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Alliance of the Deliverers

Weed checked the information of the Matallost Church’s relics.


Copper Plate of Rest
Durability: 12/1,000

The copper plate with powers to lead the dead to the world of eternal rest.

An item absolutely necessary for the existence of the Matallost Church, it is in severely damaged condition.

One of the five relics.

Because it is a dangerous item, if it falls into the hands of the wicked, the probability of it causing chaos is high.

Although it was being protected by the Holy Knights of the Matallost Church, it was forcibly taken by the Embinyu Church. As damage is severe, there is a limitation to the power it can display.

While it is impossible to repair by normal means, it can be repaired with the holy power of the Matallost Church’s Pope.

The durability will decrease even more if used.

Limitation: Must receive the recognition of the Matallost Church. Faith 2,000

Special Effect: Lead the dead to their resting place.

Can forcibly cancel Undead magic. Can specially enhance Undead to decrease damage taken from Holy Magic.

If an Undead has hold of it, it can reject guidance to the world of eternal rest and retain very high Health, Mana, and Strength.

Can create and command Demonic Spirits.

Can pronounce the sentence of death. Once sentence of death has been pronounced, Health and Mana will not recover for a day.

Copper plate able to guide the dead to their eternal rest!

With the copper plate, one could return the Undead back into corpses. It would be an incredible relic for Necromancers.

The sentence of death would have a tremendous effect on living beings as well.

“Still, it’s pretty lousy.”

Weed felt it was regretful as he looked at the Copper Plate of Rest.

The durability will decrease every time it was used. Since the remaining durability wasn’t high, it meant it could only used a few more times!

If the relic was destroyed, a great misfortune or a curse would follow. Becoming an enemy of the Matallost Church would be a certainty as well.

“The next item is… Identify!”

Token of Alliance, Wand
Durability: 139/200.
Attack Power: 15.

This Wand is a proof of the alliance of the Matallost Church with its neighboring brethrens.

The Wand acts as proof of the contract between the Matallost Church and its neighboring tribes. Though it’s a relic with a God’s blessing, it normally only has a slight ability to aid holy powers.

Once you have fulfilled the promised alliance, you can utilize the authority of the Deliverer vested in the Wand.

However, you must pay the price for the usage of authority.

Restriction: Must receive recognition of the Matallost Church. Faith 2,000.

Special Effect: Holy Power 5%

The Copper Plate of Rest and the Wand!

They were relics of the Matallost Church he could use to win in the battle against the Embinyu Church. The battle’s conditions would change greatly depending on the relics’ use.

* * *

That night, Weed arrived at the village of the first alliance tribe of the Matallost Church, Vejague.

The tribesmen were closer to monsters than humans. They only had few strands of hair left, with their mouths were jutting out. They were also holding spears as weapons.

Weed and Smith were surrounded by the Warriors of the tribe at the village entrance.

“As an agent of the Matallost Church, I have come to request reinforcements.”

Weed broadened his chest and spoke with pride.

Among the Vejague tribal Warriors who were murmuring amongst themselves, a muscular male with tattoos all over his body came forward.

“If you are an agent of the Matallost Church, you are our brother. Welcome, visitor. Could you please clearly state your business again about why you came to us?”

“I have come to request reinforcements to fight against the Embinyu Church.”

The Warrior who came to meet Weed stabbed his spear into the ground.

“The Embinyu Church is strong. We don’t like their actions either, but why should our tribe shed blood for your sake?”

Weed quickly glanced around.

A perfectly gifted conversationalist doesn’t exist. It was important to survey with his own eyes. No matter how good words were, they would be nothing but nonsense to break the atmosphere if they didn’t match the situation!

The Warriors were robust and their gazes were piercing. They had no qualms an uninvited guest had arrived, and they didn’t have cringing expressions.

There were many prey such as Caltrops and Black Wild Boars hanging above their village.

“I would like to meet the representative of the Vejague tribe. Can you represent the Vejague tribe?”

“I am a mighty Warrior. While hunting fierce and strong beasts, I am the strongest in the tribe. I am enough to represent our tribe.”

Weed explained in a slightly softer tone, “The mighty Warrior of the Vejague tribe has called me his brother. The reason you are listening to such a request is because you are among those who share difficulties with the neighbors and brothers living next to you. If a brother was to break a promise because it was difficult, the Matallost Church and the Vejague tribe would not be brothers.”

Warriors nodded energetically.

“Brothers will win this together in spite of any difficulty. We, the Vejague tribe, will fight together with the Matallost Church.”


The Warriors of the tribe shouted as they raised their spears high into the air and shook them.

