Commander of Tremors

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Weed decided to purchase the statue of Shaspin Cave’s Vampire Bat.

The shop owner sold it over for next to nothing. However, the price did not even cover the value of the rubies.

“It’s only 3 gold, I hope you’ll help Gudolph achieve his dreams.”

As a result of Weed’s spun up tale about the sculpture, the shop owner began to favor him even more.

“I didn’t know that your sculptures would be this good. I’ll gladly purchase the sculptures you make at double the price, in this shop.”

Twice the normal price was extravagant.

If this were to happen, he would still make significant profit, even after deducting the cost of the materials used.

He might be able to live off creating sculptures.

“Are you sure you can afford to buy them at such a price?”

Weed asked courteously.

Gudolph’s arrogant attitude quickly disappeared the moment the shop owner offered to pay twice the original amount.

“It’s twice as cheap as the average price. Art Hand, if you make cheap works like this, I will not forgive you!”

“I’m not much of an sculptor; I still have many things to learn. Thank you, but you need not praise me.”

Weed said with modesty.

Humility is always a virtue. Even if that was the case, the store owner really wanted to stop the conversation, but he would be chastised for at least three days.

“How could I not understand an artist’s feelings.”


“Artist have a habit of underestimating themselves. I have the conviction and the pride as a shopkeeper to buy your sculptors at the right price. I appreciate it. You’d be glad to sell your sculptures in my store.”


Weed bought the Shaspin Vampire Bat sculpture. Subsequently, he received a new quest.


    The Vampire Bats of Shaspin Cave.

    Take revenge on the Vampire Bats who stole the life of the Dwarven master craftsman, Gudolph.

    The Dwarven warriors are obliged to participate in the fight.
    The Dwarf who received the will of Gudolph must not die.

    Quest Difficulty: B
    Reward: Dwarven Honor
    Quest Limit: Dwarves’ participation is mandatory.
    Forced Race Quest

Weed was startled by the commission.

At that moment, all the Dwarves present in Kuruso received message window containing information about the quest.

    – Please help Dwarf Gudolph’s successor fight off Vampire Bats in Shaspin Cave to retrieve Gudolph’s sculptures.

    You must help, and if you do not wish to participate in the quest you will be deported from Kuruso. Dwarves will be hostile to you.

Dwarves have an enormous amount of pride in their race. In case you do not swear to avenge him, the Dwarves will not treat you as one of their own.

“I want to participate.”
“We will conquer the Vampires Bats of Shapsin cave.”

Dwarven Warriors swore and accepted the quest as quickly as possible. They exclaimed.

“Locate the successor of Gudolph’s sculpture quest!”
“Who is the successor?”
“We are a party of Dwarven Warriors. Please lead the way.”

The Kingdom of Kuruso became restless.

Everyone were scattered, shouting, and looking for Weed.

* * *

Conquest of Shaspin Cave!

Dwarven Warriors ran amuck trying gather supplies and get things done.

Dwarven blacksmiths lent out their surplus weapons and armour.

“Use it well and return it.”
“May your quest be successful.”

The Dwarves in Kuruso showed a favorable response.

Unlike the other Cities, Kuruso had a lower number of users. Dwarven Blacksmiths or Warriors do not have high regards for another person’s work.

“Racial Quests…. Compared to Humans and other species there are many possibilities, it’s a marvelous thing, don’t you think?”

“A quest for Dwarven Sculptors, what a surprise!”

Herman had also arrived.

He came running while holding a bunch of weapons.

“I made weapons. Most are abominations, but you may borrow as many as you require.”

In his mind they were abominations, but they were actually superior to what the other dwarven craftsmen made.

“Even though we met each other in Kuruso like this again, I guess you don’t have some time to spare for me.”

“Nevermind, maybe another time.”

“That sounds good, in any case something great happened. This is a quest from a sculptor.”

Weed met with the other Dwarven Artisans.

Exper and Bambi were regarded as Kuruso’s 5 famous craftsmen. Herman was also one of them.

Through a representative, Fabio also gave away some of the armor he created.

The armour that was brought out was limited to level 200, it was low enough level for Weed to wear and there was no class limitations.

“I will stick to the things I normally use.”

Special protective equipment for battle and was not made purely for defense!

Although the level cap is low and it is possible to wear without high amount of strength, it was extremely heavy and reduces agility. This frustrated him, and it also made him look like a fat hippo.

He believed that strong armour and magic resistance were essential to survive.

Weed shook his head.

“This will not be necessary.”
“I will not die.”

The truth was, dying would be a huge catastrophe.

Of course, his Sculpture Transformation would be released, and he would be revived through the power to reject death!

At the sight of him, the Dwarven Warriors would be in an uproar.

Because he was none other than Weed.

‘The old Dwarf Gudolph had left things behind.’

But thanks to Gudolph, he had learned the locations and attack patterns of the Vampire Bats in Shaspin caves.

He was not willing to take any risks.

* * *

“Let’s march.”

Upon entering the cave, Weed walked with long strides as if he were out on a stroll. The Dwarven Warriors were astonished.

“Art Hand, have you gone insane?”
“Did you drink a dozen cups of some high-class beer?”

The Dwarves became concerned.

In order for the commission to succeed, Weed must survive.

Their mission was to fight under the leadership of Weed!

However, since their leader was inexperienced, their confidence wavered.

But Weed knew exactly where the Vampire Bats were located.

Inside the empty cave the Dwarves wondered around.

When he was about 500 meters away from the Vampire Bats’ nest, Weed raised his hand.

“It is here.”
“Huh? What do you mean?”

A Dwarven Warrior named Bindel asked.

Since he had experience in more than four different types of weapons and had mastered various combative skills, he was the best Warrior out of the Dwarves assembled here.

