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Unclearable Suspicion

“So, in other words, you were having a conflict with the Dragon Emperor’s son, and suddenly Miluo appeared out of nowhere to declare war on the whole world? Finally, Baolilong went as far as calling papa into the air, and now we’re not allowed to leave Aklan Academy before they clear us of the suspicion!”

Kaiser wanted to go insane. Can they be serious? Why was it, as soon as he slacked off a little, the moment he came back, he was told he was now a terrorist and must stay within Aklan Academy’s ground.

Kaiser suddenly stood up, ran up to Meinan and started shaking him, “What the hell! Isn’t your dad the Aklan Prime Minister? Why don’t you just tell him to cover for us?”

Meinan, acting a bit unusual, struggled to escape Kaiser’s grasp and sat far away.

He said with a cold expression, “That’s how my dad is. Nothing is more important to him than his country. Even if the prime suspect is his son, he wouldn’t do anything about it.”

Seeing Meinan’s unusual reaction, Kaiser was stunned, but then he immediately ran up to Purity.

Purity started to tremble, “M-my mother is only responsible for inventing Mechas. S-she never cared about anything else, and she can’t do anything about it now.”

Seeing the two shrinking away like turtles, Kaiser, who didn’t even do anything but gotten involved, started to yell,

“Basically, you two don’t care! It must be nice to be you; one is the Prime Minister’s son, and the other is a Commerce Alliance Leader’s daughter. No one would ever dare to touch you! In the end, the scapegoat will be us; innocent commoners!”

Meinan suddenly turned around to face Kaiser, and Purity held her hand into a fist tightly, then stood up and yelled,

“Kaiser, how could you say that! Meinan and I-I have always been with all of you! We’ve never shrunk away from anything, no matter how dangerous it was. How could you talk like that, Kaiser?”

Meinan also sported a long face and walked next to Purity. Though he hadn’t said anything, but judging from his face, Meinan was also mad at what Kaiser had said.

Under the gaze of these two people, Kaiser felt slightly apologetic, but he still wouldn’t back down. After all, what he said was the truth: if this continues, Liola, Daylight, and he would become the sacrifice, unless Daylight had some hidden identity no one knew about.

“Stop fighting.” Daylight suddenly got up from his bed. Though he was still dizzy, he knew the three were fighting. He held up his weak body, and stood between them, trying to convince them to stop.

“Daylight!” Kaiser said angrily, “Unless you have someone important to get you out of this?”

Daylight was surprised, “Important? Nope.”

Kaiser yelled loudly, “Then why do you stop me? If I don’t resolve this now, who knows when we will be put up to the guillotine? This time, it’s for real. None of that righteousness, hotheadedness, nor swearing on your Knight’s honor is going to save us.”

Daylight frowned, and replied weakly, “Then we will sit down and discuss this calmly. Don’t yell at your companions.”

“How can I not be mad?! These two don’t even understand how terrible our situation is!”

Purity listened to Kaiser’s complaint, and she seemed anxious and frustrated, to the point where she didn’t even know if she was mad at herself or at Kaiser.

Meinan was also bothered. He knew what Kaiser said was right, but he was mad at Kaiser for thinking the situation had nothing to do with him or Purity. He opened his mouth several times to try to speak to Purity, but he stopped himself.

Finally, Kaiser grunted and climbed up to his bed to wrap himself like a sushi roll, with only his green hair showing, and completely ignored them both.

Seeing the atmosphere in the room had gone from bad to worse, Daylight forced his body to move towards his last resort. Although Daylight himself had no confidence in his backup, he said.

“Liola say something. Don’t let them fight on like this.” Daylight sound like he was about to pass out.

Liola had been quietly sitting on his bed, while Baolilong was snoring on his legs. As Liola stroked Baolilong’s head softly, he looked outside of the window, as if he was daydreaming, though his silver eyes often flashed with light. It wasn’t until Daylight said something to him did he turn his head around, and said something shocking.

“I want to get the Dragon Cross Necklace back.”

Hearing this, Daylight completely lost it and fainted. Luckily he stood right before Kaiser’s bed, so he simply fell back onto the bed.

Meinan’s and Purity’s expression were alike: both of them were in danger of losing their jaws to the ground.

Kaiser flipped out of his sushi roll, and jumped onto Liola’s bed on the other side of his. He reached out and grabbed Liola’s collar and yelled angrily, “You are insane!”