Success in winning over the first tribe of the alliance!

Alliance of the Deliverers.

The Vejague tribe who hunts in the River of Lamentation has joined.

The negotiator’s Fame has increased by 100.

Charm has increased by 50.

The Mighty warrior said, “Unlike the our Vejague tribe, the other two tribes will not be easy to win over. Although they value the promise, and brotherly loyalty equals to ours, each tribe has its own circumstances. In order to fight the Embinyu Church, we will definitely need the strength of the two tribes, especially the Salmere tribe.”

* * *

Weed rode Yellowy and moved on to the location of the next tribe.

Slowly. The very slow gait of a cow.

The Vejague tribe promised.

When the 3 tribes gather, we will attack the Embinyu Church. We will help in destroying their fortress and freeing the survivors of the Matallost Church.

Because one tribe had given its promise to attack, only 2 tribes remained.

On the rocky mountain like a knife placed upside down, rare flowers and grasses hard to find in the Versailles Continent were considerable.

Weed was moving along a ridge as curved as a camel’s back. Although the angle of inclination was very sharp, Yellowy walked on without slipping.

The Phoenixes spoke, “Master, the pursuers are at a distance 5 hours behind us. If we continued our current pace, they will catch up within 5 hours.”

“What’s the scale of the enemy?”
“It is 20 Knights, 300 Soldiers and 5 Priests.”

“Still being underestimated. Finally 20 Knights… The crowd of pursuers did not increase as much as I thought.”

Words couldn’t be spoken by a normal Sculptor!

However, Weed was determined to purposefully draw out the pursuers and weaken the Embinyu Church’s forces.

Even if it wasn’t a huge help in siege warfare, he needed to reduced the enemies’ numbers beforehand even if it’s only little. As an S-rank quest, it would be an incredibly difficult battle even if he brings about the alliance of the three tribes.

Divide and conquer based on incentives! With the motive to weaken the enemy forces, he instinctively took tactical action.

‘I’ll crush them one by one for now!’

“Hurry and run before the pursuers arrive!”

Whether the drunkard Smith was fretting or not, Weed’s mind rolled onward, flawlessly, and coldly.

“Bingryong. Phoenixes.”
“Speak, Master.”

“No need to wait until they come here. You guys go and wipe them out. Only, our side mustn’t take any damage.”

“Understood, Master! You need not have any concerns.”
“Bingryong, you’re the commander. You must return safely with the Phoenixes.”
“Thanks for believing in me, Master.”

Bingryong and the Phoenixes flew to the back as they flapped their wings.

Perhaps because of their fire disposition, the Phoenixes were quite aggressive and reckless. However, since Bingryong valued his body dearly, Weed had given the position of commander to him.

“They’re my sculptures. If they were to abused, I’ll be doing the abusing. I can’t watch them get hit by some other guy.”

If not for that reason, there was no other reason to give the stupid and timid Bingryong the position of leader.

After a while, the sky to the west lit up brightly.

Ice Breath must have been fired, since the temperature lowered significantly. Afterwards, smoke from flames rose into the sky.

Fire and ice attacks.

Even in the midst of this, Weed was strengthening Bingryong and the Phoenixes.

After the group of pursuers was decimated by Bingryong and the Phoenixes, the Embinyu Church assembled new pursuers once more.

This time the pursuers consist of 40 Dark Knights. 10 Priests, 3 Magicians, 300 normal Soldiers.

Weed swallowed his saliva with a gulp.

Not only were the pursuers were chasing them more and more rapidly, but their forces were improving as well.

With both burden and pleasure, the enjoyment was increasing.

Like when he dealt with the True Blood Vampires with Alveron, his energy was surging with appropriate tension.

The second alliance tribe of the Matallost Church, Lekiye.
It was a tribe with Knights and Sorcerers.

“We have not forgotten the alliance with the Matallost Church. However, too much time has passed. It’s doubtful if the Matallost Church still has the qualification to act with us.”

The Chief of the Lekiye tribe neither welcomed nor opposed Weed.

“How should I prove the qualification between allies?”

The Chief said to Weed. “The power of the Embinyu Church is fearsome. To see if you can fight against them, you will need to undertake a test of courage,”

A test to pass Valley of Courage in the middle of the night without any outside help!

It was the valley the children of the Lekiye tribe ascended when partaking in the coming of age ceremony.

Weed didn’t think deeply and simply accepted.
“I will prove I possess courage.”

As long as he didn’t want to give up the quest, he had no choice but to continue forward.

The Valley of Courage!

Weed walked quickly under the dark night sky.

