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Worthy of Consideration as a Godly Healer

“I can’t believe Kaiser has such an amazing hidden skill.”

Daylight reflected on what had happened during the match. Daylight watched the playback of the match and kept praising Kaiser’s tactics and magic.

Of course, Kaiser, who didn’t even know what modesty was, had gotten so prideful that even his butt was in the air. He held his head high, and was practically dancing while walking. He laughed wildly and said:

“Hahaha, of course. I’m the strongest. I just don’t want to show it off usually, haha.”

Meinan however, was skeptical, and he wondered if he just barely escaped the fate of being blown up himself.

What was more worrying was that, if Liola doesn’t come back, Kaiser would have to use the white bomb of his again and again. If that was the case, then how many more lives would he or Daylight have to risk against Kaiser’s bomb?

Meinan didn’t forget when Kaiser said his bomb doesn’t always work, and there are consequences of failing the spell.

“But, is this Liola guy, is he not ever going to ever come back?” Kaiser complained in dissatisfaction. At the same time he admitted unhappily:

“This skill… I can only use it once every three days.”

“Let me go look at the match schedule.” Daylight knitted his eyebrows.

He had originally thought that his team suddenly had an extra able body, but now he knew Kaiser was only be useful once every three days.

Kaiser realized they had arrived at the lounge prepared for Aklan Academy, he immediately kicked the door open. As soon as the door opened, they saw a person in gray robed sitting cross-legged.

Kaiser affectionately yelled and ran up to him: “Liola, I miss you so much!”

Liola was suddenly hugged by Kaiser, and at the same time he was shocked, because he didn’t notice Kaisers and others until then.

Kaiser was also shocked, because he thought Liola should have noticed them long ago, and he would’ve shadow-stepped out of his hug as usual. However, Liola was so shocked, even his body trembled a little.

Daylight didn’t realize anything out of the ordinary, so he sighed in relief:

“Silver Mask, you’re finally back. We had a rather close match just now, but we don’t know how we’re going to fight the next match.”

Kaiser realized there was something wrong, and he immediately examined Liola: he looked complete. There wasn’t a finger or leg missing, nor were there any scars or wounds.

Kaiser glanced at the only exposed skin Liola had: his palm, and then the expression on his face suddenly changed. On Liola’s hand, there was something like a tattoo shaped like a golden lock.

Kaiser crudely grabbed Liola’s hand, and started examining the spell on the lock.

Kaiser’s heart sank as he looked. From what Kaiser knew of magic, the lock was definitely some sort of seal. There were only very few Sorcerers who knew anything about seal. Mizerui and Barbalis would probably not do something like this (because they haven’t played enough), and Liola wouldn’t do anything that would force them to use that spell on him. The caster must put their hand on the person to be sealed, and their magic must go through their entire body. As long as it’s interrupted in anyway, the seal would be incomplete.

Kaiser thought about it and asked skeptically, “Did… Lancelot do this?”

Liola nodded. Lancelot threw him in the lounge and warned him that the seal was flawless, any attempt to unseal could cost him his life. He then turned away and left.

Kaiser’s face sank, and Meinan curiously walked up to Liola and also examined Liola’s hand. Meinan, too, was in shock. Daylight was also curious, so he walked up as well to look at Liola’s “tattoo”, but he didn’t see anything unusual.

Magic like seals were very difficult for a Holy Knight. Ordinarily, even among Holy Knights, not many people would try to learn it.

Daylight, who spent all his time studying fighting techniques, did not excel in magic, and he only barely brushed up on healing magic, so seals was something he had no knowledge of, and naturally he didn’t recognize it.

“What did Sir Lancelot do?” Daylight curiously, and he couldn’t understand Kaiser’s and Meinan’s depressed expressions. To him, the Paladin was Liola’s master, and he would never do anything to harm Liola.

“He sealed Liola’s Kung Fu skills.” Meinan said with difficulty.

Daylight was stunned. He didn’t think much about Lancelot’s intent in doing so, but Liola being sealed was practically an unexpected disaster.

