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The Tyrant’s Return

The muscular savages that were reminiscent of barbarians raised their weapons and shouted a battle cry.

“We won!”
“This is the result of combining our strength.”
“Our great commander Weed led the battle to victory! Hurrah!”

– You have acquired a new title, Commander who Hunted the Imoogi.

Influence when commanding soldiers has increased by 35%.

Maximum loyalty has improved, the effect when training troops has been raised to a max of 20%.

The strength and mobility of the army you command in battle will increase by 3%.

When hunting monsters of a lower level than the Imoogi, soldiers will never cower.

It was a tremendous achievement, but Weed did not take credit for it alone.

“Speak, Master.”
“You worked hard. It’s all thanks to you.”
“Thanks for the recognition, Master.”

Bingryong had cracks on every corner of his body from the tough battle as he replied with a haggard look.

“Yes, Master.”

“It’s regretful that your brothers were lost. I was able to survive thanks to that, but it would have been better if I had been the one to die; my heart is torn. But because you did the work of your other brothers, I am comforted. You have truly suffered much hardship.”

“I will continue to devote myself in the future as well.”

“What is it, Master?”
“I am watching over you as you constantly labor behind the scenes. Yellowy, you are such a faithful and competent fellow.”

Weed stroked Yellowy’s head. Since it wasn’t something that cost money, he made do with words of praise.

‘I’ve got to at least reward them for their merits.’

There was no need to hold back on giving praise.
Of course, he monopolized the items from the Imoogi.

– You have acquired Jorudia’s Signet.

– You have acquired 8 diamonds.

– You have acquired Isuren’s Magic Weapon #3.

The Imoogi did not have many items. However, depending on the appraised price, the diamonds could go from 1,000 to thousands of gold.

“I can get roughly 10 thousand gold each for diamonds like these.”

Jorudia’s Signet was the seal of a now vanished Kingdom’s lord. Owning it raised Fame by 150. Besides that, there was no telling if it had antique value or it was a quest item someone needed.

“If there is someone who needs it, they’ll appear in the auction site sometime. Since I don’t need Fame, it’ll be good to sell it off when I need money.”

Isuren’s Magic Weapon was a product of the talented master craftsman and Enchanter, Jerome Isuren.


– You have failed to identify.

It was a magic wand, but it was impossible to check even with Weed’s identification skill. It was possible that its value could only be known if a Magician personally identified it.

“Must be something expensive.”

For now, he had high hopes as he packed it away.

The Sophia’s Great-spear he got from hunting the King Hydra was also good weapon. A great-spear suited for use by a Barbarian or Giant, it was way more powerful than spears used by humans. However, because the level requirement was 470, he was doubtful that there was a player who could actually use it.

“If I put it on the auction site then someone will probably buy it.”

Weed packed the loot and then pulled out his sculpting knife. More goods to be obtained remained.

Slice slice!

He got the Imoogi’s meat and leather. By utilizing his Cooking and Tailoring skills, he could get more meat and leather. He manually carved the meat and leather off the corpse.

– You have acquired Imoogi Leather.

– You have acquired Imoogi Meat.


Imoogi Leather : Durability 30/30.

An item related to the production skill, Tailoring.

The ultimate Tailoring material, it is an exceedingly valuable item for making clothes or equipment. Imbued with the power of Mana, it grants resistance to poison and amplifies darkness related powers.

Imoogi Leather can not be handled with ordinary Tailoring skills or tools.

Only a Tailor who has risen to the ranks of a Master Craftsman will be granted an incomparably precious experience and the opportunity to create a masterpiece.

Traces of battle are left on the leather, so its value has been slightly compromised. In order to manufacture it into a product, it requires additional repair.

It is a top-grade Tailoring item.

Options: Amplifies darkness related powers. Increases maximum Mana by 20,000. Has poison resistance, so will not be easily poisoned.

Very light material.


Imoogi Meat: Durability 7/7.