The sound of the trees rustling in the wind was frightening, and it felt like something would jump out at any minute.

A situation and place perfect for a test of courage. Without mistake, it was an actual place where courage was being tested.

Unnecessary thoughts would make the heart stiffen and contract.

If one is caught in fear, even footsteps became scary, and will be surprised by shadows. It would get more and more terrifying until one could no longer take another step.

The Valley of Courage was such a place.

Because the space of the passage in the narrow valley was only 50 cm wide, it created an illusion anything could jump out from between the bushes or trees. It was a place ceaselessly stimulated fearful thoughts, and made one’s resolve crumble!

It would actually be a relief if a monster or ghost really appeared, however the place was only stimulating pure terror.

Walking in the dark, the path looked like it could lead to anywhere. Anxiety and panic-causing Valley of Courage.

Like a chant, Weed memorized something. “Spinach 2,500 won (~$2.50), sesame leaf 1,000 won (~$1), eggs 1,700 won (~$1.70), sausages 4,000 won (~$4).”

Calculation for a week worth’s of expenditure!

Since it was dark and quiet, it was excellent for mentally organizing his household accounts.

“We’re out of olive oil. I collected the coupon, so I should buy it the next time I go to the mart. The mart next door was holding an event for kitchen supplies… I must buy rubber gloves in a pretty pink color.”

Calculating his shopping list. The part Weed loathed the most made its appearance. This time was the most difficult and painful.

“This month’s total expenditures have risen to 8,000 won more than last month. It was because of the transaction on the 24th. Damn the rising prices! It was because the gas price rose.”

Simply by thinking about the date, he could recall the sum he’d used during day. He could even list the fluctuations in price from last month and the month before last.

Savings, savings, savings.

Even so, the household expenses absolutely wouldn’t decrease!

The biggest worries of housewives were difficult for Weed too. “House expenses: once it increases, it never decreases again.”

The desperate battle against the household expenses. Having a large income didn’t necessarily mean having money saved up. Thorough management along with limiting impulsive spending was necessary.

“I shouldn’t have bought the expensive salt from the supermarket that one time… I needed to live frugally.” He was assailed with bitter regret.

By gathering small sums, it will eventually become a large amount of money.

As he was thinking about the household expenses, he soon exited the Valley of Courage.

Weed’s face was haggard and filled with horror.


You have passed the Valley of Courage.

You have passed the Valley of Courage in the shortest time.

You have passed the ceremony much faster than young men of the Lekiye tribe.


Willpower stat has formed.


Willpower : Increases concentration. No matter how chaotic your surroundings are, your skill success rate rises and failure rate of magic decreases.

Damage in melee range has increased.

Warriors, Adventurers, and Magicians will admire those with outstanding Willpower.

Speeds up growth of Fighting Spirit. Points can not be distributed into the stat and it will increase by itself based on character’s actions.


You have earned the title ‘The Courageous.’

Fame has increased by 200.
Courage has increased by 80.
Fighting spirit has increased by 10.
Leadership has increased by 5.

The Chief and Warriors of the Lekiye tribe were waiting at the exit; after seeing Weed coming out of the valley, they ran to him.

With rings dangling on his nose, the chief outstretched his arms.

“Brother has passed the test. In accordance with the alliance, let us assault the Embinyu Church.”

“WHOAAA!” The Warriors shook their spears and cheered.

The drunken Smith came close and patted Weed’s shoulder knowingly.

“Seems like the Valley of Courage was extremely difficult.”
Weed replied feebly, “It was truly horrible.”

“At least it’s all over now. Take it as a valuable experience.”
“I have to suffer it every month.”

“The Chief said the ghosts of the Lekiye tribe within the Valley of Courage are truly terrifying, but what do they look like?”

Weed shook his head. “I did not see ghosts.”

Household expenses were much more frightening than ghosts.

Between the trees and behind his back, the ghosts moved stealthily. They weren’t obvious, but you could feel something was there! Weed had been so immersed in mentally organizing his household accounts that he’d walked right past them without noticing.


Alliance of the Deliverers.

The Lekiye tribe who hunts in the River of Lamentation has joined.

The negotiator’s fame has increased by 200.
Charm has increased by 60.

* * *

The alliance of the second tribe taken care of, Weed headed towards the direction of the third tribe.

The pursuers caught up quickly and had set up camp on the plains and were waiting.

Without breaking through the Dark Knights and the Embinyu Church forces, it would be difficult to go to where the third village was located.

“Bingryong, Phoenixes! Get rid of them!”
“Got it, Master.”

