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Martial Arts Alliance Leader, Xin Jietian

“Little runt, you sure did release quite a bit of Ki, but your usage isn’t accurate enough. Your master must not be very conscientious.” Wanyuan old man laughed as he stared at Daylight.

Unlike other people who respectfully or humbly lowered their heads, Daylight looked at the old man curiously, and explained, “I only have mentors, not a master.”

Wanyuan frowned, not sure what mentor meant. But as for not having a master, he obviously understood. A hint of excitement flashed across his eyes, and asked anxiously, “You don’t have a master?”

Daylight nodded.

“Hehe, are you interested in having me as your master?” Wanyuan asked as if he was joking.

“Are you very strong?” Daylight’s eyes shone as well, and he excitedly asked back, not knowing this question shocked everyone around them.

Who was Wanyuan? He was practically a legend in the Martial Arts world! Any other person would have kowtowed to him the moment he said he would take them as an apprentice, how could Daylight dare to ask if he was strong?

Wanyuan also looked a bit surprised at Daylight’s response. But judging from Daylight’s Kung Fu-loving looks, Wanyuan was not angry, and instead burst out laughing.

He gestured with his index finger and taunted Daylight to come at him. He then stood still quietly, waiting for Daylight’s attack. Daylight also took out the pike on his back. With his blue aura released, the pike flew towards the old man like a meteorite.

Wanyuan acted as if he wanted to leave an impression for his future apprentice. Despite facing Daylight’s mountain-splitting, sea-parting attack, the old man chose not to evade or launch a counterattack, and stood still.

His eyes suddenly shone, and his hand grabbed the pike like the claw of an eagle. No matter how much Daylight struggled with his hands or his aura, the pike didn’t move an inch.

Daylight looked at the old man’s relaxed expression, and he let go of his spike, then gave the old man a Knight’s salute while saying excitedly, “Master, please allow me to be your apprentice.”

“Rude! You want master to have you as an apprentice but you’re not even kneeling.”

The man who was fighting with Auyan Dri walked up to the old man, and scolded Daylight loudly. Everyone was stunned, but Wanyuan knocked the man’s head, and scolded back,

“Shut up! You’re fighting with others in public, and a dozen of you couldn’t even win against two, and now you dare to yell? Go back to your piggy friends.”

“Yes, master.” The buff man obediently backed away behind Wanyuan like a child. The other dozen people saw the buff man had left, and immediately followed without so much as uttering a word.

“Master, are these all your apprentices?” Daylight didn’t care whether the old man accepted him as an apprentice, he simply started calling him master.

After all, in his world, no mentors would forbid the students for calling them a mentor, and Daylight didn’t really think much about the customs here.

Fortunately, Wanyuan had already observed Daylight before, and he was fond of Daylight’s honor, lack of any artificiality, and his straightforwardness without any formalities.

The old man waved his hand, “I don’t have many apprentices who’d make me angry. Only the stupidest one there is my apprentice.”

“Such rotten luck I have! I’ve only had two apprentices my whole life, and they’re both stupid! One was so stupid enough to die, while the other is so stupid no one wants to kill him.” Wanyuan murmured angrily, which made the buff man behind him blush.

Wanyuan seemed to be deep in thought. His white eyebrows knitted as he examined Daylight, and then finally said, “No, if you’re so stupid you’d die, or if you’re so stupid no one wants to kill you, then wouldn’t it mean I wouldn’t have anyone to continue my legacy?”

Daylight scratched his face, unsure of what the old man was talking about.

“Follow me, good apprentice! This time, I, Wanyuan, will definitely have a good apprentice people will want to kill but won’t be able to.”

Wanyuan grabbed Daylight’s hand, and hurriedly started to talk. Daylight was practically dragged off, without even a chance to explain anything about him or his friends.


A lazy voice could be heard, and this actually made Wanyuan stop. How long had it been since someone dared to ask him to stop?