What will they do about the following matches? Kaiser can’t use the same skill for another three days, and even if their match is three days later, Kaiser’s success largely depended on the fact that their opponent didn’t know of his power and underestimated Sorcerers.

It would be definitely impossible to achieve the same kind of result the next time around, and it would be lucky if they can even defeat one opponent with it.

What are they going to do about the other four then? Let Daylight handle all of them?

Daylight couldn’t help but admit. Normally, 1v4 wouldn’t be a huge problem for him, but this time, all his opponents were top students from every academy! Daylight was confident he could 1v2, but winning in a 1v4 situation would be a fantasy.

“Why did Sir Lancelot seal his own apprentice’s Kung Fu?” Daylight was puzzled.

Kaiser’s face was filled with depression, and he didn’t want to bother lying to Daylight.

Meinan forcefully put on a smile and said, “Perhaps the Paladin didn’t want his apprentice to participate in the matches?”

“Ah, so that’s what it is.” Daylight suddenly realized,

“Lancelot felt it would be unfair to other academies if Liola participated in this match, right? So that’s what it is. Sir Lancelot is right, we definitely shouldn’t rely solely on Liola’s abilities.”

‘Can you be any easier to trick…?’ Black lines appeared on Kaiser and Meinan’s faces.

Unlike Kaiser and others who were worried about the match, confusion filled Liola’s mind. On one hand he was happy he was finally learned healing magic, but on another he was irritated by the fact that he lost all Kung Fu.

Liola didn’t know if he should be thankful that Lancelot taught him healing magic, or if he should be furious for sealing his Kung Fu out of distrust.

‘Learned healing magic, but lost all Kung Fu, could this be a turning point? Was this a destiny planned by Anise to make him be a healer?’ Liola thought.

Having lost his Kung Fu, Liola had really became a Sorcerer who could focus on healing.

Barbalis and Mizerui would probably lose their interest in him, and Liola wouldn’t need to be Silver Mask anymore, especially since the Silver Mask was destroyed by Lancelot.

No longer possessing unparalleled Kung Fu, and no longer an Assassin, Liola looked at his palm, and collected the magic element in his hand.

As a faint white light began to glow in his palm, Liola felt a special feeling of warmth unique to healing magic in his heart. For the first time, the Assassin’s heart was filled with an unspeakable calmness.

Kaiser lowered his body, with his face as close as possible to Liola’s hand. A pair of blue eyes gazed upon the candlelight-like light.

With a long face, Kaiser said, “I have never seen such a miniscule healing magic.”

Liola was not discouraged by Kaiser’s attack, instead he said calmly and firmly, “I will get better.”

The door was suddenly kicked open. Purity’s voice echoed in the small lounge,

“Kaiser, you were great! You actually defeated four opponents! Even my brother says you’re strong.”

“Purity, please be gentle while opening the doors.” Feir said softly yet helplessly as he walked into the room behind Purity.

Daylight immediately placed his right fist on his chest and performed a Knight salute. Feir returned his salute with a smile. Then looked at Kaiser and Meinan, and nodded his head admiringly.

“It’s hard to find Sorcerers who possess true strengths nowadays. Aklan Academy really deserves its name as the best academy. Two strong Knights as a main offense, plus Kaiser’s long range attack, and Meinan’s strong protective shield; this group composition is almost perfect.”

Feir praised leisurely, but since he knew about his school’s team, he laughed bitterly, “If your Mecha Fighter is as strong as the rest of you, then it would be a flawless team.”

Unfortunately, the situation with the team was more like this: they practically have no Mecha Fighter, one main Knight had been sealed, and the long range attack can’t be used again for another three days.

Kaiser had a big headache and held his forehead while trying to come up with ways to strengthen his team.

Kaiser tried to ask: “Feir, could we swap a person? You know, Silver Mask was taken away by the Paladin, and we don’t know when he will be back.”

Feir turned around, and kindly reminded, “Did your principal not tell you? You can send in backup students.”

