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Within the Embinyu Church temple, Dark Knights were taking their positions in an orderly manner. The armor of the Knights on display was made of Mithril and Adamantium, shining like jewels as if they had never been used before. The floor was soft and luxurious, covered with the highest grade of carpeting, and on the ceiling was a chandelier made of finely cut emeralds and sapphires.

“The ritual failed? Even the tools necessary for the ritual were stolen?”

The Priests and Dark Knights bowed their heads before the rebuke of the Pontifex of the Embinyu Church 11th Sect, Feylord.

“We are ashamed, Feylord-nim.”

The Pontifex, Feylord, was obesely fat, and his face was covered by his upturned robe. However, the golden Embinyu statue of their evil God stood out prominently behind the Pontifex. It was a figure holding a different weapon in each of its 12 hands while killing Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Dragons, and other races.

The golden statue, which exuded revulsion, was lightly shrouded in something like a gloomy fog.

“Mobilize all our forces to kill the man who interfered in our activity. Also, be sure to recover the items of the Matallost Church he took.”

“We obey the Pontifex-nim’s command.”
The Dark Knights and Priests bowed deeply at the waist.


– You are an enemy of the Embinyu church!

The Embinyu Church is a merciless group worshiping the most destructive and despicable evil God.

Because they do not stop at any method or means for seizure and propagation, their relationship with the other Churches in Versailles continent was to the point where they would not share one hands-breadth of land or one sip of water.

The 11th Sect of the Embinyu Church has publicly declared enmity against the man who interfered in their ritual and has mobilized pursuers.

Formation of the Pursuers:
10 Intermediate Dark Knights
3 Priests
100 Soldiers


Weed-nim, you are wanted by the Embinyu Church.
Pursuers will be on the chase for your trail.

Along with the message window, Weed could see an image of what had happened within the Embinyu Church.

“Pursuers…. this will be annoying.”

If one’s notoriety for murder became extremely high, there were cases where the Kingdom sent pursuers. Those pursuers came chasing the trails fairly quickly.

Even if the first group fails, a second wave of pursuers will quickly follow. The next group of pursuers will higher numbers and superior skills.

It was virtually impossible to escape from a group of pursuers!

He would definitely be caught at some point.

Even if his movement speed was fast, or if he was a Thief or an Assassin with ‘Stealth’, it would only make a minimal difference on how long he can run. As the number of pursuers accumulated, outstanding Thieves or Assassins would join the group.

Weed decided to think positively.

“I did expect something like this was going to happen at some point.”

It was due to good fortune nothing like this had happened to him until now! Since he had accumulated many resentful relationships while solving quests, getting chased wasn’t surprising.

Anyway, accomplishing the quest here came first, since it was a chain quests with countless enormous rewards.

By Weed’s side were the useful Bingryong, Phoenixes, and Yellowy. Not only were the Guardian Knights of the Matallost Church unable to leave the area around the River of Lamentation, but they couldn’t follow him to complete the quest because it was their duty to protect the Church’s temple.

* * *

Once Bingryong entered the scene, the Phoenixes lowered their wings and bowed.

Proper treatment to an elder brother!

Yellowy also displayed obedience, like a docile Korean cow.

Bingryong swelled with self-importance.

“You guys are working hard.”
“Not at all, senior. We are merely utilizing the path you have already cleared.”

Yellowy acted especially friendly.

“So you understand. In our time, we always listened intently to the words of our seniors.”

“Please tell us the ways of life and what we must do to endure living under our particularly evil master.”

Bingryong was greatly satisfied by the seniority treatment and told them the absolutely necessary information for living.

“No matter how hungry you are, you must eat cautiously. Never eat around the master. You’ll be abused for eating a lot. You must not recklessly eat meat dropped from any prey. You have to give the tasty and fresh meat to be sold.”

Yellowy and the Phoenixes understood and nodded their heads in sympathy.

“In the end, we have to live while only eating the food the master gives? When can we eat tasty meat?”