Wanyuan looked back with more curiosity than anger. Only person he saw was a green-haired man, looking like he was about sixteen, seventeen at the most. Wanyuan began to find it amusing. He sighed and murmured something about how nowadays even a little child dared to ask him to halt.

“Old man, you can take away my eldest brother apprentice,” Kaiser said angrily, “But you have to at least pay a bit of ransom fee, right?”

Everyone fell to the floor, and even Wanyuan staggered two steps back. ‘Ransom fee? Is this man treating his own eldest brother apprentice like a prostitute…?’

“Did you know, all of us apprentices are relying on him for food. As soon as he leaves, how can Ms. Long not send us out on the streets?” Kaiser said as shocked everyone to death with his words.

He reached out his right palm and said, “So, you give me money, and I give you a person!”


Wanyuan scratched his head, and reached into his pockets. He took out a gold bullion and threw it to Kaiser. He asked, “Is this enough?”

Kaiser calmly caught the bullion. He bit it with his teeth, then put it in his pockets. His expression suddenly turned emotional.

“Of course not. Who do you think my eldest brother apprentice is? He is very talented. He’s a genius you can only find once in a million years. Look at him, his honorable personality, handsome looks, and his power of defeating a thousand people. It’s rare for any one of these traits to appear on a person, not to mention my eldest brother apprentice is a prodigy with all three of them. You want to take him away for one bullion? What do you think I’m doing, liquidating off my assets?”

Wanyuan looked dumbfounded, and he took out a heavy money bag and threw it. Kaiser flew out and grabbed the bag in the air. As soon as he opened it, a golden light shone on Kaiser’s face, which brought out his greed even further.

Kaiser immediately put the bag inside his coat, and said with a salesman smile, “Thank you for coming, please come again. Oh and, elder brother apprentice, take care.”

“W-wait.” It was Daylight’s turn to be dumbfounded. Seeing Kaiser really was about to sell him, Daylight had to stand up and say something.

“Wait my ass! You have a master and I have money, so everyone is happy. You go learn Kung Fu. Oh and take Flames with you, one chowhound is already hard enough to feed, and I don’t want to feed two. If you need to talk to us, ask Flames to talk to Baolilong.”

Kaiser said hurriedly, and then turned to add a disclaimer to Wanyuan, “Whether he leaves with you or not, it’s your business, he’s your apprentice now. No matter what, I will never refund the money you just gave me!”

‘T-this little runt…’ Wanyuan couldn’t even get mad. It was already impossible to describe Kaiser as naive, and therefore was not afraid of tigers. He was practically shameless… no, shameless could only describe one thousandth of Kaiser.

Daylight was still a bit worried, he felt he shouldn’t leave his companions’ side. It was then when Flames said via telepathy,

“Master, Baolilong Highness’ master has already asked Kaiser and Void. He said the old man is very powerful and a kind man. His willingness to accept you as his apprentice is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you shouldn’t pass it up. After they handle the monster origin and the business with Lin Jiyun, they will come find you. Baolilong Highness can definitely find Flames, so don’t worry master.”

After receiving this communique, Daylight knew his companions had already found out about his master. He blinked gratefully at his companions, and no longer objected to leaving.

Wanyuan saw Daylight’s obvious blink and quietness, and he understood his apprentice must have reached some sort of agreement with his companions. He was, however, curious as to how they did it, considering they didn’t say a word to one another.

Could they have really spoken via their eyes? Wanyuan was getting more and more curious about his new apprentice, but it didn’t matter. Judging from Daylight’s personality, finding various truths from him would be far too easy…

“Good apprentice. Now follow the master.” Just by looking, Wanyuan knew Daylight would follow obediently. He thought, the best thing about his apprentice was his honesty, and the worst thing was he was far too honest.

Daylight nodded, then turned around to try to remind Kaiser before he left. He frowned and looked at Kaiser briefly, and finally uttered, “Kaiser, don’t sell your second brother apprentice.”

