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Becoming another world’s, Two People, Two Dragons

Kaiser rushed into the black hole and started praying fervently; it didn’t matter whether it was to Allah or to Jesus. Beneath him, Baolilong struggled to flap its wings, but within the endless darkness where you couldn’t tell left from right, Baolilong’s effort seemed useless.

Indeed, Kaiser didn’t see any exit. Suddenly, there was a violent burst of white light. Kaiser quickly clamped his eyes shut and moaned in pain for a long while before he was able to open them again.

Kaiser immediately started ascertaining the situation.

First, he was still riding on Baolilong, who was straining to open its big pink eyes and seemed fine.

Secondly, Daylight was groggy but was sitting on Flames, so there were three ‘people’ beside him who were still okay. Only then was Kaiser relieved, and he started observing the surroundings.

‘Blue sky, white clouds, big grasslands… Good, we haven’t fallen into the eighteen levels of hell or the Dragon Emperor’s prison, etcetera.’ Kaiser felt a load lifted off his chest.

Baolilong wiggled its body, making Kaiser fall off. It then transformed back into its child form and desperately divided the grass around it, searching high and low.

Finally, when it didn’t see anyone else, it started bawling, “Papa! Papa is gone.”

When Flames saw Baolilong crying non-stop, it also transformed into its small Dragon form and ran forward to console Baolilong.

Kaiser finally realized something was not right and frowned, “That rascal wouldn’t have stayed there, right?”


Daylight was thrown off Flames while still in a daze and didn’t manage to land lightly like Kaiser. His whole body collapsed on the ground without being cushioned by aura, and the pain immediately shocked Daylight wide-awake.

Upon opening his eyes, Daylight suddenly realized he was in an unknown place and panicked slightly. Then, he recalled that Mizerui had knocked him out of his senses because he refused to leave.

“You’re awake.” Kaiser squatted next to Daylight, and asked somewhat annoyed, “Do you know where we are?”

Daylight replied in disgruntlement, “I don’t know.”

Kaiser glanced at Daylight, whose face had a shadow of anger. However, Kaiser was not worried, because Daylight was easy to handle.

Kaiser said simply, “Liola is missing.”

As expected, Daylight immediately forgot about his anger and his expression changed to one of anxiety and concern,

“What happened to him, did he not manage to escape?”

Kaiser frowned and said, “I’m not sure, there wasn’t any response when Baolilong called for him, so he’s probably knocked out.”

Daylight was extremely worried, “Then we should quickly go back to rescue him.”

“Rescue my foot! I don’t even know what kind of weird place we ended up in.” Kaiser snapped.

He had just examined the surroundings, and there was only grass after grass.

Upon hearing Kaiser’s words, Daylight also frantically looked all around, but he didn’t recall there being such large grasslands in the Aklan Continent.

Daylight knitted his eyebrows and said, “Maybe we’re in the Dragon Continent?”

When Kaiser heard his most undesired, albeit most reasonable guess, he laughed weakly,

“Hahaha, or maybe it’s the Commerce Alliance!”

Even Daylight knew Kaiser was putting up a hopeless struggle; technology was far more widespread in the Commerce Alliance compared to Aklan, it would be harder to find a spot in the Commerce Alliance without a Maxun than it would be to find a grade-A Mecha. So a place as large as this grassland without any Maxun could never exist in the Commerce Alliance.

Just when the two were racking their minds to find out where they were, the sky was blurred and a jet-black hole spat out a “blood-soaked object”. If he hadn’t known the ironclad object couldn’t spit blood, Kaiser would have thought it was injured.

However, Daylight had already ran over. After gasping several times, he seemed to be at wits end.

Kaiser thought Daylight’s reaction to the bloodied object was quite weird, but once Baolilong ran over and started wailing ‘Papa’, Kaiser immediately followed and realized the “blood-soaked object” was actually the missing Liola.

Kaiser immediately started checking Liola’s wounds, but strangely enough, there weren’t any wounds, it was as if the blood had all been squeezed out of the veins.

Daylight also felt something was amiss, and he could also sense an overbearing force coming from Liola’s body, which seemed different from the usual strength Liola displayed.