‘Principal? Do we even have a principal?’ Kaiser thought as he grounded his teeth.

Daylight, who also had a headache thinking about the strength of his team, hurriedly said, “Then we want to send in our backup.”

Feir took out a small Maxun from his pocket. After tapping the screen a couple of times, he said after a moment of silence,

“Aklan Academy’s back up is… Purity.”
“WHAT!?” Purity screamed.

Daylight’s face, who had first-hand experience of Purity’s magic, was completely drained of color.

Kaiser murmured, “It’s over! OVER! Every academy in the Continent of Aklan is about to be extinct.”

“Umm, you will have to decide now if you would like to switch candidates.”

Feir scratched his ear, then reminded everyone, “Your next match starts in an hour.”


Everyone widened their eyes and yelled in their heart. Only Liola sat unaffected on the couch, while looking intently at the small healing magic light on his palm.

* * *

With five opponents, having one more person would be more favorable. Everyone concluded, and therefore dragged Jetter forcefully out of the infirmary.

As he was dragging the howling Jetter, Kaiser laughed sinisterly:

“Hehehe, how can we let you lie comfortably in the infirmary? With you there, at least when there’s a fatal attack we can push someone out as a meat shield.”

Jetter’s expression turned for worse, but the Blue Knight, Daylight yelled:

“As a part of Aklan Academy, you have the responsibility to maintain Aklan Academy’s honor, not to mention you were one of the chosen candidates, how can you back away now?”

Jetter had a long face and stared at the new rank C Mecha his dad in the Commerce Alliance had specially prepared for him. Most of the Mechas came from the Commerce Alliance, and since this particular Mecha was specially prepared, it was definitely a high quality Mecha.

Purity saw the Mecha, and looked at it fondly. She touched it with her two hands as if they were her precious jewel, and she couldn’t take her hands off for a long time.

“Such a thin angel-shaped Mecha. It looks like it would break if I just touch it.” Kaiser frowned and complained.

But Purity turned and yell:

“It’s not like that! This Mecha is very, very good!

Though Angel Mechas aren’t uncommon, but look, this Mecha is white as snow throughout. This isn’t just for aesthetic purposes: this white coating is the newest and best magic resistant paint.

The wings on the back of the angel is made out of the strongest metal but still it looked like feathers.

Every single piece of feather has an extremely sharp edge. If your enemy decides to attack from the back, then they would make a grave mistake.”

Purity seemed intoxicated as she touched the giant bow in the angel’s hand, and then spoke as if she were daydreaming:

“Look at this long-ranged bow. It of course uses the inexhaustible supply of energy arrows. Also, the giant bow has two sharp horns on both sides, so that it can also be used in close combat. This Mecha may very well be the best among C rank Mechas.”

Daylight gasped in admiration as he listened to the explanation, Meinan scratched his face; Kaiser had a curious expression and he narrowed his eyes as he stared at Purity.

“This is the Commerce Alliance’s newest Mecha and it isn’t for sale yet. It’s called White-Winged Angel, and it’s mother’s newest invention.” Feir laughed and said to Purity.

“Mother’s newest invention”? Kaiser and Daylight were both in shock. What could Feir mean by…?

Purity yelled as she tried to stop her brother, but she was too late. Purity lowered her head to avoid eye contact with Kaiser and Daylight.

Meinan laughed, and explained on behalf of Purity: “Commerce Alliance has three leaders. The one responsible for battle training is the Yellow commander; the one responsible for administration is the Green commander, who is also Jetter’s father; last but not least, the one responsible for invention is the Red commander, who is Sir Feir and Purity’s mother.”

Kaiser’s jaw dropped: “P-Purity is the daughter of one of the three leaders of Commerce Alliance?”

“Yeah, why else do you think Jetter likes to bully Purity? Because the three leaders always liked to be compared with one another.”

Meinan glanced at Jetter in disdain, who was trembling in fear.

“Purity, are you sure you don’t want to…” Feir asked with hesitation.

Purity interrupted him before he could finish: “No!”