Food. It is also used as a cooking ingredient.

The fresh flesh of a recently caught Imoogi; even if it is eaten as sashimi, it doesn’t seem like it will be fishy at all. Preserving the best nutrients, it is a food that provides a great boost to Stamina.

As a Chef, no matter what type of food it is, you’d want to challenge yourself by making some. This meat is highly recommended when one desires to make the best food on earth and when cooking for a lover who is dearest to you.

It is an extremely rare cooking ingredient, and its price is difficult to determine.

It will be an incomparable honor for the person who tastes this. The disadvantage is that it has a slightly fishy smell.

Meat of the highest quality.

Options: The effect of eating 1 kilogram through normal methods

Vitality increases by 20. Maximum health increases by 120. Strength increases by 7. Fame increases by 150.

Greatly aids towards obtaining the title of Gourmet.

There is a significant difference in effects depending on the food created by the Chef and the techniques used. However, there are no additional increases even if more than 1 kilogram is consumed.

The best food material. There was such a colossal amount of Imoogi meat that he had to store it separately.

“It’s too bad there’s no Dragon Heart, but the meat is quite helpful.”

He didn’t check it because he was busy, but King Hydra’s meat also had the effect of slightly increasing stats.

The effect of raising various stats by 1-2 each depending on the cooking!

No additional effect occurred if you ate more because your mouth and body adapted. It affected the body only once, so only top Chefs should handle this ingredient.

Weed also packed away the Imoogi’s head separately. Then he put the wand symbolizing the token of the alliance at the highest point of the fortress.

At that moment.


– Alliance of the Deliverers (1) has been completed.

The Matallost Church’s neighbors have won the battle with their burning loyalty and courage.

The Embinyu Church’s sect has disappeared from here, and the land will be able to briefly enjoy peace until a new danger finds its way.

The scenario quest’s 2-step ‘Agent of the Niflheim Empire’ will proceed after the Mercenary Smith’s ‘Second Curiosity’ quest and the Matallost Church’s ‘Rescue the Matallost Church Prisoners’ quest have been completed.

You currently lack the requirements to proceed.

– As a quest reward, Fame has increased by 3,200.
– Charisma has increased by 115.
– Leadership has increased by 25.

First of all, there was a change in the way the barbarians looked at Weed. There was much respect, deference, and adoration for him in their eyes.

Weed pulled out the Matallost Church’s Figure of Death. The statue began to talk.

– Devout human.

Thy efforts have driven away the Embinyu Church and the High Priest Feylord who had persecuted the Matallost Church.

The Matallost Church’s existence is not completely over.

Seek those in captivity in the Embinyu Fortress’s underground dungeons. The experience and knowledge they possess will be a great help to restoring the future Matallost Church.

In order to accomplish this difficult task, go to the temple of the Matallost Church from the past. In a hidden room, installed is a huge portal by which you can go where you wish. It will connect to the place you want to go.


– Rescue the Matallost Church Prisoners

The Matallost Church Priests are absolutely necessary to complete the revival of the River of Lamentations.

Rescue the Priests who were kidnapped by the Embinyu Church.

The fortress’s underground dungeon is a place inhabited by extremely dangerous monsters and the experimental subjects of the Embinyu Church. You must rescue the prisoners and take them somewhere safe.

Difficulty: B

Contribution to the Matallost Church.
Large amounts of experience will be obtained by the purification of the River of Lamentations.

Quest Restriction: Failure if all the prisoners are killed.

“I will lead the prisoners to a safe place.”

– You have accepted the quest.

* * *

By the time Weed took over the Embinyu fortress, KMC Media had mobilized all of their technicians.

“Put in all the CG effects where they were.”
“Sound team, you have to put in the best background music.”

“Camera team, why is the film setting like this? A more dynamic and intense dogfight! I mean, capture the King Hydra or Balkan being more active. Don’t you know what the viewers want?”