Everyone fell to the ground again. Kaiser waved his hand, “I won’t. When you’re gone, he’s my last lifeline, and I won’t sell him.”

Daylight nodded, then turned to look at Liola. He frowned again and said, “Be careful not to get sold by Kaiser.”

Liola was speechless, but he still nodded back.

Daylight didn’t say anything else. After all, if he had something to say, Flames could deliver his words to Baolilong.

Being a martial arts fanatic, Daylight didn’t seem to want to linger, but instead he was excited of the new Kung Fu he could learn.

Wanyuan saw his new apprentice wanted to get started right away, and therefore didn’t stay any longer. They then immediately took off.

* * *

Everything was concluded so quickly, but the result of the whole matter seemed to have stunned everyone, especially Auyan Dri and Long Yulie.

In the middle of the fight, an old man bought an apprentice and left, completely ignoring them. Nevertheless, Auyan Dri was quite happy, because the love rival he was always worried about had left, and God knows when he’ll be back. This also made Yulie freeze, to the point where she didn’t even say goodbye to Daylight.

“Oh, oh, when does the Martial Arts Symposium start?” Kaiser murmured as if he was bored.

At this time, everyone woke up from their daze, remembering they weren’t here to watch someone buying an apprentice, and the preparation for the Symposium must continue.

Suddenly the scene was lively again. Kaiser elbowed the Assassin next to him, and said like a sly salesman, “Hey, since Daylight is gone, isn’t it your turn to go?”

Liola glanced at Kaiser, and said, “If I go, someone might recognize me.”

Kaiser frowned, and asked suspiciously, “Would they really recognize you?”

“I don’t know.” Even Liola wasn’t sure.

Even when he had the entire Martial Arts world on his tail, only very few people actually caught up to him, and there were fewer who had actually seen him. The only people he was sure who would recognize him would be the previous Alliance Leader, or perhaps… Liola frowned, maybe he has forgotten someone?

Kaiser looked at Liola’s face as he sank into his thoughts, and felt uneasy. Kaiser thought this man could never remember anything outside of Kung Fu, especially if he judged the person to be someone unimportant, which he would probably forget in a second. Or perhaps someone had seen Liola, but because they were “unimportant”, this guy didn’t remember at all.

“Maybe it’s better you don’t go” Kaiser had to give in. If someone recognized him, then it would bring many big troubles.

Since they had Daylight’s ransom fees, eating should no longer be a problem. What was important now was for them to find a perfect night for Liola to beat the bastard Xin Jietian unconscious, then let Lin Jiyun kill him. They can then go around the world tasting the best food, while looking to see if they could find the origin of the monsters. Of course, if they don’t run into it, it wouldn’t be their problem.

“Is second brother apprentice not going to participate in the match?” Void quietly listened in on the conversation for a while, and although he didn’t understand much of it, he did understand the conclusion.

“Correct. So we will just sit back and watch the match. When the moon is dark and the wind is high, we will then resolve the issue with little Yun.” Kaiser said lazily. He had always hated doing things that didn’t net him any money.

Even though Kaiser acted like a lazy worker, Lin Jiyun still looked at him with grateful eyes. After all, just taking him here to the Symposium was something very dangerous. Even if his quest for revenge fails, Lin Jiyun wouldn’t complain about Kaiser and others, because after all, his enemy was the Alliance Leader.

Suddenly, the sound of drums could be heard. All the martial artists around became quiet, and they looked towards the balcony of a small building not far away. A large set of drums was on the balcony, and a muscular man with a teal shirt was beating it forcefully.

The door to the balcony opened, and a thin and tall man walked out of it. He looked majestic and his eyes sparkled. He did not look as restrained as Wanyuan, and one could easily infer the man to be quite powerful.

At the same time, Kaiser didn’t know if it was just an illusion, but he felt a sense of faint magic around the old man. However, when he closely examined it, the magic power suddenly disappeared.


