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Black Dragon


Stepping on the wall to stand, the supersized King Hydra’s 9 heads sought prey. The heads shot around like arrows, swallowing up Priests and Soldiers.


It demolished the stone tower and gobbled up the Archers.

It was on a different plane from Yellowy’s rumination of fresh grass, which was leisurely enough to make one blow up in frustration.

A sight inducing horror and vertigo.

In a bog three prestigious guilds united to explore, there was a legendary monster, the King Hydra. Then, in just a few minutes, the King Hydra ate up all the prestigious guild members and moved to yet another location to eat more prey.

An existence burning with an endless appetite, the King Hydra!


The Archers’ target changed from the Undead to the Hydra. They loosed arrows towards the Hydra’s body as it stepped on the wall and cleared away their teammates.

The Hydra’s 9 heads saw the arrows. The majority of the arrows couldn’t pierce its thick hide, and even if they left a wound, it only lasted a minute; its green blood would immediately stop flowing, and the wound would heal. It was thanks the Hydra’s special characteristic of regeneration, which surpassed even Trolls’.

“The attack isn’t working.”
“Save me!”
“Dark Knights, protect the Priests.”

The Hydra’s heads each moved several meters to search for food. Each head boasted a snout bigger than a castle tower and even emitted a fire and poison gas attack!

On the fortress wall, there was a clamor of exploding screams.

“Dark Knights, come back!”

The Dark Knights, who faced the Undead on the front lines of the battle tried to gather to fight the Hydra. However, before they could attempt an organized maneuver, the corner of the wall the Hydra had stepped on crumbled down. Suddenly, a part of the fortress wall gave in all at once, unable to bear the Hydra’s ponderous weight.

“The wall collapsed. Let’s go up.”

Climbing the wall collapsed from the ground up, the Zombies, Ghouls, and Skeletons at the head of the Undead army pressed forward in a line. There were also many Embinyu Soldiers who were crushed to death.

“Embinyu Soldiers, don’t give up our holy ground to them!”

A mass of Embinyu Soldiers rushed out from within the fortress and charged at the Undead, including Dark Knights and Priests, they were the Embinyu Church’s remaining troops! Unmobilized in the fight until now, it was the first appearance of the Embinyu Church’s hidden forces.

Balkan did not let them eliminate the Undead.
“Core Explosion!”

Due to the ultimate evil Necromancer’s magic, the dead corpses erupted in a massive explosion. As bones and flesh splattered, the terrain where the Embinyu Soldiers had gathered took enormous damage. More than several hundred people lost their lives, and far more were rendered unable to fight because of large wounds. Without shields and armor, they would have taken damage near to impossible to shake off.

Even normal Necromancer spells became chilling spells of mass destruction when Balkan cast them.


Debris in the collapsed wall moved. Living Death Knights who became Undead from the Dark Rule magic swung their swords to slaughter those who had been their allies not long ago.

“Holy power, protect us. Grant your servants wills and bodies like steel. Iron Armor.”

The protective magic of the Priests encased the Soldiers. In addition, the High Priest Feylord, who hadn’t shown himself, finally appeared.

Apparently, Feylord was also plastered with high-class items not falling too short of Balkan’s. Jeweled rings hanging from each finger, a bracelet, necklace, and earrings! The peerlessly expensive accessory items sparkled in the sunlight. A high priest robe embroidered with golden thread was draped over his obese body.

Feylord yelled, “Servants of the Embinyu Church, your pain will disappear and joy will burn within you. Divine Bless!”

Feylord’s propensity to bless primarily Soldiers was also strong. If Lich Shire or the Bone Dragon’s overall force was undoubtedly explosive, then the High Priest Feylord did not show such offensive power. However, in the eyes of the Embinyu Church’s army, he was so great that there was no wall sturdier than he.

A part of the fortress wall had collapsed, but the Embinyu Church’s Soldiers filled the gap instead.

“Oh. Oh. OH!”
“We won’t let our land be stolen.”
“Eliminate the enemies. Embinyu God, give them eternal pain.”

Covered in the blessing magic of Feylord and the Priests, the Soldiers easily overcame most of the attacks and their pain.

The footmen were perfectly equipped with shields and armor! They demonstrated strength firm enough to feel threatening. As they swung their hammers and axes, they pushed the Undead army back. Though a Dullahan was adept at battle, it wasn’t able to penetrate the wall of footmen easily when three or four footmen defended together and counterattacked.

However, it was only after many of the Undead had already entered the fortress through the fallen wall. Doom Knights and Death Knights went around picking Priests and slaughtering them.

“I am Sowed Veron, Knight of the Embinyu Church 11th Sect.”
“Ke. Ke. Ke. Ke. I’m Death Knight Teirum, Balkan-nim’s minion.”

It wasn’t hard to see a Dark Knight and Death Knight having a one-on-one match. There were cases when the Dark Knight dominated and beheaded his opponent with a holy sword. However, when a Death Knight won, the dead Dark Knight immediately became the same Death Knight or Doom Knight and revived.

“A huge demon.”
“Let’s go. Let’s fight.”

Some of the Undead went after the King Hydra. With their fear removed by Balkan, the Undead tried to hunt even the likes of the King Hydra. However, there was no way the King Hydra would be hunted down by scores of impertinent Undead! Whenever the 9 heads moved in turn, Undead flew into the sky and scores of Soldiers and Priests were eaten.

The battle of the Embinyu fortress continued on as a grand dogfight.

Whenever the King Hydra moved, Soldiers and Undead were crushed underneath.


The King Hydra’s fearless roar rang out in all directions like thunder.