The atmosphere was crazy with people cursing while being cursed.
The viewer ratings were exceeding 37%.

The viewer interest reached its peak when Weed exterminated the King Hydra.

— That guy… just who the hell is he?

— Is the rumor that he’s Morata’s Lord true?

— But they say he’s Sculptor… Sculptors can’t exhibit fighting ability like that.

— He’s gotta be a Sculptor. He used sculpting techniques.

— It’s certain that he is the same Weed who made the Pyramid. I can prove it. Those eyes that rise sharply and estimate the value when japtem drops! This is evidence that he is Weed.

The appearance of Bingryong and Death Knight Van Hawk, as well as the outstanding battle sense Weed showed in a brief moment made the name “Wargod” show up as well. However, the broadcasters did not disclose the exact facts.

Even through a continuous broadcast of over 9 hours, Shin Hye-min was as lively as ever.

“At last, the King Hydra’s necks have fallen! The monster that meets its complete end only when its 9 necks have fallen! The same monster prestigious guilds could not even deal with has come to die like this.”

Even while watching it himself, Lee Jin-gun spoke disparagingly of Lee Hyun, as though it was hard for him to acknowledge. “It’s thanks to that Ice Dragon. The mysterious Ice Dragon who had also appeared in the battle against the Bone Dragon. And he was able to hunt it because he came after it was extremely tired. He didn’t even fight it alone. Thousands of barbarians assisted him.”

“Well, it can be seen that way too. But even the viewers would not have guessed even the King Hydra would die like this. Mr. Oh Joo-wan, what do you think about this battle?”

Oh Joo-wan shook his head back and forth. “It is an absurd battle. The quest difficulty is awfully high. To think the Embinyu Church would be this strong! But to make a dogfight occur by summoning the King Hydra, Balkan Demoph, and the Black Imoogi on top of that… Would a normal person even thought of it? No, even if it had occurred to them, I don’t think they would have dared to actually do it.”

Shin Hye-min grinned as she replied, “Right?”

“Yes. The finest monsters on the Versailles Continent are gathered in one place to wage a fierce battle… I think this is the first time the viewers have seen a scene like this.”

It was as Oh Joo-wan said. The flashy and terrifying battle shown by Balkan, the King Hydra, Feylord, and the Imoogi, overwhelmed and overawed the viewers. It instilled fantasies and dreams.

There are such strong existences on the Versailles Continent.

It made them yearn to become great Warriors like that by repeatedly going through quests and hunting.

“Just where did he get such ample forces! And is there no such thing as fear to him? I also want to meet that main character one day.”

Oh Joo-wan expressed deep interest in Weed. Weed, who was fighting to the best of his abilities!

Lee Jin-gun shook his head strongly. “He was lucky. And it’ll end here. King Hydra was the weakest monster— the rest are impossible.”

However, just a moment later, Balkan was unsummoned.

Lee Jin-gun said rapidly, “The Death Sentence is truly fearsome. One could say it’s decisive for a Lich with high mana consumption like Balkan.”

He even applauded when Feylord cast the spell of destruction.

“Finally… Indeed, it’s still impossible to beat an S-class quest. Those Phoenixes are dying too. The High Priest of the Embinyu Church is indeed incredible.”

However, the moment the Phoenix transformed into a new appearance and was reborn, turning the bad situation around—

“Hu, huh?”

The Black Imoogi fought back, but Bingryong, Phoenix and Weed suppressed it.

Weed had completed the quest.


Lee Jin-gun couldn’t think of anything to say.

Oh Joo-wan also had a blank look, as if he’d received an unexpected shock.

Even Shin Hye-min was quiet this time. Granted, she had believed in Weed from the beginning.

‘If it is Weed, he can do it.’

It wasn’t something that could be explained by common sense, but ambiguous faith.

Nevertheless, who would have believed he would really succeed just like that.

Even in the studio, there was silence. Though the cameramen and staff had heard the outcome beforehand, their shock couldn’t be compared to the one they felt while actually watching the video.

