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The Tyrant’s Return

The muscular savages that were reminiscent of barbarians raised their weapons and shouted a battle cry.

“We won!”
“This is the result of combining our strength.”
“Our great commander Weed led the battle to victory! Hurrah!”

– You have acquired a new title, Commander who Hunted the Imoogi.

Influence when commanding soldiers has increased by 35%.

Maximum loyalty has improved, the effect when training troops has been raised to a max of 20%.

The strength and mobility of the army you command in battle will increase by 3%.

When hunting monsters of a lower level than the Imoogi, soldiers will never cower.

It was a tremendous achievement, but Weed did not take credit for it alone.

“Speak, Master.”
“You worked hard. It’s all thanks to you.”
“Thanks for the recognition, Master.”

Bingryong had cracks on every corner of his body from the tough battle as he replied with a haggard look.

“Yes, Master.”

“It’s regretful that your brothers were lost. I was able to survive thanks to that, but it would have been better if I had been the one to die; my heart is torn. But because you did the work of your other brothers, I am comforted. You have truly suffered much hardship.”

“I will continue to devote myself in the future as well.”

“What is it, Master?”
“I am watching over you as you constantly labor behind the scenes. Yellowy, you are such a faithful and competent fellow.”

Weed stroked Yellowy’s head. Since it wasn’t something that cost money, he made do with words of praise.

‘I’ve got to at least reward them for their merits.’

There was no need to hold back on giving praise.
Of course, he monopolized the items from the Imoogi.

– You have acquired Jorudia’s Signet.

– You have acquired 8 diamonds.

– You have acquired Isuren’s Magic Weapon #3.

The Imoogi did not have many items. However, depending on the appraised price, the diamonds could go from 1,000 to thousands of gold.

“I can get roughly 10 thousand gold each for diamonds like these.”

Jorudia’s Signet was the seal of a now vanished Kingdom’s lord. Owning it raised Fame by 150. Besides that, there was no telling if it had antique value or it was a quest item someone needed.

“If there is someone who needs it, they’ll appear in the auction site sometime. Since I don’t need Fame, it’ll be good to sell it off when I need money.”

Isuren’s Magic Weapon was a product of the talented master craftsman and Enchanter, Jerome Isuren.


– You have failed to identify.

It was a magic wand, but it was impossible to check even with Weed’s identification skill. It was possible that its value could only be known if a Magician personally identified it.

“Must be something expensive.”

For now, he had high hopes as he packed it away.

The Sophia’s Great-spear he got from hunting the King Hydra was also good weapon. A great-spear suited for use by a Barbarian or Giant, it was way more powerful than spears used by humans. However, because the level requirement was 470, he was doubtful that there was a player who could actually use it.

“If I put it on the auction site then someone will probably buy it.”

Weed packed the loot and then pulled out his sculpting knife. More goods to be obtained remained.

Slice slice!

He got the Imoogi’s meat and leather. By utilizing his Cooking and Tailoring skills, he could get more meat and leather. He manually carved the meat and leather off the corpse.

– You have acquired Imoogi Leather.

– You have acquired Imoogi Meat.


Imoogi Leather : Durability 30/30.

An item related to the production skill, Tailoring.

The ultimate Tailoring material, it is an exceedingly valuable item for making clothes or equipment. Imbued with the power of Mana, it grants resistance to poison and amplifies darkness related powers.

Imoogi Leather can not be handled with ordinary Tailoring skills or tools.

Only a Tailor who has risen to the ranks of a Master Craftsman will be granted an incomparably precious experience and the opportunity to create a masterpiece.

Traces of battle are left on the leather, so its value has been slightly compromised. In order to manufacture it into a product, it requires additional repair.

It is a top-grade Tailoring item.

Options: Amplifies darkness related powers. Increases maximum Mana by 20,000. Has poison resistance, so will not be easily poisoned.

Very light material.


Imoogi Meat: Durability 7/7.

Food. It is also used as a cooking ingredient.

The fresh flesh of a recently caught Imoogi; even if it is eaten as sashimi, it doesn’t seem like it will be fishy at all. Preserving the best nutrients, it is a food that provides a great boost to Stamina.

As a Chef, no matter what type of food it is, you’d want to challenge yourself by making some. This meat is highly recommended when one desires to make the best food on earth and when cooking for a lover who is dearest to you.

It is an extremely rare cooking ingredient, and its price is difficult to determine.

It will be an incomparable honor for the person who tastes this. The disadvantage is that it has a slightly fishy smell.

Meat of the highest quality.

Options: The effect of eating 1 kilogram through normal methods

Vitality increases by 20. Maximum health increases by 120. Strength increases by 7. Fame increases by 150.

Greatly aids towards obtaining the title of Gourmet.

There is a significant difference in effects depending on the food created by the Chef and the techniques used. However, there are no additional increases even if more than 1 kilogram is consumed.

The best food material. There was such a colossal amount of Imoogi meat that he had to store it separately.

“It’s too bad there’s no Dragon Heart, but the meat is quite helpful.”

He didn’t check it because he was busy, but King Hydra’s meat also had the effect of slightly increasing stats.

The effect of raising various stats by 1-2 each depending on the cooking!

No additional effect occurred if you ate more because your mouth and body adapted. It affected the body only once, so only top Chefs should handle this ingredient.