As soon as Lin Jiyun saw the man and remembered every crime he had committed, he began to angrily cry out his name. But as soon as he had gotten the first syllable off, Kaiser immediately covered his mouth. Everyone else had their attention on the Alliance Leader, and thus no one noticed Lin Jiyun.

“Kaiser.” Liola, on the other hand, called Kaiser quietly.

While covering Lin Jiyun’s mouth, Kaiser threw a look back, “What?”

“I’ve seen this man, I remember.” Liola suddenly stopped, remembering Void and Lin Jiyun were both there. He then used the other world’s language, “When I was fighting with the previous Alliance Leader, he was nearby.”

‘Damn!’ Kaiser felt a pain in his head, ‘Something this important, please, why didn’t you remember earlier?’

“Lower your head, don’t let him see your silver eyes.” Kaiser answered back using his native language.

Long Yandi glanced at Liola from the corner of her eyes, and then grunted without saying anything else. The only reason why she followed Liola was to find her sister. If Liola ends up getting caught, it wouldn’t do her any good.

Liola obeyed. Luckily, the Alliance Leader was on a second floor balcony and there were quite a large number of people nearby. Judging from his ordinary expression, he didn’t notice the top Assassin was “listening” to his announcement.

Xin Jietian saw everyone was quiet, and began to give his speech.

“Lately, I believe everyone here has witnessed the appearance of demons among us. They roam around our land, kill our people, and arson our homes. As a part of the Martial Arts World, we should consider it our duty, for the goodness and lives of all creatures…” (Hereby omitting the rest of his hour-long speech).

Kaiser had already yawned time after time, and his eyelids weighed like stones. He often fell asleep while standing, and his whole body would fall to its side.

Liola would often “fish” Kaiser from forming a 45 degree angle with the ground, and then Kaiser would open his eyes for about 0.2 cm. Three minutes later, he would fall again only to be fished up again.

A sudden intense wave of claps completely woke up Kaiser, and he noticed Xin Jietian’s hypnotic voice had finally stopped. Everyone around him looked excited; he wasn’t sure if Xin Jietian’s speech had raised their morale, or they were just thankful he had finally finished.

Xin Jietian looked around with satisfaction. He lifted both of his arms to quiet down the crowd, then said loudly, “I have prepared a simple present for the winner of this competition, this is a treasured sword I have found recently.”

A man in teal before took out a long scabbard, and a sword lay inside of it. The hilt of the sword looked old and not at all elegant.

Xin Jietian grabbed the hilt and pulled it out. Following a crisp sound, he unsheathed the sword. The blade of the sword was snow white, and when Xin Jietian raised the sword high up in the air, the cold blade reflected in everyone’s eyes. Everyone thought Xin Jietian was taking out a good sword as reward, but they did not expect him to give away such a rare, peerless sword.

“Strange. Xin Jietian always had a hobby of collecting swords, so why is he willing to give this out as a reward?” After having his mouth covered by Kaiser for a long time, Lin Jiyun calmed down, and thought Xin Jietian’s actions were strange.

Hearing what Lin Jiyun said and seeing the surprised expression on everyone’s face, Kaiser knew Lin Jiyun’s analysis was correct. Kaiser decided to be more careful about the man.

Considering there was no such thing as free lunch, there was definitely something wrong with the situation. Either there’s something wrong with the sword, or the guy was certain no one would be able to claim the sword. Neither of this was good for the people who would participate in the competition during the Symposium.

“Be careful, and don’t get separated. Also, try not to eat the food here.” Kaiser said with a low voice, while looking at Auyan Dri and Yulie from afar, making sure they didn’t hear.

After all, they haven’t heard the truth about Xin Jietian from Lin Jiyun, and even if they did, they probably would think he’s lying. If they end up ratting them out, Kaiser and others could escape with a Dragon.