Just as Kaiser was about to ask what that was all about, their opponents were already standing in the arena, waiting for them impatiently.

Feir laughed to apologize to them, and then walked to the edge of the arena. He announced that the match was about to begin, so the candidates should get ready.

Kaiser didn’t look at their team composition until now, and he almost burst out crying. The opponents consisted of three Knights: two of which were Blue, and one Red Dragon Knight; they also had two Mecha Fighters: one was cannon-shaped, and the other was human-shaped.

“Meinan, if you let that cannon hit me, I will really haunt you when I turn into a ghost.” Kaiser placed both his hands heavily on Meinan’s shoulders and warned him solemnly.

‘Considering how close we’re standing, if you really get hit by the cannon and become a ghost, then I’m probably floating in the air without my feet too.’ Meinan thought.

“Why don’t you get into the Mecha?” Purity hurried the shivering Jetter.

“I-I don’t want to. Didn’t you see? They have two Blue Knights, one Dragon Knight, and two Mechas.”

Jetter screamed, and when Daylight was observing the opponents, Jetter took the opportunity to fumbled out of the arena. He even left behind the rank C Angel Mecha, and ignored all of Purity’s screams behind him.

Purity worriedly turned around to ask others, “What do we do now? Jetter ran away.”

Humiliating laughter came from the opposing team, and Daylight’s face was filled with rage.

Kaiser, however, raised his eyebrows and said: “You think we didn’t expected him not to run, did you? The reason we brought him isn’t because of himself, but what he brought to us.”

Kaiser patted the Angel Mecha, and said while laughing: “At least I should know how to shoot arrows, all thanks to that stupid stunt Barbalis tried to pull last time.”

As he finished talking, Kaiser climbed the ladder towards the cockpit, but realized his shirt was being pulled. Kaiser turned around, and saw Purity pulling him with hesitation on her face.

Kaiser asked, “What’s up? Your brother is confirming if we’re ready to begin, so why are you stopping me from going inside the cockpit? I hope you’re not thinking I can still use that white bomb skill.”

Purity took a deep breath, and then said firmly, “I’ll control it.”

Kaiser and Daylight were both stunned, but Meinan sighed in relief and said, “You’re finally willing to control a Mecha. Don’t worry, Kaiser and Daylight, Purity grew up with Mechas.”

Kaiser hesitated, but he still climbed down.

Letting Purity control a Mecha would be far safer than letting her use her magic, but the real reason Kaiser let her control the Mecha, other than what Meinan said, was the proud expression on Feir’s face when Purity asked if she could control the Mecha.

Purity proficiently climbed up the Mecha. The cockpit of the Angel Mecha was at its chest.

Purity glanced at the control panel and she immediately understood how to use the Mecha. Unfortunately, she didn’t have time to review the manual, and some of the more difficult maneuvers could only be used if she reviewed the manual fully.

But she knew enough. Purity placed her hands on both control sticks, and turned the sticks inward, then forward. The Angel Mecha was finally started, and changed its stance from kneeling on one knee to standing up straight, which made it seem tall and imposing.

Daylight rode the Fire Dragon into the sky, Meinan concentrated magic on his hand, and prepared to call forth a protective shield at any time.

Kaiser was murmuring something about how he couldn’t believe that a coward like Purity would have such a background in Mecha piloting.

Kaiser pulled out a huge gun from its container. He flipped a switch, then lazily said: “I can’t use white bomb anymore, but that doesn’t stop me from using normal fireballs.”

And a fierce battle started!

* * *

Although Liola had lost his Kung Fu, he still couldn’t help himself but watch Kaiser’s battle. At the same time, he was worried that if Kaiser and others lost, Barbalis would come up with something else to cause them harm, and he wouldn’t have his God-like Kung Fu to prevent Barbalis’ ridiculous plans.

Liola held Baolilong in his hands, and walked from the lounge to the arena. He arrived right as the match started. What shocked Liola most was the fact that Purity was piloting a Mecha, and she was doing a very good job at it.