“I must get the necklace back.” Liola stared into Kaiser’s eyes, and asked gently, “Are you going to help me? If not, we’re better off going separate ways, so I would not be a burden to any of you.”

Kaiser stared at Liola’s silver eyes, but he couldn’t find a bit of hesitation. He knew the Assassin was serious. Though things had gotten worse, but strangely Kaiser calmed down. He let go of Liola’s collar, and sat down next to Liola, turning from a cat furious for its tail being stepped on back to a lazy cat bathing in the sun.

Purity and Meinan glanced at each other, and then both slowly walked to Liola’s bed and sat down. The small single bed had four people and one Dragon on it, making all four of them sit shoulder to shoulder.

“Well… we’ll see how it goes. If push comes to shove, we’ll annoy the principal, and let him lead us?” Meinan seemed a bit more relaxed, and asked tentatively at Kaiser.

Purity immediately added, “R-right. We could also jump into Purity’s black hole, and then nobody could ever find us again.”

Half of their faces blackened as they turned to look at Purity.

Kaiser said mockingly, “Right, perhaps we could jump straight to hell, and the Dragon Emperor would save the money for executing us.”

Purity felt she has been treated unjustly and murmured, “We got away from Miluo last time.”

Kaiser rolled his eyes, and gestured at Purity, “First, Miluo, as a Dragon, he has incredibly thick skin, thus he was not torn into shreds by the chaotic space. Second, think about it, have we, the Troublemaking Squad, ever had any good luck? Considering our never-ending bad luck, I think we will probably warp right into a jail.”

“I agree with Kaiser.” Meinan felt haunted. Ever since he met Liola and Kaiser, the terrifying bad luck had never ceased.

“What the heck.”

Purity got angry and started hitting Kaiser and Meinan, but they didn’t fear Purity’s pink fists, and they started laughing as they let Purity punch as she willed. It wasn’t until Kaiser said stop while laughing that Purity stopped with a pout.

“Fine, since we all have to run, grabbing the necklace is probably not too far off our path.” Kaiser raised his brows, as if he wanted to make the most before he dies.

“That’s right, we must help Liola-dage get his necklace back!” Purity held up her pink fist and yelled firmly.

Liola nodded and said. “Thanks.”

His expression of gratitude, however, made everyone else have goose bumps. And it was quite a while before they started to help Liola plan on how they’re going to get the necklace back.

“Judging from the current situation, the necklace is probably in Cappuccino’s hands. If that’s the case, this should be a piece of cake, as long as he wasn’t pretending when I talked to him.”

Kaiser carefully examined. But judging from what he saw of Cappuccino, he didn’t look like he was pretending: he really acted like a pig.

“Cappuccino, the third Prince? I heard before Princess Lanski was born, he had the highest support to succeed the Dragon Emperor, but unfortunately the Sacred White Dragon didn’t choose him.” Purity explained as she filled her mind with the fantasy of a Prince.

“That guy, Latte, is obviously hopeless. But, normally speaking, shouldn’t the eldest Prince have the most support?” Kaiser had trouble understanding a pig of Prince could have the most support. What would the eldest Prince be then? Pig poop?

Purity, who was familiar with the Princes, immediately explained, “That’s because the eldest Prince is not a Knight, but instead a Fortune Teller. He practically lives in the stargazing tower, and barely anyone had ever seen him!”

“Fortune Teller?” Kaiser’s face seemed shocked, then yelled, “No wonder the Royal family is so rich. He must have won every week’s lottery!”

‘This has nothing to do with it…’ Others thought with cold sweat running down their faces.

“Oh, right!” Purity suddenly yelled, “Can’t you just ask Princess Lanski to get your necklace back?”

Kaiser rolled his eyes at Purity, and even Liola shook his head and said, “I don’t want to drag Lanski into this.”

Kaiser added, “Oh, please, Lanski’s chivalry is only a teeny bit worse than our Daylight, do you really think Silver Mask could seduce her into betraying her own father and brother?”

Purity thought for a moment, and shook her head, depressed.

Kaiser murmured, “Speaking of seducing Lanski, we’d be better off seducing the pig of a brother of hers… Speaking of Cappuccino, I almost forgot about the dance!”

Kaiser suddenly jumped out and yelled. He almost forgot, the pig Cappuccino invited Liola to the dance. Wasn’t this their best opportunity?