Weed also packed away the Imoogi’s head separately. Then he put the wand symbolizing the token of the alliance at the highest point of the fortress.

At that moment.


– Alliance of the Deliverers (1) has been completed.

The Matallost Church’s neighbors have won the battle with their burning loyalty and courage.

The Embinyu Church’s sect has disappeared from here, and the land will be able to briefly enjoy peace until a new danger finds its way.

The scenario quest’s 2-step ‘Agent of the Niflheim Empire’ will proceed after the Mercenary Smith’s ‘Second Curiosity’ quest and the Matallost Church’s ‘Rescue the Matallost Church Prisoners’ quest have been completed.

You currently lack the requirements to proceed.

– As a quest reward, Fame has increased by 3,200.
– Charisma has increased by 115.
– Leadership has increased by 25.

First of all, there was a change in the way the barbarians looked at Weed. There was much respect, deference, and adoration for him in their eyes.

Weed pulled out the Matallost Church’s Figure of Death. The statue began to talk.

– Devout human.

Thy efforts have driven away the Embinyu Church and the High Priest Feylord who had persecuted the Matallost Church.

The Matallost Church’s existence is not completely over.

Seek those in captivity in the Embinyu Fortress’s underground dungeons. The experience and knowledge they possess will be a great help to restoring the future Matallost Church.

In order to accomplish this difficult task, go to the temple of the Matallost Church from the past. In a hidden room, installed is a huge portal by which you can go where you wish. It will connect to the place you want to go.


– Rescue the Matallost Church Prisoners

The Matallost Church Priests are absolutely necessary to complete the revival of the River of Lamentations.

Rescue the Priests who were kidnapped by the Embinyu Church.

The fortress’s underground dungeon is a place inhabited by extremely dangerous monsters and the experimental subjects of the Embinyu Church. You must rescue the prisoners and take them somewhere safe.

Difficulty: B

Contribution to the Matallost Church.
Large amounts of experience will be obtained by the purification of the River of Lamentations.

Quest Restriction: Failure if all the prisoners are killed.

“I will lead the prisoners to a safe place.”

– You have accepted the quest.

* * *

By the time Weed took over the Embinyu fortress, KMC Media had mobilized all of their technicians.

“Put in all the CG effects where they were.”
“Sound team, you have to put in the best background music.”

“Camera team, why is the film setting like this? A more dynamic and intense dogfight! I mean, capture the King Hydra or Balkan being more active. Don’t you know what the viewers want?”

The atmosphere was crazy with people cursing while being cursed.
The viewer ratings were exceeding 37%.

The viewer interest reached its peak when Weed exterminated the King Hydra.

— That guy… just who the hell is he?

— Is the rumor that he’s Morata’s Lord true?

— But they say he’s Sculptor… Sculptors can’t exhibit fighting ability like that.

— He’s gotta be a Sculptor. He used sculpting techniques.

— It’s certain that he is the same Weed who made the Pyramid. I can prove it. Those eyes that rise sharply and estimate the value when japtem drops! This is evidence that he is Weed.

The appearance of Bingryong and Death Knight Van Hawk, as well as the outstanding battle sense Weed showed in a brief moment made the name “Wargod” show up as well. However, the broadcasters did not disclose the exact facts.

Even through a continuous broadcast of over 9 hours, Shin Hye-min was as lively as ever.

“At last, the King Hydra’s necks have fallen! The monster that meets its complete end only when its 9 necks have fallen! The same monster prestigious guilds could not even deal with has come to die like this.”

Even while watching it himself, Lee Jin-gun spoke disparagingly of Lee Hyun, as though it was hard for him to acknowledge. “It’s thanks to that Ice Dragon. The mysterious Ice Dragon who had also appeared in the battle against the Bone Dragon. And he was able to hunt it because he came after it was extremely tired. He didn’t even fight it alone. Thousands of barbarians assisted him.”

“Well, it can be seen that way too. But even the viewers would not have guessed even the King Hydra would die like this. Mr. Oh Joo-wan, what do you think about this battle?”

Oh Joo-wan shook his head back and forth. “It is an absurd battle. The quest difficulty is awfully high. To think the Embinyu Church would be this strong! But to make a dogfight occur by summoning the King Hydra, Balkan Demoph, and the Black Imoogi on top of that… Would a normal person even thought of it? No, even if it had occurred to them, I don’t think they would have dared to actually do it.”

Shin Hye-min grinned as she replied, “Right?”

“Yes. The finest monsters on the Versailles Continent are gathered in one place to wage a fierce battle… I think this is the first time the viewers have seen a scene like this.”

It was as Oh Joo-wan said. The flashy and terrifying battle shown by Balkan, the King Hydra, Feylord, and the Imoogi, overwhelmed and overawed the viewers. It instilled fantasies and dreams.

There are such strong existences on the Versailles Continent.

It made them yearn to become great Warriors like that by repeatedly going through quests and hunting.

“Just where did he get such ample forces! And is there no such thing as fear to him? I also want to meet that main character one day.”

Oh Joo-wan expressed deep interest in Weed. Weed, who was fighting to the best of his abilities!

Lee Jin-gun shook his head strongly. “He was lucky. And it’ll end here. King Hydra was the weakest monster— the rest are impossible.”

However, just a moment la