After wiping off all the blood from Liola’s face with his sleeves, Daylight suddenly realized there was a purple aura being emitted on Liola’s face,

“Purple aura… it was the Dragon Emperor who injured Liola!”

“It doesn’t matter who injured him, what matters is whether you can heal him?” Kaiser anxiously shook Daylight’s shoulders.

Daylight awkwardly said, “I, I still haven’t learnt healing magic…”

Kaiser could only frown and reply, “Wake Liola up, let him heal himself.”

Daylight nodded, shook Liola lightly and continually shouted at him, but Liola didn’t show the slightest reaction.

“Papa can’t be woken up!” Baolilong sat at the side and bawled incessantly.

Kaiser’s face grew darker, “It seems useless, Baolilong has definitely been shouting at Liola using telepathy, if this noisy Dragon can’t wake Liola, nothing will.”

“Maybe Liola was heavily injured, so he went to sleep to let his body heal itself?”

Daylight suggested unconvincingly. Kaiser shook his head in confusion, shrugged his shoulders and said,

“Looks like he is no longer spitting blood. Since he won’t wake up, and at worst he won’t die, then let’s not care about him. If we do not figure out where we are and the Dragon Emperor catches us, none of us will be able to escape.”

Kaiser turned to Baolilong, “Brat, turn back into a Dragon and carry us, we are going to run.”

Baolilong twitched, it knew they had to leave, and transformed back into a 10-meter tall Sacred White Dragon.

Daylight carried Liola and hopped onto the enlarged Flames. Baolilong and Flames flew up high into the sky. They could vaguely make out a city, and under Kaiser’s signal, the two Dragons both flew towards it.

Once they drew close to the city, Baolilong transformed back into its child form and Flames transformed into a miniature Dragon.

The group of 3 people and 2 Dragons then walked towards the city. When they got near the city, groups of people appeared around them, wearing weird outfits.

They mostly wore tops with overlapping lapels, their trousers were coarse and rough, and held up at the waist by tied cloth. Even if they were called belts, they were still only pieces of cloth.

When they reached the city’s entrance, it was unexpectedly made by stacking up stones, and you could tell at a glance the doors were made of wood.

There was a plaque above which read “Sky City”, but what almost made Kaiser breathless was the two guards stationed at the sides. They were wearing armor which neither Kaiser nor Daylight had ever seen before. The armor seemed to be made of rattan, and they also held 2 big spears in their hands.

No matter how ridiculous the Dragon Continent might be, it wouldn’t use a material like rattan to make armor, right?

2 people, 1 Dragon stayed at the entrance and did some sizing up. In turn, they too were sized up. Kaiser, who would rather die than to admit they were in the Dragon Continent, laughed,

“Heh… Dragon Continent natives really dress weirdly, don’t they?”

Daylight knew that Kaiser was just doing some self-consolation. Even if it was the Dragon Continent, it wouldn’t be like this. Since when did Knights from the academy dress so weirdly? Moreover, the passers-by spoke in a language totally foreign to Daylight.

Although the Dragon Continent would have its own language, but it was the language all Knights had to learn, and it was impossible for Daylight, a Blue Knight, not understand a single word!

“Why do they say we are strange?” Baolilong widened its eyes and asked Kaiser.

Kaiser was even more confused and asked, “You can understand them?”

Baolilong nodded its head. Kaiser was frustrated. He initially thought he had travelled to another world, same as Liola.

However, if Baolilong could understand them, then how could they be in another world? Or maybe it was actually a Dragon haven, and all the people they could see were actually transformed Dragons?

“I think I know where this is.” Daylight suddenly said, making Kaiser stare at him.

Daylight laughed bitterly and explained, “After forming a contract with a Dragon, there are a lot of things that can be transferred between the 2 minds, including language… ”

Kaiser’s jaw dropped, what it meant was Baolilong could understand the regional language because its master Liola also could, and Liola could understand it because… , simply because this was the world Liola originally lived in!

“This is so humiliating.” Kaiser said feebly after thinking everything through.