Kaiser immediately pulled everyone together, and explained his meeting with Cappuccino.

After hearing Kaiser’s story, Meinan already had an idea of what Kaiser was planning.

He said, “You plan on asking Purity to pretend to be a beautiful chef, and then steal the necklace back?”

“M-me?” Purity opened her eyes wide, and pointed at herself in disbelief.

“Of course not. Do you honestly think Purity possessed the beauty to seduce him? Or the skills to pickpocket without being noticed?” Kaiser immediately denied, and completely shattered Purity’s confidence.

“She has neither.” Meinan answered honestly.
“Why are you guys…” Purity felt wronged.

“So who are you planning on asking?” Meinan asked curiously, but then seemed to have remembered something and waved his hand,

“Don’t ask me to look for Jasmine! She isn’t extraordinarily beautiful, and she will never agree to steal something for you. Kaiser, e-even though she acts casually all the time, she follows the chivalric code quite close to the letter.”

“It’s not Jasmine either.”

Kaiser let out a big grin, as if he had this whole thing planned perfectly, but everyone else was baffled.

Kaiser slowly raised his finger, and pointed at the expressionless Assassin. While the other two people were widening their eyes, Kaiser explained his plan,

“Since Liola wants the necklace back, then of course he should go get it himself!”

Purity was a bit lost, “But Liola-dage is a guy. Though he does look beautiful, but…”

“That’s the thing! He looks beautiful.” Kaiser interrupted, and then excitedly grabbed Liola’s oval face,

“Look, oval face, thin, long eyebrows. Nice, tall nose ridge, and his skin is white and soft. His body is also slender. Other than the fact he lacked two balls of fat in his chest, Liola is practically an earth-shaking beauty! Seducing a pig should be a piece of cake.”

Meinan and Purity followed Kaiser’s ‘presentation’, and stared at the Assassin’s face. Every feature Kaiser described, they both nodded again and again.

“I am male.” Liola felt it a bit necessary to declare his gender.

Kaiser smiled, and patted Liola’s shoulder for comfort, “Don’t worry, we’ll put two water balloons on and you will be a girl.”

Disregarding Liola’s reaction, Kaiser had already begun to direct his companions,

“Meinan, you’re responsible for a formal dress. Purity, you are a girl after all, you should have some makeup and such, right?”

“A formal dress? Where am I going to get that? I have a lot of Tuxedos, but clothes for girls…” Meinan seemed a bit bitter, since he didn’t have a fetish of collecting female clothings.

“Go talk to Jasmine.”

After he finished giving advice, Kaiser immediately pushed Meinan out the door, and said, “Don’t come back until you get one.”

Kaiser slammed the door in Meinan’s face, leaving Meinan with a long face at the door. He then walked towards the Knights’ dorm, trying to think of an excuse to say to his good friend.

Seeing Meinan’s situation, Purity gulped and said, “Uh… Kaiser, I don’t have any makeup.”

“What? You’re a woman and you don’t even have makeup? Are you sure you’re a girl?!”

Kaiser scratched his head, and also kicked Purity out of the room, “Go find Jasmine with Meinan.”

* * *

Having kicked both people out of the room, Kaiser clapped his hands, and then turned towards the Assassin,

“Liola, what are you planning to do after you get the Dragon Cross Necklace back? Please don’t tell me you don’t have any plans. Our situation is bad enough, and when the necklace is stolen, we’ll definitely be the prime suspects. Let’s not talk about whether or not we’re really criminals, but even where we hide the necklace is a serious problem. Don’t forget Dragon Emperor can sense the person who holds the necklace.”

Liola went quiet for a bit, then said, “I don’t know, but I feel that the necklace has been calling out to me, so I must get it back.”

“But you have no plans afterwards whatsoever?” Kaiser raised his eyebrows and asked.

Although he already knew Liola could never have any plans, hearing it made Kaiser feel helpless.

Liola remained quiet. He knew not having a plan at all wasn’t the right thing to do, but he didn’t know what he could do. The only thing he was certain of was he must get the necklace back.

Kaiser waved his hand, “Whatever, I already knew you’re the type of guy who doesn’t think about what happens next. Just leave the planning part to me. Do note that as soon as we get the necklace, we have to run. And when we run, we have to bring Daylight. He doesn’t have anyone who could help him, and if he stays he will be dead. However, Meinan and Purity probably should stay since they’re both related to important figures, and nothing should happen to them.”