Lin Jiyun and Void both nodded at Kaiser. Knowing Xin Jietian’s true character, and having been around the Martial Arts World, they probably had already thought about the worst case scenario.

“Then, everyone, please come into the building and allow me to show you my hospitality as a host.” Xin Jietian laughed and walked into the building, and the door to the building slowly opened.

There were many tables and chairs setup inside, with many gourmet food on the tables. Due to the lack of space in the small building, the servants hurriedly set up tables and chairs outside, then placed food on top of the tables.

“Liola, grab ahold of Baolilong, don’t let him eat anything!” Kaiser said while gulping uncontrollably.

Liola immediately held Baolilong, whom began to twist and turn after seeing so much food, and its little mouth began to drool.

After all the high ranking people in every faction exchanged greetings and courtesies, they walked into the building, leaving their apprentices outside. Kaiser immediately grabbed everyone and walked to the table furthest away from the building and sat down.

Nevertheless, due to his position as a young master, Auyan Dri walked in and ignored Kaiser.

“Yulie, come sit with sister apprentice.” Yandi called out to her junior sister apprentice.

Since she knew Kaiser and others thought this was an act of malice, Yandi could not possibly allow her own sister apprentice to walk into such a dangerous building. Yulie obediently walked towards her, while showing an apologetic smile to Auyan Dri.

Auyan Dri frowned, nodded, and walked into the building.

* * *

“Hmm, he did feed us quite a few meals. My conscience feels a bit uneasy to see him walking into the building.” Kaiser scratched his head, but he couldn’t think of an excuse to keep Auyan Dri.

‘Oh well, if anything happens, we could drag him and fly away with us.’

After Kaiser and company sat down, they all stared at the food in front of them. They were all a bit hungry, but after hearing Kaiser’s warnings, no one dared to eat. Everyone were staring blankly at the food, and this situation quickly drew the servants’ attention.

“Do you find these foods unsatisfactory?” A servant asked timidly.

Kaiser had already thought of an excuse, and immediately said, “We’re Taoists, and we’re vegetarians.”

“Taoists?” The servant paused briefly, then hurriedly added, “It’s fine even if you’re vegetarians. We have prepared vegetarian dishes, and we’ll get those out to you as soon as possible.” After saying so, the servant beckoned a few of his colleagues, and began to switch out the dishes.

Kaiser felt an incoming headache. When the servants finished placing the new dishes on the table, should they eat or not? If they don’t, it would draw even more attention. But if they do, even though Kaiser loved food, he loved his life more, and he wasn’t willing to bet his life on food.

“I’ll eat first, then you guys can eat after.” Liola said calmly.

Kaiser glanced at the Assassin, “Are you sure?”

“Yes.” Liola estimated, if he only takes one bite, even the strongest poison shouldn’t kill him. He also believed, even if Xin Jietian put poison in these, he wouldn’t do so in every dish. The people gathered here were all Martial Artists, and ordinary poison couldn’t fool them, so it must be some rare poison.

Liola also believed he could definitely determine whether or not there was poison in one bite. After all, poison was a requisite in the Assassin’s toolbox, he just basically never used it.

After the servants switched the dishes, Liola took a steamed bun, thinking it was the hardest thing to poison. Liola took a small bite, then chewed carefully. The bun was indeed tasty, chewy, and it was as soft as cotton. It also had a hint of honey taste…

Liola suddenly realized something, and hurriedly spit out the food from his mouth while throwing the steamed bun on the ground.

This action caused the people in the surrounding tables to freeze. There were also steamed buns on their table, and everyone was happily eating them, even to the point of praising how well-made these buns were.

Seeing Liola’s action, everyone looked at the steamed bun in their hand, with a suspicious looks on their faces. Some people didn’t even know whether to swallow the bun in their mouth or to spit to out.

“Liola?” Kaiser quietly yelled.

Liola looked down at the hand he used to hold the bun and said calmly, “This steam bun has honey. Taoists shouldn’t eat such snacks.”

