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“Sister, sister! I can go participate in the arena now.”

“Kaigleser, don’t go to the arena. It’s too dangerous.”

Worried, the sister patted her brother’s head. However, she knew how stubborn Kaigleser was. Anything he set his mind on, he’ll see through to the end…

Sigh Is it a good or bad personality?’

“No! I want to go, they finally agreed to let me go to the arena.”

The tiny Kaigleser was quite stubborn, no matter whether his sister used kind words or solemn admonishments, nothing could persuade him.

Finally his sister could do nothing except hugged him and bawled, “Please don’t do this. You’re the one one I have left. Mama and papa are both dead, I don’t want to lose you too.”

Hearing this, Kaigleser felt his heart soften.

He answered his sister with tears in his eyes, “Sister, it is because mama and papa are both dead that we can’t stay here in the Dark Street anymore. If we have a little money, we can immediately leave this place. Otherwise, I’m afraid that sister, too, will, will…”

Finally, sister agreed to Kaigleser, and said that she would go watch the match…

Damn, why would he let his sister go watch that match? What kind of idiot was he?

He obviously knew sister hated those kind of gory matches, and knew those chaotic areas weren’t suitable weren’t suitable for the beautiful sister. Why was he so careless and hard-headed?

Sister said, “Where should sister go to watch the match?”

* * *

“Kaiser, you still haven’t found papa?”

“Daylight and others went to save him.” He squeezed himself as much as he could into the sofa while burying his head between his knees; all he did was give a muffled reply.

“Where did they go to save papa? Baolilong is going too!” Baolilong jumped onto the sofa and grabbed Kaiser, trying to pull his head out of his knees.

* * *

“Dark Arena Pyramid, I am going to be in the Dark Arena.” Kaigleser answered proudly. It was the most famous arena within Dark Street.

* * *

“Dark Arena Pyramid. They went there to save your papa.” Kaiser still wasn’t willing to pull his head out to face Baolilong.

Baolilong asked with confusion, “A black pyramid? Why wouldn’t papa bring Baolilong? What is papa doing there?”

* * *

“Sister, they said my magic is really good, so they let me to fight in the exhibition match, it will be the first match!”

“Really? You are the best.” Sister always laughed with such warmth towards him.

* * *

“He… was stupid enough to be tricked into the exhibition match!”

Kaiser finally lifted his head and yelled, which shocked Baolilong and froze where it stood.

Baolilong stood stupefied as it looked at Kaiser’s red eyes. Kaiser grabbed his hair in frustration, as if he had become his own nemesis, “Why? Why so stupid?!”

Baolilong’s cheeks puffed, and jumped on Kaiser’s back to hammer him, “Papa isn’t stupid! Kaiser is the idiot!”

Being close to spitting out blood from Baolilong’s hammering, Kaiser seemed to want to vent all his anger, and started fighting with Baolilong.

They both were in a crazed frenzy as they tried to fight each other.

Kaiser pushed Baolilong onto the ground, and punched as many times as he could. Since Baolilong’s Dragon skin was unbelievably tough, and Kaiser’s fists ended up bloody from punching it.

Though Kaiser’s tender fists couldn’t possibly harm the little Dragon, Baolilong was scared by Kaiser’s crazed look as well as the blood covering Kaiser’s hands.

Baolilong started crying, “Kaiser, Kaiser! Don’t beat Baolilong, Kaiser’s hand is full of blood, whaaa…”

Hearing Baolilong’s cry, Kaiser slowly stopped, though he still threw some slow punches.

A few drops of liquid fell onto Baolilong’s little face. Baolilong slowly opened its eyes, and then slowly climbed up to hug Kaiser.

It said, “Kaiser don’t cry. It’ll all be fine when you go with Baolilong to save papa.”

Kaiser suddenly hugged Baolilong, and buried his face in Baolilong’s little hug. He continued to murmur,

“Why couldn’t I win against a Dragon? Why? If I won, doesn’t it mean sister wouldn’t have to use her life in exchange for mine?”