Kaiser then murmured, “If we bring Meinan, we could suddenly have a Prime Minister on our tails. If we bring Purity with us, then it will be even more horrific, because we would have offended all three of the strongest countries in the world, and we will die even faster!”

Liola’s eyes set on the Daylight on the bed, thinking he still would bring harm to one person…

“I will protect you two.” This was the only promise Liola could make.

Kaiser scratched his face and said,

“You don’t have to worry too much. The place we will be hiding, no one should be able to find it. Seeing the situation now, chaos will befall this world soon, and we will probably be safer hidden.”

“And one more thing.” Kaiser frowned and murmured,

“Such an important time, Mizerui is probably somewhere here watching the show. Whatever, let me yell first.”

Then Kaiser jumped up, raised his hands up in the air, and yelled as if he was calling UFOs,

“Mizerui, man, I have a request for you, come out, come out! If you don’t come out soon, the readers are going to forget you soon!”

“Coming, coming, let me brush my hair first…”

A golden light suddenly flashed in the middle of the room. After the light subsided, a mysterious silhouette appeared.

The gold-haired gentleman had his arms behind him, and he looked out into the night sky through the window. He occasionally pushed up his gold-framed glasses, and one could sense his sentiments from the eyes.

“Nice eyes and posture. 80 points.” Kaiser judged on the side.

The gold-haired man immediately turned around, and said unbelievably, “My perfect appearance gets only 80 points? Are you serious?”

“Aiya, look at your strange black and white robe, failure! And who wears gold-framed glasses? Sunglasses are trendy now. Haven’t you seen mission X? Failure among failures! Also, you’re pretending to be cool. Can you ever be as cool as our protagonist Liola? Acting cool in front of the book’s coolest main character Liola, I’d be sorry to Liola if I don’t deduct points for it… 80 points left, it’s pretty good.” Judge Kaiser carefully explained his reasoning for the points.

“Sh—!” Mizerui waved his hand unhappily, “I’m leaving.”

Judge Kaiser suddenly turned into beggar Kaiser. He dragged onto Mizerui’s shirt and said, “Just kidding, bro, you are worth 100 points! 100! How is that?”

“That’s more like it.” Mizerui, whose lower half had already faded away, summoned it back again. He pushed his glasses and asked,

“So, what do you want? And please don’t tell me it’s because I appear too little in the book and you’re trying to get me some screen-time. You, Kaiser, would never do anything that doesn’t benefit you somehow.”

Kaiser went ‘tsk tsk’ and said, “You are definitely Boss Mi, and understand this little brother too well.”

“You even said ‘Boss Mi’. Just tell me what you called me here for. First things first, I can’t help you clear your status as suspects. Who knew you were going to appear at where Latte dies, and happened to be in a conflict with him. Not to mention you had Miluo’s son with you.”

Mizerui snapped, “If you guys could clear your suspicions, then I could probably usurp the Dragon Emperor’s throne already.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” Kaiser curled his lips. He already knew about this, so he didn’t even go look for the principal; why in the world would he go to Top Ten Wanted criminal for like this?

“Then what do you want from me?” Mizerui had now gotten curious.

“This is how things went…”

Already knew Mizerui was very curious by nature, Kaiser shamelessly laughed, and told him everything about Liola’s plan to seduce Cappuccino.

Mizerui relished the idea, and even occasionally yell out “Nice!”. Before Kaiser said anything about what he wanted, Mizerui had already excitedly took out numerous contact lense cases and a very elegant pearl necklace.

“Green, blue, black…” Mizerui fumbled through different contact lense cases while murmuring their colors.

Kaiser’s eyes were fixated on the pile of boxes, and then he grabbed one of them, “Let’s go with purple. Purple will go well with Liola’s black hair.”

Mizerui nodded, then threw the pearl necklace to Liola and said, “Magic has been applied to this necklace, and it will let you make the most crisp, alluring female voice in the world.”

Liola looked at the necklace full of large and round pearls. He still felt somewhat helpless at the thought of crossdressing to seduce someone.

Kaiser, instead, looked up and down strangely at Mizerui, “Do you have a habit of crossdressing or something? Why else would you carry these around?”