“The battle will take place here.”
“What do you mean. Where are the monsters?”

Weed answered clearly.

“Of course I will be bringing the fight here.”

At that moment, the faces of all the Dwarven Warriors started to frown.

“That’s foolish, we are all battle experts, let me take the lead from here.”
“You can just find a safe place and rest there.”

“You not know anything about the vampire bats fast movement, tsk tsk! Furthermore we Warriors did not bring any bows.”

From then on, the Dwarves did not show any respect to Weed. The trust between him and the Dwarves had been broken.

I’ll lure all the monsters back, and we’ll see how well all of you will fight!

Hunting Vampire Bats was a lot more difficult than common monsters, therefore the hunt was not simple. It was important to have experience in at least a dozen different kinds of hunting, with various monsters.

However, all the Dwarves tried to ignore Weed.

Weed took out Zahab’s Engraving Knife and slashed his arm.

“What are you doing!”
Bindel shouted.

All the Dwarves who had not listened to him thought he was trying to commit suicide!

If Weed were to die, the commission would fail, if the quest were to fail, the Dwarves would experience a great loss for all the equipments they bought.

The Dwarves were surprised when Weed silently said.

“Dwarven Troops prepare for battle!”
“You, what are you saying?”

Feeling frustrated, Weed quickly explained.

“The nest of Shaspin Vampire Bats is about 200 meters away. However any blood they smell within 600 meters radius, they perceive it as food.”


“The cave length varies due to the winding paths, but from here on, it is a straight path to them. They are not able to use their speed because of the low ceiling and stalactites. Dwarven Warriors prepare for battle!”

Weed assertiveness caused the Dwarves to draw their weapons once again and prepare for battle.

‘What the hell are the sounds I just heard?’
‘The Vampire Bats seem to be approaching…’


A flock of vampires flew through the darkness.

“They really came.”
“It’s the Enemy!”

The Dwarven Warriors who were prepared for battle, violently hit the bats with axes and hammers, while the bats resisted.

However, because of their specialized wings and utilizing the darkness of the cave, the Vampire Bats were able to surprise them. The Vampire Bats that were not deflected, clung to their enemies.

Although the Priest’s holy magic did do some damage, but sadly they did not have the health, strength, or enough defensive equipment to provide much support.

Because Warriors have high physical strength and vitality, together with high defensive armor, they believed that they were safe from the Vampire Bats who attacked in flocks.

Then Weed bursted out yelling.

“Formation change, Five column concept!”


The Lion’s Roar echoed inside the cave!

    – Morale has risen by 276.

    All confusion has been expunged.
    Luck has risen by 6.

Each Dwarven established a party and fought, and at the same time the message appeared.

Morale in a party was important. When morale is low, it affects damages and magical attacks.

Due to morale being doubled, the state of confusion from the bats attack were gone, and their Luck had also increased!

“Five Column Formation!”

Weed was yelling the same words frequently.

Although the effects of the skill did not overlap, it created a tremendous noise.

The same words echoed throughout the narrow cave.

“Five Column Formation!”
“Stand in groups of five, hurry!”

Although they were in the midst of battle, the Dwarves stood together in groups of five.

The reason they followed Weed’s commands was because they did not know what was going to happen.

Experienced Senior Dwarven Warriors were surprised at these developments.

“He is using a skill for commanding a group of Knights, is he not?”

“The effect of that skill… I’ve never heard of a skill that increases the morale of a party.”

While standing in groups of five fighting in the narrow cave, the Dwarven Warriors soon realised.

‘There is big a difference.’

Although it was not easy to form a groups of five in the middle of battle, because they lacked the experience of doing so in battle. However when they rally together, and fight as one, their attacking prowess, the battle goes by smoothly as opposed to fighting individually

The size of the groups would be changed based on the size of the area they fight in. Sometimes there would be four people, and sometimes there would be six.

Every time they got into their battle formation, Weed would used Lion’s Roar.

“Third column lead forward, second column stay in your position!”

The leading column knew that the Vampire Bats were three steps ahead of them. Then the space between the columns emerged.

The Vampire bats targeted the Dwarf furthest from the front of the leading column.

“The second column, cover the leading column!”

The Dwarves from the second column brandished their weapons at the Vampire Bats who came in flocks.

During battles, the highest priorities of Warriors is to assure the safety of their allies!

The commands were easy to follow all thanks of the kinship of the Dwarves.

“Three people from the leading column, move forward and close the open gaps, second column move forward, and third column maintain your current position!”

The Dwarves soon realised that the situation had a repetitive nature and knew how to deal with it.

It was important to maintain their formation and remain united while fighting the Vampire Bats.

The Dwarves were able to fight properly because of their helpful allies who supported them, and they were able to maintain their formation and remain calm.

Those who were wounded, fled from Vampire Bats to get healed, and once they were healed, they went back to battle.

With the formation Weed came up with, it was easier to fight Vampire Bats.

However, they weren’t able to guard against the Vampire Bats who flew above them passed column 6, and defeated column 7.

The darkness of the cave does not have any disadvantages to Vampire Bats, and because of their nature, it allows them to clings on people’s body really well. And by doing so, it created anxiety through the remaining Dwarven Warriors.

‘We can win, fight harder.’

‘Fight to win.’

The Dwarves’ eyes shone like lanterns, as they pushed forward with newfound energy.

“Advance Forward. Breakthrough!”

The Dwarves hastily moved their feet.


The column formation fought the Vampire Bats at a steady speed.

A shiver ran down the spines of the Dwarves.

This was a battle they had never experienced before!

It was common for five or six people to unite as one party. However, it was difficult to form a party while there were over hundreds of Dwarves fighting together in unison.

Taking a collective st