Daylight smiled wryly, “At least we don’t need to hasten to flee, no matter what, the Dragon Emperor won’t chase us across worlds.”

Baolilong tugged on Kaiser’s Sorcerer robes and said as it pointed at the two door guards, “They said we are very weird, so they are coming over to question us.”

Once Baolilong said it, the two door guards really did walk over, and all the curious onlookers made way for them to pass, then followed behind them.

“%[email protected]%%*” The guards shouted.

Kaiser pulled on Baolilong and asked, “Hey! What are they saying?”

In the same tone, Baolilong said, “Where are you from and why have you come here? Does that red beast bite? Is the person you are carrying still alive?”

Kaiser frowned and paused for thought. Where they were from couldn’t be revealed, and neither could he answer why they had come; the ‘red beast’ would probably refer to Flames? It could also mean there were no Dragons in this world.

Right, Kaiser remembered when he first met Liola, he too did not know what Dragons were.

The guards got impatient. They started upbraiding loudly and pointed their long spears at the small Flames, who got enraged and shot out a 10cm size fireball.

The small fireball was hardly lethal, and Flames meant it as a warning shot. However, it made the guards and the onlookers scream and run away. When it landed on a guard and kindled a small fire, the guard started jumping up and down madly.

“Liola had not used magic before, he didn’t even know there was something called magic… ” Kaiser just remembered the detail.

‘Oh no! This world definitely doesn’t have magic.’

The epiphany was too late, everyone frantically squeezed back into the city and soon there was an uproar. 10 people riding on a 4-legged creature which Kaiser had never seen before slowly approached them.

Daylight frowned and asked Kaiser, “What should we do?”

Kaiser showed a powerless expression and spread his hands out, “Let’s see whether Baolilong can communicate with them.”

However, he didn’t think communicating could accomplish much.

Daylight nodded, he did not want to fight over a misunderstanding. He leaned forward and told Baolilong,

“Baolilong, tell them that we mean no harm, we only want to enter the city to recover. We are unable to fight as we have an injured person.”

Baolilong tilted its head and thought for a bit. After all, it was its first time speaking in Liola’s language.

After it thought it through, Baolilong said out a stream of words at the 10 people. The ten people each frowned and started discussing amongst themselves. After which, one of them, who was dressed somewhat differently and was probably the leader, spoke.

Baolilong translated, “You use strange magic, are… ” Baolilong thought really hard then reluctantly said, “Are you Magicians?”

‘Magicians?’ Kaiser was surprised, didn’t this world not have magic? Why would the term Magician arise? Kaiser asked, “Are you sure they said ‘Magicians’?”

Baolilong pouted its mouth, “It seems different, but Baolilong couldn’t find a better word.”

“It Looks like it’s a unique occupation around here.” Daylight eventually understood.

Kaiser’s head spun faster. What would the reputation of this unique occupation be? But no matter how bad it was, it couldn’t get any worse, right? At most they could flee.

Kaiser asked Daylight, “How strong are these ten? Can you beat them?

Daylight frowned, “They’re not even as strong as a Green Knight.”

It meant there was nothing to be afraid of. Kaiser grinned and told Baolilong, “Just tell them we’re Magicians and observe their reaction.”

Baolilong’s innocent child voice sounded again.

The 10 people’s eyes widened, and the stared at Kaiser and the others, showing a hint of respect.

Kaiser almost wanted to leap up and make a V sign! After having a string of bad luck, since anyone who entered the black hole would just be sent back, only they were lucky enough to score big on the first try.

Finally they struck big. Kaiser almost wanted to kowtow to heaven, but then he remembered there were 10 people staring at him, and decided to leave the bowing for later.

Kaiser nudged Baolilong, “Hey, tell them we want to enter the city.”

Baolilong listened round-eyed and told Kaiser, “Kaiser, some of them don’t believe you’re a Magician.”

Kaiser looked at the ten people, and just as Baolilong had said, they were debating amongst themselves.

Kaiser scowled and chanted a short incantation. Immediately, a small fireball appeared in his hand. Kaiser juggled it about casually, which made the ten people gape and stare.