“Kaiser? We go save papa, okay?” Baolilong was baffled. It lowered its head and looked at Kaiser, unsure of what Kaiser was talking about.

Kaiser heard what Baolilong said, and finally explained his predicament,

“I can’t go back there. I lost the exhibition match. Technically I should have died, but my sister used herself to save my life. I was exiled from the Dark Street, so I can’t go back there. As soon as they find me, I will definitely die…”

Kaiser suddenly stopped, and carefully examined Daylight’s situation. If they were to take away the competitors for exhibition match by force, they would also be killed by people in the Dark Arena Pyramid!

But, without him, who was exiled from the Dark Arena, Daylight and others should at least be able to go into the arena without much trouble, the arena is open to all, after all. As long as they pay a bit of money…

Kaiser’s face suddenly had a small seizure.

‘The three guys wouldn’t just wear Aklan Academy’s uniform and blue-lined Knight’s uniform into the Dark Street, would they?’

Kaiser walked around the room uneasily. ‘At least Meinan should be smart enough to put on some disguise… right?’

Kaiser lowered his head. He clearly knew he was lying to himself. Those three guys would definitely not put on disguises.

One was a Dragon Knight who represents righteousness itself, along with the most famous school badge across Aklan Continent. They will definitely look super suspicious… people would probably try to kill them as soon as they set foot into the pyramid.

Kaiser suddenly jumped up.

“Baolilong, let’s go save your father, Purity, Meinan, and Daylight!”

Baolilong’s cries were suddenly gone, and instead replaced with cheer. It yelled towards Kaiser, “And Kaiser’s sister!”

Hearing what Baolilong said, Kaiser froze.

‘Right, save sister!’

He had originally feared that guy in the Dark Street. But there’s not much difference if he was to save five people instead of four. Death probably awaits him, so he might as well die while trying accomplish a goal.

Kaiser, who finally thought about it thoroughly, yelled, “Sister, I’m coming to save you! Baolilong, transform now.”

“This is too small, and Baolilong is too big…” Baolilong pouted as it looked at the low ceiling.

“Who cares. Death awaits us, we might as well break a few rooms, and give that neglectful old geezer Barbalis some trouble, then I could rest in peace!”


Though unsure of what Kaiser meant, but Baolilong still cheerfully yelled. Then a ten-meter tall giant Dragon broke the stadium lounge’s ceiling.

Baolilong’s movements also destroyed and flattened several surrounding lounges. Unfortunately, the Violet Academy lounge was right next door.

With the sounds of people cursing, Kaiser laughed loudly, rode Baolilong arrogantly and flew away.

* * *

At this time, while attempting to contact someone to save Dark Street… no, to save Liola and others, Barbalis heard several loud noises, followed by a crowd of people cursing at Aklan Academy and its principal. He heard other principals outside banging his door loudly. Barbalis’s face sank.

Barbalis scratched his head, and cursed Kaiser. Even as he was leaving, he had to create more trouble.

Barbalis looked out the window at the dotted figure in the sky, Kaiser, “Five students going to the Dark Street, they will probably die… but, the group of troublemakers seemed to be immortal, so they should be able to come back alive, right? I hope they would remember to bring me, the person who can’t go to Dark Street, a souvenir from it.”

* * *

“Meinan, Daylight… don’t you guys t-think everyone is looking at us?”

Purity grabbed the corner of Daylight’s shirt, and held Meinan’s arm. She couldn’t stop trembling. She felt was everyone’s eyes staring at them viciously, and their hands held all types of weapons. Plus they all seem to be looking at her with malice.

Purity also held onto Daylight’s arm; she wasn’t willing to let go of her lucky charms.

Meinan was also very scared. The people in the surroundings did indeed look at them with malice, but Meinan couldn’t figure out what the problem was. There were Sorcerers and Knights around them, so why did people look at them differently?

Daylight, who was never affected by the people around him, walked with his head held high towards the Dark Arena Pyramid. Although he was anxious, Daylight had already sensed there was indeed a Dragon inside the pyramid, and the Dragon was in an extremely hungry state. He didn’t want to see a Liola become a pile of bones.