Mizerui knocked Kaiser’s forehead hard, and explained while Kaiser was howling in pain,

“I am a wanted man after all, and the contact lenses are for my disguises. As for the necklace, I had, once upon a time, listened to a female star sing, and then I accidentally noticed she was cheating with this necklace. So I conveniently stole it. Who knew the woman was actually a dangerous Assassin, so I killed her conveniently.”

Conveniently… Don’t tell me that’s how you got on the top ten Wanted list?” Kaiser was sweating.

“Oh, one of the reasons. After all, that woman was famous as the best singer in the world at the time, and no one knew she was an Assassin.” Mizerui said casually.

“Assassin?” Kaiser scratched his face, “Don’t tell me she has something to do with Gladiolus and all them?”

“She’s known as Anthurium from the Six Forbidden Sins, and as a result I can’t go to the Dark Arena to gamble, not to mention I owe Gladiolus a favor now.” Mizerui said naturally.

“So you’ve already taken out one of the Six Forbidden Sins…”

Mizerui suddenly turned to look at the door, and said with a smile,

“Looks like your friends are back. I’m going to leave for now, but you guys better put on a great show for me to watch.” Mizerui’s body faded away like he usually did.

The moment Mizerui disappeared, Meinan and Purity both barged in. Meinan had a formal dress in his hands, and Purity was holding a little box. As soon as they entered the room, Purity started to complain,

“Meinan, why did you have to say I’m going to the dance with Daylight? Now Lanski and Jasmine both said they will be there to watch us. What are we going to do?”

“I didn’t have a choice. I had to find an excuse to borrow things from those two.” Meinan said grievingly.

Kaiser ran up and grabbed the things from their hands, and said, “Forget about it. Come here and help me dress up this guy.”

All three of them each took a tool and closed in on the Assassin.

Liola faced Meinan with the dress, Purity with the hair dryer and comb, and Kaiser with mascara.

For some who had been in countless battles, Liola felt his instincts screaming at him to run away. He had a feeling this would fail… but them three did not give Liola the chance to run, and pounced at him like wolves on a sheep.

“Aiyo, why is this mascara so hard to use?” Kaiser complained.

He didn’t know how to correctly use mascara, but it probably shouldn’t be stabbed like a spear.

Liola had to use his Ki to block Kaiser’s ‘stabbing’ mascara. If all women used mascara like this, every woman in the world would’ve been blind.

“Let’s style your hair…” Purity grabbed Liola’s black hair, and turned the hair dryer on its highest.


Liola immediately protected his scalp with his Ki, to prevent his own head from emitting a charred skin smell… No wonder Purity always tied her hair up with a rubber band.

“Huh? Why is there a skirt in a skirt? Which side is inside? Which side is the front? Why is there armor inside?” Meinan fumbled the shirt left and right.

“That’s called a vest, and it’s used to contour the body.” Purity glanced in his direction, and then continued to mess with Liola’s hair.

“Oh…” Meinan tilted his head while looking at the vest. ‘Was this something to be worn inside or the outside? Armor… was usually worn outside, right?’

“Hey, Meinan, don’t forget to stuff something near the chest.” Kaiser poked his head out to remind Meinan.

… After hours of frustration, Liola deeply felt being a woman was more dangerous than being an Assassin. Not only could he go blind, get burnt, he might even suffocate from the tight vest.

Sigh~” Three of them all sighed in relief, and declared success. They all took a few steps back to examine their guinea pig.

They saw an unknown lifeform with a ponytail, and on it there was a pink large bowtie.

His face had a layer of ‘flour’, and his cheeks had two large, bright red circles. His red lipsticks extended outside of the lines of his lips, and he wore a blue and ugly, puffy dress with a bowtie. He even had an vest on the outside of his dress.

Liola by Meina, Purity, and Kaiser

The three of them stared at the unknown lifeform for quite a while before Purity awkwardly said, “The pig Prince isn’t too picky, right?”

The room echoed the sound of someone dying of laughter, but no one could see the person laughing. The laugh, of course, sounded like it came from that certain person with 100 points for his posture.

Daylight was awoken by the laughter. Since his bed was directly facing the unknown lifeform, as soon as he sat up, he saw this unsightly scene.

His face immediately turned pale. He took a very deep breath and screamed, “Ghost!” Daylight then fainted back onto the bed.