Kaiser had gotten into it, he nudged Daylight, “Hey, release some aura for them.”

“Aura? Are we fighting?”

Daylight was not sure how to react until he saw Kaiser nodding, and decided to follow Kaiser. Once he released his blue aura, no one doubted them anymore.

The probable leader dismounted and respectfully walked over and spoke a string of words. This time, Baolilong didn’t need to be reminded. It immediately assumed the role of a little translator,

“May I ask if master Magicians have come to seek audience with other Magicians from Skyward Overlook?”

“Skyward Overlook?” Kaiser hesitated, but nonchalantly pushed his hesitation to the back of his mind. Why bother, besides, they had to enter the city first?

“Tell them yes, Baolilong.”

Baolilong said a simple sound, and the leader nodded his head and said an even simpler sound.

“Please.” Baolilong’s tender child voice translated again.

The dozen looks of respect put Kaiser on cloud nine, and he walked into the city like the biggest gangster.

Daylight followed, looking worriedly at the unconscious and blood-soaked Liola whom he was carrying. He could only hope there would be something like a Healing Maxun inside the city.

As he walked, Kaiser really had an eye-opener. In his life he had not seen so many wooden things, Aklan only used metals and plastics.

Here, the houses were almost completely made of wood, and were all very short, the tallest Kaiser had seen so far was only 3 levels tall, much shorter than Aklan’s usual 100. Also, each level here was also smaller than Aklan’s.

The roads were all narrow, and there weren’t any Transportation Maxuns. There were some people riding on 4-legged creatures, the same kind as what the 10 people had ridden, except they had all dismounted to walk, in order to adjust to Kaiser and the others.

Right from the start, the leader hadn’t stopped chattering, and Baolilong had to keep translating. However, eventually there were too many things it couldn’t find the right word for, and with an angry pout of the lips, it refused to say anything. When the leader saw Kaiser’s confused face, he too rubbed his nose and stopped talking.

They walked until they reached a special room, where the leader stopped, pointed at it and said something.

Kaiser examined the room, it was more appealing than the previous wooden houses, however, it was made of a cheaper material — stone.

Kaiser was baffled, why would such a large room be made of such a cheap material? Probably because the room was so big and they couldn’t afford so much wood, Kaiser shrugged, he couldn’t be bothered to guess.

“He said this is the Skyward Overlook.” Baolilong finally helped translate a sentence.

This is Skyward Overlook, was he implying Skyward Overlook was something like a Magician’s association?

Kaiser had all sorts of doubts, but when he saw the leader had already retreated to the side, he had no choice but to go forward.

He stopped before the door and looked all around, with a bitter face, he asked Daylight, “There’s no doorbell, what should we do?

Daylight frowned and examined the door, the wooden door was all smooth and shiny, except for a spherical object hanging in the middle. Indeed it looked as if there wasn’t a doorbell, Daylight was perplexed and said,

“Patting the door would do.”

“Baolilong, pat the door.” Kaiser said, he didn’t want to abuse his hand by patting the hardwood door.

Baolilong found it fun and immediately rushed forward, its two tiny hands patted the door strongly, until the door clanged and banged.

Just when Kaiser realized handprints appearing on the door and wanted to stop Baolilong, the door made a scary creaking sound. However, Baolilong didn’t care, with one last pat, the right door crashed down on the ground, raising dust clouds.

There was a person inside who looked as if he was going to open the door, but instead just stared wide-eyed at the fallen door.

Kaiser also stared wide-eyed, and asked hesitantly, “Daylight, do you suppose their doors… have a different opening method from ours? Like, it falls down then is pulled up afterwards?”

“Don’t think so.” Although he didn’t know how things worked over here, but from the shocked expression of the person inside, Daylight could immediately refute Kaiser’s nonsense.

Just when everyone was stunned, more people came running out, many of which were old people with long, white beards. Everybody looked grimly at the door, finally, a younger person walked over with an angry expression, shouting.

However, Baolilong lost its temper and refused to translate. Under Kaiser’s anxious urges and when even Daylight opened his mouth, Baolilong reluctantly translated,

“Baolilong doesn’t know how to say it, they said we are here to kick their house, but Baolilong used hands, and not feet.”