A long Dragon roar could be heard coming from the pyramid, and it was followed by the cheering sound of a large crowd, and they could vaguely hear the yells of “tear him up” and “eat him”.

“Crap! We have to hurry.”

Daylight, who was now very anxious, commanded Flames to become a big Dragon, then he grabbed Purity and Meinan’s arm and jumped up the Dragon’s back.

Purity screamed, and then fell back onto the ground. Daylight and Meinan turned to look, and saw a few Knights with informal uniforms standing by them, one of which grabbed Purity’s hair.

“Let her go.” Daylight unsheathed his sword, and angrily pointed it at the Knight who grabbed Purity.

The Knight sported an arrogant smile, and gestured at Flames, “Okay, leave this Dragon here, and I will return your princess.”

Worried about Liola, but also seeing Purity crying, Daylight furiously jumped off Flames, not giving the Knight a chance to use Purity as a hostage.

Daylight’s sword was already close to the Knight, which forced him to let go of Purity’s hair, and hastily pull his sword out to block Daylight’s attack. Since he was already at a disadvantage from the start, he was pushed back again and again by Daylight.

Enraged from the situation, the Knight yelled at his buddies, “Hurry up and help me.”

Hearing this, the surrounding Knights all pulled out their swords and joined the fight between Daylight and the Knight. Daylight was able to block four to five swords, and at the same time he carefully examined the situation. Although he probably wouldn’t lose to them, winning against them still would take Daylight too much time, time Liola might not have.

After thinking about the situation, Daylight changed his mind, and a blue aura exploded from his body. The blinding aura pushed the Knights back a few steps. At the same time, Daylight grabbed Purity and instantly jumped back onto Flames.

“Meinan, use protective shield to shield Flames.” Daylight hurriedly commanded Meinan; he planned to forcefully run out of here. Everything else would have to wait until after they reach the Dark Arena and save Liola.

Meinan immediately started an incantation, and Flames unfurled its wings to fly into the air. As soon as the transparent shield formed, a few fireballs hit it, and a ripple spread throughout the shield’s surface.

Meinan frowned, and he transferred more magic onto the shield, filling the holes caused by the attack.

The fireballs were only the first wave of attacks. The few Mechas flying in the air had no plan of letting Daylight go. Crossfire from the few Mechas landed several hits on the shield, which made the shield shake violently.

Daylight commanded Flames to dodge the shots, but because there were too many Mechas, no matter how he dodged, there were still some he couldn’t avoid.

Daylight carefully examined the Mechas’ movements, and at the same time, he said with a voice filled with worry. “Meinan, can you hold up?”

Meinan smiled lightly, “Knight, don’t underestimate a Sorcerer’s ability.”

Daylight pouted, “I wouldn’t dare.”

Purity took off a large bowtie from her hair, and after coughing lightly to get the two men’s attentions, Purity raised the bowtie, then pressed a heart-shaped jewel in it. Blinding lights suddenly shone out of the jewel, and Purity yelled at the same time,

“My summon, angel Nana, hear my command and come here!”

Daylight had a flash of anticipation in his eyes, he turned his head and yelled, “Oh oh, is this the legendary summoning spell?”

Meinan said with a face full of black lines, “If Purity knows how to summon, then I’m probably an offensive Sorcerer, Liola must be a shaman, and Kaiser would be harmless, naive little boy.”

“Your analogies really make people feel dispirited.”

Daylight, Meinan, and even the Sailor Moon-wannabe Purity were all looking for the source of this voice, why did it sound like…

“Hey! Not that I want to break your thoughts, but if you don’t ask Flames to dodge soon, you will be hit by tens of shots.”

Hearing this, Daylight suddenly raised his head, and surely enough he saw a skyful of bombs flying towards them. Daylight was able to dodge most of them in the nick of time, and let Meinan’s shield handle the couple remaining. At this time, that voice started talking again.

“Hey, it’s me, Kaiser, and I’m using Baolilong and Flames as if they’re communication Maxuns to talk to you guys. This function is quite handy, I must say, fight on as you listen to me.”