The fight between Bingryong, the Phoenix Brothers and the pursuers took place. Weed just watched them with folded arms.

The reason he made and granted life to sculptures based on aerial monsters was because aerial monsters had a high survival rate.

“They can’t be compared to land monsters.”

Land monsters could perish quickly if they were surrounded and received concentrated attacks. However, a flying creature couldn’t be hunted easily without a Magician or Archer squad.

Later, he had to prepare a balance so he could afford both aerial and land creatures. But so far, he mostly had aerial monsters centering around Bingryong.

The Embinyu Church’s pursuers were having hard time thanks to Bingryong and the Phoenixes.

The highlight of the Phoenixes’ power!

“Fire Blaster!”

When the Magicians used offensive magic, the Phoenixes flew enthusiastically.

“It’s mine!”
“I saw it first.”
“I’m going to eat it first.”

As if they were competing, they ate the fire magic with greedy gulps.

The ability to absorb fire to replenish Health and Mana!

They also spewed flames as they flew low over the flaming ground.

As the trees burned and the flames spread, the Phoenixes demonstrated nearly infinite Health and attack power.

One must use Holy Magic, Spiritual Magic, or Mana Drain skills in order to deal with the Phoenixes. Or bombard them with Ice magic. Otherwise, there was no way to defeat the Five Phoenix Brothers!

The Phoenixes flew to the ground and flapped their flame wings or spewed fire in front of the Knights.


They were doing far more damage than Bingryong’s ruthless attacks. Bingryong went around with his massive weight, picking out the Priests and crushing them.

The force of the Embinyu Church’s pursuers crumbled to at least half in an instant.

This is the power of the sculptures!

A thought of mass producing Phoenixes grazed past Weed’s mind.

“I should make about 30 Phoenixes… then they probably wouldn’t disappear and die.”

With 30 Phoenixes, it would very well be a fiery hell!

With the characteristic of gaining strength from fire, he thought there would be almost no reason to lose Health!

If it wasn’t winter or a rainy day, they wouldn’t receive much effect from the environment either. While utilizing the most out of the fire characteristic, Bingryong couldn’t compare in flanking capability.

However, sculptures have sensitive personality.

They were quite severely opposed to sculptures looking similar to themselves. What’s worse was, they showed attitudes of wanting to fight each other.

The higher the Art stat, sculptures granted life were stronger, so the personality demands and egos became greater.

Due to the limitations of Weed’s Leadership and Charisma, it was tough to handle over 10 of the same kind of sculpture.

“Yellowy, let’s go!”


Weed and Yellowy took care of the remaining forces together.

With each pursuer team, Yellowy, Bingryong and the Phoenix Brothers gained 2-3 levels each, and collected plenty of japtem and weapons.

* * *

Before arriving at the next village, the team of pursuers once again drew close.

60 Dark Knights.
10 Priests.
10 Magicians
400 Normal Soldiers.

This is indeed an extremely bloodthirsty army!

The large army came with the purpose of capturing Weed.

“Knights, Priests, Magicians, and Soldiers were all on horseback and chasing us with amazing speed.”

The Phoenixes he sent in five directions to scout had returned and reported.

Weed stroked the back of Yellow’s neck. “Yellowy, let’s go quickly from now on. Any more laziness and dinner will be beef soup.”

Even without Weed’s threat, Yellowy was extremely worried every time food was prepared. He was getting stressed to the point of losing his perfectly good fur.

Weed’s eyes looked like they really wanted to soak Yellowy’s head or feet for a while whenever Weed boiled soup!


Yellowy increased his speed and charged forth with his supple body. With speed easily exceeding a horse’s, downhill or uphill, he ran without rest.

“Speak, Master.”
“Use Breath once and come back.”

The Ice Breath he used after flying to the Embinyu Church’s pursuers! Like drinking a glass of milk every morning, he was ordered to shoot out Ice Breath everyday.

The Embinyu Church’s pursuers sustained injuries by the Ice Breath and were dying little by little.

“We are listening to your words, Master.”

“You guys go and torch them. If they ascend the mountains or woods, quickly set them on fire.”

It was a strategy that didn’t consider the likes of nature conservation. Attacking with fire! In the forests with many trees and flammable reed beds, the Phoenixes attacked the pursuers without fail.

“Bingryong, is there a canyon or large forest around here?”
“You need to move a bit to the west.”
“Let’s go there.”

He chose a path difficult for a large army to move through and delayed the pursuers.

Fairly fighting one on one!

A duel of Knights fighting with their honor on the line!

Warriors fighting with their lives!

Weed was far, far away from those things.