“You have to eat in secret. Be it hillock or hollow, you must fill your belly in such a place. The master has a talent for constantly keeping us hungry. Jeez. Does a boat get lazy if you fill it with oil? Make sure you eat properly.”

“As expected of our senior.”

“This is the wisdom I learned in life. You guys will also come to know it all with the passing of time, but I’m telling you beforehand so you don’t suffer. There are also times when you hunt with the master, right?”

“There are many occasions. We want some time to ourselves, but he always drags us along.”

“Watch out for japtem. He gets edgy when there’s less japtem drop. On such days, it’s good to not stand out and you have to pretend you’re hunting diligently.”

“Ooh, so that’s how it is!”

“He becomes extremely happy when a weapon or armor drops. Even if he was irritated just five minutes ago, he laughs mirthfully. When that happens, you must get close to him and imprint your presence.”


“We must flaunt our roles to him. With how much he nitpicks and abuses…”

This was vital information for a peaceful existence!

Bingryong fully did his part as their senior.

* * *

Weed took out the symbol of the Matallost Church, the Statue of Death, to do the follow up of the chain quest. The Statue of Death opened its mouth.

In a place close to hell, the Matallost Church made a promise with three tribes. It was a promised alliance to fight together against any enemy that threatens them.

In order the take up the promised alliance, you need the Cane symbolizing the token of the alliance. Take the Cane and persuade those tribes.

Do your best to avoid pursuers and escape.


Alliance of the Deliverers (1)

In order to retaliate against the Embinyu Church, you need the alliance contracted 130 years ago. However, your task to persuade the descendants of these tribes will not be simple, because all of the people concerning the alliance are long dead.

You will need the communication skills of an expert compromiser and a daring mind; if you fail, you might even be hung by the neck on a tree.

You must embrace the great danger and depart.

Before you face the Tribes of the Alliance, broaden the distance between yourself and the pursuers sent by the Embinyu Church

You must avoid being seen by the other tribes on this land, which are dominated by the Embinyu Church, so they cannot oppose you. You cannot relax in any place besides the three tribes of the alliance.

Revive the Alliance of the Deliverers and seize the fortress of the Embinyu Church.

If you bring about the alliance, you will be able to use the relic of the Matallost Church, the Cane of Promise.

Chain quest to Rescue the Prisoners of the Matallost Church, Eradicate the Embinyu Church’s 11th Sect, and the Matallost Church’s Long-Cherished Wish.

Difficulty: S
Reward: Colossal Fame and Charisma

Quest Restrictions: A quest with a total of three steps. You must complete all of them successfully.

Occupy the fortress of the Embinyu Church to complete the quest’s first stage. Fulfill the requirements of the quest to progress to the quest’s second stage.

It will result in failure if the pursuers take the Cane. If you fail the quest, all chain quests related to the Matallost Church will end.

At last, the appearance of a quest with an S class difficulty!

“I’ve come this far.”
Weed closed his eyes.

To bring about the alliance with the three tribes and destroy the Embinyu Church’s fortress!

It will not end in a simple manner. It was merely the first step of a long quest!

Of course, the reward was probably immense, but he also felt a mental burden.

‘Although it’s true I’m not a normal Sculptor…’

A quest restricted only to those with the profession of a Sculptor!

Weed was the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, a profession granted to the only person who had unified the continent. Since he had underlings like Bingryong, the Phoenixes, and Yellowy, he was in a much more advantageous position than others.

Even the ‘Interfere with the Embinyu Church’s Ritual’ quest possessed a high difficulty. It was a whopping A. Regardless of difficulty, a difficulty of B or higher impacted the Versailles Continent.

The ritual interference quest had been among the somewhat easier quests for an A-class difficulty, but leadership and the ability to command was needed in order to deal with the Guardian Knights of the Matallost Church.

If not for sculptures he had prepared in advance, his Charisma, and quick tactical decisions, the quest could have been extremely difficult!