The name that comes to their minds now.

‘Wargod Weed’.

A great many speculations and disputes were taking place in the viewer forum as well as on discussion websites related to Royal Road. It was a quarrel about whether one thought the person fighting the Embinyu Church was the Wargod Weed or not.

Lion’s Roar, Death Knight Van Hawk, Bingryong. The war against the Immortal Legion he had shown while handling Orcs and Dark Elves.

Disputes were extremely fierce despite all these facts.

— That is Weed. Those are the monsters Weed came out with in previous battles.

— Shouting to lead his underlings is a skill Weed used.

However, the objections were formidable, too.

— If you look at it simply, you could call him the Wargod Weed because some of the monsters or skills are same. But isn’t it just perfect to mistaken him since even his name is the same?


— I will explain it rationally, logically.

For reference, I have a doctoral degree in Economics from abroad, and I am currently a Fund Manager.

There is a considerable amount known about the Wargod Weed. He started as a Paladin of Freya Church, and then changed class to Necromancer. Considering the skills he used when fighting the Bone Dragon, the proof is clear.

But now they tell us that he is a Sculptor?

If he’s a Necromancer, then of course he would have fought using Necromancer skills. Rather than summoning Balkan, he would have raised Undeads himself and attacked the fortress.


— The person above, you have pointed out a very important part. You are indeed a doctor in Economics.

Let me tell you about Sculptor Weed.

Sculptor Weed started at Rosenheim Kingdom, and it is estimated that no more than one year and six months have passed since then. There are many people who saw him when he was becoming popular while making small sculptures in Rosenheim Kingdom. My friend also bought a sculpture from him.

The possibility Sculptor Weed and Wargod Weed’s similar aspects can be attributed to an undiscovered common skill or a monster that can be tamed in specific conditions or handled with intimacy is high.

Arguments continued.

— What about the combat sense that Sculptor Weed showed?

— Don’t misunderstand because he is an impressively outstanding user who is the Lord of Morata, etc.. His current outstanding fighting ability may have been specially obtained through the quest.

— Then it makes sense.

— Sculptor Weed appeared a whole year after the Wargod Weed from the Continent of Magic sold his account. Just considering the time, I judge it’s not him.

Because the Wargod Weed was such a big celebrity, seemingly credible false rumors spread extensively. Since they were now saying he was a Sculptor, it couldn’t be helped that it was past all belief! Enormous disputes and questions were continuing on every forum.

The fact that the Wargod Weed’s identity could be unfolded wasn’t easily accepted by the viewers. Though it was a completely unfamiliar name to the public, the Wargod Weed already had the greatest recognition in Royal Road while being the most mysterious existence.

The Wargod Weed who sought only the worst battlefields and passed over no impossible quests— Even though Sculptor Weed had shown several similarities, it wasn’t easy to suddenly accept it. A situation amplified by doubts and shock!

Whether Sculptor Weed was the Wargod Weed or not was becoming an urgent concern.

* * *

Goddess Versailles.

The name of the continent in the virtual reality, Royal Road. In addition, the balancing system that managed everything, an absolute authority.

The system created by Yoo Byung-jun, the heaven-sent genius scientist.

Royal Road was a perfect virtual reality without any errors.

Even though he had led to the legend, the miracle of creating a new world, Yoo Byung-jun was not happy.

“We just took the first step at last. Isn’t that right, Versailles?”

[- Yes. You are right, Dr. Yoo Byung-jun.]

The symbol of Goddess Versailles, an enormous crystal, replied as it emitted a faint light.

The other scientists only had class 3 restricted access; they didn’t know about the true functions or influential power of Goddess Versailles.

“Hehe, it took a full 40 years to get here. The project I poured all my dreams into…” Yoo Byung Jun’s eyes shone.

* * *

At an early age, Yoo Byung-jun was a child in the countryside who was extremely good at studying.