As soon as Liola explained his actions, the crowd around him returned to their meals while murmuring something about making a big deal out of nothing. Some of them even glared at Liola.

Of course, what Liola said was a lie. Kaiser had eaten plenty of candied fruits back at the Overlook, so obviously there was no rule against Taoists eating sweet snacks.

Other than Yulie, everyone knew the steamed buns were uneatable. Liola decided to cover all the steamed buns, and then said, “Hurry up and eat, we still have other businesses to attend to.”

Kaiser’s eyes flashed, and said immediately, “Right, right, brother apprentice said he’s going to teach me a few moves so I can go win the prized sword. Hurry, we’re almost out of time.” Kaiser immediately picked up his chopsticks and stuffed food into his mouth.

The people around heard what Kaiser said and looked at his young appearance, then laughed. They shook their heads and murmured something about youngsters these days.

The people at Kaiser’s table, on the other hand, were eating quickly. Yulie didn’t know what was going on, and she even said to Liola, “Second brother apprentice, please give us those steamed buns. It would be a waste to throw those away. My sister apprentice and I aren’t Taoists so we can eat them.”

Yandi, however, interrupted, “Sister apprentice! You still want to eat? Look at yourself, you’ve gained so much weight, and you almost have a double chin now!”

Yulie immediately reached to feel her chin, wondering if she had really gotten fatter. Yulie immediately put down her chopsticks and stopped eating.

The young people around them were all glaring at Yulie and Yandi, admiring their beauty. Hearing what Yandi said, they all looked at Yulie’s chin, but they could only see a beautiful chin without any hint of fat. They shook their head as they commented on how Yandi was overreacting.

“I’m full. Hurry! Second brother apprentice, come teach me a few moves, otherwise I can’t win.”

Kaiser yelled exaggeratedly and vulgarly, and the other people put down their chopsticks and followed, “Second brother apprentice, teach me too! It’s not fair if you only teach younger brother apprentice.”

Kaiser grabbed Liola, and hurriedly dragged him away. Everyone else immediately followed. Yulie was going to stay to wait for Auyan Dri, but Yandi dragged her and followed Liola.

* * *

After they had gone a distance away from the building, Kaiser asked quietly, “What’s wrong?”

Liola didn’t respond, because he was quickly circulating his Ki. Liola reached out his left palm to show something to Kaiser, whom then lowered his head and saw a faint yellow imprint on Liola’s palm, in the shape of a steamed bun.

“Wow, how come I never noticed you had such a special birthmark?”

Liola’s Ki dispersed slightly, and he finally managed to settle his chaotic Ki. He then continued to force the poison out of his body.

Kaiser saw Liola’s face suddenly changed, and knew his joke had gone too far. He waited until Liola’s face looked better before he continued to ask, “What’s the purpose of this poison? Could it kill?”

At this time, Void and Lin Jiyun both hurriedly walked towards Kaiser.

Void said anxiously, “Kaiser, Liola is forcing the poison out, so you can’t talk to him now. Otherwise, something could go wrong and things would be bad.”

In fact, Void really wanted to say, how could someone walk while forcing poison out? Normally, one would have to find a quiet place with guards outside so they could concentrate on forcing the poison out.

“Indeed! Plus, senior couldn’t possibly know what kind of effect the poison has for just one bite.” Lin Jiyun added.

“I know what this poison is for.” Liola started talking, “I know this poison.”

Liola’s voice completely froze Void and Lin Jiyun. He’s forcing poison out while walking and talking? This went against everything they both knew.

“The poison in the steamed bun is just the catalyst. There must be other poison in the other dishes. It’s only useful if they were combined.” Liola said calmly.

“So it would’ve been fine if we didn’t eat the steamed buns?” Kaiser was trying to ask, if it were the case, why did Liola leave hurriedly?

“In time, the poison in the steamed buns would spread through the air, and it would be just as effective.” Liola explained simply.