How much he had suffered with other difficult quests such as ‘True Blood Vampires’ or when he fought the Immortal Legion! When he fought the True Blood Vampires, he failed the first hunt and died helplessly. He had also died in his fight with Lich Shire, and literally melted from the Bone Dragon’s Breath. He didn’t even have time to resist!

Sculpting Blade, Sculpture Life Bestowal, the Art of Sculpture Transformation, the Power to Reject Death. He applied every technique he possessed; his Resilience, Perseverance, and his polished swordsmanship to endure.

Although Weed completed those dangerous quests, this time an S-class difficulty quest had appeared.

A powerful Sculptor lord leading his sculpture army! It was Weed’s vague dream for the future, but some of the sculptures he created and granted life to lost their lives.

He couldn’t just blindly rely on the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor profession or the effects of his sculpture underlings.

For an S-class difficulty quest, without completing it with all his body and soul, it might result to the quest being marked as unresolved.

Others weren’t even able to take a glimpse at an S-class quest, but he also couldn’t see it as a blessing.

Weed submerged himself in thought with his eyes closed.

‘If I abandon it now… I will likely lose a significant amount of Fame and trust.’

Stopping in the middle of a quest with a high difficulty, especially a chain quest, yielded an enormous loss. He would get hexed with a curse difficult to lift, or he could lose precious fortune, accumulated fame, or contribution.

Weed came to a clear decision.
‘Let’s accept.’

The penalty from giving up and the penalty for failing the quest probably don’t differ much.

In worst case scenario, with the Power of Reject Death, he could only lose his life a second time!

He decided to give it a go while preparing for the worst case scenario.

He was able to strengthen his weakening spirit with confidence.

If he was weak, then he needed to be challenged until he gets stronger.

He had sewn buttons onto 500 sets of clothing, and stayed up all night to attach eyes onto dolls!

He just had to further increase the amount of grinding he had to do for the sake of success.

“A long time may have passed, but they will remain as friends who can be depended on. The promised alliance will surely be kept.”

– You have accepted the quest.

* * *

Nehalles Metropolis — The capital city of Brent Kingdom, the long-standing enemy of Rosenheim Kingdom.

Peddlers selling fruit called out to players.

“Miss, have you heard about Weed from Rosenheim Kingdom?”
“Huh? Weed?”

Saerin, a Summoner, knew the peddler was just trying to make small talk and didn’t pay any attention. Sometimes NPCs gave out information, but they were rarely helpful!

“If it’s someone from Rosenheim Kingdom… I don’t know any famous Adventurer or Warrior by the name of Weed, are you perhaps talking about Sculptor Weed?”

The famous Sculptor Weed who had made the Pyramid!

Saerin was sightseeing the East. She had known of Weed ever since she first stopped by Rosenheim Kingdom.

“So you know of him. They say Weed is undertaking an amazing quest!”
“What kind of quest is it? Did he meet up with another Kingdom’s King?”

Other users who overheard them interrupted Saerin’s conversation with the peddler.

“What is going on?”
“They said the Sculptor Weed is currently doing a quest…”
“The famous Sculptor Weed?”

Even in Brent Kingdom, almost everyone knew of Sculptor Weed, who made Rosenheim Kingdom famous.

“If you guys are talking about Sculptor Weed, he recently became the Lord of Morata.”
“What kind of quest is he undertaking?”
“Shhhh! Let’s listen.”

Saerin was quite flustered because of the players who suddenly gathered around her. She didn’t know Weed was so popular!

Players from Brent Kingdom often went on hunting expeditions in Rosenheim Kingdom. The effect of the Pyramid provided immense help. The popularity of Sculptors in Brent Kingdom was at its peak.

There were also rumors of players from Rosenheim Kingdom traveling all the way to Morata in the North and its Tower of Light.

Weed’s delicious grass porridge and barley bread had already become regional specialties! Variations such as Seafood grass porridge, Mushroom grass porridge, Ch