Even though the Priests and Magicians used protective magic, they took considerable damage from Ice Breath, killing over dozens of people. The horses slipped due to the frozen ground, and the movement speed of the Soldiers were delayed.

However, once the Embinyu Church’s pursuers came a certain distance, they ignored all obstacles and caught up by traveling in a nearly straight line. Since they were moving at maximum speed to catch up to Weed, the damage they have taken from Ice Breath had accumulated.

Even Weed could see the dust trail produced by the pursuers.

“We’re screwed. They are almost upon us!”

The drunkard Smith, who had tried to help, gave up everything and was drowning in despair as he sought more and more alcohol.

However, Weed didn’t think this was the end. He had already accounted for the pursuers catching up to them at this point.

“I’ll make it more troublesome for them.”

He used an underhanded tactic of deliberately going only to places where monsters gathered, making slight detours and causing fights!

An escape superior to that of mud eels, creatures who make streams muddy!

The Embinyu Church’s pursuers advanced straight through Bingryong’s Breath and while fighting monsters.

The Dark Knights and Soldiers went through as they cut up the ordinary monsters, but the damage to the troops were great.

The pursuer numbers gradually dwindled and their stamina also reached the limit. The horses frothed as they collapsed, while the Priests and Magicians became a wreck.

Then, Weed found an herb field where many yellow grasses bloomed.

The most expensive medicinal herbs!
A herb with the effect of giving boundless Stamina.

Weed positioned Yellowy against a hill.
“We’ll have the showdown here.”

The Salmere tribe’s village was only a day away.

It looked like he could get there safely without the pursuers catching up, but he intended to hunt them down to the very last man. It was ridiculous to leave the herb field behind.

“Yellowy, let’s use this quickly.”
“Don’t wanna. It looks weird.”

Yellowy, who hoped to graze freely, instinctively showed a strong rejection.

“I heard that the price of beef rose a bit recently…”

Peaceful persuasion!

He made a plow and attached it on Yellow’s body to harvest the herbs.

Truly an all-terrain Korean cow!

Weed took Yellowy to collect herbs, and prepared for battle. He sharpened his sword on a whetstone and also cleaned his armor with a cloth. He even had wine with premium steak. He also mixed the herbs good for increasing Energy and Stamina with soft grass and gave it to Yellowy.


Yellowy was grateful for his master’s grace!

When they were completely prepared for battle, the group of pursuers appeared. After having their numbers been reduced to a third, they were no different from stragglers.

There were only about 20 Dark Knights, and only 2 Priests and 2 Magicians left.

“The enemy of Embinyu Church!”

“The Pontifex said there is no need to capture him alive. Kill him!”

The Soldiers lost their horses and ran while their armor rattled.

The Soldiers and Dark Knights attacked simultaneously. Even as they charged, their Stamina was exhausted and didn’t seemed like they were gaining speed.

A situation where the pursuer’s army would be massacred if they were harassed a little more!

“Bingryong, Phoenix! Launch the preemptive strike.”
“Got it, Master.”

Bingryong drew in a deep breath to use its Ice Breath.

“It’s shooting its breath!”
“Cast protective magic!”

The Priests and Magicians cast a transparent circle covering the pursuers.

Before long, a white stream of Breath spewed from Bingryong’s snout.

The tremendous force of the freezing breath crushed the enemy’s transparent circle!

Over 100 Soldiers were frozen solid. The damage would have been worse if they did not have protection magic.


The Phoenixes broadly set the ground aflame.

“Kill the bastard.”
“Let’s kill him and sacrifice his heart to Embinyu’s God!”

The Embinyu Church’s pursuers pounced like little demons within the flames.

As he rode Yellowy, Weed’s eyes became infinitely cold.

Like an air conditioner set at 18°C (64°F) in an empty bank*, the glint in his eyes was lonely, forlorn, and yet violent.

[T/N: We’re not exactly sure about this idiom. We think it’s something along the lines of the air conditioner feeling lonely because it’s working hard in an empty bank.]

If the monsters were strong, he became stronger by hunting and any means necessary.

The words “cowardly” or “dirty” didn’t exist in Weed’s dictionary. He used any means to destroy those who blocked his path.

He always fought while giving his all, so there was no need to hear he was underhanded.

“Kill him.” The Dark Knights rode their exhausted, frothing horses and were nearly up the hill.

Weed extended his hand forward. “Blessing.”

You’ve used the High Priest’s Blessing. Physical abilities will be enhanced for 20 minutes.

The High Priest’s Blessing increased Maximum Health and Mana by about 30% and raised all stats by 20%! In the past when he was at a lower level, it raised his stats by nearly half.