Void and Lin Jiyun both yelled in surprise, “This poison is truly evil!”

Liola suddenly switch languages, so only Kaiser could understand, “This poison is unique to Shalong Hall. It’s to hypnotize people.”

“Hypnosis? You mean, to control people?” Kaiser was deep in shock.

Liola thought about it briefly, and answered, “It can’t be used to control people for a long time. To put it more accurately, it can be used to create a memory, or delete one.”

The purpose seemed ambiguous. Kaiser didn’t understand why Shalong Hall would go through so much trouble for this. Could they want to brainwash these people? And make everyone believe Shalong Hall was really a saloon?

“The only person who knows of this, is the Leader.” Liola threw out this bomb of an information, one that could make him run away.

Kaiser swore secretly, and then began to run faster than Liola. He knew full well that all Liola’s crazy Kung Fu was taught by the man known as the Leader. Since apprentice was already so powerful, the master must be inhumane, so why would he stay?

“What are you saying?” Though Void knew the two of them were purposely using language they didn’t understand, but seeing they were running away from the building, he wondered if those two planned on leaving this place.

“If you keep talking instead of running, you guys are going to turn into human meat buns.” Kaiser said with a darkened face.

They were both shocked. ‘Human meat buns?’

“What? We’d turn into human meat buns?! No, Auyan Dri brother is still inside.” Naive Yulie thought Kaiser meant it literally, and then ran back panickedly.

Yandi immediately grabbed Yulie, and asked Liola unhappily “What the hell is going on? You better tell me clearly!”

Kaiser said straightforwardly, “If Shalong Hall isn’t the culprit to this poisoning, they would be the accomplice.”

Hearing this, everyone’s face changed.

Kaiser said directly, “But since none of the Martial Artists present would believe us, plus the Leader of Shalong Hall could very well be here, we have no choice but run because we can’t possibly handle him.”

“What? Kaiser, how the hell do you know all this?” Void asked in shock.

“Because Liola is, more than a year ago, a person who should be dead but isn’t — the Assassin Silver Moon.” Yandi threw down another bomb.

She turned to Liola and said, “We can’t just leave those Martial Artists there, they are practically the backbone of the entire Martial Arts World. If they are controlled by Shalong Hall, everything will be disastrous.”

“They wouldn’t be controlled. They might have some memories altered.” Liola forced some patience and explained. In fact, he would rather get away from the Leader as far as possible. He knew very well, he would never be a match for the Leader, even with Baolilong and Kaiser.

“We still can’t do that!” Yandi became more impatiently, “Come back with me and resolve this.”

“I can’t win against the Leader, neither can you.” Liola said angrily.

Yandi answered coldly, “Even if we can’t, we have to try. If the whole Martial Arts world is in the hands of Shalong Hall, neither of us could run away.”

“If you want to go back, then go, Liola can’t possibly do that.” Kaiser reached out his arm and stood between Yandi and Liola, and said angrily,

“With Liola’s identity, if he goes back, Shalong Hall would recognize him, and do you think he could possibly walk out alive? When his identity as the top Assassin is revealed, no one in the entire Martial Arts World would help him.”

Yandi was about to say something as a comeback, but when she looked at Liola, she was shocked by the expression on his face.

Seeing Yandi’s reaction, Kaiser also curiously looked at Liola. He saw Liola was staring in front of him, and he looked completely stunned.

Kaiser also noticed the Assassin’s hands were trembling slightly. This discovery made Kaiser pull out his gun unconsciously. What could it possibly be… to make the Assassin fear unconsciously?

Void, Lin Jiyun, and Yulie were all still trying to recover from discovering Liola’s identity. When they saw the top Assassin in fear, they all drew their weapons. Even though they didn’t see any enemy, but they had to put up their guards.

A long while later…

“Li, where is my daughter?”

They heard a cold voice. About a dozen feet away from them, a figure appeared out of nowhere.

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