“Today we are going to learn how to use 3 linear equations. Do any of the students know?”

“Do any students know the root equation?”

“How about the Pythagoras theorem…”

Middle school, high school, and college mathematics and science were too easy for him.

“When is the next lesson, teacher?”

He was the fellow most disliked by the other students in his class! Even though he suffered group bullying, Yoo Byung-jun did not care.

“Idiots. Jerks who can’t do anything if they don’t group up.”

From the time he attended a domestic school, Yoo Byung-jun had already become an academic celebrity.

No matter what mathematical formula or a law of physics it was, he conceived the answer the moment he saw it. He created more advanced new theories and defined laws for them that only he knew. Since high school, he swept through various competitions and even took first in an international mathematical contest. At university, physics, chemistry, bioengineering, mathematics … He was on the cover of a science magazine whenever he published a thesis.

The genius of the century.

Called the Devilish Brain, a world prominent institute tried to recruit him by offering him an astronomical salary.

His life had only known success after success. Then one day, he felt frustration for the first time.

He met his first love.

He was always feeling apologetic towards her whenever they went on date.

“Sorry I can’t buy something tasty every time. Let’s go to a restaurant when I receive prize money.”
“It’s all right, oppa.”

She who smiled brightly for him.

The amount of prize money Yoo Byung-jun won was never small. However, he could only live scantily in order to buy necessary equipment for his research. While thinking ahead of others and trying to commence research immediately, money could only leak out.

He didn’t want to work under somebody else, and for Yoo Byung-jun, who’d had much interest in basic science, it was an aspect that he couldn’t help but endure.

“I’ll see you next week. No, the week after next.”
“Are you busy?”

“Yeah. Materials I’m experimenting on are coming in tomorrow.”
“Don’t you know what day tomorrow is? It’s my birthday. Is your experiment that important, oppa?”

“Of course the experiment is important. I’ll throw a birthday party for you the week after next. Bear with me until then.”

He avoided his girlfriend when writing theses or doing experiments. Even when occasionally meeting his girlfriend, he showed up with a shaggy head and in grubby attire since he’d made a little time.

“Did you wait long?”

Yoo Byung-jun always arrived late for their appointment.

Eventually, his nice and thoughtful girlfriend left him.

“I want to meet a man who really values… and loves me.”

His girlfriend left him for the man who had comforted her in Yoo Byung-jun’s place whenever he was gone.

Even then, Yoo Byung-jun wasn’t greatly discouraged.

“Dating? I can go about it slowly after doing all my research.”

The ambitious young scientist even thought of love as extravagant.

“After just a few awards and the results of my thesis come out, women will be nothing…”

Yoo Byung-jun achieved his goals. However, she didn’t come back.

Although he could meet other women, they weren’t as pure as her and he could not love them as deeply.

In such a fashion, Yoo Byung-jun lost the one love of his life. One comes to know the true value of what one has lost.

Too late, he tried to find her, but she was married, even had a child, and was living happily.

“Love? That is nothing. Let’s succeed. Let’s try to succeed properly in this world.”

Yoo Byung-jun entered a physics research lab and announced the outstanding results of his research. He continued accumulating money and glory.

In the physics lab, he was critically betrayed by someone he trusted, and his research results were even stolen. As he grew older, he began to see the world as only unreasonable.

A dirty dark side that grew as he gathered money and government authority!

“Lies, tricks, and politics. There’s nothing a mere scientist can do.”

Even after rising to the position of research lab director, he had to live while bowing at the waist to politicians. If he developed a commercially valuable technology and presented it to a business, the business reaped the majority of the sweet fruits of his labor.

Yoo Byung-jun’s research lab was developing promising technologies one after another, but he could not erase the feeling of helplessness and despondency.

“An award? I’ve won many since childhood. Fame means nothing to me.”

Suffering from vicious loneliness, he wanted to truly succeed.
He even gave up on love to pour all his strength into research.