He could use the High Priest’s Blessing through the ring’s power once a day anywhere. During that time, it was a moment where Weed felt like a Warrior, not a Sculptor.

Weed slapped Yellowy’s rump with his palm.

“Let’s go, Yellowy!”

Yellowy ran on all fours and sped down the hill. He accelerated as he went down the slope, making his flesh vibrate.

He wasn’t just as fast as a horse. He was faster.


He charged with his heavy weight and speed.

A Dark Knight came stabbing straight at them. He was extremely fast and was delicately aiming for the neck. It was a sight of a truly skillful Knight of the Embinyu Church.

Weed ducked his head, narrowly dodging and grazing past a sword, and also raised his sword.

“Moonlight Sculpting Blade!”

He struck the neck of the armorless horse and toppled it along with the Knight.

Even before Yellowy took another two steps, another Dark Knight came at him.


The enemy Knight swung his ax so fiercely, Weed felt the wind pressure!

If he blocked the weapons the galloping Knights swung head-on, he feared durability of his sword would fall or break. Weed’s weapons were maintained at their maximum condition, but there was no need to clash deliberately.

‘Make a gap.’

Weed moved Yellowy half a step to the side as he swung his sword.

A tactic using the short range of an ax and the length of his sword! He was able to decapitate the Dark Knight with the wide gap he purposely made.

The art of attacking in unity with the bull!

In a fight between Knights, the outcome sometimes depended on the steed.

Weed treated Yellowy like an extension of his hand as he engaged in battle.


The horses the Dark Knights were riding on puffed breathless gasps as they rose up the hill. When they saw Yellowy’s dangerously transformed eyes, they lost considerable fighting spirit.

M-O-O-O. Oo. Oo. Oo!

In the frenzy, Yellowy was on the verge of going crazy!

As he struck with his hind legs and rammed with his horns, the horses fell underneath him without fail. On all fours, Yellowy fundamentally combined offence and defence.

On the bull’s wide back, Weed could use his sword favorably.

Like a wild raging beast, he swung his sword left and right between enemies.

Every time he grazed past the Dark Knights, spear and sword clashed. His sword flashed as Dark Knights undoubtedly fell to the ground.

Exactly one each for every breath!

“Yellowy, let’s go!”

Weed rode Yellowy in between the Dark Knights.

For riders donning armor, just falling to the ground alone was enough to sustain a nearly fatal blow. Regardless of the excellent defense of the Knights’ armor, it was a situation where the weight of the armor worked against them.

Weed was dominating the Dark Knights with effective and precise attacks every time their paths briefly crossed.

The Knights and the horses were exhausted, and on top of it all, their pace had slowed while ascending the hill. On the other hand, as Weed ran down the slope with his strength and momentum at their peak, comparable to the collision force of the Knights.

The use of strategy and tactics!

He lured in monsters to deal damage to them, and made it so they couldn’t rest, to drain their Stamina.

It was a different method from the one he used while fighting with the Orcs and Elves. Orcs were easily lured by bait, while Elves disliked dirty things. Since they used archery, magic, and spiritual power, he had to lead them in close combat.

Each race’s trait or code of action followed a method of fighting, deciding the strategy and tactics.

Even if it was a minor fight, Weed commanded it with an advantageous battlefield.

However, his blazing heart only wanted more enemies without measure. When he saw many overwhelming enemies, he became intoxicated in battle and his blood boiled, hungering for more victims.

The disposition of a wild beast.
Instinct of the body.


Lion’s Roar burst from Weed’s mouth.

You have used the skill Lion’s Roar.

The skill ‘Lion’s Roar’ has increased the morale of all allies within range by 200%.

All existing Confusion hexes have been lifted.

Leadership will increase by 270% for 5 minutes.

“Hear my order! Bingryong, Phoenixes! Wipe out the enemies!”

The Embinyu Church’s pursuers — a force so large, it was nearly an army.

In order for the troops to move in accordance with the Commander’s leadership, morale was a very important element!

Due to the daily use of Ice breath, half of the Dark Knights had perished.

A situation where the control of the cavalry was weakened!

Bingryong leapt as he trampled, ravaged, and froze enemies.

The Phoenixes gave rise to frenzy, spewing fire and spreading their plumage to create a rain of fire.

As everything became a sea of fire. The pursuers lost moral and plunged into chaos.

While riding on Yellowy, Weed ran straight into the middle of the enemy lines.

He slid past his opponents’ weapons and struck them down, like an arrow piercing through the enemies.