“Kicking houses?” Kaiser’s face grew wrinkled as a bittergourd, it’s over, the phrase was definitely not translated literally.

Then, Daylight carried Liola and walked forward. As he was unable to do the proper knightly formalities, he could only bow respectfully and asked sincerely,

“My friend is heavily wounded, please may I ask if you can heal him?”

However, they could not understand what Daylight had said until Baolilong rushed over with a shriveled mouth and flowing tears, saying a long phrases of words Kaiser couldn’t understand.

Kaiser was not worried, just from Baolilong’s expression, he knew Baolilong was pleading for someone to heal Liola.

Upon seeing Baolilong weeping, a woman in her 30s walked over with a pained expression and took out a handkerchief to wipe its tears while comforting it. However, when she moved to hug it, Baolilong hid behind Daylight’s leg, refusing to be hugged.

The middle-aged woman turned around and spoke to the oldest man, who also had the longest beard. She pointed at Liola, then at Baolilong.

The old man thought for a while before walking towards Daylight and glared at him, but Daylight looked back at him with impressive perseverance. The old man nodded in appreciation and said some words.

Hiding behind Daylight’s leg, Baolilong immediately said with teary eyes, “They said they will look at papa’s wounds! They want us to follow them.”

Daylight was overjoyed and followed the old bearded man inside the premises. Kaiser also breathed a sigh of relief. Luckily their chances hadn’t been ruined by a door, he immediately followed Daylight in.

When they reached a certain room, the people on either side of the elder promptly opened the doors respectfully and the elder entered. He knew they spoke different languages, so he silently pointed at Liola, then at the bed.

Daylight got the hint, he immediately laid Liola down on the bed and stood beside it, waiting for the elder to heal Liola’s injuries. To the contrary, Kaiser walked in obstinately, sat down at a table and started observing a weirdly shaped water bottle placed on the tabletop. He did not realize everyone else was standing and giving him displeased looks.

However, the elder didn’t say anything. He simply lifted up Liola’s right hand and pressed his thumb on Liola’s wrist.

“Hey, what do you think he is doing?” Kaiser appeared at the bedside, he was worried the old man did not know what to do. The only thing Kaiser knew about healing was dumping people into Healing Maxuns, as for the old man’s inexplicable actions, he could only ask the Knight beside him.

Daylight shook his head, “I don’t know, I’m not a Priest.”

Daylight’s empty answer meant Kaiser could only continue watching the old man, in case the old man does harm to Liola.

From the start, the bearded old man had a heavy expression, but after a while he looked enlightened. He lowered Liola’s wrist and spoke a long string of passage to Baolilong.

As it was a matter regarding its papa, Baolilong paid full attention. Afterwards, it ran to Daylight and Kaiser.

“He said there is a strong force destroying papa’s body, but papa is very formidable and is resisting the force. With some good rest, papa will wake up by himself.”

“He just needs some sleep? That’s all?” Kaiser stared blankly and listened. However, he suddenly realized the important question, to sleep, there needs to be a place to sleep!

Kaiser looked at Liola lying on the bed and snickered. He nudged Baolilong, “Hey, ask them if we can stay here until Liola wakes up.”

Baolilong immediately asked, but the elder looked slightly uneasy. When Baolilong realized the elder was unwilling, the corners of its mouth instantly drooped and tears fell from its eyes.

When she saw Baolilong’s pitiful looks, the same middle-aged woman immediately walked over and hugged it lovingly.

This time, Baolilong knew the woman could help them, so he could only grumble and reluctantly let her hug it. The woman said a lot of words to the elder, and the moment someone else opened their mouth, they were immediately pushed back by her words.

In the end, the bearded old man helplessly nodded his head.

Kaiser couldn’t refrain from complaining, no one could understand him anyway, “Cheapskate, can’t we stay for a bit, there were so many empty rooms, what’s wrong with letting us use some for a few days.”

However, Kaiser soon understood that the elder wasn’t being stingy, the reason the elder had been uneasy was… because he and Daylight stayed long enough for them to learn the language of this world.

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