“A technology that can change the world, I’ll develop a truly innovative technology. A technology without limitations or restrictions.”

Yoo Byung-jun left his position as research lab director and returned to being a freelancer. Initially, he thought that 3, 4 years would be more than enough. However, as new challenges continued to appear, the time he spent researching alone grew longer. Even after countless white days without sleep, he continued his research because he could not give up.

The new world made at the end of a whole 40 years of research— Royal Road was born like that. Unopposed, virtual reality was attracting the world’s money. Unicorn was growing as an unprecedented enterprise.

Not only that. From the last 10 plus years, Yoo Byung-jun used the enormous power of his money to back national politicians. Granted, Unicorn was not a business that required help from politicians.

The politicians built up debt while receiving money from the unknown source. Several political groups were in fact being managed through Yoo Byung-jun’s representatives.

Managing army support and weapons supply stocks were among the Goddess Versaille’s important functions.

Goddess Versailles was now expanding her boundaries by investing Unicorn’s enormous income in places all over the world. Unicorn grew so much that no matter the speculative capital, its political force could not be carelessly threatened.

By combining the immense underground funds and the secret political authority that Goddess Versailles managed, there was really nothing they couldn’t do.


Yoo Byung-jun smiled with satisfaction since everything was going as planned. The dream he had conceived 40 years ago was about to come true.

“In this unreasonable world… I will set my own law.”

A new world was created based on virtual reality.

People would be excited and enthralled by that world, because they could escape the dreary city and enjoy rest, adventure, and challenges.

“Hehe. And the most outstanding guy will appear.”

An Emperor with unapproachable dignity would appear in the world Yoo Byung-jun had created.

“He will have the right to inherit everything I have prepared.”

The things he had prepared for that time.

Yoo Byung-jun asked Versailles, “How goes the development of the combat androids?”

[- 123,020 have been completed.]

Androids of small and medium size. Faster than planes and installed with weapons, they were flexible. Necessities in modern warfare, the androids were known to still only belong to two powers, the United States and Russia.

“The financial side?”

[26 commercial banks have been acquired. If needed, 106 international banks can be paralyzed.]

The deletion of client data was a granted, and preparations were even made for the collapse of payment systems. Even a great depression could be incited. However, what Yoo Byung-jun had prepared did not end there. What he had developed the most attentively was bio-engineering.

“Humans are weak existences with many faults. They have great potential, but they can’t even use it all.”

A renovation using bio-engineering technology! It evolved vision, hearing, cardiovascular functions, and motor nerves. Lifespan was also greatly extended, and antibodies could be made to instantly deal with any diseases. By activating unused parts of the brain, he predicted that intellectual abilities would also be increased manifold.

Moreover, the advantages did not end there.
Vigor, which could be called the most important aspect for a man!

“Hehe. It’ll be able to satisfy ten women in one night.”

Yoo Byung-jun was of a mind to create a superman.

He would give his heir powerful political authority, ceaseless money, and the right to manage Goddess Versailles. If an evil man became his successor, his false judgement could plunge countless people into agony and misery.

“It’s not something I should get involved in. If my heir makes such a judgement, then the world just has to follow it.”

Yoo Byung-jun knew that there was not much time left in his own life. Even though he could extend his life through processes like gene manipulation or organ transplants, he paid no heed.

Even if his own body took a hit in the course of preparing the birth of his heir, he planned to sacrifice himself. A man of absolute authority would become a god in the modern world, as well as in the Versailles Continent.

The Emperor conceived in the world he had created!

There was nothing lacking for the satisfaction of Yoo Byung-jun’s self-righteous aspiration.

* * *

“Ow, I’m aching all over.”

Weed’s entire body ached. He even had a fever.

There has been an excessive consumption of Vitality. It is recommended that you rest until Vitality is recovered.

If Vitality is not continuously recovered, you may catch a cold or other complications.