The Soldiers and Dark Knights who had been ascending the hill, ran in the opposite direction.

“UWAAAAAAAAAHH!” The battle cry sizzling escaped Weed’s mouth.

After passing the Dark Knights, the Soldiers of the Embinyu Church he encountered next were merely easy pickings.

Yellowy also let out a ululation. A bull bellow!

With the sound of the bull’s cry ringing around him, Weed cleaved through the exhausted and wounded Dark Knights and Soldiers.

A fray among the raging flames and falling ice shards, the bloody battle of Salmere Hill!

* * *

The SwordNoobs had settled in the Yurokina mountains!

They had actively followed Zephyr’s advice when they had first come to the Orc village.

The way to date a woman? First, meet their eyes.

The SwordNoobs stared piercingly at the Orc females.

“Uwaah, scary. Chwik chwik!”

The gleaming eyes made chills run down the spines of the Orc females!

The SwordNoobs scattered across the Versailles Continent were gathered in one place.

With their rough, muscular appearance and sharp eyes shinier than glass beads, the SwordNoobs flocked the Orc village.

The Orc females felt the pressure and avoided the SwordNoobs whenever they saw them.

Zephyr’s second advice.

Next, naturally start a conversation. You don’t need to force it to try and make a special moment. Naturally, do you want to go eat together? That’ll be enough.

The SwordNoobs approached the terrified female Orcs.

After rapidly surrounding them with instant reflexes, making the female Orcs unable to escape—!

“Orc miss, shall we go to a quiet forest and chew on bloodily dripping deer meat?”

The Orc females came to Royal Road and chose the Orc race, were filled with a dream.

‘Ah, now I’ll happily have adventures.’

There were many college freshmen who were fresh out of high school and entered university.

They wanted to enjoy the cheerful and lively beginner life, but ignorant-looking misters approached them.


The Orc females showed their broad backs as they fled!

They may be dull, but the SwordNoobs were able to feel it at this level.

“Something’s strange.”
“Seems like Zephyr’s advice isn’t having any effect at all.”

When having a date, grasp the atmosphere and don’t talk too much.

The third advice also only showed negative side effects.

They managed to get a date finally after a hundred attempts, but the SwordNoobs were just staring silently.

An awkward and uncomfortable atmosphere. The female Orcs were forced to stand and down their meals.

“I ate well. Chwik! We’re going now. Chwit chwit.”

The SwordNoobs waited anxiously, but they weren’t able to see those females again.

“Something isn’t right here.”
“That bastard Zephyr tricked us.”

Bitter retribution!

“He tricked bachelors because of lack of people in the world to lie to?”

“We worked so hard to create opportunities… But now the rumors have spread, so the female Orcs just run away at the mere sight of us!”

Zephyr came to the dojo regularly and received training, because SwordNoob2 had dragged him by the hand and he became a new member.

The amount of training increased by 3 times as much.

“We need a dating method that suits us.” The SwordNoobs learned from their failure and reflected on themselves.

It was a good chance to realize one’s shortcomings.

They asked Maylon, Hwaryeong, Romuna, Irene, and Surka about what kind of aspect they lacked compared to other men, or if they weren’t attractive.

The very first one, Romuna spoke as if there was nothing to ponder, “First of all, your body is too thick. It’s a bit burdensome because you have so much muscle.”

“If you’re a man, you gotta have this much muscle!”

SwordNoob3 flexed his forearm.

Forearms 52 cm (~21 inches) thick!

They were much thicker than a woman’s thighs, and sinews wider than worms wriggled.

Their forearms weren’t the only muscular ones. Their legs were thicker than a woman’s waist.

“How’s my manliness?”
“Urgh, muscles like that aren’t manly, just gross.”

Their likeability decreased through muscles.

Maylon pointed out their attire. “You have absolutely no fashion sense. What exactly do you usually go around wearing?”

Fashion was also important in Royal Road.

When wearing a robe, boots in matching color had to be purchased. The fabric was dyed, and even if the special effect dropped a little, matching as a whole was held in high regard. Pretty clothes or well-designed armor sold for especially high prices.

Since Royal Road was like a society in reality, going around well dressed was very important too. People even took care not to let their clothes or armor get dirty while exploring dungeons. It was a basic courtesy of a Knight to clean their armor until it sparkled if they had reason to go to a town or castle.

But the SwordNoobs equipped were not metal, but swords and armor made out of rotten bones.

Bone Breast Armor, Bone Sword. Advanced items made from the bones of the Bone Dragon!

Weed had personally produced and given it to them, but the disgusting, foul odor was no small issue. Chainmail pants, gloves and helmets with holes in them. It was completely wanton equipment.