The Angel Mecha continuously fired arrows, and it often shot three energy arrows at once, not to mention they were extremely accurate.

Daylight, who was engulfed in close-quarter combat, was initially surprised and scared by the arrows, finally noticed the arrows were not shot blindly, and they often rescued him from being surrounded by enemies.

Daylight was relieved and focused only on his enemies, and left all the sneak attacks to Purity.

Kaiser’s gun was not very effective on the opponent’s Mechas.

Shameless as always, Kaiser often stayed within Meinan’s protective shield, but that’s not the most contemptible part. Kaiser would walk back and forth while observing the on-going battle.

When the opportunity was ripe, Kaiser would order Meinan to cancel his protective shield, then he used a fireball to accurately hit the only Dragon on the opposing team. The target was the Dragon’s weakest point: eyes.

The Dragon howled in pain, and when it glared at Kaiser with its other eye, Kaiser shot a second fireball, injuring the other eye. After which, he would then ordered Meinan to cast the protective shield again.

Though the Red Dragon Knight hurriedly ask his Dragon to stop, the Dragon ignored its master’s orders and howled in pain. It also wanted to crush the person who blinded it into a pancake.

Fortunately, Meinan’s protective shield was certified by the Black Dragon King Miluo. The Dragon rammed the shield with its head, spun in place because of dizziness, then fell to the ground.

First KO of the match. Kaiser made a V sign towards the Aklan Academy section next to the VIPs.

Twenty or so Sorcery students jumped up for joy, even Barbalis wasn’t as excited as his students. They were all touched, because a Sorcerer actually used a traditional fireball to defeat a Dragon Knight’s Dragon!

Purity finally figured out one of the difficult maneuvers: Thirteen Angelic Arrows!

The Angel Mecha concentrated all of its strength into pulling the giant bow back, and thirteen energy arrows materialized on the bowstring. Then they were all shot out at once.

All arrows hit the bulky and giant cannon Mecha, and thirteen explosions later, even the cannon Mecha with the highest defense could no longer hold up. All the students used the emergency escape, and the cannon Mecha exploded, announcing the match’s second KO.

Seeing Kaiser and Purity both beat an enemy by themselves, Daylight picked up his pace, and started an intense counter-attack against the two Knights.

For a while, the two Blue Knights were both being pushed back by Daylight.

With Purity and Kaiser’s combined efforts, another Mecha was destroyed, and its controllers escaped in a disorderly manner. Both Blue Knights were now trying to catch their breath, saw their hopeless situation.

After looking at each other…

“We give up.”

Daylight, who was covered in sweat, showed a victorious smile, and cheered on top of the Fire Dragon loudly.

The Aklan Academy students among the audience began to cheer loudly.

The Knights, Mecha Fighters, and Sorcerers all hugged each other as they cheered. They were all proud of the strength the students from their school displayed.

(Though after they realized that the students they hugged were from other schools, they all let go, and then booed at each other.)

The Aklan Knight instructor, who secretly came to watch, said proudly,

“Look, our School of Knights is the best. One Blue Knight actually won against a siege from two Blue Knights.”

“Nonsense! Without that Angel Mecha, your Knight would’ve lost eventually.” The Aklan Mecha Fighter instructor, who also secretly came to watch, replied jauntily.

“Hahahahaha, the first match was won by our Kaiser and Meinan, and the Angel Mecha’s controller is our Purity. Thus, the School of Sorcery is obviously the best. I do indeed teach really well, hahaha.”

Barbalis jumped onto the table at the VIP section and gave out a mighty yell.

The pentacle flag in his hand was already replaced by the School of Sorcery emblem: a jeweled staff.

“Our Daylight is the best…”
“Nonsense, even if she’s from School of Sorcery, she was piloting a Mecha…”
“Long live the Sorcerers!”

Although the scandal of Aklan Academy instructors fighting each other would spread faster than the news of the victory of Kaiser and his companions, but their victory remains unchanged.

For the first time, the three Schools actually joined forces and defeated their enemy!

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