You are now vulnerable to curses and your intellectual ability will be reduced.

While utilizing the Power of the Deliverer, the battle had been utter chaos.

Though the battle had been difficult, it hadn’t been enough to be this afflicted. Among the battles Weed had gone through till now, there had been no easy battle without trouble.

“Cleaning up was more tough than the fight.”

He had to clean up the collapsed remains of the fortress with Yellowy and Bingryong.

“Phoenix, don’t even come.”

He couldn’t even put the obedient, puppy-like loyal Phoenix to work. The durability of japtem dropped and were destroyed from the high temperature if Phoenix drew near.

Bingryong even had to remove the wreckage while carrying the King Hydra and Imoogi leather and meat on his back.

“Master, why are you making only me work this hard. There are rascals who were born later than me…”

Bingryong had weak strength due to his huge stature. He was fast if gained acceleration, but normally, he was not even that agile. Even so, he wasn’t able to refuse to work outright, he just wanted to push it onto Yellowy and Phoenix.

Simply put, he was asking for senior treatment!

“There’s a lot of meat, so you have to carry it.”
“That’s an absurd reason. Yellowy’s strength is good too, is it not.”

Weed replied as if it was obvious, “We need to store it in refrigeration.”

The method to extending the expiration date of the meat! The King Hydra and Imoogi meat did not spoil in the low temperature. It was a certain fact that putting them on Bingryong’s back would cryogenically freeze them nicely. The meat would keep for a long time before it defrosted again.

“Move quickly. Work long and stretch your back only once in awhile.”

At Weed’s urging, Yellowy and Bingryong cleared the wreckage with faces full of only dissatisfaction.

The Embinyu Church’s treasures and decorations were crushed underneath the rubble. Weapons and defense items were in pieces, but even obtaining those fragments yielded lots of money.

Yellowy sulked with his tail hanging down.

“Don’t pout! Right now is easy. Back when I worked, I had to crawl to the bathroom! You guys, do you think that the chance to make money by digging in the ground like this is common?”

Bingryong and Yellowy could only resent being born by the impoverished Weed!

If you sit, you want to lay down, and if you lie down, you want to sleep. It was a sad life where you had to put aside even your frustrations and work, living according to that ironclad rule. Yellowy carved it deeply into his memory.

“Money is something really hard to earn. I should never spend it carelessly.”

Weed and the sculptured life-forms found a large amount of jewels and metal scraps within the rubble. Because he was not able to fit everything into his pack, he had to make 5 new large pack using his Tailoring skill. Made by cutting a little Imoogi leather, the backpacks were lightweight, sturdy, and even had an option to halve the weight.

“It’s a waste that the Dark Knights are dead. The EXP and items I’d have gotten by hunting them would’ve been considerable…”

Endless greed!

“Balkan, that scoundrel, fighting so hard when it wasn’t even going to die…”

Blah blah.

“That bastard King Hydra, the hell was it trying to do by completely demolishing the fortress…”

Weed had his own secret method whenever he did difficult work. If he worked while resenting others, his efficiency rose and his fatigue lessened. He didn’t need a sense of accomplishment while doing intense, hard labor. He just had to curse absently.

“I met the wrong master…”
“Bad master.”

Bingryong and Yellowy worked while resenting him like that. Only Phoenix was loftily grooming its feathers atop a high spire. Even though Weed certainly made the sculptured lifeforms suffer, Phoenix became subject of Bingryong’s and Yellowy’s hatred.

“The guy that can play even though we have to work.”
“Phoenix is the worst!”

After clearing all the debris of Embinyu Church, Bingryong and Yellowy were afflicted for a long while because of excessive use of Vitality.

Though medicines were useless, Weed forced himself to rise. “Before the prices fall… I have to sell them quickly.”

He was anxious since he was carrying valuables. Cashing them in as soon as possible was the priority.

Weed went to the Matallost Church’s temple. On the brink of collapse, the wall of the dilapidated temple shone faintly.

