold-eyed black-haired Knight, and most definitely no Knight that would hurt Princess Lanski!” The first Red Knight yelled back.

Lanski, who had already walked afar, suddenly stopped and turned around to look at them with her beautiful and cold eyes. Her voice was as cold and proud as her eyes:

“I’ve already said, my fight with Silver Mask was honorable, and no one should fight him in revenge.”

The Red Knight hastily clarified: “I just want an honorable duel with Silver Mask too, Princess Lanski, please don’t misunderstand.”

Lanski’s face seemed a bit calmer and nodded.

She glanced at Liola and others, and when she saw Liola, her eyes hesitated a bit. But when she saw Liola’s silver eyes, she seemed a bit disappointed, and looked away from Liola and the others.

Her ears seemed to be perking up, as if she were afraid that these Sorcery students actually knew about Silver Mask.

The Red Knight asked again impatiently: “Is there any gold-eyed black-haired student in School of Sorcery?”

“No, sir Knight.” Kaiser answered honestly. There was genuinely no gold-eyed black-haired student enrolled in the School of Sorcery, even though it does have Silver Mask.

The other Red Knight interrupted again: “School of Sorcery can’t possibly have a strong student, and definitely not someone who can beat the Blue Knight, Princess Lanski.” As he finished, he smiled in satisfaction. Since he conveniently bragged about the Princess getting to Blue rank in the process, thinking that the Princess would be fond of him for doing so.

Liola was still expressionless, but Kaiser and the others weren’t so happy. In fact, they were the ones who survived in the rank-A Yaron Plains, not to mention the dangers they had run into had far surpassed rank-A. The King of Dragons, Miluo, was someone who made even the legendary Paladin Lancelot call for backup.

Liola’s incredible strength didn’t need further mentioning. Purity’s space magic wasn’t something to be laughed at, either, even Miluo was defeated by it.

Meinan’s protective shield also blocked Miluo’s attacks. Finally, Kaiser’s white bombs were also powerful. If hits, even the toughest Dragon scale would rupture.

Altogether, the four of them actually possessed incredible strength, just that the two of them were still unstable with their magic, so friendly fire was a real danger among them.

So hearing the Red Knight looking down on them, Kaiser and the others felt quite unhappy. But they obviously weren’t going to pick a fight with the School of Knights Red Knights.

Purity was afraid, Kaiser didn’t want trouble, and Meinan was actually a friend of another Blue Knight there.

“Meinan.” A true Blue Knight suddenly called out Meinan’s name. Her flowery bright smile made everyone fond of her.[T/N: Lanski had just received her Blue Knight ranked, and therefore not counted as a ‘true’ Blue Knight.]

Meinan, too, smiled: “Long time no see, Jasmine.”

“I heard that you guys went to Yaron Plains for a month of wilderness survival?” Jasmine suddenly asked. She was satisfied when she saw the Red Knights in complete disbelief.

Jasmine would never let her friends’ reputations be tarnished, especially since she was fully aware of how powerful Meinan’s protective shields were.

“Sure did!” Meinan smiled. He knew all too well why Jasmine asked, because he had already told her about it before, there was no other reason on why she would ask.

Seeing the Red Knights’ faces change, the two looked at each other in satisfaction. It wasn’t until then, when Jasmine actually excitedly asked her real question:

“I heard that the Paladin appeared in Freesia, and even fought with a Black Dragon. Even the Dark Knight watched them. Did you guys see it?”

“About that… We saw it from afar, but it was too far to see clearly.” Meinan hesitated, and decided not to tell Jasmine the truth.

After all, Jasmine was close to Lanski, so she could end up telling Lanski the secret. If some day Lanski comes looking for Liola, then perhaps that day would be the day Meinan dies.

Jasmine looked disappointed: “Such a shame. It would be great if I could see the Paladin and the Dark Knight.”

Seeing her disappointed face, Meinan almost told her everything about running into Blood Wolf and Lancelot. Fortunately, Kaiser opened his mouth in time:

“Sigh, I’m really hungry, and we have to go to class soon. Let’s go eat breakfast.”

Jasmine also suddenly woke up from her fantasy, turned around and hurried Lanski: “Lan, we should hurry. If we don’t stop them soon, who knows what the cafeteria might turn into.”

Lanski nodded, and marched away towards the cafeteria. It wasn’t until then when Liola looked directly in Lanski’s direction, and felt a sense of sadness in his heart.

* * *

Hearing that Silver Mask wasn’t in the School of Sorcery, Lanski felt empty. Just thinking of that silver masked Knight, mixed emotions would appear in her eyes.

On one hand, Silver Mask was the person who stole her Sacred White Dragon. On the other hand, Lanski couldn’t deny, he was indeed charming: his white uniform suited him, and his cold temperament was attractive.

When he was fighting, his body was moving as if it were dancing in the air. But what she liked the most was, when Silver Mask called her Anise, she could see the weakness in his eyes…

Fortunately, Anise was dead, Lanski couldn’t help but think about her.

“Lanski? Lanski?” Jasmine called for her several times without getting a response. She saw her preoccupied with something, then blushed lightly, and then seemed frustrated.

Jasmine knew, Lanski was definitely thinking about Silver Mask again. Jasmine couldn’t resist but said in mischief: “I heard that Silver Mask…”

Lanski was stunned, and hurriedly ask: “Silver Mask? You know who Silver Mask is?”

Jasmine scowled: “I don’t know…”

She waited until she saw Lanski’s disappointment, and then she laughed out loud:

“I heard that, when the Paladin was fighting with the Black Dragon, people at Freesia saw that Silver Mask appeared with the Sacred White Dragon.”

Lanski couldn’t help but imagine heroic appearance of Silver Mask in white Knight uniform riding the Sacred White Dragon, and then pulled herself together and said:

“Is it possible, for Silver Mask to be related to the Paladin?”

“Probably. His white uniform signifies that he probably is on the side of light. Perhaps he’s the apprentice of the Paladin?” Jasmine guessed, and she felt she was right on the mark:

“Or perhaps Silver Mask was visiting the principal on behalf of the Paladin? That could be why only the principal could find him, since Silver Mask isn’t a student of Aklan Academy.”

“Definitely possible!” Lanski murmured as well. After all, she had never heard of a Silver Knight in the Academy.

Though she originally thought that Silver Mask might be hiding his strength, so he didn’t wear a Silver uniform to school. But after looking for so long, she couldn’t even find a gold-eyed black-haired student…

Though she didn’t think of it, but she couldn’t deny the possibility that Silver Mask may not be a student at Aklan Academy at all.

Then where would she go to look for Silver Mask? Lanski couldn’t help but feel a bit flustered.

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