“I usually only wear Martial Arts uniforms and sportswear.”

The voices of the SwordNoobs became smaller.

“If it’s sportswear, then you mean a tracksuit? There’re lots of pretty tracksuits these days.”

The tracksuits Maylon was talking about were produced by sports companies to match the top trends, or were jumpers released by famous brands.

But the tracksuits the SwordNoobs wore were thick, grey sportswear reeking of sweat! Having worn only uniforms and sportswear for over 10 years, their fashion sense was completely non-existent.

Hwaryeong also said, “Do you have a female friend? Do you have a woman you know and spend time with, but not a girlfriend? If you’ve got lots of friends you can comfortably hang out with, you’ll be able to find a girlfriend quickly too.”

The SwordNoobs could only heaved a sigh.

While focusing on training, how could they become close to a girl?

They were acquainted with Hwaryeong, Irene, Romuna, and the others, so they were on the level of being able to chat once in a while. In reality, they lived lives truly far away from women.

SwordNoob300 suddenly looked up. “Restaurant lady?”

Mumble mumble.

“Milk delivering lady.”
“The next door lady and the kid in middle school.”
“My lil’ sis cousin.”

All of the women they knew and spent time with!

While hanging out with a group of just men, they were living lives far from women.

Hwaryeong asked with difficulty, “Do you watch T.V.?”

“A drama or movie, or dating program… even radio is fine.”

She was asking if they were living cultured lives.

“I do watch T.V. sometimes…”
It was at least a positive sign!

“I mostly watch boxing, wrestling, and mixed martial arts broadcasts.”
“I watched ‘Memory of Violence’ last time…”
“I did see soccer, baseball, and volleyball broadcasts too.”

The SwordNoobs had lived existences too far removed from a cultured life.

Hwaryeong actually felt amazed. ‘How can guys like them exist?’

Just then, Surka landed a completely unintentional critical hit.

“You look scary.”

The key reason for disqualification!

The SwordNoobs had been living with a grave delusion. Their dating ability would only increase as they gained experience. It was a big mistake to naively believe a woman they loved would like them back!

They needed to meet a woman they truly loved, and also undergo trial and error in order to date her. Moreover, they also required an attitude to know how to lie and embellish.

Why do girls fall for bad boys or playboys?

A kind man is not attractive. He would only think of nice things. He couldn’t understand a woman’s heart as a boyfriend, and couldn’t even approach her familiarly.

You can’t like someone you don’t even know!

They were beginners. They had to undergo love, dating, and getting hurt, but simply saying they had to stubbornly keep at it wasn’t going to help.

Even so, Irene helped them.

“Elder bros, you have appeal too. If you get friendly, you’ll be able to show off your appeal.”

She then gave them practical advice: To show off the best qualities of the SwordNoobs to the max!

Women are bound to like reliable men.

Interact with the beginners while getting friendly with them. They were even encouraged, it would work if they slowly approached step by step.

The SwordNoobs who were most active in the Orc village received an offer.

“Chwiik! Humans, your fighting skills are pretty good. How about teaching the young Orcs?”

A formal recruitment as Instructors in the Orc village training center!

The masters were a granted, and the practitioners also had experience in dojo management.

‘Since it’s instructors teaching beginners…’
‘It matches our aptitudes perfectly, and it’s an area where we can show off our talents.’

The wage was 2 Gold a day!

It was nothing compared to the money they could earn through hunting, but they consented.

“I will do it.”
“You’ll be employed as an Instructor.”

From that day on, the SwordNoobs became instructors and taught the beginners who came to the training center.

They taught things like how to use a glaive, a weapon unfamiliar to beginner Orcs.

“Welcome, all the beginner Orcs who have come to the training center. Then as an Instructor, I will first give you a demonstration on how to use a glaive.”

SwordNoob5 showed a demo for the beginner Orc females.

Over 50 Orcs were sitting and watching in the training center.

SwordNoob5 powerfully kicked a tree. Then the leaves hanging on the branches began fluttering down.

Chop chop chop chop chop!

The glaive sliced through as if skewering the fallen leaves!

“There, too easy, right?” SwordNoob5 smiled brightly.

There was no way the beginner female Orcs could follow those actions and imitate it.

“Tchh, why’s it so heavy?”
“It doesn’t swing well either. Chwiiik.”

It was hard to hit even just one falling leaf, but SwordNoob5 repeatedly showed them the demo while continuing to ask as if extremely puzzled, “You can’t do this? Why not? It’s really easy to do…”

Chop chop chop chop chop!

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