“Kaiser, I knew you would come.” Purity couldn’t help but start weeping.

“Sh-shut up.” Kaiser’s voice sounded a bit awkward, but it soon returned to normal, “Purity you were using your remote control to call your Angel Mecha over, right?”

Purity nodded desperately, and then realized Kaiser wasn’t there, so she hurried to answer,

“Right! B-but there are a lot of enemies here. More and more are coming. Kaiser, hurry and come help us.”

“No, I have my plans. Listen to me, you don’t need to defeat them; all you have to do is create chaos, the bigger the better. It would be best if it’s large enough to lure all the guards from the Dark Arena Pyramid!”

“You plan on using the chaos as a distraction to go into the Dark Arena Pyramid?” Meinan asked.

“No!” Daylight anxiously said, “You can’t possibly save Liola by yourself.”

“Don’t worry, I had been around the Dark Street since I was little. Winning against people in the Dark Arena Pyramid isn’t my specialty; but when it comes to running for one’s life, that would be my…”

“Kaiser’s ultimate!” Meinan and Purity said in unison.


Daylight thought carefully, there were too many enemies, and they probably wouldn’t be able to escape quickly. Perhaps following Kaiser’s plan was the best solution out of their current situation.

Although he was still worried about the two people with him. Daylight said with a frown, “If you get into any danger, immediately use this method to contact us. No matter what, we will charge in to save you.”

“You too, as soon as you hear me say retreat, no matter what, you must leave immediately. You guys must understand, you are only having a street fight with people in Dark Street. If you don’t make it more severe, the real defense of Dark Street wouldn’t come out to stop you. But as soon as they know that the competitor in the exhibition match had escaped, the Dark Street would definitely treat you as a part of the escape plan. When the real defense of Dark Street mobilizes to catch you, then none of us can escape.”

“And, you better frequently act like you’re about to lose. So, more scratch wounds, more spitting out blood. Don’t ever make it seem like you’re strong, otherwise we could attract even more terrifying enemies.”

Hearing Kaiser solemn warnings, Daylight, Meinan, and Purity all nodded seriously, indicating that they understood.

“Okay! Go, the invincible Aklan Academy Troublemaking Team. It’s time to cause trouble. Snafu is awaiting for us to fulfill!”

Three of them could practically just see Kaiser’s eyes shining, they all held up their fists and yelled, “Trouble!”

As the white, beautiful Mecha arrived, Purity’s eyes became more sinister. When the angel opened the door to the cockpit on its chest awaiting Purity, Purity laughed like a queen,

“Ohehe, the arrows are here. Everyone place your apples on your head, those who fail to do so will find an arrow through their head.”

‘Your arrows are so huge that even if they had an apple on their head, it would explode along with their heads…’ the Knights and Mecha Fighters thought.

Daylight raised his sword and rode on Flames grandiosely, “Flames, Meinan, my good friends, let’s go.”

Flames let out a long and loud Dragon roar, as an opening ceremony for the Aklan Academy Troublemaking Team.

* * *

Kaiser raised his head to look at the chaos in the air: bombs flying everywhere, arrows piercing every direction, and streams of fire flying around. He nodded in satisfaction and murmured,

“This is the true power of the Troublemaking team. Okay, Baolilong, let’s go rescue the pope of Troublemaking religion, and the leader of the Troublemaking Team.”

Baolilong foolishly nodded, ‘As long as Kaiser was going to save papa.’

Kaiser looked as everyone on the street seemed to be running and avoiding attacks, and no one should recognize him.

Kaiser came out of a little alley that he had been hiding in, and walked with large steps toward the Dark Arena Pyramid. Kaiser looked at the familiar pyramid; it was something that countlessly appeared in his nightmare, and he remembered the terrifying cry of a hungry Dragon.

“I’m going to save you, Liola.” Kaiser’s green eyes were shining, “And, I have to save myself from my nightmare.”

* * *

“Why… are Daylight and others here?”

Standing on the arena, Liola looked at the giant screen and saw the chaos happening in the Dark Street, as well as a few familiar faces. Liola felt sad to the point where he couldn’t even breathe.

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