The three people finally couldn’t refuse to admit the lifeform before them looked more like a ghost than a beautiful woman.

Seeing their efforts had created a monster, they stared at each other and didn’t know what to do…

“Purity, why did you take mommy’s makeup kit? How can mommy go to tonight’s dance… Holy! What evil spirit dares to perturb this ground!”

Everyone heard and turned to look at the door, and they saw the Red Commander straightened her finger and pointed at Liola, and the cannon on her left arm looked like it was about to fire.

“Mommy!” Purity immediately rushed up to stop her,

“No, that’s my classmate. We’re helping with the dressing up for tonight’s dance, but I think we failed…”

“It’s possible to fail so much for it would look like this?”

The Red Commander restrained herself from her desire to blow this monster to smithereens. She carefully walked up to the monster, and carefully examined “it”. “It” looked back at the Red Commander with helplessness.

It wasn’t until then the Red Commander realized, the monster in front of her had a pair of beautiful eyes. If it weren’t for the flour on the face, the zombie-like blush, and the sausage lips, Red Commander suddenly realized the person would’ve been absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.

“Don’t tell me it’s a beauty?” Red Commander murmured, and at the same time turned to look at her daughter. Sigh!

The other two were guys, so it was understandable. But her own daughter somehow managed to turn a beauty into a monster, sigh

The Red Commander accepted her fate and started to clean up this monster her daughter had created.

She commanded, “You, go wash off everything on your face. Purity, you, Meinan, and Child Face go get my #8, #10, and #13 boxes.”

‘C-child Face?’ Kaiser pointed at himself unbelievably. ‘What the hell, it’s called delicate, okay?!’

Before Kaiser had a chance to protest, Purity and Meinan had already dragged Kaiser out of the room. Purity turned her head to say to her mom as she was leaving, “It’s all up to you, mommy.”

“No problem, no problem.” The Red Commander waved her hand to hurry them, then urged the monster again to wash its face.

* * *

Our monster, Liola, was a bit hesitant. But since the Red Commander pushed him into the bathroom, Liola had no choice but wash his face.

He frowned as he thought; did those three forget “he” was actually a man? When he washed off the makeup on his face, and showed up in front of the Red Commander with a bowtie dress, would she open her cannon to blow him away?

Liola finished washing his face, but didn’t know what to do next. The Red Commander had already impatiently pushed open the door and barged in. Liola was still considering whether he should be running away, but she had already rushed up to him, and grabbed Liola’s face to examine it.

She then admired and complimented, “Such a classic beauty!”


Even the calm Assassin couldn’t stop feeling strange, but the Red Commander didn’t give Liola the chance to hesitate.

She grabbed him and ran outside, then forcefully made Liola sit down on a chair. She was 100x more skilled than Kaiser, and she skillfully began to apply different kinds of makeup on Liola’s face, while she explained what she was doing… or perhaps it was more accurate to say she was talking to herself.

“Aiya, your skin is really nice. We just need a thin layer of foundation.”

“A little too pale, but this seem even more classic! I think I should skip the blush.”

Tsk tsk, your eyelashes are so long they’re going to scare people to death! Let’s skip the mascara, and I think it would be enough to curl them.”

“Your eyes are purple, that’s really pretty. So let’s use purple eye shadow then.”

Liola helplessly listened, and he finally concluded: Kaiser’s noisy chatter actually had a female version!

At this time, the door opened again. Three people walked in, each with a box about half as tall as them. Purity yelled, “Mommy, we’re back with the boxes.”

The Red Commander stopped putting things on Liola’s face, and nodded at them three, telling them to put the boxes down. She immediately started to fumble through the boxes, and finally she took out a light violet formal dress, a black long wig, and some accessories.

After searching for a long while, the Red Commander wiped the sweat off her forehead, and found everything she was looking for. She frowned and look at them, then yelled,

“Go on. Women are changing, what are you men doing here? Meinan and Child face, go change your clothes. The dance is about to start. Oh and, take the one on the bed with you too.”

Kaiser and Meinan had to shake Daylight to wake up, and then they awkwardly walked out of the room. As they left, they all curiously turned around to see if the Assassin had turned into a beauty.

Unfortunately, Liola was also curious himself, and he was looking into a mirror with his back towards them, so they had to leave without seeing what Liola had looked like.

Fortunately, they would be able to see soon.

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