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Alliance of the Deliverers

Weed checked the information of the Matallost Church’s relics.


Copper Plate of Rest
Durability: 12/1,000

The copper plate with powers to lead the dead to the world of eternal rest.

An item absolutely necessary for the existence of the Matallost Church, it is in severely damaged condition.

One of the five relics.

Because it is a dangerous item, if it falls into the hands of the wicked, the probability of it causing chaos is high.

Although it was being protected by the Holy Knights of the Matallost Church, it was forcibly taken by the Embinyu Church. As damage is severe, there is a limitation to the power it can display.

While it is impossible to repair by normal means, it can be repaired with the holy power of the Matallost Church’s Pope.

The durability will decrease even more if used.

Limitation: Must receive the recognition of the Matallost Church. Faith 2,000

Special Effect: Lead the dead to their resting place.

Can forcibly cancel Undead magic. Can specially enhance Undead to decrease damage taken from Holy Magic.

If an Undead has hold of it, it can reject guidance to the world of eternal rest and retain very high Health, Mana, and Strength.

Can create and command Demonic Spirits.

Can pronounce the sentence of death. Once sentence of death has been pronounced, Health and Mana will not recover for a day.

Copper plate able to guide the dead to their eternal rest!

With the copper plate, one could return the Undead back into corpses. It would be an incredible relic for Necromancers.

The sentence of death would have a tremendous effect on living beings as well.

“Still, it’s pretty lousy.”

Weed felt it was regretful as he looked at the Copper Plate of Rest.

The durability will decrease every time it was used. Since the remaining durability wasn’t high, it meant it could only used a few more times!

If the relic was destroyed, a great misfortune or a curse would follow. Becoming an enemy of the Matallost Church would be a certainty as well.

“The next item is… Identify!”

Token of Alliance, Wand
Durability: 139/200.
Attack Power: 15.

This Wand is a proof of the alliance of the Matallost Church with its neighboring brethrens.

The Wand acts as proof of the contract between the Matallost Church and its neighboring tribes. Though it’s a relic with a God’s blessing, it normally only has a slight ability to aid holy powers.

Once you have fulfilled the promised alliance, you can utilize the authority of the Deliverer vested in the Wand.

However, you must pay the price for the usage of authority.

Restriction: Must receive recognition of the Matallost Church. Faith 2,000.

Special Effect: Holy Power 5%

The Copper Plate of Rest and the Wand!

They were relics of the Matallost Church he could use to win in the battle against the Embinyu Church. The battle’s conditions would change greatly depending on the relics’ use.

* * *

That night, Weed arrived at the village of the first alliance tribe of the Matallost Church, Vejague.

The tribesmen were closer to monsters than humans. They only had few strands of hair left, with their mouths were jutting out. They were also holding spears as weapons.

Weed and Smith were surrounded by the Warriors of the tribe at the village entrance.

“As an agent of the Matallost Church, I have come to request reinforcements.”

Weed broadened his chest and spoke with pride.

Among the Vejague tribal Warriors who were murmuring amongst themselves, a muscular male with tattoos all over his body came forward.

“If you are an agent of the Matallost Church, you are our brother. Welcome, visitor. Could you please clearly state your business again about why you came to us?”

“I have come to request reinforcements to fight against the Embinyu Church.”

The Warrior who came to meet Weed stabbed his spear into the ground.

“The Embinyu Church is strong. We don’t like their actions either, but why should our tribe shed blood for your sake?”

Weed quickly glanced around.

A perfectly gifted conversationalist doesn’t exist. It was important to survey with his own eyes. No matter how good words were, they would be nothing but nonsense to break the atmosphere if they didn’t match the situation!

The Warriors were robust and their gazes were piercing. They had no qualms an uninvited guest had arrived, and they didn’t have cringing expressions.

There were many prey such as Caltrops and Black Wild Boars hanging above their village.

“I would like to meet the representative of the Vejague tribe. Can you represent the Vejague tribe?”

“I am a mighty Warrior. While hunting fierce and strong beasts, I am the strongest in the tribe. I am enough to represent our tribe.”

Weed explained in a slightly softer tone, “The mighty Warrior of the Vejague tribe has called me his brother. The reason you are listening to such a request is because you are among those who share difficulties with the neighbors and brothers living next to you. If a brother was to break a promise because it was difficult, the Matallost Church and the Vejague tribe would not be brothers.”

Warriors nodded energetically.

“Brothers will win this together in spite of any difficulty. We, the Vejague tribe, will fight together with the Matallost Church.”


The Warriors of the tribe shouted as they raised their spears high into the air and shook them.

Success in winning over the first tribe of the alliance!

Alliance of the Deliverers.

The Vejague tribe who hunts in the River of Lamentation has joined.

The negotiator’s Fame has increased by 100.

Charm has increased by 50.

The Mighty warrior said, “Unlike the our Vejague tribe, the other two tribes will not be easy to win over. Although they value the promise, and brotherly loyalty equals to ours, each tribe has its own circumstances. In order to fight the Embinyu Church, we will definitely need the strength of the two tribes, especially the Salmere tribe.”

* * *

Weed rode Yellowy and moved on to the location of the next tribe.

Slowly. The very slow gait of a cow.

The Vejague tribe promised.

When the 3 tribes gather, we will attack the Embinyu Church. We will help in destroying their fortress and freeing the survivors of the Matallost Church.

Because one tribe had given its promise to attack, only 2 tribes remained.

On the rocky mountain like a knife placed upside down, rare flowers and grasses hard to find in the Versailles Continent were considerable.

Weed was moving along a ridge as curved as a camel’s back. Although the angle of inclination was very sharp, Yellowy walked on without slipping.