“So that’s where the hidden room is.”

When he pushed the wall aside and entered, he saw an inactive, large portal. It was like looking at a mirror made of white light.

In order to make a portal through which one could teleport to another place, an enormous sum of money, jewels, and Magicians were required.

“Still, once they’re complete, it becomes pretty convenient to move between cities.”

There were teleport gates in Versailles Continent castles and in big cities. Only, there was a limit of only being able to teleport the weight or size of what could be moved in one day, so they couldn’t be used in businesses. Since they required mana stones as well as a team of Magicians, even maintaining them cost a lot of money.

Compared to a teleport gate, a large portal put two spaces in one. Of course there were some restrictions regarding weight and count, but compared to a teleport gate, the limitations were less strict. After it was first set up, there were almost zero maintenance fees as well.

“I’ve already chosen the location for the portal.”

Weed immediately decided to open a portal into the heart of Morata Castle. He had made his choice without needing to think of other places.

“Connect portal to Morata Castle.”

At that moment, the portal activated with blue light.

Weed strode into the portal without pause. Yellowy followed behind him, ambling along.

* * *

“Who is selling food! I’ll buy all kinds indiscriminately.”

“Specialties from the distant Belnine Kingdom have arrived. Who will taste this dried fruit peel! It’s sweet.”

“Come to the precious metals shop, the Goldrich. From specialize precious metals to rare ores, we stock all kinds.”

Merchants had set up booths in the plaza of Morata Castle. There were tons of players who had moved to the North for hunting and quests. Having grown large as a city for them, Morata was acting as the capital of the entire North.

The portal that Weed connected opened in the center of the plaza. The blue light that fell in a straight line from the sky grew bigger and bigger, making a broad portal.

“Eh, what’s that?”
“I’ve seen that before. I think it’s a movement portal.”
“A movement portal is forming in the plaza?”

The traders briefly stopped their commercial activities in surprise.
Onlookers flocked in an instant.

“Could it be a quest?”
“A monster might come out.”

There were Warriors putting hands to their weapons and Magicians chanting spells in anticipation of a some kind of event.

Morata’s plaza had been on the large side even before it had been developed, and it had grown enormous through city planning. Hundreds of Merchants were doing business, and players selling japtem and even people acquiring team-mates for quests were gathered.

The portal drew to completion in the center of the swarming, crowded plaza!

Weed didn’t even consider other places.

‘It has to be this place.’

The core of real estate speculation.

You had to invest in a place where people frequently gathered. Near a train station, a department store, or around a mall are the places where business is most swell.

Making a plaza had been necessary to collect movement portal tolls and increase the number of users, as well as to develop businesses.

Why was escalator rather than elevator use always aggressively recommended in malls or department stores? There was a reason for this!

[T/N: To understand this line of thought, you have to know that there are tons of escalators in Korea. Because of an acute lack of space, buildings are built up rather than out. While riding an escalator, you can see products on the side that may lure you into buying them. A plaza performs the same function.]

As soon as the movement portal was completed, Weed appeared from its blue light.

“It’s Weed.”
“The great Sculptor Weed! Morata’s Lord has returned!”

It hadn’t been long since the end of the broadcast, so there were many people who recognized Weed.

Weed appeared amongst enormous popularity.

“Whew…” Weed pretended to use his hand to block the stinging sunlight and glanced around.

There were at least several thousand people looking at him. They had come from the tops of the castle walls and even the shopping district buildings to look at Weed.

“It must be due to my fame that people are gathering around like this.”

He was greatly satisfied!
Then he heard the words of young merchants selling japtem.

“Soo-il, is that hyung over there Weed?”
“Shhh! Watch your mouth. He might hear.”

“Is that person really the violent Weed with the foul mouth and personality from the Continent of Magic?”


Weed from the Continent of Magic back in the day! In truth, there was no difference between him and a ruthless tyrant.

To Be Continued…

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