* * *

Standing by with the barbarians over at the rocky mountain, Weed looked at the sky. The direction of the drifting clouds had changed. Of course, Weed’s actions weren’t for probing the secrets of nature, as legendary genius philosophers have done.

“The sun is at high noon. It’s time to eat. Let’s eat, everyone!”

Weed ate a meal with the barbarians first. It was time to give his stomach sturdy fuel.

“Your body can’t endure if you don’t eat up.” Weed didn’t spare the back meat of Black Wild Boar and roasted it.

The ultimate wild boar barbecue! It was the delicacy of all delicacies one could eat with a big battle ahead. As he turned the boar round and round, he sprinkled on plenty of salt and pepper.


The sound of the barbarians swallowing their saliva rang aloud.

The well-roasted barbecue was savory and melted gently in the mouth. As they ate boar, which boasted the most delicious taste, they watched what could be called the ultimate view.

“It’s gonna take quite a while.”

The King Hydra, Embinyu Church, and Balkan’s fight was now kicking into high gear. The Undead army’s numbers rose steadily, and the King Hydra ran amok while destroying the fortress as if it owned it.

The Embinyu Church’s remaining forces all came out as well— it was hard to judge where the course of the battle would flow. It had seemed the Embinyu Church was briefly getting pressed back when the wall fell, but they blocked it with additional forces. Thanks to the service of the elite Dark Knights, the Embinyu displayed unfaltering might. Since they were fighting with the Demonic Spirits’ aid as well, the Embinyu Church seemed to be alive and well.

“Since the fortress isn’t completely destroyed, either.”

Archers shot arrows while hidden in cover! The Priests also eliminated the Undead with Holy magic by using the narrow passages and structures. The Embinyu Church seemed like they could beat the Undead army in a moment if they could restore order!

The King Hydra began to spray poison gas as it leapt around hellishly. As was characteristic of Necromancers, Balkan raised the Undead army from the safety of the rear.

The incredible scenes, awful enough to make a watcher’s eyes spin, did not cease.

A tower rising high into the air steadily tilted to the side with a roar and completely collapsed. The stone gargoyle mounted askew on the spire spread its wings as it flew towards another place. It seemed Balkan had also summoned the stone gargoyle and a harpy-like aerial monster at some point.

A fire broke out in the castle and was blowing acrid smoke into the sky; there were also many Soldiers falling on the wall.

The dogfight of all dogfights!

Finished with his meal, Weed spread his arms wide. “It’s finally time for the last guest to arrive.”

He was positioned to actively welcome the most precious guest. It was time for the last guest to be summoned by the Power of the Deliverer.

As the three groups leapt about in the Embinyu fortress, the space above distorted greatly and something black and lump-like bulged out.

The crystallization of dignity and nobility! With scales sturdier than mithril and perfect aesthetic quality, it was an existence possessing even beauty. The race no one on the Versailles Continent did not know.

There was a rumor that by simply consuming the Dragon Heart, their body would experience an increase of maximum Mana by over 5,000, and if a Magician were to eat it, it would raise their magic level up a step.

The embodiment of great authority, the Black Dragon.

At the tremendous flow of Mana, the King Hydra, Balkan, and the High Priest Feylord looked up at the sky. It was an existence capable of throwing them all into despair.

A monster with small wings in contrast to its 60 meter body appeared. Not only was it very different in appearance from a Black Dragon, but it was much shabbier as well. For starters, it didn’t have a beard, and the head, which looked like a giant snake, and didn’t exude dignity either. A real dragon’s body exceeded 300 meters. However, the black lump which had appeared wasn’t even 70 meters from head to tail. Its body was thin and long. Rather than calling it a dragon, it was more like a snake with wings.

It was a fellow trying to molt into a dragon by training a lot and eating tons of good food for a long time. The Black Imoogi!

[T/N: An Imoogi is a legendary creature in Korean mythology, said to aspire to become a true dragon. It is a large, python-like creature (Wikipedia).]

Weed had summoned a dragon, symbolizing its own kind of strength and authority. Only, it was just a fake!

Of course, it was something you absolutely couldn’t underestimate for being an Imoogi. A monster at the level of a King Snake had to undergo hundreds, thousands of years to become one. This fellow was a big-shot even in the boss-class.

Even the fake was in a different class.

“Because it’s not a normal fake, but a dragon fake!”

The Black Imoogi opened its maw wide.


Dragon Fear!

The Embinyu Soldiers covered their ears with both hands as they staggered. The Undead also made groaning noises, as if they were in pain. Apparitions like Spectres and Ghosts were even forcefully unsummoned.

The Black Imoogi announced it appearance in an incomparably flashy way. Though it was an Imoogi and not a real, legitimate dragon, the force of the Dragon Fear it used was immense.

The entire castle was in its range, and since it was enough to deal a huge blow to the monsters, Weed’s Lion’s Roar was no match for it.

As they looked at the Imoogi, Balkan and Feylord’s fighting spirits flared.

“This one is of an appropriate size to kill and make into a Bone Dragon.”

“I shall sacrifice that one to the Embinyu God.”

The Black Imoogi did not turn a blind eye to these challenges. ‘Foolish humans, unsightly Undead, and a hideous Hydra! The bunch I dislike are all gathered here.’

The Black Imoogi scorned all three groups without reserve. The amount of pride it had was similar to a real Dragon.

As the Imoogi butted in, the Embinyu fortress fight entered a new situation.

Controlling the skies, the Imoogi used magic. It was a being which didn’t even need complicated spells or embellishments. Lightning bolts the size of the Imoogi’s body and huge insects were summoned and fell below. The fortress was crushed as Undead were exterminated, and Embinyu Soldiers also died mercilessly.

Though it was a fake dragon, it wasn’t an Imoogi for nothing.

* * *

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