The Phoenixes spoke, “Master, the pursuers are at a distance 5 hours behind us. If we continued our current pace, they will catch up within 5 hours.”

“What’s the scale of the enemy?”
“It is 20 Knights, 300 Soldiers and 5 Priests.”

“Still being underestimated. Finally 20 Knights… The crowd of pursuers did not increase as much as I thought.”

Words couldn’t be spoken by a normal Sculptor!

However, Weed was determined to purposefully draw out the pursuers and weaken the Embinyu Church’s forces.

Even if it wasn’t a huge help in siege warfare, he needed to reduced the enemies’ numbers beforehand even if it’s only little. As an S-rank quest, it would be an incredibly difficult battle even if he brings about the alliance of the three tribes.

Divide and conquer based on incentives! With the motive to weaken the enemy forces, he instinctively took tactical action.

‘I’ll crush them one by one for now!’

“Hurry and run before the pursuers arrive!”

Whether the drunkard Smith was fretting or not, Weed’s mind rolled onward, flawlessly, and coldly.

“Bingryong. Phoenixes.”
“Speak, Master.”

“No need to wait until they come here. You guys go and wipe them out. Only, our side mustn’t take any damage.”

“Understood, Master! You need not have any concerns.”
“Bingryong, you’re the commander. You must return safely with the Phoenixes.”
“Thanks for believing in me, Master.”

Bingryong and the Phoenixes flew to the back as they flapped their wings.

Perhaps because of their fire disposition, the Phoenixes were quite aggressive and reckless. However, since Bingryong valued his body dearly, Weed had given the position of commander to him.

“They’re my sculptures. If they were to abused, I’ll be doing the abusing. I can’t watch them get hit by some other guy.”

If not for that reason, there was no other reason to give the stupid and timid Bingryong the position of leader.

After a while, the sky to the west lit up brightly.

Ice Breath must have been fired, since the temperature lowered significantly. Afterwards, smoke from flames rose into the sky.

Fire and ice attacks.

Even in the midst of this, Weed was strengthening Bingryong and the Phoenixes.

After the group of pursuers was decimated by Bingryong and the Phoenixes, the Embinyu Church assembled new pursuers once more.

This time the pursuers consist of 40 Dark Knights. 10 Priests, 3 Magicians, 300 normal Soldiers.

Weed swallowed his saliva with a gulp.

Not only were the pursuers were chasing them more and more rapidly, but their forces were improving as well.

With both burden and pleasure, the enjoyment was increasing.

Like when he dealt with the True Blood Vampires with Alveron, his energy was surging with appropriate tension.

The second alliance tribe of the Matallost Church, Lekiye.
It was a tribe with Knights and Sorcerers.

“We have not forgotten the alliance with the Matallost Church. However, too much time has passed. It’s doubtful if the Matallost Church still has the qualification to act with us.”

The Chief of the Lekiye tribe neither welcomed nor opposed Weed.

“How should I prove the qualification between allies?”

The Chief said to Weed. “The power of the Embinyu Church is fearsome. To see if you can fight against them, you will need to undertake a test of courage,”

A test to pass Valley of Courage in the middle of the night without any outside help!

It was the valley the children of the Lekiye tribe ascended when partaking in the coming of age ceremony.

Weed didn’t think deeply and simply accepted.
“I will prove I possess courage.”

As long as he didn’t want to give up the quest, he had no choice but to continue forward.

The Valley of Courage!

Weed walked quickly under the dark night sky.

The sound of the trees rustling in the wind was frightening, and it felt like something would jump out at any minute.

A situation and place perfect for a test of courage. Without mistake, it was an actual place where courage was being tested.

Unnecessary thoughts would make the heart stiffen and contract.

If one is caught in fear, even footsteps became scary, and will be surprised by shadows. It would get more and more terrifying until one could no longer take another step.

The Valley of Courage was such a place.

Because the space of the passage in the narrow valley was only 50 cm wide, it created an illusion anything could jump out from between the bushes or trees. It was a place ceaselessly stimulated fearful thoughts, and made one’s resolve crumble!

It would actually be a relief if a monster or ghost really appeared, however the place was only stimulating pure terror.

Walking in the dark, the path looked like it could lead to anywhere. Anxiety and panic-causing Valley of Courage.

Like a chant, Weed memorized something. “Spinach 2,500 won (~$2.50), sesame leaf 1,000 won (~$1), eggs 1,700 won (~$1.70), sausages 4,000 won (~$4).”

Calculation for a week worth’s of expenditure!

Since it was dark and quiet, it was excellent for mentally organizing his household accounts.

“We’re out of olive oil. I collected the coupon, so I should buy it the next time I go to the mart. The mart next door was holding an event for kitchen supplies… I must buy rubber gloves in a pretty pink color.”

Calculating his shopping list. The part Weed loathed the most made its appearance. This time was the most difficult and painful.

“This month’s total expenditures have risen to 8,000 won more than last month. It was because of the transaction on the 24th. Damn the rising prices! It was because the gas price rose.”

Simply by thinking about the date, he could recall the sum he’d used during day. He could even list the fluctuations in price from last month and the month before last.

Savings, savings, savings.

Even so, the household expenses absolutely wouldn’t decrease!

The biggest worries of housewives were difficult for Weed too. “House expenses: once it increases, it never decreases again.”

The desperate battle against the household expenses. Having a large income didn’t necessarily mean having money saved up. Thorough management along with limiting impulsive spending was necessary.

“I shouldn’t have bought the expensive salt from the supermarket that one time… I needed to live frugally.” He was assailed with bitter regret.

By gathering small sums, it will eventually become a large amount of money.

As he was thinking about the household expenses, he soon exited the Valley of Courage.

Weed’s face was haggard an